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TA # Date Synopsis
TA1 07/18/04  
TA2 07/19/04  
TA3 07/20/04  
TA4 07/29/04  
TA5 08/12/04  
TA6 08/26/04  
TA7 09/02/04  
TA8 09/09/04 In which Tan-kuran alerts the party to an elven corpse by the side of the road and the party tracks down the murderer, a strange gray fey.
TA9 09/16/04 In which the party arrives at the Wagon Wheel Inn, Carric falls for Siobhan (a foxy bard), and a fellow guest is mysteriously murdered and drained of his bodily fluids. The following night, the party slays a werebat and congratulates themselves for solving the mystery. But, no...
TA10 09/24/04 In which the party finds and dispatches the killer: a slithering tracker! Siobhan deepens her ties with the party before she departs for Rowansmeade. The Duke's guard questions the party.
TA11 02/17/05 In which the party travels north. They arrive at the Traveler's Rest Inn and pursue some lizardmen who'd abducted the two children of a local farmer. When the tracks pass a ruined tower overlooking the river, they barely defeat a pair of nasty redcaps who ambush them.
TA12 02/25/05 In which the party follows the tracks into the marsh, meet a different band of lizard men who take them back to speak to their shaman, and destroy the villainous abductors and their leader - a half-illithid lizardman.
TA13 03/10/05 In which the party parties with the lizardfolk, returns Bran and his children to their farm, and go back to the ruined tower to explore the basement. They find the redcaps' treasure but when they descend a passage into a cave by the riverbank, they run in fear from a grick, abandoning their weapons!
TA14 03/17/05 In which the party defeats the grick, recovering their weapons, and travels north to Meadowbrook, where they check into the Golden Twig and consult the local druid, Ginessa.
TA15 03/24/05 In which the party goes shopping, meets Gareth and Mavis again, and visits Corum Trimble, where Nessey goes all over faint.
TA16 03/31/05 In which Caelesti is excessively charming, a subset of the party gets their butts whipped by a merchant, and the whole party enters Corum's basement and destroys a Brain in a Jar and a Necrophidius.
TA17 04/07/05 In which the party meets Talon, investigates Corum, and visits the standing stones, where they slay a Hydra and a group of Wights.
TA18 04/14/05 In which Yoshi and Caelesti are arrested for attempted highway robbery, but get off scot-free.
TA19 04/21/05 In which Nessey disappears, Talon joins the Weapons of Good, and Siobhan joins them to travel south to seek the spot where the falling star landed.
TA20 05/05/05 In which the party continues traveling south, ridding a farmer's fields of a pair of Ankhegs, are attacked by a trio of Sidhe, discovers a fey crossroad, and finally arrives at the high hill where the star had fallen to find a large empty metal shell.
TA21 03/16/06 In which the party investigates the metal egg and is attacked at night.
TA22 04/04/06 In which Sidhe from the Unseelie Court kidnap Caelesti and the party chases them through a portal to the Plane of Faerie.
TA23 05/11/06 In which the party allies with House Kilran and humiliates House Fardiq in their performance at the Unseelie Court, freeing Caelesti.
TA24 05/25/06 In which the party meets with Murdocki and is presented with a quest: retrieve the five Facets of the Orb of Fantagal.
TA25 06/01/06 In which the party sets off on their quest and is ambushed by an Aranea.
TA26 06/15/06 In which the party stumbles into a charming group of satyrs but escapes (mostly) unsullied.
TA27 06/22/06 In which the party finds the village of Forestfolk and agrees to defeat the flying green lizard which has been afflicting them in return for the Facet. They successfully dispatch the green dragon and collect their reward.
TA28 07/06/06 In which the party takes the crossroad into a great marsh. As they slog their way through it, four giant frogs swim up and attempt to eat them.
TA29 07/17/06 In which the party squelches and squirches their way through the muck and are attacked by another 'helpful stranger' who turns out to be a monster in disguise.
TA30 07/24/06 In which Carric generously feeds some stirges which come buzzing by during the night and then attacks a small black dragon which had been harmlessly swimming by under the surface of the water.
TA31 08/24/06 In which the party sees a ruined tower standing on a hillock in the swamp and meets Luren, a ghost. They follow it into the tower and down into the cellar where they find a flooded cavern and a locked closet with the second Facet.
TA32 09/07/06 In which the party passes through the flooded cavern and Carric freezes in his tracks in face of danger - twice. After recovering Luren's body and laying him to rest, they travel to the next crossroads and pass through into a rocky desert - at night.
TA33 09/21/06 In which the party waits until morning and crosses the desert to a butte they'd spied with some sort of fortress on top. They defeated a demonic screaming head, climbed and explored, and were lined up on a high walkway outside a stuck door when they spotted a young blue dragon emerge from a nearby tower and swoop down towards them.
TA34 09/28/06 In which the party defeats the dragon and stealthily explores the upper level of the citadel, which turns out to be inhabited by some sort of snake people. Our heroes rob the dragon's treasure and then decamp to outside of the fortress to plan.
TA35 10/26/06 In which the party, posing as traveling minstrels, boldly knock on the front door of the citadel. Talon convinces the Yuan-ti to let us come in and entertain them. This they successfully do with a song in Draconic by Talon and a modified version of the Lizardman dance from Caelesti before they are returned to the comfortable guest quarters - and locked in.
TA36 01/11/07 In which the party cleverly escapes from their cell, rescues an imprisoned Caliento from an adjacent cell and follows him through a portal in the basement to his home. They collect a Facet and then opt to make a long overland trek back to the citadel of the Yuan-ti to collect their cached belongings, rather than taking the fast path back via the portal. While camped that night, a few hours from the citadel, an Androsphinx lands and Talon chats him up. The next morning, he escorts the party back to the citadel, where they get their stuff, and thence to the crossroads. They step through into a small cave off a mountain trail.
TA37 02/08/07 In which the party follows the mountain path, even though it didn't go in the direction of the next crossroads. Come evening, a storm starts to come up and they seek shelter in a cave, after defeating the original owner: a very young red dragon. While watching the storm from the cave, the party sees a storm rider flying in its midst. Next morning, Carric shifts into an eagle and scouts, discovering a small tower atop a distant mountain.
TA38 02/22/07 In which the party travels back along the path and descends into the valley below, where they defeated two hungry, hungry owlbears. After failing to find their nest, the party camps.
TA39 03/08/07 In which the owlbear chicks come looking for mama and instead find trouble, the party reaches the mountain with the tower, and decides to not climb up and confront the occupant after Carric discovers that she has an itchy trigger finger on her lightning bolt. Talon writes a diplomatic note which induces the storm rider to give them the fourth Facet as a reward for having defeated the red dragon.
TA40 03/22/07 In which the party travels through the portal to a huge glacier. While Carric and Grimble scout, the bards follow Frostwillow the Uldra back to her settlement. They are followed by the menfolk who are in turn followed by a hoarfroster, which is defeated with surprising ease - although the Consuming Cold it inflicted upon Caelesti would have slain her, had the Uldra village not had a suitably prepared healer.
TA41 04/5/07 In which the party defeats a white dragon and reclaims the last Facet, returns to the Plane of Faerie, and gives all five Facets to Murdocki, who reassembles the Orb and displays it to Queen Murdocki, thereby restoring House Kilran to power. Meanwhile, the Queen's bard, Brianna, fascinates Siobhan and Talon and takes them back to her chambers.
TA42 04/19/07 In which the men learn a lot about fey from Murdocki and Grimble, while the ladies learn a lot of other things from Brianna, who recruits both of them to be her "Ravens". The party returns to Tarrastra and travels to Rowansmeade, where they learn that Nessey had, apparently, been sold into slavery to the barbarians across the river. The party immediately determines to recover her.
TA43 06/21/07 In which the party learns that Nessey had sold the evil spellbook to Connor while they were away from Rowansmeade and accept Connor's commission to recover it. They meet Gareth, who offers to send trade goods and Mavis with them on their trip to the barbarians. The party decides to check out Mavis by letting her help them with Connor's task.
TA44 07/05/07 In which the party talks to Conner while Talon reads his mind and learns the names of his two customers. The party investigates Sir Phineas, one of Nessey's neighbors, and discovers that his back shed is set up both as a Temple to Cerridwen and as a Necromantic workshop, complete with a flesh golem as a guard. The party investigates Malcolm Sneed's house and finds a ledger detailing clandestine smuggling operations. That night they break into his warehouse and open his safe, which contains the stolen book! But before, they can retreat with their prize, in come a pair of wererats. In the ensuing scuffle, both lycanthropes end up dead at the hands of Mavis and Caelesti and revert to their human form. One is Malcolm Sneed.
TA45 08/02/07 In which the party recovers Malcolm Sneed's ledger and returned to the inn to discuss the events of the evening. In the morning, they report the evening's activities to Father Cathal and are questioned, yet again, via magic, which absolves them of wrongdoing. Mavis is impressed with Caelesti's talents and attempts to recruit her for the Thieves' Guild. The party collects their rewards from both Squint and Conner and Talon gives a command performance for Sir Phineas and his guests.
TA46 08/23/07 In which the party divvies up the treasure from the slain wererats, Yoshi finally returns from his mission and is reunited with the Weapons of Good, and Nessey's parents tasks us to recover their daughter, who is apparently in the hands of the Otter Tribe Barbarians.
TA47 08/30/07 In which the party hires a commune spell and learns many things, both comforting and horrifying. Nessey was innocent of stealing the evil book, but, apparently, she'd been kidnapped in Meadowbrook and they'd traveled with an imposter back to Rowansmeade! More determined than ever to recover Nessey when the spring thaw comes, the party takes on a commission from the Temple of Núadu to find out what's been slaying travelers along the road to Oakrill. The party equips and travels to the locale.
TA48 09/13/07 In which the heroes defeat a pair of Shadow Mastiffs. Their tracks lead to an inky-black portal to the Plane of Shadow. After much debate, the party decides to wall off the portal on the shadow side, leaving it accessible (with work) from the Tarrastra side. The party defeats the Shadow which comes through to harass them during their work. On the way back to Rowansmeade, the party captures their old foe, Kiaran, the wererat, and brings him in to face justice.
TA49 09/27/07 In which the party crosses the river to the steppes and heads north. They are set upon by bandits, but defeat them easily.
TA50 10/18/2007 In which the party collects the bandits' loot, executes the leader and releases the flunkies. They travel north to the place where the kidnapped Nessey had crossed the river.
TA51 10/30/2007 In which the party travels inland and almost lose all their horses to a flock of terror birds. Fortunately, Talon had magical healing for them. Fortunately, Yoshi and Mavis were not slain by the terror birds while Talon was ministering to the horses.
TA52 11/15/2007 In which the party investigates a hill topped with standing stones, trades with the Wolf tribe, and finally reached the Otter tribe. They learn that Nessey had been "Wulfstan's concubine". Wulfstan invites them to dinner and gives them the sad news that Nessey had disappeared into the Forbidden Forest and was presumed to have been eaten by the cannibal ghosts who live there. The party bravely determines to follow her and enters the forest the next morning, never to be seen again.
TA53 11/29/2007 In which the party makes its way into the woods and enters the territory of an Amazon tribe, who are delighted to capture the "notorious criminals" - Caelesti, Carric, and Yoshi. Escorted back to the village, the criminals are tossed into a cell, where the enraged - and uneaten - Nessey visits them and accuses them of having sold her into slavery. The evil undead brain in the jar had told her that, so obviously it must be true, right?
TA54 01/03/2008 In which Evansia, the Queen of the Amazons, holds a trial and acquits Caelesti, Yoshi, and Carric. Although Nessey is unconvinced, Evansia commands Nessey to accompany the party on a quest to place the tribe's standard atop the Hill of Belenus.
TA55 01/17/2008 In which the party encounters a tribe of centaurs and defeats a band of ogres which had been preying on the tribe. Although they rescued the centaur foal which the ogres had captured, they ended up fleeing from the ogre mage which had led the band.
TA56 02/19/2008 In which the centaur chieftain rewards the party and the party finishes the job by finally defeating the ogre mage.
TA57 03/20/2008 In which the party reaches the Hill of Belenus, defeats two wyverns, and places the Amazon standard on top. Carric has a dream which Yoshi interprets. Talon calls Brianna and the party agrees to meet her in the town of Morganstein.
TA58 04/01/2008 In which the party meets with Brianna, travels to a portal, and appears in the hills above the town of Mindesport, where they check into the White Pombi. After a day of scouting, Brianna summons phantom steeds and everybody except Talon and Brianna (who are traveling to the Realm of the Gamesmen) flies to the chasm.
TA59 04/15/2008 In which the party avoids waking a sleeping pombi (which is as huge and intimidating as expected), Carric flies as an eagle to a town far below built on a bridge of root and is greeted as a Messenger of the Boundless, and everybody climbs down the root-covered wall of the chasm to a cave. The next day, the party climbs down and rescues a Bridger woman, Beedie, who had succumbed to smoke from burning greenroot. They return her to Topbridge and learn that a druid had visited twenty years earlier and had left behind some items - including Carric's set piece.
TA60 05/15/2008 In which the party mingles in the bridge town and learns a lot about the history and customs of the chasm dwellers and Rootweaver tasks them with a secret quest to find out what has been damaging the roots from below.
TA61 06/05/2008 In which the party sets off with pomp and ceremony, Carric, as Messenger of the Boundless, in the form of a white eagle. They are followed by Banders, who pass them and thereby reach Nextdown first. The night is uneventful and the party departs for Midwall in the morning ahead of the Banders.
TA62 06/13/2008 In which the party arrives at Midwall, spends the night without incident, and leaves for Bottommost ahead of the Banders. After the Banders pass, the party debates ambush them, but decides instead to climb down the roots and arrive at Bottomomost a full day ahead of the Banders. Next morning, the party climbs down to the remnants of Lostbridge and camps. Late that night they hear - or smell - a giant worm eating its way up a root.
TA63 06/17/2008 In which the party enters battle with the worm and slays it just after it swallows Nessey. Although it falls off the root and plunges into a hot pool on the bottom of the chasm, Nessey is able to hack her way out, just in time to be scooped up by the flying Mavis. The party explores the bottom of the chasm and meets an old man with a staff and a floppy hat.
TA64 06/26/2008 In which the party speaks to crazy old Durgen, learning much about worms and stickies, and destroys four giant worm eggs.
TA65 07/17/2008 In which the party collects many "saw stones" (uncut gems) on the chasm floor and sets up an ambush for the Banders. Just as expected, the Banders arrived, attacked, and died.
TA66 08/07/2008 In which the party gives the dead Banders to the stickies, collects more saw stones, and defeats the one known remaining giant rootworm. The party climbs all the way back up to Topbridge, hands over two prisoners to Rootweaver, and is given the old druid's possessions as a reward for completing the quest, as promised. The prisoners are tried and sentenced to "chasm justice" - a fast one-way trip to the bottom.
TA67 08/21/2008 In which the party flies out of the chasm and successfully evades all the pombis, except the pair which attack them at night. Heroes 1, Pombis 0.
TA68 09/13/2008 In which the party arrives back at Mindesport and heads south towards the Land of the Gamesmen, following Talon and Brianna. The party arrives at the Dragon Fire Purlieu and quickly discovers that everything is unfamiliar. Each person is labeled with unfamiliar titles: Carric a Shifter, Caelesti an Armiger, Mavis a Demon, and Yoshi and Nessey as Pawns. Everybody but the pawns is given appropriate garb and is escorted to dinner in the Great Hall.
TA69 10/28/2008 In which the "gamesmen" of the party share in King Kelver's banquet, while the "pawns" eat in the kitchen.
TA70 11/11/2008 In which the party travels south with King Kelver, no longer garbed as gamesmen, to Leamer, where they thoroughly enjoy the local delicacy - grole sausage - at least, until they got a private tour of a grole farm. The King goes off on a private jaunt and returns looking ill. Scrying reveals that the "king" is an imposter and that the real king is a prisoner in some sort of gypsy wagon.
TA71 11/25/2008 In which the party rescues the real King from a pair of Mirrormen and an Elator, who had been sent by Huld, the Demon who was the "ruler of Hell's Maw".
TA72 12/18/2008 In which the party arrives in Reavesbridge and the King meets his intended, Jinian, but seems more interested in Silkhands the Healer. The party talks to Peter the Shifter and Jinian.
TA73 01/15/2009 In which the party arrives at Xammer, checks into the Golden Quill, and and attends a ball at Vorbold's house. They learn that there will be a song contest there in three weeks time and make an appointment to meet the Armiger Joumerie the next morning.
TA74 01/27/2009 In which the party meets Joumerie, who agrees to part with Carric's set piece in exchange for checking out the Lake of Faces. At a roadside in between Xammer and Schooltown, confronts and defeats a gang of bullies who had, apparently, been sent to kill Peter and Jinian.
TA75 02/10/2009 In which the party enjoys the festival in Schooltown, and proceeds to Betand, where the male members of the party are asked to try to break the haunting of the town by The Unborn.
TA76 02/24/2009 In which the party meets with the Duke and offers to lay the Unborn to rest using different techniques. The Unborn is nowhere to be found, however, having apparently been conceived the previous night. The party travels on to Pfarb Durim, where Carric is gobbed upon by a sick beggar, and checks in - and out - of Pantiquod's Inn.
TA77 03/10/2009 In which the party learns that Carric likely has Ghoul Plague, rumored to be caused by Blourbast, master of Poffle, having eaten the flesh of the shadow folk. They sneaks out of Pfarb Durim to take the sick Carric to the Shadowmarches, where the shadow people agree to cure him if the party can recover Ganver's Bone from Poffle and rescue a group of shadow people who had gone as delegates to Poffle but never returned..
TA78 03/31/2009 In which the party encounters an elf cleric, Torin, who fails to cure Carric, but who is interested in being a do-gooder and therefore joins up with the party for their mission into Poffle. The expanded party sneaks into the ravine leading to Poffle that evening, disables the two guards at the entrance, and discovers a secret door leading into a long corridor, lined with skeletons and rotting bodies, shackled to the wall.
TA79 04/21/2009 In which the party slays a Divulger who had been torturing a captive thief and Torin escorts her back to the surface. The rest of the party heads deeper into Poffle. They knock out several mute servants and come upon a balcony overlooking a chamber in which Blourbast is gloating with Pantiquod about his evil plots. The party decides to find and rescue the shadow people before dealing with the evil pair.
TA80 05/12/2009 In which the party finds the caged shadow people, releases them, and sends them towards the exit. The invisible flying Nessey and Yoshi swooped into Blourbast's chamber and snatched Ganver's bone from the chain around his neck and almost escaped cleanly. Unfortunately, the Armigers and Sorcerers guarding the room entered battle, as did Pantiquod, after shifting into her Harpy form. The party knocked out most of the guards and fled down the passage before the fleeing guards could come back with reinforcements.
TA81 06/04/2009 In which Yoshi and Mavis carry the helpless Carric towards the exit, where they discover that it has been re-manned with a squad of Armigers and Sorcerers. The party and the freed shaow people make good their escape and have a joyful reunion with the shadow folk in the hills. After dusk, the shadow folk start a ritual. At midnight, they struck a note on Ganver's Bone and rays of light shot out in all directions. One strikes Carric. Others hit various spots in Pfarb Durim. Carric is cured.
TA82 06/11/2009 In which the party returns to Pfarb Durim and finds that all the plague-afflicted had been cured, Caelesti unwittingly gets the reputation as a prophet and is imprisoned by a town councilman, Yoshi and Mavis free Caelesti, and the party departs the town, leaving a mob of disgruntled town-dwellers descending on the councilmen, pitchforks and torches blazing.
TA83 06/16/2009 In which the party leaves Pfarb Durim on a path through the woods to the north and is beset by an evil sending - some sort of construct made of straw and blood.
TA84 07/01/2009 In which the party reaches the Lake of Faces, so-named because of the hundreds of poles topped with masks that it contains. They observe a Harpy fly down and, seemingly, question a face with the help of a wand. The party boldly goes to the castle and the High Wizard Chamferton accepts them as his guests. He entertans the gamesmen - Carric and Caelesti - who pass out from the stong drnk he provides. Yoshi and the other pawns burst in and confront him.
TA85 07/23/2009 In which the party accuses the Wizard of harming their friends, he denies it, the party attacks him, and he floats up in the air, sends forth scorching rays, and whups 'em. A truce is called and the party retreats, first to their rooms, and thence to a camp out of the castle, on the hill overlooking both the castle and the lake.
TA86 07/28/2009 In which Foullitter the Harpy nails Carric's and Caelesti's faces to poles, questions Carric and Arkhan, and schemes with her mother, Pantiquod. The party recovers their own faces from the poles and schemes among themselves.
TA87 08/13/2009 In which the party comes up with a plan and sets up an ambush.
TA88 08/20/2009 In which the party ambushes Foullitter when she flies down to retrieve Arkhan's face. She escapes to the castle after grievously weakening Carric with a vicious bite. The party gives chase, eventually confronts Foullitter and Chamferton together, and defeats them both.
TA89 08/27/2009 In which the party recovers the wand of faces and Chamferton's log book of faces and questions. The party rescues all the faces from the poles and heads back to Xammer. They collect Carric's set piece from Joumerie and determine to try to rescue Arkhan, somehow - but not before observing the yearly song contest in Vorbold's house two days hence.
TA90 10/15/2009 In which ...
TA91 10/21/2009 In which ...
TA92 11/05/2009 In which ...
TA93 11/19/2009 In which ...
TA94 11/24/2009 In which ...
TA95 12/10/2009 In which ...
TA96 12/17/2009 In which ...
TA97 1/7/2010 In which ...
TA98 1/21/2010 In which ...
TA99 2/4/2010 In which ...
TA100 2/25/2010 In which ...
TA101 3/11/2010 In which ...
TA102 3/25/2010 In which ...
TA103 4/15/2010 In which ...
TA104 4/29/2010 In which ...
TA105 5/14/2010 In which ...
TA106 5/20/2010 In which ...
TA107 6/3/2010 In which ...
TA108 6/17/2010 In which ...
TA109 7/1/2010 In which ...
TA110 8/26/2010 In which ...
TA111 9/2/2010 In which ...
TA112 9/9/2010 In which ...
TA113 10/7/2010 In which ...
TA114 10/28/2010 In which ...
TA115 1/6/2011 In which ...
TA116 1/13/2011 In which ...
TA117 1/17/2011 In which ...
TA118 3/10/2011 In which ...

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