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Ah, Veracity. We love you so...

This is the tale of Veracity the dark elf. Bards have sung of her famous - or infamous - deeds across the planes. Veracity, Vecna's Bane, Mistress of Pain. Many are the cold, calculating and subtle dark elves, but she is hot, impulsive, and passionate.

So begin The Chronicles of Veracity: an unfinished, ever-evolving work as Veracity is alive and well and out doing her thing. Even though I've written about eighty-five pages of this, it's far from complete. But, I want to understand this lady, and so, I present:

A snapshot of her, in D&D V3 terms, of how she is today:

Veracity, Swashbuckler 3/Domain Wizard (Enchantment) 5/Eldritch Knight 10

Here's a portrait of Veracity, arrayed for battle, displaying the Sword of Kas, and casting a spell at you. Click on it to see it at full size.

After she'd defeated Vecna in Sigil, Veracity attracted her sidekick and lover, Brianna. Here's a painting of Veracity & Brianna sharing a tender moment. Click on it to see it at full size.

Veracity is currently adventuring with her companions in The City of the Spider Queen.

Here also I present:

The Brief Chronicles of Veracity

Chapter 1 In which Veracity is born, grows to early adolescence in the Underdark, flees with her mother and her mother's consort to the surface, and matures (?) to adulthood in Mansfield with Nick and Knack, her siblings.
Chapter 2 In which Veracity's unpromising early career runs into a glitch when she gets herself banished from Mansfield
Chapter 3 In which Veracity's career picks up, Nick is captured by the School of Nekros, Veracity organizes a rescue party, and the Society of the Moon is formed.
Chapter 4 In which Veracity spends ten years living a life of leisure, sponging off Nick, first on his country estate, and later in his tower in Mansfield after he gets her unbanished.
Chapter 5 In which Veracity's renewed adventuring career gets off to a rocky start, culminating in an unfortunate encounter with a banshee.
Chapter 6 In which through the miracles of Necromantic science, Veracity returns.
Chapter 7 In which Veracity saves Tebryn's tail and adventures with Marga and Nute, developing a new obsession.
Chapter 8 In which Veracity joins the expedition to the Dark Continent, intending to visit the temple of Bast in Aegypt.
Chapter 9 In which Veracity and her peers recover the Shards of the Day while Tebryn and his peers venture deeper into the Dark Continent.
Chapter 10 In which Veracity snatches the Iron Orb of the Duergar from the hands of the possessed priest just as he is about to activate the Mother Of All Iron Golems.
Chapter 11 In which Veracity travels through the Vortex of Madness to the City of Glass on the Elemental Plane of Water, to Tartarus, to the Demiplane of Invention, to the Astral Plane, and final to Limbo to confront Baron Lum, the Mad.
Chapter 12 In which Veracity and her companions save the multiverse from the Queen of Chaos by assembling the Rod of Seven Parts and using it to defeat Miska the Wolf Spider.
Chapter 13 In which Veracity saves the multiverse yet again by traveling through Tovag Baragu into the Adytum and thence through Ravenloft to Sigil, where she drives Vecna from the City of Doors by going toe to toe with him, wielding the Sword of Kas in the Hand of Vecna.
Chapter 14 In which Veracity accepts her due rewards from Shina-Tsu-Hiko, recruits her handmaiden, and moves into the mansion in Sigil. She meets Brianna and spends her days in magical research and her nights in play.
Chapter 15 In which Veracity and her companions embark on a quest to Maerimydra in the Underdark of Faerûn to seek ancient tomes. Upon arrival on Toril, Loviatar herself gives Veracity a quest.

My gallery of commissioned portraits of this lady:

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Veracity Veracity & Brianna

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