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Tarrastra Adventure 2

Yoshi's notes



17th year of the reign of King Kevin.

Day of summer solstice: second day of summer festival. Late morning.

Weather is bright and sunny.


Carric Dendreu - Male Aasimar Druid 1

Caelesti - Female Feytouched Rogue 1

Lady Lyonessey "Nessy" Lavena Rowane - Female Aasimar Aristocrat 1

Yoshi - Male Human Monk 1


Yoshi wakes up at dawn and meditates until Nessy awakens during the early morning. We go and wake Caelesti. Yoshi and Caelesti go home to collect their cloaks and meet Carric at the festival. We plan to go to the Brass Key at sunset. In the meantime we enjoy the festival.


Shortly after we arrive at the Brass Key, the bartender and a cloaked woman the size of Meaghan leave the Black Cauldron. Yoshi follows at 90', and the rest of the party follows him at 60'. The bartender and "Meaghan"leave town through the north gate. About 1/4 mile out of town, they come to the town graveyard and enter through the gate. They stop and light a lantern. They walk up to a crypt. The bartender pulls out a key and enters, leaving the door open. Yoshi and Caelesti approach the door quietly, and listen and look, while Carric and Nessy hang back about 30'. Yoshi sees a passage leading down, and motions Carric and Nessy to come forward.

The party decides that Carric and Nessy should lead, while Caelesti and Yoshi follow with a torch at 60'. After 100' - 120', the corridor tees. We decide to proceed left; looking right, Caelesti sees nothing. 80' from the tee, the corridor ends in a door. Yoshi approaches and listens at the door.

Carric opens the door with Yoshi at his side. The room is 20'x30', entering in the middle of the 30, with a 5' door in the far left corner on the left wall. Caelesti holds the torch for Yoshi with Nessy at her side. We enter. Three skeletons rise up.

Round 1: Yoshi takes a five-foot step and attacks a skeleton and misses. The skeleton misses in return. Carric steps forward and strikes for7 points of slashing damage. The skeleton returns the favor for 6 points.Caelesti steps forward and misses. The last skeleton steps forward and swings at Nessy for 7 points. Nessy strikes back and misses.

Round 2: Yoshi hits for 3 points. His second attack is a good strike but misses nonetheless. The skeleton misses in return. Carric hits for 2 points, which is no apparent damage. Caelesti strikes with her fist and misses. Nessy's skeleton misses; Nessy misses in return.

Round 3: Yoshi misses. The skeleton misses. Carric punches and misses. The skeleton misses. Caelesti misses. Nessy's skeleton misses.Nessy withdraws.

Round 4: Yoshi misses twice. The skeleton misses. Carric steps back 5 feet and summons a wolf! The wolf attacks and misses. The skeleton misses the wolf. Caelesti misses. Nessy's skeleton steps forward and misses the wolf. Nessy waits.

Round 5:Yoshi hits for 5 points and drops his skeleton.Carric's wolf vanishes! Carric punches Nessy's skeleton for 4 points, and moves back 5 feet. Carric's skeleton moves forward and hits Carric for 4 points, who falls! Caelesti moves into Carric's square and strikes for 2 points. Nessy's skeleton moves forward and attacks Yoshi, hitting for 7 points.

Round 6: Yoshi misses twice. Carric bleeds! Caelesti's skeleton misses. Caelesti strikes Yoshi's skeleton. Caelesti is hit for 2points. Nessy enters and strikes from behind but misses.

Round 7: Yoshi misses and hits for 4 points; the skeleton falls. Carric stabilizes.

Caelesti drags the bones to their original piles and wipes up the blood.

We withdraw; Yoshi carries Carric. We go to Yoshi's monastery.

At the monastery, we stay for the night. The monks awaken Caelesti and Nessy at dawn.

We go to the infirmary, where Brother Brendan has cured Carric. We tell him our story and he cures us all. "If you have discovered a cult of Cerridwen, of course there will be undead!"

Nessy inquires about holy water.

Brother Brendan suggest that Brother Carmac, a cleric of Núadu, might accompany us if we return to the north cemetery.

We go back to the crypt, through town, so that Nessy can give her parents a note. We also collect clubs on our way. It is early morning.

We enter the crypt, and travel down the right-hand corridor,which ends in a door about 80' down. Also not locked. We hear nothing. The room is like the other, including three piles of bones. Caelesti runs in and out a few times, and the bones do not animate.

Nessy searches the room and finds 11 cp, which we leave.

The exit door of the room is stuck. We go back to the other room, listen (hearing nothing), and try its exit door.

The door is not locked. Yoshi opens it. We see a 20'x30'room extending to the left with a door on the right wall in the corner. The room smells of decay. It contains more litter. Yoshi steps in and looks around,and sees two corpses lying in the far edge of the room. The seem to have been dead for a while.

We enter the room. As the third person enters, the zombies stand up.

Round 1: Yoshi approaches to a "safe" distance. Carric approaches as well, perhaps a bit far. Carmac raises his holy symbol and attempts to turn the zombies, successfully.

Round 2: Yoshi moves forward and strikes, connecting, but doing no damage. Carric strikes and misses. Carmac continues to hold the zombies at bay. Nessy enters and strikes for 2 points, and does no damage. Caelesti moves forward.

Round 3: Yoshi strikes twice for no damage. Carric hits for 5 points. Nessy misses. Caelesti drops her dagger and punches and misses.

Round 4: Yoshi misses twice. Carric misses. Nessy hits for 3 points, and does no damage. Caelesti stabs with her other damage but misses.

Round 5: Yoshi hits for 7 points; 2 connect. Carric hits for 4 points. Nessy hits for 3 points, and does no damage. Caelesti misses.

Round 6: Yoshi misses twice. Carric hits for 4 points; it falls. Nessy hits for 6 points, and does no damage. Caelesti hits for no points.

Round 7: Yoshi hits once for no damage. Carric hits for 5 points; it falls. Nessy switches to the other zombie and strikes to no effect. Caelesti also strikes to no effect.

Round 8: Yoshi hits once for 6 points; one gets through. Carric takes a 5' step and hits for 2 points. Nessy misses. Caelesti attacks with the torch, for 1 point of fire damage

Round 9: Yoshi misses again. Carric hits for 3. Nessy hits for 5; no effect. Caelesti misses with the torch.

Round 10: Yoshi misses. Carric hits for 6 points, dropping it.

We search the room, and find nothing.

Yoshi listens at the door, and, hearing nothing, opens the door. Beyond is a 20'x20' room, extending to the right, with a door in the right wall in the 10. This room is littered. Yoshi enters and looks around, and doesn't see anything.

Yoshi moves to the next door, and listens, again hearing nothing.Yoshi opens the door.

The next room smells rank. It is 20'x40' extending forward,with the left wall beyond the 10. There is a 10' door in the left-hand wall in the 5-10. There are piles of wood crates and trash, and a broken coffin.

Yoshi notices the gaunt creature rising up from behind the ruined coffin. Yoshi calls out, "more undead".

Round 1: Yoshi fires a shuriken and misses. Carric waits for Carmac to turn. Carmac attempts to turn the creature, successfully. The ghoul cowers. Nessy moves into the room. Caelesti also enters.

Round 2: Yoshi moves forward and strikes for 7 points. Carric moves up and misses. Carmac does nothing. Nessy moves forward and misses. Caelesti engages and hits for 2 points.

Round 3: Yoshi misses twice. Carric hits for 2 points. Nessy misses. Caelesti hits for 3 points. It falls.

We search and find nothing.

We proceed to the next door. Yoshi opens the door, and looks into a 50'x40' room, illuminated, entering in the middle of the 50. Across the way is an altar; in front of it is the bartender from the Black Cauldron! There are unsavory tapestries hanging on the walls (images of interest to Cerridwen);a black cloth is covering the altar with a black cauldron atop.

Yoshi enters and says, "We are looking for your friend Meaghan who tried to kidnap Lady Lyonessey Lavena Rowana."

She says, "You are intruders. You should not have been here at all; I do not really care what your mission is."

We notice Meaghan hiding in the far right corner.

Yoshi: "I see Meaghan. We need to know who is trying to kidnap Lady Lyonessey Lavena Rowane." Others: "And why!"

Round 1: Meaghan pulls out a potion. Carmac draws his bastard sword. Nessy moves forward to the doorway (she had been standing guard in the rear). Yoshi moves towards Meaghan, saying, "Meaghan, you must come with us". Fiona casts a spell. Carric steps 5' and conjures a wolf to attack Meaghan.The wolf attacks, and misses. Caelesti moves forward to engage Fiona.

Round 2: Meaghan drinks her potion and turns invisible; the wolf takes its attack of opportunity and misses. Carmac moves forward and strikes Fiona, hitting for 8 points. Nessy tries to spot Meaghan and succeeds!She's moved across the room and is diagonally behind Caelesti. "Caelesti, watch your back! Caelesti! Caelesti!" Yoshi flanks Fiona, attacks and misses. Fiona takes a 5' step, and pulls out a wand. Yoshi takes his attack of opportunity and misses. Fiona uses the wand: a vivid cone of clashing colors (color spray)springs forth to 15' covering Carmac and Yoshi. Carmac falls, unconscious, blinded, and stunned. Yoshi is unaffected. Carric's wolf disappears. Carric moves forward and attacks,missing. Caelesti tumbles upon the altar. And stabs for 6 points.

Round 3: Meaghan comes out of invisibility and strikes Caelesti for 8 points; Caelesti drops. Nessy moves to attack Meaghan and misses. Yoshi hits the cleric for 7 points of non-lethal damage; she falls.Carric moves forward and cures Caelesti for 3 points. Caelesti stabs at Meaghan while prone, missing.

Round 4: Meaghan steps back and strikes Nessy, missing.Nessy strikes and misses. Yoshi maneuvers around and misses Meaghan. Carric approaches and misses. Caelesti stands, and maneuvers to flank Caelesti.

Round 5: Meaghan moves back and strikes Yoshi, missing.Nessy moves and close the door. Yoshi misses. Carric moves forward and strikes, hitting for 5 points. Caelesti flanks, striking for 6 points.

Round 6: Meaghan moves over and drops Caelesti with 2points. Carmac becomes conscious, but is still blind and stunned. Nessy moves to attack Meaghan, hitting for 5 points. Meaghan falls.

Carric fails to bind Caelesti. Yoshi sees to Brother Carmac.

Caelesti bleeds. Yoshi binds Meaghan. Carric cures Caelesti for 1 point.

We bind Fiona.

We search the room. We look at the altar under the cloth,and at the cauldron, and they are not interesting.

Meaghan had well-made studded leather, a well-made rapier, a well-made short bow, a little bag of dust, two potions of the same color, and an empty flask. She also had 550 gold pieces.

Fiona had a wand, a mithril shirt, a nice buckler, a nice short sword, half a dozen darts, five potions (three of one color and one each of two different colors), and 352 gold pieces.

Behind the alter is the drawn outline of a door. Carric casts detect magic, and detects a moderate magical aura.

The wand, potions, and dust all detect magic.

When Carmac comes to, Carric explains to him, and wonders if he can better identify the aura, after curing Caelesti for 7 points.

After an hour, Fiona wakes up enroute to the monastery,scowls and walks along sullenly.

We arrive at the monastery. We approach Master Galen, the head of the monastery. We tell him what happened, and ask about keeping the equipment.

The Master praises us, and observes that the cult of Cerridwen is well hidden.

Carric tells the Master about the altar and the drawing of the door. The Master expects it to be a portal.

The Master says he will question the cultists and give us more information tomorrow.

Carric travels back to the city with Nessy and Caelesti.

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