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Tarrastra Adventure 87

Caelesti's notes




The next morning, the party awaited the return of the harpy to the lake. Mavis detached the face that Foullitter and Pantequad had talked to the previous day, and set it floating in the water. Carric turned into an octopus and lurked below the face, hoping to grab the harpy when she went to retrieve the face. The others hid in the bushes 50' away. Tan Kuran scouted above.

Tan Kuran cried. Nessey drew her weapons. Caelesti cast Fly on Yoshi. Mavis drew her bow. Carric, in octopus form, cast Bull's Strength on himself.

Nessey's notes

Nessey: Caelesti wakes up, but is still groggy. Nessey and Mavis try to explain.
Nessey: Yoshi doesn't agree with Nessey's explanation that he wanted us all to be Suicidal with Chamferton.
Nessey: Nessey babbles about that talking masks aging.
Nessey: Mavis pinches the copy of Carric's face and makes the lips move.
Nessey: Carric responds - ouch! ouch!
Nessey: Mavis - how do we separate these links?
Nessey: Nessey suggests putting them back on the people
Nessey: Mavis tries this with Carric.
Nessey: It doesn't work.
Nessey: But he might feel like he is kissing himself.
Nessey: Mavis tells more of the story with Yoshi and his manly agression.
Nessey: Yoshi is very self-righteous.
Nessey: Mavis goes on and on and on. Nessey fills in the blanks.
Nessey: We debate ways to slow down a Harpy.
Nessey: Nessey suggests we paint faces of Carric and Caelesti and they float their faces on the water and when she goes to pick up their faces, they jump up and grab her.
Nessey: Carric says he could become a crocodile.
Nessey: Nessey - or we could lay a mask face on the water and wait for her to pick it up.
Nessey: Nessey - we could all paint our faces and lie in the water!
Nessey: Yoshi - we need to be near Caelesti for Fly spells. They don't last long enough for us all to lie in the lake.
Nessey: Nessey - okay. But we can still float a face on the water so she has to go to a certain spot and land.
Nessey: We want to force the Harpy to land in a place where Crocodile Carric can ambush her.
Nessey: Carric suggests he become a large octopus and grapple her with 8 tentacles.
Nessey: Perhaps Carric can use his tentacles, but has to go back underwater to breathe?
Nessey: Can look with eyes out of the water.
Nessey: Nessey says Carric can put a face over his octy head and wait until Foul Litter grabs for the mask and then grapple her.
Nessey: Nessey suggests we pull off the face that talks every day and is under Bartelmy's ban.
Nessey: Well before Foullitter is due to fly from castle, we have to get this face off this pole!
Nessey: We go down and get the face off the pole and hide in the bushes.
Nessey: Mavis gets the head off the pole and drapes it over Carric's Octypus head.
Nessey: Carric is lurking beneath the water.
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [6 + 16] = 22
Nessey: Tan Kuran is looking out for Foullitter
Nessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [18 + 8] = 26
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 10 + 4): [2 + 10 + 4] = 16
Mavis: hello
Nessey: Nessey and Mavis notice the door opening and want Caelesti to cast Fly on them.
Nessey: Yoshi says to wait until we see the whites of her eyes.
Nessey: Woman transforms into Harpy form.
Nessey: Nessey suggests Caelesti do Yoshi first.
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 16): [12 + 16] = 28
Nessey: Carric doesn't see anything.
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [19 + 4 + 2] = 25
Nessey rolls Nes - Initiative (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [5 + 4] = 9
Yoshi rolls d20 + 9: [(5) + 9] = 14
Nessey: Nessey draws her short swords.
Nessey rolls d20: [3] = 3
Nessey: Caelesti casts fly on the delayed Yoshi.
Yoshi rolls d20: [19] = 19
Yoshi rolls d20: [11] = 11
Nessey: Mavis draws her short bow
Nessey: Drawings shown above in d20
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 16): [20 + 16] = 36
Nessey: Carric begins to think there might be something going on.
Mavis: Fool's Strength
Nessey: some say it's half empty, but I say it's half Bull.
Nessey: shall we stop here?
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [9 + 2] = 11
Nessey: Foullitter is approaching.
Mavis: Bull's Grace? or Cat's Strength

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