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The City of the Spider Queen

The current adventure. A V3 adventure, intended to take characters from tenth level to eighteenth, this is our first adventure after converting our characters to V3. We are too high-level for the initial part of the adventure, as our average level is fifteen, but we are treating it as a learning experience for the V3 rules and are having a ball doing so.

Dramatis Personae

Player Characters
Name Sex Race Alignment Classes Notes
Veracity Female Drow Neutral Evil Swashbuckler 3/Domain Wizard (Enchantment) 5/Eldritch Knight 9 Follower of Loviatar
Brianna Female Tiefling Neutral Rogue 2/Bard 4/Druid 4/Lyrist 7 Veracity's cohort
Igor Male Human Neutral Fighter 1/Rogue 18  
Hazen Male Duergar Chaotic Neutral Rogue 17  
Kress Male Human Chaotic Neutral Fighter 17 Hazen's cohort
Tebryn Male Drow Neutral Evil Domain Wizard (Evocation) 5/Rogue 3/Arcane Trickster 10/Archmage 1 Follower of Thoth
Drusilla Barbtail Female Imp Neutral Evil Familiar (Wizard 5) Tebryn's familiar (raven)
Yol Female Drow Chaotic Evil Cleric 3/Domain Wizard (Necromancy) 3/True Necromancer 10 Priestess of Hel
Nightlife Female Black Cat Neutral Familiar (Wizard 3) Yol's familiar

Non-Player Characters
Name Sex Race Notes
Loviatar Female Outsider Faerûnian goddess of Pain and Suffering; the Maiden of Pain, the Willing Whip
Kiaransalee Female Outsider Drow goddess of Death and Undeath; The Lady of the Dead, the Revenancer, the Vengeful Banshee
Randal Morn Male Human Lord of Dagger Falls
Solom Ned'razak Male Drow Archmage of Szith Morcane
Dessa Sik-Morcane Female Drow Last member of House Morcane; Priestess of Lolth / Barbarian
Irae T'sarran Female Drow High Priestess of Kiaransalee; slain by party
Dorina T'sarran Female Drow Vampire Irae T'sarran's daughter; Priestess of Kiaransalee; slain by Igor
Zedarr T'sarran Male Drow Irae T'sarran's son; Blackguard; slain by Veracity
Velasta T'sarran Female Drow Irae T'sarran's niece; Priestess of Kiaransalee; slain by Veracity
Velina T'sarran Female Drow Irae T'sarran's niece; Priestess of Kiaransalee; slain by Igor
Glouroth Male Shadow Dragon Master of Glouroth's Chasm
Kurgoth Hellspawn Male Half-fiend fire giant Conqueror of Maerimydra; slain by Hazen, Igor, Kress, and Veracity
Khumarr Male Drow Blackguard/Divine Devotee of Kiaransalee; Slain by Igor; Raised as spectre by Yol; Destroyed by Umaerh
Wyrruth Male Human Shade Ambassador of Shade to Maerimydra
Cabrath Nelinderra Female Drow Cleric of Kiaransalee; Slain by Hazen; Raised as spectre by Yol; Destroyed by Orb Wraith
Maas Male Drow Vampire Rogue/Monk/Assassin; Slain by party
Yashar Male Medusa Sorcerer; Slain by party
Paelinn Female Drow Divine Seeker of Kiaransalee; Slain by party; Raised as spectre by Yol; Destroyed by Kress.
Umaerh Male Drow Lich Arcane Devotee of Kiaransalee; Slain by party
Valfryn'aonar Male Drow Barbarian; Slain by party

Dramatis Loci

Name Notes
Mansfield Metropolis in Anglia, Dargas; Home of Tebryn, Yol, and Elvira
Sigil Metropolis in the Outlands; Hub of the Multiverse; Home of Veracity, Brianna, Igor, Hazen, and Kress
Dagger Falls Large town in Daggerdale, Faerûn, Toril
Dordrien Crypts Group of tombs ten miles south of Dagger Falls
Szith Morcane Drow outpost in Faerûnian Underdark beneath the Dordrien Crypts
Lake of Shadows Large lake in the Faerûnian Middledark between Szith Morcane and Maerimydra
Glouroth's Chasm Huge cliff in the Faerûnian Middledark between the Lake of Shadows and Maerimydra.
Maerimydra Drow city in Faerûnian Middledark

The Story

The adventure begins on 2993. in the rooms of the Society of the Moon in Mansfield. The next morning, the Dargasians travel to Veracity's dwelling in Sigil. The next morning, the whole party steps through a portal and arrives in Toril.

Day 0 of the adventure on Faerûn is Marpenoth 27, 1372 DR, or 2993., in Dargas reckoning.

Day Encounter Synopsis
- Mansfield In which the Society of the Moon meets and determines to quest in the drow city of Maerimydra in Faerûn on the planet Toril.
Sigil In which the party meets at Veracity's house in Sigil.
0 To Toril In which the heroes travel to Toril where the goddess Loviatar meets them and gives them an additional quest before sending them on to Daggerdale.
Dagger Falls In which Randal Morn, the lord of Dagger Falls, gives the party still another quest and directs them to the Dordrien Crypts
1 To the Dordrien Crypts In which the party travels to the Dordrien Crypts and explores the mausolea on the surface. They destroy Chahir the vampire and his spawn.
Into the Dordrien Crypts In which the party enters the crypts, Kress sets off a trap, Hazen sets off another trap, and Kress chats up a ghost.
Entrance to the Underdark In which the party defeats a party of drow guarding a hole. Veracity charmingly questions a captive before slaying him.
Maurezhi In which the party backtracks to look for a hidey hole in the crypts, and defeats a maurezhi and some ghouls.
Bebiliths In which after further backtracking, the party defeats some bebiliths.
Aranea In which the sobbing from the next room turns out to be treacherous aranea and Veracity declares herself to be the leader of the party.
Parley In which Veracity parleys with a fleeing priestess of Lolth and her retainers and learns something of the doings down below.
Welcoming Committee In which the party descends the hole to Szith Morcane and defeats more drow.
Onto the Web In which the party defeats a gigantic fiendish spider and another group of Szith Morcane's defenders and Kress emulates a flaming marshmallow.
The Barracks In which the party explores the Barracks, finding a letter full of useful information and a fair amount of loot.
To the Inverted Tower In which the party explores the giant web and discovers another inhabited hole. They defeat the arcane guards.
Solom Ned'razak In which Veracity negotiates with Solom, the Archmage of Szith Morcane, and allies with him.
2 Treachery at Night In which Veracity and Brianna are attacked at night in their room. The party defeats the intruders and Solom slays his head student, the only surviving conscious member of the attackers.
Persuasion In which Veracity has a question and answer session with Velasta, but she says nothing.
Welcome to House Morcane In which the party goes down the web, enters House Morcane, defeats the welcoming committee of vampires and quth-marens, and frees Dessa.
Deeper into House Morcane In which the party defeats vampires, driders, another priestess, and a huge displacer beast and assembles outside the Matron Mother's quarters.
Dorina In which the party defeats Dorina, the vampire high priestess of Kiaransalee.
The Fane of Lolth and the Bazaar In which the party explores the Fane of Lolth and the Bazaar before returning to the Inverted Tower, where Igor suggests that the party loot Randal Morn's farms on the way back to Dagger Falls.
3 Interrogation, Treasure, and Planning In which Yol questions Velina, Velasta, and Zedarr, Dorina's dead kin, learning much of import, the party divides up the loot, and plans are made for a triumphant return to Dagger Falls.
4 Return to Dagger Falls In which Brianna, Igor, and Kress return in triumph to Dagger Falls and sell all the unwanted loot. Brianna is richly rewarded by Randal Morn and all enjoy being the toast of the town at the fête held in their honor.
5 Departure from Szith Morcane In which the triumphant surface dwellers return to Szith Morcane. As the party leaves the Inverted Tower, the paranoid Dessa turns on Veracity.
Into the Deep Wastes In which the party passes through the Commoners' district of Szith Morcane into the Deep Wastes. They easily defeat a vrock which had been summoned to attack Igor.
6 Dire Bats In which the party slogs uneventfully through the Underdark.
7 Raiding Party In which a drow cleric, accompanied by rangers and zombies, unsuccessfully attacks the sleeping party.
Kress Loses His Precious In which two delvers burst out of the walls and dissolve Kress's Precious into a puddle of acidic slime. Fortunately, Kress avoids the same fate for himself.
Ambush at the Lake of Shadows In which the party arrives at the Lake of Shadows and are 'greeted' by some stone giants with chips on their shoulders.
Stone Giant Tribe In which Veracity stealthily scouts and leads the party to victory against the remaining stone giants.
Chuul In which the flying warriors chase the fleeing stone giant elders and are attacked by a ferocious chuul.
Kraken and Dire Bears In which the warriors chase the giants out onto the lake but run away from the kraken. Meanwhile, the 'soft' members of the party are attacked by the stone giants' pets: a pair of dire bears.
Giant Treasure In which the party collects the loot from the giants and chuul and divides up the coinage. Brianna very generously shares the reward Randal Morn had given her in Dagger Falls.
8 Treasure Division and Planning In which Tebryn identifies all the magical loot, everybody picks what she wants, and the party rests quietly and recovers from the big battles of the previous day.
9 To the Kuo-toan Temple In which the party flies out to visit the kuo-toan temple, where Igor is completely unsuccessful at talking his way in.
Kuo-toans In which, after Igor's failure of diplomacy, the party fights its way past a kuo-toan monk and two templars and finds the Sacred Pool in the inner sanctum of the temple.
The Sacred Pool In which the party defeats the kuo-toan clerics in the inner sanctum and Tebryn lowers the water in the Sacred Pool, where The Claw glares at him with hatred before escaping to the lake outside.
The Kraken and The Claw In which the party takes on both The Claw and his big brother, the kraken. Veracity's energy drain spells prove invaluable and Kress admirably plays the role of Bait, allowing the party to defeat both foes and collect a rich reward.
Across the Lake of Shadows In which Veracity declines to dance for Igor and the party takes the folding boat across the lake.
10 Irae's Sending In which a nalfeshnee and a glabezru attack the party while it sleeps, but are easily dispatched.
Bulettes In which two gargantuan bulettes almost eat Kress, and Hazen makes a big mess.
Thelossa the Werebat In which a drow werebat takes a dislike to the party, which quickly and permanently teaches her the error of her ways.
11 The Truly Horrid Umber Hulk In which the biggest umber hulk that anyone has ever seen shows up and is slain. After the battle, the confused Kress attacks the unsuspecting Yol, but, fortunately, Veracity dominates him.
Infernal Raiders (Raw data) In which the party continues its march, only to be beset by a rampaging party of devils, out on a killing spree on the Prime Material. After the party dispatches them with much difficulty, the valiant Hazen returns, having fled at the very beginning of the battle.
Glouroth's Chasm (Raw data) In which the party finally reaches their next milestone: Glouroth's Chasm, where Glouroth the shadow dragon and his kir-lannan take an immediate dislike to the flying Igor and Hazen, and attack. The party drives off the blinded Glouroth and slays all his minions, but not before both Hazen and Kress are taken to the brink of death.
Revenants (Raw data) In which the revenants of four drow slain in Szith Morcane show up to exact revenge on their slayers.
12 Illithid Inquisition (Raw data) In which the party continues along the path to Lich's Mire and easily destroy four overconfident mind flayers.
Troglodytes (Raw data) In which a party of troglodytes finds the heroes tougher than they expected.
13 Dracolisk (Raw data) In which Kress gives Brianna a nice present and the party rebuffs a dracolisk that wants to have lunch with them.
14 Ruallith the Arachnomancer In which Ruallith the Arachnomancer attacks the sleeping party with her jade spider.
Sshumath Daerindra the Half-Dragon (Raw data) In which Yol questions the dead Ruallith and the party tracks her current lair. Veracity peacefully exchanges information with a half-drow, half-dragon named Sshumath Daerindra.
Aboleths (Raw data) In which four huge aboleths sneakily attack the party. Three of them die, but Veracity drives off mama.
15 Bodaks (Raw data) In which four hideous bodaks attempt to do their worst. Fortunately, their worst is not bad enough.
16 Death Kiss Beholderkin (Raw data) In which a large floating ball with eyes and tentacles floats up silently and grabs the unsuspecting Brianna, but goes all to pieces when Tebryn looks at it the wrong way.
Purple Worm (Raw data) In which a huge purple worm bursts out of the wall and bites Tebryn. Yet again, the enchantingly talented Veracity saves the day by holding it in place while the rogues chop it up.
Tomb Tapper (Raw data) In which a strange construct with a big hammer pounds Tebryn into the floor before being felled by the fighters.
17 Cloakers (Raw data) In which the party defeats three cloakers and Brianna enchants Hazen.
18 Yrthaks (Raw data)
19 Yrthaks, take 2 (Raw data)
20-24 Backtracking (Raw data)
25 Invader Party (Raw data)
26-27 Arrival at Lich's Mire (Raw data)
27 Beholder (Raw data)
Mind Flayer (Raw data)
28 Treasure and Travel (Raw data)
29 Arrival at Maerimydra In which the party finally arrives at Maerimydra. Tebryn Bluffs the fire giants at the gate and the veiled group holes up in the basement of a ruined building in the city proper.
30 Initial exploration in Maerimydra In which the party ventures out and allies with a small group of fugitive drow, hiding out in a nearby ruined inn.
Planning and Scouting In which the rogues in the party scout out the Coliseum and steal Kurgoth's treasure horde! When they return, everybody works out a foolproof plan to take out Kurgoth the next morning.
31 Attack on Kurgoth In which our heroes buff up and make a quick strike on Kurgoth, the conqueror of Maerimydra. They leave him dead and dimension door to safety.
The Shattered Tower In which the party finds that the former abode of the archmage of Maerimydra would be better named "The Shattered Heap of Rubble", but does manage to find some "treats" in the basement.
Heavy Patrols (Raw data)
32 The Balor In which Brianna boldly negotiates with the Balor and it agrees not to slay the party immediately.
Into Castle Maerimydra (Raw data)
Ghosts (Raw data)
Khumarr (Raw data)
Revenant Assassins (Raw data)
Jade Spider (Raw data)
Blood Fiends (Raw data)
More Planning (Raw data)
33 Heavy Patrol (Raw data)
Heavy Patrol (Raw data)
Abyssal Ghoul Gang (Raw data)
Wyrruth (Raw data)
Cabrath Nelinderra & Maas (Raw data)
Planning and Sending (Raw data)
34-35 Initiation, Shopping, and Carousing (Raw data)
36 Return to Maerimydra (Raw data) In which the party returns to Maerimydra, goes back into the Castle, up through the lesser temple, and defeats a Mighty Iron Golem.
Ethereal Scouts (Raw data)
Draegloth (Raw data)
Medusa (Raw data)
Divine Seeker (Raw data)
37 Orb Wraith (Raw data)
Lich (Raw data)
Love and Death (Raw data)
38 Sanctum Defenders (Raw data)
Irae's Bedroom: Take One (Raw data)
39 Waiting for Irae (Raw data)
Irae T'sarran (Raw data)
40 Cleaning up the Temple (Raw data)
41 The Undying Temple (Raw data)
42 The Balor (Raw data)
Night Walker (Raw data)
Valfryn'aonar (Raw data)
The rescue of "DD" (Raw data)
- The End (Raw data)

Here's a table cross-referencing "adventure numbers" with the dates of the gaming sessions and the encounters spanned by those sessions.

MA# First Date Last Date First Encounter Last Encounter
533 03/06/03 03/13/03 Mansfield To the Dordrien Crypts
534 03/20/03 03/27/03 Into the Dordrien Crypts Entrance to the Underdark
535 04/10/03 05/01/03 Maurezhi Welcoming Committee
536 05/20/03 07/08/03 Onto the Web Solom Ned'razak
537 07/12/03 07/13/03 Treachery at Night Persuasion
538 07/13/03 07/31/03 Welcome to House Morcane The Fane of Lolth and the Bazaar
539 08/21/03 09/25/03 Interrogation, Treasure, and Planning Kraken and Dire Bears
540 10/02/03 11/06/03 Giant Treasure Across the Lake of Shadows
541 11/6/03 11/13/03 Irae's Sending
542 11/13/03 01/15/04 Bulettes Glouroth's Chasm
543 01/15/04 01/22/04 Revenants Troglodytes
544 01/29/04 02/26/04 Dracolisk Aboleths
545 03/11/04 06/03/04 Bodaks Tomb Tapper
546 06/10/04 09/29/04 Cloakers Yrthaks
547 10/19/04 - Yrthaks, take 2
548 10/26/04 - Backtracking Beholder
549 10/26/04 - Mind Flayer Treasure and Travel
550 11/22/04 12/02/04 Arrival at Maerimydra Attack on Kurgoth
551 12/9/04 - The Shattered Tower
552 12/13/04 - Heavy Patrols
553 01/06/05 01/24/05 The Balor Blood Fiends
554 01/27/05 02/03/05 Heavy Patrol Cabrath Nelinderra & Maas
555 02/10/05 08/26/05 Planning and Sending Orb Wraith
558 10/12/06 11/13/06 Lich The Undying Temple
559 11/21/06 11/30/06 The Balor Valfryn'aonar

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