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Tarrastra Adventure 90

Caelesti's notes




Caelesti and Mavis wandered about Xammer as the party's lead gatherers of information and other things of interest. While they were away, Brianna and Talon found the others. There was much story telling. The interaction led to the plan for Carric to scry for Arkhan (by casting Scrying at a natural pool), with greater likelihood of success because the party possessed Arkhan's "face".

After Brianna and Talon left the party to check into an inn, Caelesti and Mavis returned. Mavis said that they learned nothing of Wizards, Chamferton, or Arkhan. The party, however, told what they had learned from Brianna. Brianna had said that Wizards are people who use magic and technology to do things.

The next day, Carric located a natural pool. After noon, once he received his daily spells, Carric cast Scrying, while holding Arkhan's mask, and thought about him. Carric's vision showed a pombi lumbering through the woods with a unique hilltop nearby. The party went to the school to talk to the Armiger Joumerie in order to locate the hill. Joumerie said she had located the spot on the west edge of Shlaizy Noithn, which was to the west of the Fire Hills (where a magic portal was believed to be). She added that nobody goes there except Shifters, as it is known to be a meeting place for them.

Nessey's notes

Nessey: Recap offline.
Nessey: Big Song Contest coming up in 2 days by Queen Vorbold?
Nessey: Nessey would like to get herself a new dress in town.
Nessey: Yoshi feels all stores are useless unless they sell magic items.
Nessey: Caelesti says they might have lots of magic items and not know and we can do detect magic and see.
Nessey: Nessey outfits herself (at party expense) in local noble young lady dress. New dress, petticoats, purse, bonnet, shoes and stockings.
Nessey: Nessey talks and talks to Caelesti about her being so very skilled at gathering information and going out and finding out about Wizards and face mask thingies.
Nessey: Mavis makes fun of asking about strangers about faces on poles.
Nessey: Nessey asks that Caelesti find out best bakery for pink frosted cakes then as she has heard so much about them per other adventures the party had without her.
Nessey: High Wizard Champferton was dressed in robe with stars and tall pointy hat. Very stereotypical.
Nessey: Mavis talks about selling Wand "to the right person."
Nessey: Yoshi says we still need to "recover" Arkhan.
Nessey: Mavis asks about the bag of faces.
Nessey: The faces are all in one sack, a hundred or more of them.
Nessey: 15 minutes after Caelesti and Mavis leave, Talon and Brianna enter, adjusting their traveling capes.
Nessey: Carric hails them and tells them about the parties adventures, being as boring and vague as possible.
Nessey: Brianna buys drinks all round and presses Carric for more details.
Nessey: Carric tells the tale of a King who was trying to be kidnapped or not by his minons or not with a wedding party or not and went off or not with some people or not.
Nessey: Brianna says she spoke to Jinian in Xammer, the woman who was sent north to marry the King who was kidnapped.
Nessey: Carric speaks of pieces of set of clothing and adventures in the Bridge towns.
Nessey: He seems to think Brianna and Talon were with him there, but really it was Nessey, Mavis, Caelesti, and Yoshi.
Nessey: Carric does not speaks of the Stickies or giant Worms.
Nessey: Nessey speaks quickly about giant worm battle and how she was swallowed and fell into the hot springs and was stranded and rescued by her friends and it was all so exciting.
Nessey: Carric continues his monotoned droning hinting at faces and not really telling anything.
Nessey: Yoshi prods Carric to tell more about the faces and wand in case Brianna and Talon know something helpful about such things.
Nessey: Carric says we are back to give a map we made to Joumerie and get a necklace in return.
Nessey: Nessey pipes up that Yoshi is the Father of the Unborn.
Nessey: Carric drones on and one about the plague caused by consumption of innocent shadow folk.
Nessey: He is very vague about that too.
Nessey: Talon yawns and roll sher eyes.
Nessey: Carric - am I boring you, Talon?
Nessey: Talon - let's just say I've been having more interesting experiences.
Nessey: Carric asks what those are.
Nessey: Talon sighs and looks dreamily at Brianna.
Nessey: Brianna relates some stuff in Carric rambling style.
Nessey: Nessey asks about "The Bright Demesne" and Wizard there.
Nessey: Carric asks if he had a robe with stars and pointy hat.
Nessey: Brianna says no.
Nessey: Carric asks what he did as Wizard.
Nessey: Yoshi says fellow we defeated at Lake of Faces was also a Wizard.
Nessey: Yoshi ask about title (or name) of Champferton.
Nessey: Brianna thinnks it sounds more like a name.
Nessey: Yoshi becomes uncertain.
Nessey: Brianna speaks of "false Champferton" and asks if he was a usurper or imposter?
Nessey: Talon says perhaps he was not a real wizard?
Nessey: Yoshi and Carric say he shot spells.
Nessey: Brianna says Wizards here are more like Wizards we knew in Rowanesmeade.
Nessey: Brianna says Talon has quite a song prepared.
Nessey: Talon says yes, it is about brave Brianna.
Nessey: Brianna says, "not that one, one of the others."
Nessey: Brianna says Carric seems scattered.
Nessey: Yoshi - no, he is in one piece.
Nessey: Brianna asks after Mavis and Caelesti.
Nessey: Brianna also asks about Shadow People.
Nessey: Carric relates how he contracted the Shadow Plague.
Nessey: Nessey adds how gross it was when Carric was spewing phlem on everyone!
Nessey: Nessey relates how she pulled the bone necklace off Blourblast as he lay sleeping in his sick bed, full of pus and sores.
Nessey: She also relates that there seems to be a contract out on her life because of that.
Nessey: Carric meanders on and on. Nessey says he missed the best part of how Caelesti freed all the people in town who had been boarded up with plague and they were well and rebelled against the corrupt town officials.
Nessey: Brianna is amazed that there was an elf outside Pharb Durim and Cleric at that - who talked to us - since there are not such races nor classes normally in these parts.
Nessey: Yoshi says we want to find the real Champferton, Arkhan.
Carric: "Under the ban, the ban, Bartelmy's ban"
Nessey: I'm talking and talking
Nessey: Talon and Brianna go off to "get a room."
Nessey: Later Mavis and Caelesti return, their pockets jingling. They are very companionable.
Nessey: Carric asked what they found out about the High Wizard Arkhan.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti says they are not here in this town.
Carric rolls Listen: (d20+5) : [19 + 5] = 24
Nessey: Who are "they?"
Nessey: Mavis says "Caelesti, don't tell."
Nessey: Carric - says, "Don't play dumb, Caelesti, tell us."
Nessey: Mavis says "Nobody here knows anything about Wizards."
Nessey: Carric says "We just heard about Wizards."
Nessey: Mavis - "what? sitting right here?"
Nessey: Carric says Brianna is back.
Nessey: Mavis looks worried, but says it figures what with the big song competition tomorrow, the contest everyone has been talking about. And that more Singers should be trickling in tonight.
Nessey: Mavis says Wizards seem to be outside the normal game system here and no one understands their talents.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti have no clue that the rest of us were already told what Wizards do.
Nessey: Brianna had said they use Magic and Technology to do things like our culture, not like the way the gamesmen do.
Nessey: Brianna about High King - he was called High King because his domain was up in the mountains, quite literally.
Nessey: His powers are no greater than other kings.
Nessey: Did High Wizard Champferton have castle in the mountains - yes! If in valley, he might have been the Low Wizard.
Nessey: The leader of the girls school is Queen Vorbold.
Nessey: A King is just a persuasive person, has essence of Beguilement power, so people tend to go along with him. Ditto with Queen.
Nessey: A gamesmen with pure power of beguilement, not mixed talents.
Nessey: Carric speaks of scrying as if he were a Druid.
Nessey: He wants to scry Afternoon. He doesn't know when it might happen or where?
Nessey: Mavis suggests going out on the town again tomorrow to seek something.
Nessey: Nessey suggests Caelesti enter the song and dance contest and compete with Lizard Dance.
Nessey: Mavis says she didn't hear it was okay to just dance.
Nessey: Nessey says Caelesti could make lizard sounds like they sing.
Nessey: Talon and Brianna come down for dinner and mingle with the other singers who have checked in. The Inn is quite crowded.
Nessey: Nessey mentions guy/elf who came through a nearby portal and helped us break into Poffle, but then ran off.
Nessey: He came down from Fire Hills. There was some portal there. Yoshi relates.
Nessey: Brianna perks up.
Nessey: Nessey says maybe she could get home that way.
Nessey: Yoshi heaves a sigh of relief.
Nessey: Carric wants to do scrying in a yellow tinted pool.
Nessey: Brianna says if we could find "that elf" (cleric) he could tell us where the portal is.
Nessey: Nessey said he got scared and ran off.
Nessey: Caelesti said he ran off with a woman.
Nessey: We rescued a torture victim, took care of the Divulger, and the cleric elf ran off with the woman ("escort her out of town"). Mavis wonders if they went to Pharb Durim.
Nessey: Yoshi is anxious to advance to scrying.
Nessey: Noon comes and Carric prays for scrying spells.
Nessey: Talon and Brianna want to watch the scry of Carric take place.
Nessey: They can do scry themselves, as Bards, at 3rd level no less.
Nessey: Bards are the best scryers.
Nessey: Carric is scrying for Arkhan.
You Privately Roll d20: (d20) : [13] = 13
Nessey: In the pool, casting the spell, Carric sees a large bearlike creature lumbering through the forest - a Pombi.
Nessey: He sees a Pombi walking in the woods and not pooping.
Nessey: It seems that the Pombi comes to a clearing and looks up, rears up on its hind legs and judging by the shadows it seems to be the same time as here.
Nessey: The vegetation looks similar. Over shoulder of Pombi, we see what looks like a hill with 3 peaks, one leaning to left and one to right and one straight up, very unique. Judge hill to be off to the west.
Nessey: Yoshi says Joumerie, the map maker, might know where that mountain is.
Nessey: CArric draws what he sees.
Nessey: After a while, Carric sees a Pombit knock down something the size of a moose and start gobling it down.
Nessey: Carric speculates.
Nessey: Yoshi wonders if Wiz has shape-shifted into a Pombi.
Nessey: Mavis - maybe he was polymorphed.
Nessey: Mavis maybe the face isn't effecting his body as Pombi?
Nessey: Nessey - maybe he's happy as a Pombi and we should let him roam free.
Nessey: Mavis - but perhaps he has been involuntarily polymorphed?
Nessey: Nessey - maybe the wand can do that?
Nessey: Yoshi - that's an idea.
Nessey: mavis - what blond?
Nessey: Next we go and talk to Joumerie. Talon and Brianna tag along out of curiousity, looking for a tale to tell or a song to write.
Nessey: We are shown into a waiting room at the school and wait for 20 minutes and then Joumerie arrives and asks what's up and is glad we are staying for the Song Contest.
Nessey: Carric shows her drawing of the hill peaks and asks if she knows where it is?
Nessey: Joumerie says she ran across something like that last month.
Nessey: She pulls out a notebook and consults notes and then looks at Map and says it is on the edge of---? Sladynoizen.
Carric: Armiger Joumerie
Mavis: It is a mountain on the west edge of Shlaizy Noithn
Nessey: She says it is a strange territory and nobody ever goes there.
Nessey: Nessey - does anybody live there?
Nessey: Joumerie - says there are rumors that Shifters go there, but no one else wants to go there.
Nessey: We look at our map and see that Shlaizy Noithn is to the West of the Fire Hills, where portal might be.
Nessey: So it might be on our way home, assuming we go home through the Fire Hill portal.
Nessey: WE notice we would pass through Betand on the way there.
Nessey: That's where Yoshi is famous.
Nessey: Nessey - he might want want to disguise himself.
Nessey: Yoshi - why?
Nessey: Nessey - so hordes of horny women might want to accost you.
Nessey: Yoshi - why would women with horns want to bother me?
Nessey: Nessey - for babies.
Nessey: Nessey - you are the Famous baby provider, though.
Nessey: Yoshi is still dumbfounded.
Nessey: Brianna says Nessey should hush up now and talk later - might make a good song.
Nessey: Nessey says she wants to talk to Joumerie.
Nessey: Joumerie asks is private or party talk.
Nessey: Nessey says priate is fine.
Nessey: Others go back to the Inn.
Nessey: Nessey rattles on and on about her need to be aristocratic again instead of Barbaric.
Nessey: Joumerie hits on the right points - noble family, money, talents.
Nessey: She suggests Nessey talk tomorrow about it with Queen Vorbold.
Nessey: Nessey attempts to adjust Joumerie's attitude +2.
Nessey: Joumerie says Nessey is a little older than usual and seems to have some beguilement.
Nessey: She also says Nessey needs to learn "circumspect speaking."
Nessey: Joumerie says to go back to Inn and speak to her companions.
Nessey: Joumerie says Carric will be happy to check in and complete the process.
Nessey: Nessey comes in and orders mead. Nessey and Carric both have Mead.
Carric: Mead too!
Nessey: Brianna prompts us.
Nessey: Nessey says she isn't maybe going back to Rowansmead.
Nessey: Mavis - what? what?
Nessey: Yoshi - I have a thought.
Nessey: Yoshi - if the portal is what it appears to be - we could probably take her home and she could come back on her own.
Nessey: Nessey says she needs her share to go to the school.
Nessey: Mavis said - yes, we need the monetary reward
Nessey: Yoshi says that's not really the point.
Nessey: Nessey suggests they take a note back.
Nessey: Nessey - they can always scry me again and find out I'm happy and being properly trained.
Nessey: Mavis says Nessey can pay the party not to return her.
Nessey: Yoshi says it is the commitment that matters not the reward.
Nessey: Carric says both matters.
Nessey: Caelesti says we should take her back and she can always return.
Nessey: Caelesti says they are worried.
Nessey: Nessey - they are worried about me being a Barbarian. They would be happy if I were aristrocrat again.
Nessey: Mavis - maybe they would pay us to ferry Nessey through Portal again and again - to and from school.
Nessey: Yoshi is concerned about the proximity to Nessey during these travels.
Nessey: Carric says we must sacrifice.
Nessey: Parents are paying a platinum piece a pound of Nessey or 500gp each party member - out of her stipend.
Nessey: Mavis - what did Wolfy pay to buy her? What would he pay to get her back?
Nessey: Yoshi - trafficing in Nessey is hazardous to one's sanity.
Nessey: Nessey sits and glares at everyone.
Nessey: Then she pushes away from the table and huffs and goes up stairs.
Nessey: She uses her boots of stomping as she goes up the stairs and Inn Keeper thinks there is an earth quake as patrons fall down.
Nessey: Mavis - this is interesting - we did contract to bring her back...
Nessey: Mavis we went on this trading adventure to get through Barbarian country and we will make quite a profit when/if we get back to Rowanesmeade.
Nessey: Yoshi says did we ever pick up the trade goods and horses?
Nessey: Mavis says that its a good idea to go back and ask for them again from the Inn Keeper, perhaps he has forgotten too. Good scheme!
Nessey: Yoshi blushes.
Nessey: Mavis we will make out like Rogues just with the trade goods and gems. Nessey's reward will be a pittance in comparison.
Nessey: Mavis - will we insist Nessey come back with us?
Nessey: Yoshi - yes, she must.
Nessey: Carric agrees.
Nessey: Caelesti agrees.
Nessey: Mavis - what say you, Talon?
Nessey: Talon - I am not a member of your party right now.
Nessey: Mavis - you are a member of our party, though. You shared in the contract.
Nessey: Talon sighs and looks at Brianna.
Nessey: Brianna says it could be to Talon's benefit to travel back to Rowanesmeade with them.
Nessey: Talon - and then could we go back to the UnSeelie Court together?
Mavis: sidhe
Nessey: Brianna - we could pay a short visit, yes.
Nessey: Brianna says she and Talon will talk in private.
Nessey: Talon - ahhh, have you a mission for me, Brianna?
Nessey: Brianna - yes - we need to divide up and do some information gathering.
Nessey: Brianna - I will track down Torin and find out where your portal is.
Nessey: We can meet up at the portal.
Nessey: Talon will go with party to find Arkhan.
Nessey: Carric talks to his weasel, the one with the pink ribbon. He calls it Nessey and tells it to "come with him."
Nessey: Talon and Brianna go off to practice songs.
Nessey: Brianna - we will see you at Vorbold's house - during the contest.
Nessey: We stop here and game Wed next week.

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