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Tarrastra Adventure 49

Caelesti's notes




Talon began telling Father Cathal about the party's adventure. She said that the Kiaran, the wererat, whom the party had captured, was a victim of society, so his crimes weren't his fault. She also talked about the shadow mastiffs and the portal that they had come through. She told about how she thought the party blocked off the portal. She explained that she was outside the cave when the others got attacked.

Father Cathal cut Talon off and asked Carric to explain. Carric explained how the party actually concealed the portal from casual observation. He told how this lead to the attack from the Undead Shadow. And, he clarified that Kiaran had been robbing innocent passers-by for months.

Father Cathal was pleased at how well the party performed the assigned task, as well as the initiative that they showed in capturing the wererat-thief Kiaran. Father Cathal gave the party a bonus in their reward.

The party spent the next four months doing various things, including planning their trip into the barbarian lands to rescue Nessey, buying supplies and personal items, etc. Talon researched the Otter Tribe, where Nessey appears to be located.

Yoshi had a dream. He interpreted it to mean, "Beware the one-eyed man who wishes you ill."

Now equipped with trade goods, and with the weather warming up, the party crossed the river to the barbarian steppes via ferry. Once in the small border town, the party entered the tavern to possibly gain some information about the Otter Tribe.

The bartender, Mitch, seemed friendly. The party ordered drinks - Caelesti the specialty of the house. Mitch asked about the party's plans in the barbarian lands. Yoshi said that they were there to trade rugs with the Otter Tribe. Yoshi sensed that Mitch's interest was more than casual. Carric and Talon went to check on the mules.

After lunch, the party headed north. Carric looked for tracks, finding recent hoof prints. Still suspecting trouble from Mitch, Carric sent Tan Kuran ahead to scout for trouble. The party continued traveling north.

As the party passed between two hills, Tan Kuran signaled that something was ahead. Shortly after, two men appeared in front of the group. One claimed their right, as controllers of the road, to search the party's mules and take an appropriate toll. Yoshi said that the party was going to move on without paying anything. Four more men appeared, two on each side of the party, each wielding a crossbow.

Mavis drew her bow.
Buddy, the original speaker, advanced.
Talon activated her wasp talisman.
Caelesti cast Sleep on a bowman, successfully.
Carric cast Entangle on the Black Knight, successfully.
Three bowmen shot arrows at Carric, hitting twice.
The Black Knight struggled with the plants grabbing at him.
Yoshi charged Buddy, slugging him.

Mavis shot a bowman.
Talon sent her summoned wasp at a bowman.
Buddy struck Carric with a well-placed blow.
Caelesti cast Sleep on another bowman, unsuccessfully.
Carric stepped back and started to conjure.
The bowmen all missed.
Yoshi tripped Buddy, following it up with a kidney punch.

Mavis struck Buddy; Buddy went limp.
The wasp stung the bowman.
Caelesti cast Sleep on the other bowman again, successfully.
Carric's summoned hippogriff appeared near the Black Knight.
The hippogriff missed with claws and bite.
Carric used his magic gloves to cast Magic Missiles at the Black Knight.
The entangled Black Knight struck the hippogriff, killing it with one well-placed strike; he then drew his bow.
Yoshi threw two shuriken at the Black Knight, missing.

Mavis shot arrows, missing.
The wasp stung the bowman again, making him clumsier with its poison.
Talon started singing to inspire courage.
Caelesti cast Sleep on another bowman, successfully.
Carric cast CLW on himself.
The remaining bowman missed.
The Black Knight shot Yoshi once.
Yoshi's shuriken both hit the Knight.

Mavis shot the Knight twice.
The wasp stung the bowman a third time, dropping him.
Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at the Black Knight.
Carric started casting as Call Lighting.
The Black Knight shot Talon once, missing once.
Yoshi's hit the Knight with one shuriken.

Mavis shot the Knight twice, dropping him.
Caelesti moved to a sleeping bowman.
Carric canceled his spell and dismissed his Entangle.
Yoshi moved to the downed Knight.

Mavis calmed her mule.
The wasp disappeared.
Talon calmed her mule.
Yoshi bound the Knight's wounds.
Buddy was dead.
The bandits were searched and their stuff taken.

Discussion started on what to do with the bandits. Caelesti suggested killing the leaders and freeing the followers that now know that crime doesn't pay. Yoshi was against killing any helpless opponents, and wanted to bring them back to Rowensmeade to be tried. Talon pointed out that the party was outside of the kingdom and that kingdom laws didn't apply. Caelesti thought the party should mete out punishment in such a way that the bandits could not prey upon innocent passers-by.

Talon's notes

Talon: if you don't want me to buy the Ungent of Timelessness, then I'll start saving up for my very own floppy hat!

Mavis: Yes, ungent of Timelessness can be used to preserve the body of a dead friend until we get to someone who can ressurect.

Talon: So I WILL buy that. That and belt of healing, robe of 5 outfits, mithral Bard bell, jumping caltrops.

Talon: What should I do for my five outfits? What do you think Barbarians like? Furs - ?

Talon: Of course, I already have my first outfit picked out - for the Unseelie court - a very fancy sexy costume - from what I remember of fashions there - is outfit number 1 !

Talon: Outfit 2 = ?

Mavis: I hear that Barbarians wear sturdy, rough cloth.

Carric: Some of the warriors were wearing silk shirts though, in the scry. Carric does a knowledge check and knows that Mongols wear silk shirts to stop shirt getting embedded with arrow into their skin. Silk shirt doesn't rip when twisted out and wound doesn't get infected.

Talon decides to have at least one silk dress in her 5 outfit in case she gets shot by arrows!


DRESS 1: Unseely Court Attire. Help me out here. What are my choices of colors and fabrics and patterns they wear?
DRESS 2: Rowansmeade "pretty peasant girl" outfit. White blouse, gathered and tied under the neck, and with short puffy sleeves. A soft brown leather vest, laced with green ribbons. A dark green skirt in a home-spun tweed. Lace up, knee high boots. A ruffled bonnet of crisp white linen.
DRESS 3: Barbarian Queen outfit. Rich black furs and skins with deep blue silk shift underneath. Very regal and intimidating. The little claws of the skinned animals are part of the outift. There is a preserved furry head or two with sparkling eyes around the shoulders.
DRESS 4: Very glittery, very silvery entertainer's 3-piece outfit, pantaloons, top and jacket, in rich silks with lots of silver bangles and jangles and sparkling diamond-like jewels. Makes melodic sounds as Talon dances or walks.
DRESS 5: Long, flowing gown with layers of billowly chiffon, very light, very thin layers of white with light blue clouds printed on various layers. The layers of the gown billow in the slightest breeze, float as Talon walks, and swirl as she dances.

Mavis: When we get back to town, Talon, you can see Dylan, the Mage who is making our magic items for the trip, and have him set those 5 oufits for you on your magic gown.

We still have unconscious Kieran and are on our way back to Rowansmeade.

This month is called Novembererer.

We travel another day and get back to Rowansmeade.

On the way, Talon promotes SPEW - Society for Protection of Endangered Werepersons. Everyone acts nice about it, but nobody donates for a badge.

Talon: We need to ask for mercy for Kieran and see if the clerics and monks can rehabilitate him. Poor guy can't get a decent job, as a wereperson, and so is forced into a life of petty crime!

Carric: You don't know him like we do!

We get to the temple who gave us our commission. Knob answers the door and we sit in the waiting room until Fr Cathall summons us to him.

Yoshi requests that Talon act as spokesperson for the party. Talon explains to Father Cathall about the cave to the Shadow Plane, then launches into a plea for mercy for Kieran since he is a downtrodden Wereperson. Fr Cathall rudely interrupts Talon and asks to talk to Carric.

Caric has a much harsher view of Kieran's activities!

Two burly young fellows lead Kieran away. A young priest comes back later with a stern looking fellow carrying a sheaf of paper.

Fr Cathall says Kieran's activities have been noted before. "Done right thing by bringing him in."

Fr Cathall says they have a cell as proof agaist shape changes.

Talon: But how will you retrain him to do good?

Fr. Cathall says vaguely that the temple will take care of him. "His days as petty outlaw are at an end." Then he says, "You have closed off the portal in a clever way, by covering the opening on the Shadow side too." (he smiles at Caelesti in particular ) "I will give you extra award. Covering up on shadow side is much more effective against shadow creatures."

On the way out we get our reward = 600 gp each
. Yoshi returns 60 gp.

We fast forward.
Can't travel in Winter to Barbarian Territory.
Our next adventure is 4 months away.
Talon might have more gp from her profession by then.
Talk about that later.
I earn 2 gp a day now!

Mavis sees all of us now and then over that 4 months. Talon continues to perform around town and save up her gp. Caelesti continues to perform and spend her gp making new friends. Mavis looks up Caelesti a lot to make sure she does not squander her talents in the "wrong" direction.

Talon: I make my purchases and have my robe programmed. Then I wonder if there is anything else we can learn about the Otter Tribe? Who do they worship? What are their customs?

Futhark: The Otter Tribe, unlike others, come up to the big river. They all have totems. An animal that represents their spirit. The otter is unsual in that it is not a fighting creature. But don't conclude they are any less fierce! All Barbarians wander over the Steppes during good weather, but winter in places specific to each tribe.

Talon: Mavis, have you met the Otters in your travels and trading?

Mavis: Gareth has had some slight contact with them, but not me.

Mavis then talks of ferry man and a little settlement for people who want to trade with Barbarians.

Talon: What's their language.

Mavis: They speak common. Whatever else they speak doesn't matter, does it?

Mavis suggests we head over to little trading post and start there. Our current map (provided by Nessey's parents) is fine for our purposes.

The night of the first day of Spring, Yoshi has a dream:
Yoshi rolls Save:Will (d20 + 5 + 3 + 1): [9 + 5 + 3 + 1] = 18
Yoshi does not reveal the dream to us.

We wait until after the 3 day spring festival before we leave for the ferry across the river.

Ferry costs 5 sp per person and 1 gold per animal.

Talon: Do we want horses or not?

We decide we can not ride well enough, as a group, for horses to be worthwhile. We divide the goods between 2 mule - Mavis's Goldie and Talon's Tintin.

Carric keeps track of 5gp out of party funds we paid, including tip, to ferryman.

Caelesti leans over and plays in the water on the way across the river.

We get across and see some buildings and a dock ("What's up, dock?")
Big building next to the dock. One is a "warehouselike thing."

Talon and Caelesti want to explore at least the tavern Building. Then we plan to walk north along the river.

Mavis: We should head north and then west.

Mavis would also like to stop at the tavern for a drink.

Caelesti is excited with anticipation for her first taste of Barbarian food!

We go check out the Tavern, which is the second largest building. The barman is tall and craggy with ragged face and one piercing black eye and one black eye patch, He has long greasy hair down to his collar.

Talon: I am wearing my sweet country girl outfit today.

Bartender offers Talon a drink and her companions.

Talon: I order Mead.

Carric orders Hail! I mean - ale!

Yoshi requests wine mixed with water.

Caelesti wants "specialty of the house" which turns out to be special fortified mead. (Grain alcohol mead!)

Barman says, "welcome to the Westlands, haven't seen you here before."

Yoshi says we go to trade with the Otter Tribe.

Talon: I introduce myself and my friends and ask the Man's name?

Barman: Mitch. I am the most renowned Tavern keeper in the eastern barbarian territories.

Yoshi asks Mitch about Barbarians. Mitch says they are not so bad. (Mavis: under her breath, "without depth perception" referring to him only having one eye)

Mitch: Why are you looking for otter tribe in particular?

Talon: We heard they like to buy rugs.

Mitch: You have a load of rugs?

Talon: Yes.

Mitch: What else are you carrying?

Talon: Now, now, unless you are looking to buy, you shouldn't be asking that.

Mitch: You are a shrewd woman, Missy, though you don't look it.

Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11

Mitch asks Mavis the same question about what we are carrying.

Mavis: Spices and trinkets.

Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17

Talon says we are happy to trade with anyone, if Mitch would like to buy something? (Talon is getting suspicious of why Mitch is asking so many questions.)

Yoshi rolls Skill:Sense Motive (d20 + 9 + 3 + 5): [3 + 9 + 3 + 5] = 20

Yoshi says we are just here to protect Mavis and it's up to Mavis who we trade with. (This is news to Talon!!)

Mavis and Mitch gaze each other down. Then Yoshi joins in - gazing at Mitch. Yoshi has a hunch that this is more than small talk to Mitch.

Mitch says, "this is very interesting" and goes and refills drinks. When Mitch refills Caelesti's glass, Yoshi and Talon stop drinking.

Mitch says next speciality drink is free for Caelesti.

Talon is suspicious. She tells her friends he is asking too much about the goods. Talon and Carric go outside and check on the mules.

Mitch goes out a while and comes back with a special drink in a dusty bottle - that is unopened - still corked. He says it is a special elven wine. He offers for Caelesti's friends to buy a glass of elven wine after Caelesti tastes it for free.

He pours Caelesti 1/2 glass. Yoshi invites Mitch to join in a drink. Mitch declines to drink up his own stock. Mitch offers some to Yoshi.

Mavis offers to buy a glass if Mitch drinks too. Yoshi offers to pay for Mitch's glass.

Mitch pours 3 more glasses and drinks one. The wine is outstanding! The quality is wasted on Yoshi, though.

Yoshi: This is very fine (even though he can't tell) and asks Caelesti to finish his as it is too rich for him.

It does not appear to have been drugged.

Mitch asks about Talon and Carric.

Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [1 + 11] = 12
Talon rolls Spot Talon (d20 + 1): [18 + 1] = 19
Neither Carric or Talon see anything unsual happening outside.
Carric rolls Tan-kurun Spot (d20 + 16): [17 + 16] = 33
Tan Kuran does not issue any warnings.

Inside the tavern, Yoshi tells Mitch that Talon and Carric were concerned about the mules.

Mitch says if they are tied up at the hitching post, they should be fine.

Outside, Talon stays close to Tintin.
It is still early in the day, not even noon.

Yoshi and Mavis relieve Carric and Talon so everyone can get a good meal at the tavern. Alternate watching the mules.

Mitch says he wishes us well and invites us to stop back there on way back. He wishes us great riches, says, "Stop here any time!"

Yoshi: Thank you, Sir.

Caelesti complains to us that there was no "Barbarian Food" to be had.

Yoshi quietly says to Mavis, "just to be sure, check the mules."

Mavis checks the mules and says - no problems.

We set out on the path up north - which fizzles out after the dwellings.

Talon asks if we should fake them out and change directions or not? She fears they might be waiting to ambush us!

Caelesti is confused.

Yoshi says, cryptically, that someone might want to interfere with our mission.

We move along. Carric doing track rolls.
Track (d20 + 15): [14 + 15] = 29

We proceed north. We plan to travel 3 days north, then head West.

Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [19 + 15] = 34
Carric making more track checks.
Carric notices that there is a single hoof print - appears made recently

Talon: A one-legged Satyre, do you think, Carric?
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [14 + 15] = 29
Carric starts seeking out more hooves.
We slow down.

Carric says: A single horse has trodden this direction recently.

Talon: Like, left about the time Mitch went out for a bottle of elf wine?

Carric: Yes!

Talon: Good thing I bought these jumping caltrops.

Carric: I'll send Tan Kuran to scout ahead.

Yoshi suggests we use a different route, not on this path. But we can not find another path, so we continue on.

Carric does speak with animals to talk to Tan Kuran.

Talon: no pink frost cakes?

Caelesti: We didn't think to bring any.

Carric tells Talon that he is worried about whether the previous pink frosted cakes (he fed animals in exchange for information) slowed down the little creatures on other plane and if they therefore fell prey to predators. He says he is worrrying much about that and feels terribly guilty.

Yoshi is fascinated by the story.

Carric tracks some more and thinks the horse and rider could be 2 to 3 hours ahead of us.

Tan Kuran flies ahead 6 miles ahead to see if there is a lone horse and rider or anyone humanoid or unsual along the way or any settlements or any unusual creature of any kind or any number of any kind of people or critters riding any number of horses? (a lot to look for!)

Tan Kuran comes back in an hour. Carric does another Speak with Animals. His eagle tells him, "I saw no horse or riders or humanoids or settlements."

We continue along the path. Tan Kuran contiues to fly ahead. Carric tells her to keep looking for anybody lying in wait up ahead.

Yoshi says ask her in particular to keep her eyes out for six creatures - but does not specify what type other than "possibly winged creatures."

Talon asks why?

Yoshi says he has a dream that has caused him to be on his guard, but says the dream itself would not make sense to us, so is not explicit.

After some hours, the terrian gets hilly. A narrow path goes between two hills.

Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [16 + 15] = 31
Yoshi rolls Skill:Spot (d20 + 9 + 3): [19 + 9 + 3] = 31
Carric does more tracking.
Yoshi raises a hand for silence.
Tracks stopped a couple hours back, says Carric.
We stop and are quiet.

Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [13 + 11] = 24
Carric listens.
Yoshi rolls Skill:Listen (d20 + 7 + 3): [18 + 7 + 3] = 28
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [1 + 5] = 6
Talon rolls Spot Talon (d20 + 1): [6 + 1] = 7
Talon rolls Listen - T (d20 + 2): [8 + 2] = 10
Talon rolls K - Nature - T (d20 + 9): [5 + 9] = 14
None of us discerns anything suspicious.
We proceed.

Talon: I am still in my sweet country girl outfit.

As we proceed between the two hills, Tan Kuran comes back and squawks and points forward with her talons. She throw six twigs on Carric's head. She screeches twice and circles then screeches four times.

Carric takes this to mean there are bunch of creatures ahead.
Yoshi suggests someone climb the hill - Caelesti?
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [14 + 3] = 17

Talon: Should we back up or move forward?

Yoshi: We move forward.

Caelesti aborts her climb.

Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [5 - 1 + 2] = 6
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [11 + 11] = 22
Yoshi rolls Skill:Spot (d20 + 9 + 3): [15 + 9 + 3] = 27
Carric rolls Tan-kurun Spot (d20 + 16): [4 + 16] = 20
Talon rolls Spot Talon (d20 + 1): [9 + 1] = 10
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [3 + 16] = 19

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17

Some of us see = A man in chain armor wth a long sword step up across our path. His buddy (Buddy) has nice studded armor and carries a short sword. Chain-armored man (Black Night) has a bandana around his face to disguise himself.

Black Night says: Greetings. I see you have nice mules ladden with interesting things and are outside the law of Rowansmeade. Those who pass this way must pay a toll.

Black Night suggests his friends and he select what they want from our mules, if we don't mind.

Carric: We do mind!

Yoshi: If you will excuse us, we will pass now.

Black Night raises his hand to signal to his friends. We find 4 men around us wth bows.

Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [13 + 2] = 15
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [6 + 4 + 2] = 12
Carric rolls TK Initiative (d20 + 3): [16 + 3] = 19
Talon rolls Initiative - T (d20 + 2): [18 + 2] = 20
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [17 + 9] = 26
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [14 + 4] = 18

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [7] = 7
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [13] = 13
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11

Talon: I will start up my Wasp friend (amulet). "Summon Giant Wasp"

Mavis draws her bow.

Talon: My wasp will appear next round right before my turn.

Tan Kuran elevates to get out of firing range.

Mavis[Badguy?] rolls 1d20 (d20): [9] = 9

Caelesti does Sleep on Bowman 3.

Mavis[Badguy?] rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4

Carric tries to Entangle the Black Night

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [13] = 13
Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [3] = 3
AC 17 barely hits Carric.

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [1] = 1
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11
Other arrow misses

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [19] = 19
Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [5] = 5

Yoshi will charge Buddy.
Yoshi rolls Attack:Unarmed, Single (d20 + 4 + 2 + 1): [17 + 4 + 2 + 1] = 24

Then Yoshi does single unarmed attack.
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9

More arrows at Carric by other badguys.
ext round is a full round.

Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [6 + 10] = 16
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Mavis shoots arrow at Bowman 2

Wasp goes after Bowman 1
Talon rolls Giant Wasp Stinger (d20 + 6): [8 + 6] = 14
Giant Wasp misses

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [14] = 14
Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [6] = 6
Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [2] = 2
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Buddy hit Carric.
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [13] = 13

Carric conjures Summon Natures Ally
Talon: Probably a dolfin! :-)

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [10] = 10
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [10] = 10
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [2] = 2

Yoshi rolls Attack:Unarmed, Single (d20 + 4 + 2 + 1): [14 + 4 + 2 + 1] = 21
Yoshi rolls Ability:Strength (d20 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4

Yoshi rolls Attack:Unarmed, Single (d20 + 4 + 2 + 1): [17 + 4 + 2 + 1] = 24
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Yoshi attacks Buddy.
Yoshi does not combine with Stunning fist this time.

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [19] = 19
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4

Mavis moves up and strikes Buddy
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8
Buddy goes limp.

Talon rolls Giant Wasp Stinger (d20 + 6): [16 + 6] = 22
Talon rolls Giant Wasp Damage Stinger (d3 + 6): [3 + 6] = 9
Talon: 9 points of wasp stinger damage on Bowman 1
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [14] = 14 (fails save, loses dex)

Buddy bleeds.
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [3] = 3
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Bowman 2 is tired and falls a-Sleep.
Caelesti tries to Sleep #4 again.

Carric does a Hippogriff against Black Night - while Black Night is still entangled.

Yoshi calls out to Black Night: Do you yield?

Black Night just laughs. They do not yield.

Yoshi, says: Good!

Carric rolls Hippogriff Claw (d20 + 6): [13 + 6] = 19
Hippogriff misses.
Carric rolls Hippogriff Claw (d20 + 6): [11 + 6] = 17
Misses Black Night again.
Carric rolls d20: [16] = 16
Bite - misses
Carric rolls Magic Missiles (3d4 + 3): [(1 + 1 + 4) + 3] = 9
Carric fires Magic Missiles at Black Night
9 ponts from Gloves of Starry Sky

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [9] = 9
Badguy rolls 1d8 (d8): [7] = 7
Babguy rolls 1d8 (d8): [7] = 7
Black Night threat on Hippogriff, then critical hit.
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15
Hippogriff is down.

Yoshi and Carric are taken aback by Black Night taking out Hippogriff so easily. They want to get Black Night while he is still entangled.

Black Night taunts Carric, waves his bow and says: "You think you are so smart. Let's see who remains standing, little guy!"

Black night is still in large area of entanglement, so for Yoshi to get to him is impractical.

Talon started singing last round. Bonuses to save, to hit and to damage kick in this round (+1/+1)

Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Single (d20 + 4 + 2): [10 + 4 + 2] = 16 with shuriken. Shuriken is like a jagged star, very sharp.
Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Single (d20 + 4 + 2): [10 + 4 + 2] = 16 Misses with both shurikens.

Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Badguy rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [1 + 10] = 11

Mavis stays in place and drops her sword and draws her bow and shoots at bowman 2 and misses

Talon rolls Giant Wasp Stinger (d20 + 6): [14 + 6] = 20
Talon rolls Giant Wasp Damage Stinger (d3 + 6): [1 + 6] = 7
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11
Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [1] = 1
Gaint Wasp poisons Bowman 1 for 7 and -1 to his DEX.

Caelesti casts Sleep.
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [1] = 1
Bowman 2 falls asleep. Yeah!

Carric steps behind Goldie, moves and casts Cure Light Wounds. Gains 12 points.

Bowman 1 is next
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [5] = 5
Bowman 1 misses

Black Night looks about and tries to shoot Yoshi with arrow
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15

Yoshi uses chronocharm of Grand Master to dodge arrow, but would have doged anyway, successfully.

Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [1] = 1
Yoshi gets hit by second arrow for 4 points.
Yoshi up.
Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Flurry (d20 + 4 + 2 - 1): [14 + 4 + 2 - 1] = 19
He fires two shurikens
Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Flurry (d20 + 4 + 2 - 1): [14 + 4 + 2 - 1] = 19
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Shuriken (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Shuriken (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Song gave +1 so both hit and each hit gets 1 extra point damage as well

Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [13 + 10] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [19 + 5] = 24
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9
Mavis shoots arrows at Black Night. Hits, hits

Talon rolls Giant Wasp Stinger (d20 + 6): [16 + 6] = 22
Talon rolls Giant Wasp Damage Stinger (d3 + 6): [3 + 6] = 9
Giant Wasp hits and bowman 1 falls.
Talon continues singing.

Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti magic missiles on Black Night.

Carric does a 1 round spell = Call Lightning Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17 (not here until next round)

Badguy rolls 1d6 (d6): [3] = 3
Badguy rolls 1d20 (d20): [10] = 10
Black Night shoots Talon - hit once for 6 points
Talon: (down 6 to 20 hp)

Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Flurry (d20 + 4 + 2 - 1): [18 + 4 + 2 - 1] = 23
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Shuriken (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Attack:Ranged, Flurry (d20 + 4 + 2 - 1): [12 + 4 + 2 - 1] = 17
Yoshi hits once with a shuriken

Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [19 + 10] = 29
Mavis shoots Black Night guy again.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [17 + 5] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8 Mavis hits for serious 9 point damage and then 8 points, plus two more for Talon singing.

Black Night is down.

Talon tells Wasp to delay.
Talon delays too.
Caelesti moves to Bowman 3
Carric dismisses entanglement and aborts Lightening.

Yoshi - warrily walks over and examines Black Night. Attempts to bind Black Night with ropes.
Yoshi rolls Skill:Heal (d20 + 3): [7 + 3] = 10
Yoshi stablizes Black Night - or tries. Fails.

Talon dismisses the Giant Wasp now.

Mavis deciding what to do. Mavis calms Goldie the mule, by leading her to trod on downed "Buddy."

Caelesti says we should kill the leaders and free the followers.

Yoshi says we should not kill anyone in cold blood, but take them back to Rowansmeade, including the barkeeper.

Carric says we should strip them and leave them.

Talon says we should cut off hand of each of them.
Yoshi disagrees.
Talon says we are outside juristiction of Rowansmeade.
Yoshi still does not want to cut off hands

Yoshi still trying to prevent further bleeding of Black Night.
Yoshi rolls Skill:Heal (d20 + 3): [11 + 3] = 14
Yoshi rolls Skill:Heal (d20 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6
Yoshi rolls Skill:Heal (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22

Talon suggests cutting off right thumbs instead then.
Yoshi keeps trying to stablize Black Night and finally succeeds.

Talon asks Yoshi to unmask the Black Night - he has two blue eyes and scruffy beard. We do not recognize him.

Carric: I say we take their stuff and let them make their way back. We should interrogate them first, though. And we should find out their names anyway.

We argue about what to do about the Barman "IF" he is involved.

Yoshi discovers that Buddy is dead, trampled, and seems to be a rogue.

Caelesti: That is some justice!

Yoshi says he is not adverse to cutting off thumbs.

Carric complains.

Talon says - why not? It makes it harder for them to use weapons against traveling folks and still enables them to make an honest living.

All the downed foes are humans.

End evening here. Nighty-night!

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