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Tarrastra Adventure 1

Yoshi's notes



17th year of the reign of King Kevin.

Day before summer solstice: first day of summer festival. Early afternoon.

Weather is bright and sunny.


Carric Dendreu - Male Aasimar Druid 1

Caelesti - Female Feytouched Rogue 1

Lady Lyonessey "Nessy" Lavena Rowane - Female Aasimar Aristocrat 1

Yoshi - Male Human Monk 1


Rowansmeade at intersection of two rivers: the Rowan, which is a major river flowing north that forms the west boundary of the kingdom, and a smaller river to our south that joins it. Rowansmeade is a walled city on top of a cliff. At the base is the river port district. Rowansmeade is a "large" city (24,000 people). The seat of the duchy. Countryside has lots of woods and farmlands. The monastery of Núadu is outside the city walls off the East road. Carric comes from a village not far away; his grandmother lives in Rowansmeade. Nessy is n times removed from the Duke, and lives in upper class district. Caelesti is also from the duchy and has been living in Rowansmeade for a couple years.


At noon, the temple of Belenus had its ceremony of its festival, one of the most holy periods.

Yoshi notices three brutes, two with padded armor and clubs,one with studded leather and a short sword at her side, accosting Nessy. "Hey.What goes there?"

Initiative: 18

A brute grabs Nessy's arm.

Yoshi charges and strikes the brute with his fist dealing 8points of non-lethal damage. He looks surprised and drops to the ground.

Nessy flees. The other brute strikes her with his club dealing 7 points of damage. Nessy runs to Carric and asks for help.

The female brute glares at Yoshi, draws her shortsword, and says "You will pay for this." She hits Yoshi for 2 points of damage. The other brute strikes with his club and misses.

Yoshi says, "Perhaps", and strikes the female. His first blow misses. The second connects and does 5 points of non-lethal damage.

Caelesti runs into the alleyway, relying on her exotic dancer outfit to successfully avoid and attack of opportunity.

Carric runs forth.

Female runs. Yoshi takes his attack of opportunity, striking for 4 points of non-lethal damage. She continues to run.

Other brute strikes Yoshi and misses.

Yoshi strikes with a flurry of blows and misses twice.

Nessy comes back towards the strike.

Caelesti draws her dagger and strikes the brute for 2 points of damage. "You ruffian you!"

Carric draws his scimitar and misses the brute.

Female runs further and is gone.

Brute surrenders. Carric: "what's your name?" "Mike." "Who was that lady?" "I don't know." "When did you first see her. I down at Rusty Anchor and she come in and say 'I got job for you'. I don't know nothing." "You never saw nothing?" "No."

Yoshi says, "I think we should take these to the authorities and then talk further."

Carric and Nessy notice a letter with a seal. Nessy does not recognize the seal.

Yoshi: "Please help me bring these to the authorities."

The guard arrives. Nessy "explains".

The guard takes us to the guardhouse. Nessy "explains"further.

Yoshi explains.

We make our introductions.

Carric opens the note: "If you want to see Nessy alive again, bring 10,000 GP in gems to the Black Cauldron at night's peak. One person, wearing a red scarf, no funny business."

We arrange to meet Nessy at her house at gloaming.

Carric, Caelesti, and Yoshi go to the docks. First Carric gets permission to leave the festival.

The Rusty Anchor is seedy and run-down.

Caelesti and Carric go to the bar. Yoshi stays back.Caelesti "interviews" a patron. "That was Meaghan, you don't want her. Tell you want, come with me, and maybe we'll find her. She went off this morning, and I haven't seen her since. She's a regular;she's involved in some people who scare me. She went off with Nob and Mike this morning. She hangs out at another tavern." Carric, Caelesti, and Yoshi leave and decide to go the Black Cauldron.

Now late afternoon. Caelesti enters the Black Cauldron, near the East road. She finds a new "friend". "Come back at night."

A guy comes from the back of the bar and goes down the street. Yoshi says, "that is odd. Why does he not go out the front door?"

The man is going purposely down the street. Carric runs back to Yoshi and says, "don't you think we should follow that man?" By the time we get back, he is gone.

We decide to get Caelesti. Carric enters the tavern and notices that the bartender has a brooch of a fat white pig. He buys an ale for Caelesti. They leave.

We go to the Brass Key to sit by the window and watch the Black Cauldron and the street. We order meat pie, two ales, and tea. They serve the ales and the meat pie. Carric offers some meat pie to Yoshi, who accepts.

The man returns with two brutes and Meaghan. Yoshi runs off to the gate and convinces a couple guards to return with him. The brutes and Meaghan come out and leave again.

Caelesti rushes out with Carric trying to grab her and rushes by to try to head off the group. She walks towards them, waits until they recognize her, says, "Oh, shoot!", and rushes by, hoping they will follow,and they do. When the ruffians see the guard, they turn and run. Meaghan runs into an alley; Yoshi, Carric, and Caelesti follow in that order. She runs into a tavern. Caelesti leaps onto the bar and makes it to the main doorway. Meaghan tries to overrun Caelesti. Meaghan escapes through a door opposite.

Carric and Caelesti go off to meet Nessy, while Yoshi goes to tell the central guard station Meaghan's name. Yoshi goes to meet Nessy.

The party determines they might like to adventure. After discussing the day's events, they determine that they should assist the town guard further and undertake more investigation. Cealesti and Yoshi stay for the night.


White pig is symbol of Cerridwen of the bane moon.

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