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Tarrastra Adventure 86



Nessey's notes

Nessey: We need to talk about spying on the Lake and stealing the wand from the Harpy, especially if she going down to plant the faces of Caelesti and Carric. Nessey: If we get the wand, should we free ALL the faces, if we can, of just those of Carric and Caelesti.
Nessey: ??
Brianna loads a new map.
Nessey: Nessey - do we really think that Carric is Carric or should we go on slapping him?
Nessey: Mavis - it wouldn't hurt us to keep slapping him. But I think he is him.
Nessey: Mavis slaps Carric and asks if he is awake?
Nessey: He says yes and he can still feel his face.
Nessey: Mavis asks Carric for a first hand account of what Chamferton was talking about.
Nessey: Carric says - just small talk about food and wine and then if we wanted to donate our faces and we declined.
Nessey: Mavis - donate?
Nessey: Carric - make a copy - a face-cimilie.
Nessey: He said he would touch our faces with his wand then be able to communicate with us.
Nessey: Mavis - how does your face feel?
Nessey: Carric feels his face. It feels like skin. But he doesn't trust.
Nessey: He doesn't trust his face. He does feel a little sore at the base of his skull at the back.
Nessey: Nessey thinks it is from falling down drunk.
Nessey: Yoshi recalls that the host kept offering more strong wine and asking again and again about similiie-ing a copy of his face. Carric says yes, in retrospect, but he didn't feel like he had drunk enough to pass out.
Nessey: Mavis is interested that it is Southern Wine - and might be a useful tradegood.
Nessey: Carric did try and find it did not detect poison or magic.
Nessey: Carric says it must have been strong in spirit.
Nessey: Nessey suggests that Mavis examine the base of Carric's skull.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Heal (d20 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7
Nessey: Yoshi also examines the Carric, using his highly coveted ranks in Healing.
Nessey: Mavis pokes and finds a sore spot and the skin is rough there, rubbed, roughed up.
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [6 + 6] = 12
Nessey: Carric does not recall how it happend. Carric offers to look at Caelesti's Head.
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [14 + 6] = 20
Nessey: Mavis - it's higher up.
Nessey: Carric looks. Caelesti also seems to have an abraded area.
Nessey: I mean an area that's rough and rubbed raw.
Nessey: Nessey - maybe he wanted you to donate the back of your head.
Nessey: Mavis says perhaps Carric and Caelesti have both been modified somehow.
Nessey: Yoshi says how angry he is.
Nessey: He does not believe that we should allow this person (Chamferton) to take advantage of others in this fashion.
Nessey: Nessey - what about the other faces already taken?
Nessey: Yoshi - there is no evidence that the other faces were taken without their permission.
Nessey: Then there is no evidence that others won't allow him to take their faces in the future.
Nessey: Yoshi - it the crime of the present that I want to punish.
Nessey: Nessey - perhaps Carric has a mental link with Chamferton? Has he tried to concentrate? Does he feel his brain tingle?
Nessey: Nessey - And I think we should free all the faces.
Nessey: Yoshi - but we don't know they didn't agree.
Nessey: Nessey - if we can get the wand, perhaps we can ask them?
Nessey: Yoshi - that is a good idea.
Nessey: Mavis - Carric, did you hear the words of the spell the Harpy used?
Nessey: Carric - she said - Do you live or die?
Nessey: Mavis - I thought she tapped 3 times and said something else first. Did you hear those words?
Nessey: Carric - not clearly.
Nessey: Mavis - so, Carric, could you get closer if she shows up again and learn the words?
Nessey: Carric - I could be a Porpoise.
Nessey: Carric - I can hear really well under the water that way.
Nessey: Carric - Or, I could be an Eagle again and just get closer.
Nessey: Mavis - if you could conceal yourself as an animal and take cover or poke your head up from the water....
Nessey: Yoshi - even a small bird can approach un-suspected.
Nessey: Mavis - you be a duck.
Nessey: Carric - are there any ducks in the lake?
Nessey: Mavis - Yes, I saw some. Only occassionally are they pulled under the water into the lake.
Nessey: Carric - but then I could turn into a crocodile.
Nessey: Yoshi - Ducks are noisy.
Nessey: Carric - I will be a quiet duck.
Nessey: Nessey - Carric will be smarter than the average duck.
Nessey: Mavis - how long can you be a duck?
Nessey: Carric - 8 hours.
Nessey: Mavis - mabye you can get up in the morning and be a duck all day.
Nessey: Carric - other ducks might want to mate with me.
Nessey: Nessey - Carric will do anything to get laid.
Nessey: Yoshi - you mean he wants to be an egg?
Nessey: Nessey - No.
Nessey: Yoshi heals himself, as he does, without laying.
Nessey: or getting laid.
Nessey: Nessey offers to be on first watch.
Nessey: Yoshi on third.
Nessey: Mavis on second and third.
Nessey: Carric will be on first - under the watchful eye of Nessey - to make sure he is still Carric.
Mavis rolls d6: [2] = 2
Nessey: Does anything interesting happen over night?
Mavis rolls d6: [2] = 2
Mavis rolls d6: [4] = 4
Nessey: Nothing happens on any watches except for sounds of gurgles and blurps.
Nessey: The sun rises. We eat breakfast. We lounge around til noon. Carric prays and turns into a duck.
Nessey: He swims around and surrepticiously looks at poles to see if he recognizes any of the faces.
Nessey: He eats some worms.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 10 + 4): [9 + 10 + 4] = 23
Nessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [10 + 8] = 18
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 16): [12 + 16] = 28
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [15 + 16] = 31
Nessey: We notice other ducks swim up to Carric.
Nessey: Someone steps out of the castle door and flies off.
Nessey: Eventually we see a large birdlike creature fly over to the lake and land on an empty pole.
Nessey: It is yesterday's Harpy.
Nessey: She has a sachel. She reaches in and pulls out something and pounds it onto a pole.
Nessey: Caelesti - our Caelesti - moans and twitches.
Nessey: The Harpy hops to another pole.
Nessey: She pounds something flabby onto the pole.
Nessey: Carric has a shooting pain in the back of his head.
Nessey: Carric quacks.
Nessey: Harpy pulls out a wand and closes the satchel.
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 16): [17 + 16] = 33
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 10 + 4): [1 + 10 + 4] = 15
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [18 + 16] = 34
Nessey: She gets a gleam in her eye and looks around. She reaches her hand out with the wand towards one of her recent handiworks and is about to say something and then cocks her head and looks up at the sky.
Nessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [18 + 8] = 26
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [15 + 16] = 31
Nessey: Carric and Mavis see another large winged creature hovering high up in the air.
Nessey: We wait and the winged creature comes down towards the lake. The Harpy calls out "Ah, Mother!"
Nessey: Another Harpy comes and sits on an ajacent post. It looks more like Pantiquod than the other Harpy. Perhaps it is Pantiquod herself.
Nessey: Mother and daughter Harpys sit together and laugh.
Nessey: Mother Harpy says - Ah, daughter, Foullitter, he has trusted you with his wand again?
Nessey: Daughter, oh, yes, he sends me out to question them. See these new ones?
Nessey: Pantiquod looks and ruffles her feathers and hisses. - And where are the others?
Nessey: Daughter - I don't think are long for the world.
Nessey: Mother - Is he going to question then everyday?
Nessey: Daughter - yes, I think so.
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [9 + 5] = 14
Nessey: Daughter - watch this.
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [11 + 5] = 16
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [18 + 5] = 23
Nessey: She taps Carric's pasty copy face and says some words, 3 times.
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5
Nessey: Wis check.
Carric rolls Stat - WIS (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Nessey: Daughter says - Carric, Carric, where are you now?
Nessey: The face opens its eyes and says - walking in mud, seeking worms.
Nessey: The Daughter frowns - that doesn't make any sense at all. But it doesn't matter.
Nessey: Carric feels nothing when the face talks.
Nessey: Daughter says she will report back. She says too bad she can only do it once a day or she would do it again and again until he died of old age - today. But he will die of old age soon enough.
Nessey: Carric thinks - oh, oh.
Nessey: His feathers ruffle.
Nessey: Pantiquod says - Oh, that's fun.
Nessey: She asks if she can borrow the wand and talk to a few people.
Nessey: Foullitter says - no, you are my mother, but, but...
Nessey: Foullitter says - I can not hand over the wand to you. Chamferton (she snickers) wouldn't allow that.
Nessey: Foullitter flies away and perches on another pole at other end of the poles with faces.
Nessey: Carric, nonchalantly, dives for a fish and then comes up close to them again.
Nessey: Foullitter points to a particular face. She says Chamferton sends her to question it a lot - but it always answers strangely.
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [17 + 5] = 22
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [20 + 5] = 25
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [9 + 5] = 14
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Carric rolls Stat - WIS (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Carric rolls Stat - WIS (d20 + 3): [10 + 3] = 13
Nessey: Foullitter then goes to another face.
Nessey: Arkhan, where are you now?
Mavis: Under the ban, the ban, Bartelmy's ban.
Nessey: Foullitter says - everytime I repeat this to Chamferton, he gets really agitated. I have been questioning this face everyday for a year, you would think he would be dead by now. And it drives Chamferton nuts.
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Nessey: Pantiquod weadles and says, please, please, let me use the wand, your mother, your dear loving mother who raised you from the egg.... of come on dear...
Nessey: Foullitter says - no, I am in good here and you are not. Go back to Poffle and to your husband and your other offspring.
Nessey: Pantiquod looks perturbed and raises her wings and kaws. Then she says it doesn't really matter. Learn what you can while this false Chamferton is here and you are his minion - he thinks.
Nessey: Carric wonders if the real Chamferton is being impersonated or if "Chamferton" is a title.
Nessey: Pantiquod says - go back daughter, keep with the manipulations. Keep in touch, daughter.
Nessey: They both laugh.
Nessey: Then Pantiquod flies south.
Nessey: Foullitter puts wand back in her pouch and flies to the castle. She lands by the front door, shimmers, turns into a woman and walks into the castle.
Nessey: Carric waits 10 mins and flies back to his companions.
Nessey: Mavis says - ah, dinner, and pulls out her bow.
Nessey: Carric turns into himself.
Nessey: Mavis puts away her bow and slaps Carric.
Nessey: Mavis - Nessey, come help.
Nessey: Nessey - are you yourself again Carric or do you still have a duck brain?
Nessey: Carric - I am myself. I think.
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [9 + 6] = 15
Nessey: Yoshi - Caelesti has been unconscious a long time. Is there anything wrong with her.
Nessey: Carric checks her. He thinks she is still hung over.
Nessey: She is a smaller person and can not hold her liquor. She needs to sleep it off more.
Nessey: Yoshi - does Neutralize Poison cure a hangover? I heard it does. So perhaps alcohol does detect poison.
Nessey: Caelesti, at Carric's touch, moans and rolls over and opens her eyes halfway.
Nessey: Yoshi - are you okay?
Nessey: Caelesti - I want no more of that wine.
Nessey: Cae - my head hurts.
Nessey: Nessey - what part of your head.
Nessey: Cae - Nessey, don't yell. Please stop yelling. Let me sleep. Let me sleep.
Nessey: Yoshi - but we can't fly.
Nessey: Carric relates all he heard.
Nessey: Mavis - Carric, do you feel older?
Nessey: Carric - I don't know.
Nessey: Carric if one ages 1 year per question, then I probably wouldn't notice yet.
Nessey: Carric - to Yoshi - I think this is an evil thing....
Nessey: Yoshi - I agree, even if they agreed to have their faces copied, I doubt they agreed to age per question.
Nessey: Nessey - yes!
Nessey: Carric - and their heads hurt when she nails them to the post. Good thing I was a duck and quacking.
Nessey: Yoshi - I have no hesitation.
Nessey: Carric - we should take the poles with faces right now.
Nessey: Mavis - what are we going to do with the faces.
Nessey: Nessey - how many are there?
Nessey: About 70.
Nessey: Nessey - that's a lot of faces and poles to carry inconspicuously.
Nessey: Yoshi - we only need to take down Carric and Caelesti's immediately.
Nessey: Nessey - what about the other face who might die any day?
Nessey: Yoshi - we can not save every face all at once, today.
Nessey: Mavis - maybe that guy is under B's protection. Perhaps you, Carric, and Caelesti, need to be under B's Ban too?
Nessey: Yoshi - But what is B's Ban?
Nessey: Yoshi - what next?
Nessey: Nessey - can we listen and spy for information about Chamferton? Why is he "the False Chamferton?"
Nessey: Mavis - let's take out the Harpy.
Nessey: Carric says - before we do anything we should take the poles - of me and Caelesti.
Nessey: Nessey - under cover of darkness?
Nessey: Carric - if she comes back today, we better attack her.
Nessey: Nessey - if she comes out and sees that Carric's face is gone, then she will be on her guard.
Nessey: Yoshi - did she come out today the same time as yesterday?
Nessey: Yes, approx.
Nessey: Yoshi - then we go after her as soon as she comes out.
Nessey: Mavis - good, we can pick them off one at a time - rather than fighting her and Chamferton at the same time.
Nessey: Yoshi - okay, so we should leave all the poles there, so she is not suspicious. And we need to wait a day until Caelesti sobers up.
Nessey: Nessey - Carric could turn into an eagle and listen at the castle windows today.
Mavis: Yoshi says: Nessery is completely correct.
Nessey: Nessey - so we don't take any poles down today?
Nessey: Yoshi - yes. We want to intercept her before she reaches the poles anyway.
Nessey: Carric - what if we have to retreat and they can use our heads to kill us?
Nessey: Nessey - could we move another head on a pole to that position?
Nessey: Yoshi - it might hurt the other heads.
Nessey: Mavis - it might not be easy/possible to move the poles.
Nessey: Yoshi - It might hurt the people to take their faces off the poles.
Nessey: Carric says something in a rambling way.
Nessey: Yoshi asks if Caelesti will wake up before nightfall?
Nessey: Carric thinks she might be.
Nessey: We have dinner. We lounge around.
Nessey: Eventually Caelesti tosses and turns. She rubs her head and nape.
Nessey: Cae - what have I done? Where am I? What has happened?
Nessey: Finally she sits up.
Nessey: She says she thought we had comfortable rooms, ahh, but we are out in nature, that is good. She smiles up at the good moon, the bright moon. The bane moon is not in evidence.
Nessey: Caelesti asks what has been happening. She says let's all dance and falls over and grabs her head. She says - did some one hit me in the head?
Nessey: Carric explains.
Nessey: Caelesti - is my face down there?
Nessey: Carric - yes, mine is too.
Nessey: Cae says she can see Carric's face on his body.
Nessey: Carric explains the faces are copies.
Nessey: On a pole.
Nessey: Caelesti is surprised and dismayed.
Nessey: Caelesti says that's not right. We told him not to do that.
Nessey: Carric says - that's right and whenever someone asks us a question, we age.
Nessey: Cae - you age everytime I ask you a question, Carric?
Nessey: Carric - no if ask my face down there on the lake.
Nessey: Nessey - but that can only happen once a day.
Nessey: Caelesti - how do you ask?
Nessey: Nessey - with special spell words.
Nessey: Carric repeats the nonsensical syllables.
Nessey: Caelesti - can we take the faces off the poles?
Nessey: Yoshi - perhaps, but it might hurt the people.
Nessey: Mavis - but it would be less to carry.
Nessey: Carric - it might hurt and make ME yell out.
Nessey: Yoshi - we will anesthetize you.
Nessey: Mavis - let's leave Carric and Caelesti here and the rest of us will go down.
Nessey: Nessey - someone should stay with them in case they are in pain and need help.
Nessey: Yoshi says he can't see well anyway and will stay with Carric and Caelesti.
Nessey: Mavis - okay, Nessey, you and I will go down and try to remove faces of Caelesti and Carric from the poles.
Nessey: Yoshi - yes, I think it is worth the risk.
Nessey: Mavis, let's go. How bad can it be?
Nessey: Carric - we should all go.
Nessey: Yoshi - Caelesti can cast a Message.
Nessey: Nessey - what about the rings?
Nessey: Yoshi - oh, yeah. Mavis and I are in constant communication.
Nessey: Mavis - I don't to be anywhere near Carric if he is screaming and writhing.
Nessey: Nessey and Mavis walk down to the lake under cover of darkness.
Nessey: Nessey can see fine and Mavis seems to too.
Nessey: Must be a secret magic item, thinks Nessey.
Nessey: We get to the edge of the lake.
Nessey: Nessey - oh, oh, we have to walk into that muddy, icky lake.
Nessey: Mavis - yes, we might step in duck poop.
Nessey: We wander around and look. Nessey spots Caelesti's face and Carric's is on an adjacent pole. We study the situation.
Nessey: Poles have fleshy face draped over the top. There is a strip of skin from front to back of face - nape area - and a silver nail has been pounded through it into the pole.
Nessey: Nessey - so, all we have to do is take out the nail.
Nessey: Mavis - do we have a claw hammer?
Nessey: Nessey - I will try to pull on the head of the nail and loosen it and pull it out.
Nessey: Or the blade of a knife.
Nessey: Nessey twists and levers the nail head.
Nessey: Nessey nicks the skin a little bit. Carric, on the hill, feels a minor pain in the back of his head.
Nessey: Yoshi - through ring - take it easy, Mavis.
Nessey: Mavis relays the message.
Nessey: Nessey uses her eating fork instead of the knife.
Nessey: Nessey is able to wiggle it out?
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [5 + 1] = 6
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [7 + 1] = 8
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [5 + 1] = 6
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [10 + 1] = 11
Nessey rolls Nes - Strength (d20 + 1): [15 + 1] = 16
Nessey: Nessey takes 20. But she digs into the flesh a bit. Carric goes ahh, ahh and falls to the ground.
Nessey: Nessey gets the nail out.
Nessey: Yoshi "comforts" Carric.
Nessey: Nessey tucks the flabby face into her cleavage.
Nessey: Carric feels warm and happy all of a sudden.
Nessey: Mavis does Caelesti's
Mavis rolls d20 + 2: [9 + 2] = 11
Nessey: Mavis gets her nail out sooner and Caelesti writhes less often.
Nessey: Mavis does not tuck Caelesti's face into her cleavage. She rolls up the face and puts it into her pouch.
Nessey: Yoshi whispers - do we want to take off more faces?
Nessey: Carric opinions that it will take too long.
Nessey: Nessey - we don't want the Harpy to be suspicious.
Nessey: We return to camp.
Nessey: Nessey plucks out Carric's face and shows it to him.
Nessey: Nessey - touch it and see if you feel anything?
Nessey: Carric touches it and detect magic and it appears magical.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 9): [17 + 9] = 26
Nessey: Appears Necromantic.
Nessey: Mavis reaches out and squeezes the skin on the nape of the neck of the mask of Carric - and he winces.
Nessey: Mavis threatens to nibble the nape away.
Nessey: Carric snatches.
Nessey: Carric asks if it could be soaked to be less facelike? Would that break the spell?
Nessey: Mavis - I don't know. maybe under running water a really long time. On the other hand we would keep these face and get the wand and be in communication with you, Carric.
Nessey: Carric - until I die.
Nessey: Mavis - but that happens to everyone.
Nessey: Nessey - and you can only question it once a day.
Nessey: Mavis recaps.
Nessey: Carric says based on conversation perhaps Foullitter has Chamferton charmed in her human form.
Nessey: Nessey - maybe we should kidnap one of the servants and question them?
Nessey: Yoshi - I can knock them out.
Nessey: Mavis - how about chains and hot pokers?
Nessey: Mavis - just joking.
Nessey: Nessey - maybe you could, er, "sense" them, Mavis?
Nessey: Mavis - yes, Yoshi and I are both good at that, right Yoshi?
Nessey: Nessey - yes, but Chamferton said for you to stop tingling his brain.
Mavis rolls Mavis Bluff (d20 + 17): [16 + 17] = 33
Nessey: Mavis - he was aroused?
Nessey: Nessey - He called you "Little Demon."
Nessey: Mavis - I don't know what he was thinking. He just jumped to conclusions.
Nessey: Carric - we have to take everything he said with a large grain of salt.
Nessey: Mavis - King Kelver's guards called me a demon too, but that wasn't true eihter. I can just look deep into people's souls, motivations. Just like Yoshi, but not as good. Yoshi is better at looking into people's souls...
Nessey: Nessey - I wonder why no one has thought Yoshi is a Demon then?
Nessey: Nessey - so, shall we capture a servant?
Nessey: Carric - no, let's wait for the Harpy. First thing's first.
Nessey: Mavis - Carrying on without Caelesti would be wrong. She will want revenge.
Nessey: Mavis - and she is not up to a fight yet.
Nessey: Mavis - Hey, Caelesti, face jerky for you.
Nessey: Mavis - how bad can a Harpy be?
Nessey: Nessey - well, we fought one before
Nessey: Nessey - better to take them out separate... still...
Nessey: Mavis - yeah, five against one - good odds for us.
Nessey: Mavis - these Harpys don't sing. They shape change and fly.
Nessey: Yoshi - Pantiquod made an interesting comment about raising Foullitter from the egg. Perhaps Foullitter is not human at all.
Nessey: Mavis - so this might be Panitquod's daughter, but not Blourblast's?
Nessey: Yoshi - Or, Blourblast is not Human either?
Nessey: Mavis - Is Harpy the name for a Power?
Nessey: Carric - I don't think so...
Nessey: Mavis - she shapeshifts into a specific form.. and does she have other powers?
Nessey: Yoshi - all good questions. What was our experience fighting Pantiquod?
Nessey: Nessey - I think she looked as if she might have been able to do spells.
Nessey: We call it a Night.
Nessey: Night.
Nessey: We have Saved Face. But now what do we do with these faces?
Nessey: Yoshi - we take them back to our allies and ask them.
Nessey: Nessey - taking the faces back to a school might help. They should know all the classes and powers of various Gamesmen.
Nessey: Mavis - I hope Caelesti will be back to her normal self soon.
Nessey: Let's do Tarrastra again week after next.

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