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Tarrastra Adventure 74

Caelesti's notes




The next day, the party returned to the school to meet the lady armiger. Carric told her about a note he had from someone named Durgen. The note said that the Armiger Joumerie had another piece of a set of items that Carric was collecting. Carric showed her the items he had. She commented that they looked nothing alike, but would go look to see what she had that might be it.

Joumerie left and returned half an hour later. She had a gem on a leather strap. Caelesti cast a silent Detect Magic spell, and said the item had an aura to it. Carric cast Detect Magic and determined the school of magic was abjuration. Carric said that it was the item he was looking for and said he would like to trade services for it. Joumerie said she would be willing to part with it, if the party investigated the Lake of Faces for her. She commented that a wizard lived in a castle by the lake, and then gave directions on how to get to the lake. She said to avoid Poffle, also known as Hell's Maw. She recommended buying a map and named a map maker.

The party went to the map maker and bought a map of the Northern Realms. They then headed north and eventually stopped at an inn.

While talking to the innkeeper, a white-faced servant ran through the inn and into the kitchen. The party looked around and four gamesmen entered the inn. Caelesti recognized an Armiger costume on one of them. Another laughed at the frightened servant, saying the bones do it every time. The innkeeper addressed the Gamesmen by title, the Armiger, the Pursuivant, the Bone Dancer, and the Priestess. The Gamesmen demanded four rooms, but there were only three available. Carric volunteered to give up the men's room (so to speak). The innkeeper offered to put Carric and Yoshi up at his Aunt's house.

The party stayed in the commonroom while the bullies hung out. They bothered the servants. Caelesti cast Mage Hand and tipped the Armiger's ale onto the Bone Dancer. That started a small fight. The Pursuivant broke it up, saying they had a mission. He said they'd get their commission once they caught up with Peter.

The commonroom cleared out for the night. In the morning, Carric and Yoshi were first to arrive. The four gamesmen arrived next. And, eventually, the ladies, who enjoyed their sleep, arrived much later. Yoshi and Carric overheard the Gamesmen's laugh about adding Jinian's bones to his bone pile.

After breakfast, the Gamesmen tried to leave without paying. They eventually underpaid, and Yoshi verified that with the innkeeper. Yoshi said he would try to get them to pay. In preparation of a conflict, Caelesti cast Fly on Yoshi, Mavis, Nessey, and herself.

The party headed toward the deviants. Speedy Yoshi arrived first. He called to them and suggested that they go pay their bill. The Priestess, Dazzle, flashed a smile at Yoshi and asked if there was a problem. Yoshi, smitten, denied the problem.

Caelesti cast Charm Person on the Priestess, but it failed. She suggested that the Gamesmen go pay their bill. The Armiger said he didn't like the party's attitude, and floated up into the air while drawing his bow. Mavis said she didn't like their attitude, and also floated up into the air while drawing her bow. Carric cast Entangle on the Gamesmen and the skeletons. Dazzle seemed confused by the moving undergrowth, but smiled at the others and asked to be honored appropriately; all except Caelesti were affected.

Caelesti flew 20' into the air and cast Charm Person on the Priestess. She said to the Priestess, "Please honor me by releasing the beguilement on my friends." Nessey flew up next to Caelesti. Yoshi again pointed out that the Gamesmen should pay their bill. The Bone Dancer said the pawns could make do. Yoshi flew up into the air. The Pursuivant appeared next to Carric and attacked him. The Armiger shot Caelesti with an arrow, and missed once. Nessey shot arrows at the Pursuivant. Mavis shot the Priestess with an arrow, and missed once. Carric turned into an eagle and took off. Dazzle tried to beguile Mavis, but failed.

Caelesti cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the Armiger and made a silly face; he started laughing histerically. The Bone Dancer told his skeletons to spread out, and they did. Yoshi threw shurikens at Dazzle. The Persuivant disappeared, and reappeared next to the inn, 100 yards away. The Armiger laughed. Nessey vanished. Mavis shot Dazzle with another arrow. Carric started casting. Dazzle tried to beguile Mavis again.

Caelesti cast Magic Missiles the Bone Dancer. The Bone Dancer shot Caelesti with an arrow. Yoshi threw more shurikens at Dazzle, dropping her; her beauty faded and revealed her true hideousness. The Pursuivant "traveled" further away. The Armiger continued to laugh. Nessey shot the Bone Dancer with an arrow. Mavis shot the downed Dazzle, but missed the Bone Dancer. Carric completed his Call Lightning spell; a bolt of lightning hit the Bone Dancer, barely.

Caelesti cast more Magic Missiles at the Bone Dancer. The Bone Dancer shot Caelesti with two arrows. Yoshi threw shurikens at the Bone Dancer. The Persuivant "traveled" further away, and the Armiger continued to laugh. Nessey shot the Armiger with two arrows. Mavis shot the Bone Dancer with two arrows; he dropped after the first one. Carric directed a lightning bolt at the Armiger.

Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at the Armiger. Yoshi appeared next to the Armiger, and struck him several times. Nessey bound the wounds on the Bone Dancer. Mavis shot the Armiger.

Caelesti cast more Magic Missiles at the Armiger. Everyone else stood around waiting. Caelesti readied Magic Missiles in case the Armiger attempted to flee. The Armiger stopped laughing.

Yoshi coaxed him to the ground and asked him to go pay his bill. Caelesti pointed out that they planned to kill Peter and Jinian, "adding their bones to the collection". With persuasion, the Armiger spilled the plan. He was coerced to pay the innkeeper extra and then let go.

Carric then brought the Bone Dancer around with a Cure Minor Wounds spell. The Bone Dancer admitted to killing people to get some of his bones, but nobody important -- only pawns. Caelesti did not want to let him go. With a vote, 3 of 5 wanted to execute him for his crimes. They brought him out of town and executed him.

They paid the innkeeper to have the Bone Dancer's bones buried.

Nessey's notes

Lady Nessey: Tomorrow we go to see the Armiger. (in game)
Lady Nessey: Mavis wants to join our group blather.
Lady Nessey: Me - how shall we find the other item, Carric?
Lady Nessey: Carric - let's show her the note from the Bridgers adventure.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - let's just ask directly.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - okay.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - but I don't want to explain Druids all day long!
Lady Nessey: Nessey - we already asked her if she knew the old Druid guy and she doesnt. She has not been outside Games country.
Lady Nessey: We sleep. It is uneventful.
Lady Nessey: I have my own comfy room.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - how do we know who is pawns and who not in which town.
Lady Nessey: Yohsi - no, no, no. WE might get challenged outside of town later!
Lady Nessey: Nessey - Then we are visitors and Carric is my Older Cousin who is looking for a school for me.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - let's just say we are visitors.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - okay.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - and I'm a visitor that can fly.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - not here.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we are JUST visitors to town.
Lady Nessey: We go to the front gate to see Juemerie
Lady Nessey: the Armiger teacher.
Carric: Armiger Joumerie
Lady Nessey: Pawn servant shows us to a waiting room.
Lady Nessey: There are gates between us and the rest of the school.
Lady Nessey: A sturdily built woman eventually comes to greet us. She is an ancient 60 years old or more.
Lady Nessey: She says "ahhhh, yes, well, well, well."
Lady Nessey: Carric introduces us as "his companions" and "travelers together."
Lady Nessey: Yoshi smiles at the bearded lady.
Lady Nessey: Carric speaks of Durgen again who may or may not have met her when he was a young man.
Lady Nessey: Carric show her a note Durgen wrote a long time ago.
Lady Nessey: It refers to "another piece."
Lady Nessey: Carric says it is an odd piece of clothing.
Lady Nessey: He wonders if she happens to have any odd pieces of clothing.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie says, "why would I have kept it?" and "Would you know it if you saw it?"
Lady Nessey: Carric - we might be able to determine that.
Lady Nessey: Joumarie - why don't you show me what you have and I'll see if I have anything similar.
Lady Nessey: Carrics roots around in his backback for the gloves and goggles.
Lady Nessey: Midnight blue and stars seem to be a theme.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi has deja-vu.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie says they do not look alike.
Lady Nessey: She asks about the characteristics of such items that might make them similar.
Lady Nessey: Only Caelesti and Carric might recall what they were told about the items way back when. Talon and her bardly knowledge are not around to help and Caelesti is clean of thought and recall.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie mutters, "Durgen, Durgen," they asking me if I know of anyone named "Durgen"
Lady Nessey: Okay, not really.
Lady Nessey: She vaguely recalls getting a letter that rang a bell at the time.
Lady Nessey: We fed and refreshed while we wait 30 minutes for her return.
Lady Nessey: She comes back carrying a leather strap with a sea blue gem, opaly, hanging from strap.
Lady Nessey: She recalls Durgen described it in his letter. I have had it a long time. It looks unlike your other objects. But it might belong to your set.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti does a silent detect magic. So will Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is unable to detect magic.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti gets moderate abjuration.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft) (d20 + 3): [14 + 3] = 17
Lady Nessey: Carric then does an out loud detect magic.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 7): [11 + 7] = 18
Lady Nessey: Carric actually is the one who gets Abjuration.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie finds it odd that Carric is muttering to himself in an odd language and gesticulating for no apparent reason.
Lady Nessey: Carric offers a task in trade for the items.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie doesn't value item. It is too gawdy.
Lady Nessey: But Joumerie does have a task for Carric to perform.
Lady Nessey: It has to do with cartography.
Lady Nessey: She has heard that there is interesting activity above Durrum, far north. She wants us to investigate the Lake of Faces.
Lady Nessey: She doesn't know how to map it.
Lady Nessey: She doesn't know why it is called that.
Lady Nessey: She knows a high Wizard lives in a castle near the lake.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - why? Could you not fly over it? Is there some barrier to fliers?
Lady Nessey: Joumerie - I don't have time.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - couldn't someone else fly over?
Lady Nessey: Joumerie - can you fly, young lady?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - talks over Caelesti, quickly and loudly, what are the skills of Wizards?
Lady Nessey: Joumerie - their talents are not taught in the schools. Only they know what their skills are.
Mavis: Pfarb Durim
Lady Nessey: She says for Carric to investigate it and report back to her.
Mavis: Chamferton
Lady Nessey: Caelestic assumes we will be going with Carrric. Nessey does not assume this.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - Have fun, Carric, we'll see you when you get back.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie says take road north of Xammer, when you get to fork go west to School Town. Continue west to Bannerwell. Go north to Betand. Go north to Pfarb Durim
Lady Nessey: She says we might do well to pick up our own map to help us stay on track to get to Betand and Pfarb Durim.
Lady Nessey: She looks forward to seeing us again. She advises us to keep away from Pfawful when we
Mavis: Poffle
Lady Nessey: get to Pfarb Durim.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - what is wrong with Poffle.
Lady Nessey: She says it has a bad reputation, otherwise known as Hell's Maw.
Lady Nessey: Nessey courtsies to her.
Lady Nessey: She bows and turns on her heels and leaves.
Lady Nessey: Carric - that was very interesting.
Lady Nessey: Nessey misses being dressed up and being a Lady
Lady Nessey: Carric - I wouldn't know.
Lady Nessey: But maybe we will find a court to your liking in Poffle.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - let's get a map.
Lady Nessey: Joumerie has given the name of a fine local map seller.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - let's hope the helps us avoid Hell's Maw.
Lady Nessey: Bells ring as we open door of map shop.
Lady Nessey: Jolly shopkeeper guy greets us.
Lady Nessey: Carric speaks in riddles.
Lady Nessey: Shop guys figures out Carric wants a map of all the known realms.
Lady Nessey: Shop guy says he only sells maps of places he has been personally - cause others exaggerate and make up non-exitent places, perhaps.
Lady Nessey: Carric wants asks the price of finest, largest map.
Lady Nessey: Man says - Oh, you are not from around here, I percieve.
Lady Nessey: carric - yes, that is why we need a map and at a good price as friends of Joumerie.
Lady Nessey: Jolly Mapper says price is no object to those who lodge their daughters with Joumerie's school. You are running in high circles. Obviously, price is no object.
Lady Nessey: Carric - Price is actually an object, sir.
Lady Nessey: Jolly Mapper says 50 golden dragons.
Lady Nessey: Lady Nessey - do we have 50 gp, Carric?
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - what is a golden dragon.
Lady Nessey: Jolly Mapper - you jest young lady.
Lady Nessey: We discover they weigh the same as our gp.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi wants to fill out other parts of map for hiim instead of paying him cash.
Lady Nessey: Nessey points out that he only records what he has seen himself.
Lady Nessey: Carric - how about 25gp?
Lady Nessey: He asks which half of the map we want.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - have you a smaller version of the same map for less?
Lady Nessey: Jolly Mapper - says surely we would not want a cheaper map, us being such wealthy types, etc.
Lady Nessey: He unrolls the map and points out the domains and houses and color coding, etc.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - says, as Nessey says, do you have a smaller map.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - it would be a shame to take this very fine map on the road in bad weather.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - yes, we are concerned the fine one might be damaged.
Lady Nessey: Jolly Mapper, oh, why didn't you say so!
Lady Nessey: He gets out a smaller map with same information, that has been oiled and weather proofed.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says it is good quality and good buy.
Lady Nessey: He asks 25gp for that map.
Lady Nessey: Carric pays it gladly.
Lady Nessey: He accepts our ordinary gp,
Lady Nessey: We pack for our journey in the morning.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper is surprised we are checking out and not enrolling Nessey in Volbord's house.
Lady Nessey: Carric says the school is too fine for Nessey.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper says they always come in raw.
Lady Nessey: Carrics says he is just joking and we are going on a side excursion and will soon return.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper asks if he should hold us a room.
Lady Nessey: Carric says our schedule is too uncertain.
Lady Nessey: He presents bill and it is top price, but not unfair.
Lady Nessey: Carric pays.
Lady Nessey: 10gp per day.
Lady Nessey: We leave town the way we came in.
Lady Nessey: We travel to a fork in the road. We can north or west. We go West.
Lady Nessey: Shortly later, it is getting dark, but fortunately there is little village with a Welcoming Inn.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper is friendl, but not fawning.
Lady Nessey: He asks how many rooms we need.
Lady Nessey: Carric says 2 - one for men folk and one for ladies.
Lady Nessey: He brags of beast on the spit.
Lady Nessey: Carric, good, I could eat a horse!
Lady Nessey: Keeper - sorry, it is not a horse, but another bovine like creature.
Lady Nessey: Meal is ready in 30 mins. WE have good meal and good beverages.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks for tea and describes what it is.
Lady Nessey: Keeper has not heard of "tea" but brings out boiled herbs and water.
Lady Nessey: We hear rattling from outside.
Lady Nessey: A servant comes in with a white face. He runs through the Inn and into the kitchen.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 10 + 4): [4 + 10 + 4] = 18
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [2 + 13] = 15
Lady Nessey: We notice nothing unusual.
Lady Nessey: Front door opens and in come 4 people.
Yoshi rolls Ability:Wisdom (d20 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
Carric rolls Stat - WIS (d20 + 3): [11 + 3] = 14
Yoshi rolls Ability:Intelligence (d20 + 0): [7] = 7
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7
Lady Nessey: Two are dressed in a way we recognize.
Caelesti rolls d20: [16] = 16
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [1 + 8] = 9
Carric: Pursuivant
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will v Ench (d20 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 2): [12 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 2] = 25
Caelesti rolls Save (Will) (d20 + 3): [9 + 3] = 12
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - Will Save (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save (d20 + 9): [3 + 9] = 12
Carric rolls Save/Will (d20 + : [12 + 8] = 20
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - INT ability check (d20 + 4): [16 + 4] = 20
Lady Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti are terribly with the woman is part of the party of 4.
Lady Nessey: 3 men and a woman, laughing and joking.
Lady Nessey: An armiger and a perswedent?
Lady Nessey: The 3rd man seems creepy.
Lady Nessey: 3rd man speaks of putting bones against the barn and scaring the servant.
Lady Nessey: Carric - thinks he is a deadraiser guy.
Lady Nessey: Keeper calls one Bone Dancer and other Priestess.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant does the talking and asks for his best rooms.
Lady Nessey: Keeper says he does not have 4 rooms open.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer presses the issue.
Lady Nessey: Keeper says he has only 3 rooms left.
Lady Nessey: Carric offers to give up his room and Yoshi's.
Lady Nessey: Offers to give up the boys room.
Lady Nessey: Nesey - you aren't sleeping with us, boys!
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says he is accustomed to sleeping outside.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer is abashed that Keeper is renting to pawns.
Lady Nessey: Keeper says, yes, in the absence of gamesmen.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer takes the rooms.
Lady Nessey: Keeper says to Carrc - young sir, thank you so much, my Aunt would be willing to put you up in a room.
Lady Nessey: I will pay you for the room you would otherwise have. This should not have happened.
Lady Nessey: Carric, Yoshi and I are used to roughing it. I'm sure your Aunt's room is nicer than the woods.
Lady Nessey: Keeper - come back for free breakfast.
Lady Nessey: Carric - thank you, we will.
Lady Nessey: Newly arrived bullies are rude to everyone they think are pawns.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti wants to intercede.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says not to unless they actually cause trouble to some particular person.
Lady Nessey: Foggy the Innkeeper of Misty Inn is busy in the kitchen and does not hear us call.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi whistles TAPS.
Lady Nessey: Foggy suddenly appears among us again.
Lady Nessey: Carrics asks what a Purs, does?
Lady Nessey: Keeper - they have power or travel, look into future, really good at tracking.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer march along with troops of bones.
Lady Nessey: Purs. can read your mind just a little. Best at tracking.
Lady Nessey: Priestess - women of mystery and beguilement.
Lady Nessey: Not as powerful as queens, but have some other powers too.
Lady Nessey: Hard to tell beguilers apart, they could your mind.
Lady Nessey: Keeper had servant show Carric and Yoshi to Aunt's house.
Lady Nessey: Aunt Foggessie.
Lady Nessey: As they leave Inn, they notice large pile of bones next to barn. Human bones. Dozens of people.
Lady Nessey: Not animated at the moment.
Lady Nessey: Carric looks but does not touch. Finds it creepy.
Lady Nessey: Lady Nessey retires for the night.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi checks in with Aunt and returns to Inn and Common Room as does Carric.
Lady Nessey: So Nessey comes back for another drink and does not retire for the night, after all.
Lady Nessey: Aunties Foggessie says pawns should not picks fights with snobby Gamesmen.
Lady Nessey: Bullies are breaking things a bit and being rude, but finally retire.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti mutters that she is going to interfer.
Lady Nessey: Carric and Yoishi discourage her.
Lady Nessey: But she casts Mage Hand and knocks Armiger's drink onto Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: Armiger and Bone Dancer exchange blows over the incident, blaming each other.
Lady Nessey: Keeper rushes over and tries to calm them.
Lady Nessey: They speak of "finding that Peter guy and getting their commissions."
Lady Nessey: We recall Peter the Shifter who was traveling with Jinian
Lady Nessey: Though we don't know of any other Peters.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer is Pug. Armiger is Morril
Lady Nessey: They eventually make up and get tired and go off to their rooms.
Lady Nessey: Servants clean up thoroughly. We are the only guests.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - do you think they are intending to steal from Peter?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - I think Peter, for the moment, is in good hands, the King's.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - let us not worry about him for now.
Lady Nessey: Carric - I want to follow up on the servant kids.
Lady Nessey: Mip, the servant boy.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks the direction they came from.
Lady Nessey: Mip says - from School Town, from the West.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant and Bone Dancer compete. Priestess is totally self-centered.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi sleeps lighter than usual at night at Aunt's house, nextdoor to Misty Inn.
Lady Nessey: Nessey sleeps deeply and happily.
Lady Nessey: Guys come over for breakfast.
Lady Nessey: All the ladies are sleeping deeply and sleeping late.
Lady Nessey: Nessey is falling back into her lady ways.
Lady Nessey: She is becoming less barbarian.
Lady Nessey: Bullies come down to Common Room before the ladies do.
Lady Nessey: They aggressively have their way with the servants over food, etc.
Lady Nessey: WE ladies finally come on down and join the party.
Lady Nessey: Karl is the Pursuivant.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle is the Priestess.
Lady Nessey: We overhear that much at least.
Lady Nessey: Pug says, yeah we will catch up with Peter. We will catch him. But, you know, I hear he is hanging out with some other people. If we catch up with Jinia, we will add her to my bone pile.
Lady Nessey: Armiger, not before we have a little fun first.
Lady Nessey: They all chuckle.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle looks perturbed. You are worrying about that skinny little person?
Lady Nessey: Morril says we will have our fun.
Lady Nessey: They all laugh about adding her to the bone pile.
Lady Nessey: They toss a few coins on the table and make to head out.
Lady Nessey: Keeper asks them to pay for their rooms.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant says - are you giving us trouble.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi stands up in a non-threatening way, but subtely readies himself.
Lady Nessey: Karl says the rooms were " good enough" and tosses a few more coins on the table.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper rushes to gather up coins.
Lady Nessey: We hear rustling outside.
Lady Nessey: Nessey looks out window.
Lady Nessey: There are the 4 and a troop of skelletons following along.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks if they paid full bill.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper says he does not want trouble.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says he will help get Keeper paid properly.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper advises Yoshi to stay safe and keep out of way as a pawn.
Lady Nessey: But Inn Keeper would also like to be paid in full if Yoshi can arrange it.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi invites us to go outside and challenge the bullies to pay their bill in full.
Lady Nessey: We agree.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti casts fly on all of us.
Lady Nessey: We go to the door and look out.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti can only cast 4 fly spells, though. Carric says skip him. He will shift and fly.
Lady Nessey: We see them 100 yards up the road.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi jogs towards them, "Excuse me."
Lady Nessey: Dazzle keeps walking and preening after the others have stopped.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle - ah, the pawn wants to talk to us.
Lady Nessey: She puts on most dazzling smile.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will (d20 + 6 + 4 + 1): [2 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 13
Lady Nessey: Yoshi thinks she is the most attractive and person he has ever seen.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will v Ench (d20 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 2): [5 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 2] = 18
Lady Nessey: He is incredibly impressed.
Lady Nessey: He is not impressed with the other three guys, though.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle - did you want to talk to us.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - stutters.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle tells him to kneel.
Lady Nessey: He does so.
Lady Nessey: He stutters, inarticulate. Finally spits out that he thought they didn't pay entire bill, but obviously that can't be the case. He apolgises.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle says to pay Inn Keeper the difference.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi stands up and heads back to the Inn with determination.
Lady Nessey: We heard entire conversation.
Lady Nessey: We are within 100 yards.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti wants to do Charm Person.
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [5 + 9] = 14
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [8 + 4 + 2] = 14
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - Initiative (d20 + 3): [12 + 3] = 15
Lady Nessey: We kept walking and are now only 50 ft away.
Lady Nessey: We catch up a bit.
Lady Nessey: just as Yoshi is turning around
Lady Nessey: We heard the conversation.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti casts a spell.
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says - um, guys, it has clearly been a mistake.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti bats her eyes at Yoshi, "No, it's not."
Lady Nessey: Nessey moves closer, What's this? What's this?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - I said it was a mistake. Let's just go back.
You privately roll d20 + 8: [1 + 8] = 9
Lady Nessey: Morril the Armiger says he doesn't like our attitude.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti has tried to Charm the Priestess.
Lady Nessey: Armiger draws his bow and floats up into the air.
Lady Nessey: He is 20 feet off the ground.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi tells us all to "just go back."
Lady Nessey: Mavis smirks at Morril, she says she doesn't like his attitude, she draws her bow and floats 20 ft up in the air.
Lady Nessey: He is surprised.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi continues to argue with us.
Lady Nessey: Carric had delayed and now casts - entangle.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is very upset, "oh no, oh no"
Lady Nessey: See green circle
You privately roll d20 + 1: [18 + 1] = 19
You privately roll d20 + 9: [18 + 9] = 27
You privately roll d20 + 2: [13 + 2] = 15
Lady Nessey: They make their saves - the NPC and are not tangled.
Lady Nessey: Don't know about skeletons yet
Lady Nessey: Everything moving at half speed, but none stuck, including the skelletons.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - Carric, what are you doing? I'm telling you it is a mistake.
Lady Nessey: Carric - yes, it is a mistake. They should not raise up against us.
Lady Nessey: Armiger has not loaded bow, nor pointed it.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - Now, now Carric!
Lady Nessey: Yoshi beseeches his "friends" on both sides to Stop.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle looks down, "What is going on with the undergrowth?"
Lady Nessey: Dazzle - this surely has nothing to do with those pawns, though we do seem to be faced with an Armiger, my friends.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle - I think we have had enough guff, my friends.
Carric rolls Save/Will (d20 + : [3 + 8] = 11
Caelesti rolls Save (Will) (d20 + 3): [15 + 3] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save (d20 + 9): [6 + 9] = 15
Lady Nessey: She looks at other 4 of our party and says to show her proper honor.
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - Will Save (d20 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Lady Nessey: Nessey courtsies low.
Lady Nessey: Carric grovels.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti not affected.
Lady Nessey: Mavis lowers her bow and honors the Lady Priestess, but not her companions.
Lady Nessey: Only Caelesti unaffected.
Lady Nessey: Nessey courtsies and delays.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is next. He delays too.
Lady Nessey: Mavis still fascinated by Priestess.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti flies up into air 20 ft and cast Charm on Dazzle again.
You privately roll d20 + 8: [6 + 8] = 14
Lady Nessey: Dazzle fails by 1, perhaps.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - please honor me and release the beguilement on my friends.
Lady Nessey: Nessey flies over and joins Caelesti.
Lady Nessey: Armiger, Kark, says, I don't like this, they are not holding weapons, but they are all flying.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says, yes, yes, you must pay your debts to the Inn Keeper.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer says, The Inn keeper is a pawn, he can suck it up.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer moves his skelletons.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi fies up 20 ft.
Lady Nessey: Skelletons leave entangled area and head toward Carric - only guy on the ground.
Mavis rolls d20 + 8: [10 + 8] = 18
Mavis rolls d6 + 2: [2 + 2] = 4
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant says, I have had enough of this attitude. He concentrates and disappears and suddenly appears next to Carric and hitting Carric with a sword.
Lady Nessey: 4 points of damage.
Lady Nessey: 4 points of damage only, so far.
Mavis rolls d20 + 11: [9 + 11] = 20
Lady Nessey: Armiger shoots an arrow at Caelesti, saying I have had enough of this.
Mavis: ?roll d6+2
Mavis rolls d6 + 2: [1 + 2] = 3
Lady Nessey: Hits Caelesti for 3 points.
Mavis rolls d20 + 5: [1 + 5] = 6
Lady Nessey: He shoots at Caelesti again, which misses.
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite (d20 + : [3 + 8] = 11
Lady Nessey: Nessey shoots Pursuivant with arrow or tries.
Lady Nessey: Nessey misses.
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite (d20 + : [9 + 8] = 17
Lady Nessey: I shoot again.
Lady Nessey: Nessey misses both times.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [19 + 10] = 29
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [1 + 5] = 6
You privately roll d20 + 8: [3 + 8] = 11
Lady Nessey: Mavis shoots arrow at Priestess and hits for 9points.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle gets another save.
Lady Nessey: Priestess says to Caelesti, "stop her, stop her, friend."
You privately roll d20 + 8: [1 + 8] = 9
Lady Nessey: Carric becomes and eagle and flies, suffering an attack of opportunity.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant misses.
Lady Nessey: He is angry we are undercover gamesmen.
Lady Nessey: Carric recovers all his hit points.
Lady Nessey: Skelletons are milling around aimlessly.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle is up next.
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save (d20 + 9): [13 + 9] = 22
Lady Nessey: She is friends with Caelesti, but not the rest of us. Tries to beguile Mavis, Darling, why are you attacking ME of all people?
Lady Nessey: Mavis says - because you are there.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer says, Curses, we have a bunch of Armigers and my Skeletons are useless against Armigers. So he tells Skeletons, "Spread out." and they do so.
Lady Nessey: Everyone who has looked out their windows, has closed their shutters and hid under the bed.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant says, I don't like this. All these people floating off the ground here.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti is next.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti will cast Tasha's HIdeous Laughter on the Armiger.
You privately roll d20 + 3: [5 + 3] = 8
Lady Nessey: Save DC 16. And Caelesti makes a silly face at him.
Lady Nessey: He starts chuckling.
Lady Nessey: We should note it works against Armigers.
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [16 + 7] = 23
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [16 + 7] = 23
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - takes Mavis's cue and shoots at Dazzle.
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 3 (d20 + 2): [13 + 2] = 15
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Lady Nessey: Hits, hits, hits.
Lady Nessey: 10 points damage.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - What are you guys doing? (pretends to be on side of Dazzle)
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant is next up.
Lady Nessey: Karl
Lady Nessey: He disappears.
Lady Nessey: He is way over next to the Inn, 100 yards away.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - this isn't good.
Lady Nessey: Armiger laughs and laughs.
Lady Nessey: Lasts how long? 6 rounds?
Lady Nessey: nessey uses 1 charge from Vanisher cloak and vanishes for 4 rounds.
Lady Nessey: Nessey is invisble and over head of Armiger and Bone Dancer and Dazzle.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [1 + 10] = 11
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [11 + 5] = 16
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Lady Nessey: Mavis shoots Dazzle for 5pnts.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle stomps her foot, "Not fair, this is not fair!"
Lady Nessey: Carric conjures a 1-round spell.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle goes next.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi shouts - you can yield and pay your debts.
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save (d20 + 9): [13 + 9] = 22
Lady Nessey: Dazzle to Mavis - you WILL see things my way.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - No, Mame, I won't.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - you can yield and pay your debts.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti does Magic Missiles on the Bone Dancer.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Lady Nessey: 11 points damage.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer pulls out his own bow and shoots at flying Armiger, Caelesti.
You privately roll d20 + 5: [13 + 5] = 18
You privately roll d6: [1] = 1
Lady Nessey: Hits Caelesti for 1 point.
Lady Nessey: He curses her as a cheating Armiger.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant or Yoshi up next?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is next.
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [5 + 7] = 12
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [7 + 7] = 14
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 3 (d20 + 2): [15 + 2] = 17
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says, "Dazzle, yield and pay your debts."
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Lady Nessey: He shoots shurikens at her for 11 points. She is lying unconscious on the ground.
Lady Nessey: She is no longer pretty and is ugly as anything. Fat as a pillow, nails 6 inches long.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant appears 100 yards further down the road.
Lady Nessey: Next is Armiger who continues to laugh.
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite 1st shot (d20 + 9): [16 + 9] = 25
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite damage (d6): [6] = 6
Lady Nessey: 6 points.
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite 2nd shot (d20 + 4): [2 + 4] = 6
Lady Nessey: Then misses next one.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [19 + 10] = 29
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [14 + 5] = 19
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6
Lady Nessey: Mavis shoots one arrow at the Witch, who is already unconscious. Makes her MORE unconscious. Then hits Bone Dancer for 6 points.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi gives Mavis an angry flash of the eyes.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi will moon her instead if that what it takes.
Lady Nessey: She is a Witch, actually, not a Priestess.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle no longer does.
Lady Nessey: Carric calls lightening.
Lady Nessey: He aims it at -- ?
Lady Nessey: he shoots one at Bone Dancer.
Carric rolls Call Lightning (3d6): [2 + 6 + 2] = 10
Lady Nessey: Bolt of Lightening from Sunny sky. Reflex DC save for half
Mavis rolls d20 + 1: [15 + 1] = 16
Lady Nessey: Hey, Caelesti, you got your battle!!
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer takes 5 points, cause he saved.
Lady Nessey: Carric concentrates.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle bleeds.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Lady Nessey: Caelesti does Magic Missiles at Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: 14 points total.
Lady Nessey: He 3/4 damaged.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer shoots arrows at Caelesti.
Mavis rolls d20 + 6: [10 + 6] = 16
Mavis rolls d6: [5] = 5
Lady Nessey: Hits for 5
Mavis rolls d20 + 1: [18 + 1] = 19
Mavis rolls d6: [3] = 3
Lady Nessey: Hits for 3
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [10 + 7] = 17
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + 7): [9 + 7] = 16
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry 3 (d20 + 2): [14 + 2] = 16
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - Bone Dancer - Yield
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Lady Nessey: He shoots shurikens anyway without waiting for an answer.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant travels farther away.
Lady Nessey: Armiger laughs.
Lady Nessey: Nessey shoots at Armiger
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite 1st shot (d20 + 9): [14 + 9] = 23
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite damage (d6): [3] = 3
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite 2nd shot (d20 + 4): [17 + 4] = 21
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - bow, short composite damage (d6): [2] = 2
Lady Nessey: Nessey hits Armiger for 5 total.
Lady Nessey: He laughs and says it tickles.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [8 + 10] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [12 + 5] = 17
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8
Lady Nessey: Mavis agrees with Yoshi and calls for Bone Dancer to yield at the same time as she shoots Bone Dancer for 9 points. He does yield in that he falls over. But she still hits him for another 8 points.
Lady Nessey: Mavis says he did not really yield so she will hit him again next time.
Lady Nessey: All Skeletons fall to the ground as a pile of disjointed bones.
Carric rolls Call Lightning (3d6): [4 + 5 + 4] = 13
Lady Nessey: Carric casts on the laughing Armiger.
Mavis rolls d20 + 5: [17 + 5] = 22
Lady Nessey: Amiger makes his reflex save.
Lady Nessey: He takes 6 tickle points.
Lady Nessey: Armiger is prone.
Lady Nessey: He loses Dex for being prone.
Lady Nessey: Or, if still flying, then he hovers and flips, so no penalty to his Dex.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Lady Nessey: Caelesti is up next. Magic Missile on the Armiger.
Lady Nessey: for 10.
Lady Nessey: He looks 1/3 damaged.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer bleeds.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - Yield Armiger.
Lady Nessey: Armiger laughs and laughs.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi uses Horizon Walker to fly to Armiger and does a flurry of blows.
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + : [12 + 8] = 20
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry 1/2 (d20 + : [13 + 8] = 21
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry 3 (d20 + 3): [11 + 3] = 14
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d10 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d10 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Lady Nessey: He is 2/3 damaged.
Lady Nessey: Nonlethal damage.
Lady Nessey: Next is Nessey. "I don't think this is sporting."
Lady Nessey: Land and check out Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: He is barely still alive.
Lady Nessey rolls d20: [20] = 20
Lady Nessey: Rolls a natural and binds him successfully.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [7 + 10] = 17
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [17 + 5] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Lady Nessey: Mavis shoots Armiger twice. He laughs and says it hurts.
Lady Nessey: Pursuivant is farther away than Carric can fly as Eagle.
Lady Nessey: Carric just hangs out.
Lady Nessey: Armiger will not be laughing next round.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles) (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Lady Nessey: Armiger is on his last wings.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi readies an action if Armiger does not yeild when stops laughing.
Lady Nessey: Nessey delays.
Lady Nessey: Carric - you are not going to damage the Armiger.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - No, it is not sporting, when he can not talk or defend himself
Lady Nessey: Mavis delays.
Lady Nessey: Caelestr readies Magic Missiles and waits.
Lady Nessey: Armiger still laughs this round.
Lady Nessey: Nessey stays by Bone Dancer, delays.
Lady Nessey: Armiger stops laughing. He chuckles nervously. Looks from person to person, drops bow.
Lady Nessey: Looks from person to person.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi flies over and says for Armiger to pay the InnKeeper plus penalty.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - what about them plotting to kill someone.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - what do you suggest, Caelesti?
Lady Nessey: Carric lands and becomes Carric again.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks Armiger about Peter the Shifter.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says, I should have known shifters would hang together.
Lady Nessey: Carric says he still has some lightening bolts to spare. He asks again about Peter.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says Peter is wanted man, by people with deep pockets.
Lady Nessey: Carric hits nearby tree with lightening bolt and asks for more information.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says to ask Pug, the Bone Dancer, who hired them.
Lady Nessey: He says Pug doesn't look too good and looks like he could join his our bones or be someone elses.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks about Jullien too.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says "She is not a wanted man."
Lady Nessey: Yoshi wants to punch him, but hold back with great effort.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says he doesn't understand why he was laughing. He says we took of his buddies, but good.
Lady Nessey: He says he will pay Inn Keeper and give Inn Keeper a penalty.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we need answers from you, not just payment.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - what if he doesn't cooperate?
Lady Nessey: Carric - see how many lightening bolts he can conduct.
Lady Nessey: Armiger - what do you want to know?
Lady Nessey: Carric - why have Jinia join bones of Pug and have fun with her beforehand.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says what is wrong with having fun?
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed (d10 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Lady Nessey: Yoshi accidentally punches Armiger.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says he must have annoyed someone out West.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - ask if from Hell's Maw.
Lady Nessey: Vorblast
Mavis: Blourbast
Lady Nessey: He is in his home.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - where?
Lady Nessey: Near Pfarb Durim?
Lady Nessey: Nessey asks - Is it Hell's Maw.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says, sssh, don't say name that way. He lives in Poffle, yes, and his associates are fair prey as far as boss is concerned.
Lady Nessey: Carric - instructions ?
Lady Nessey: Armiger - capture him alive and bring him back. Those with him are of no importance.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - what will happen to you if you do not complete your task?
Lady Nessey: Armiger, I will certainly not dare to go back to Poffle.
Lady Nessey: If I go back, I will continue to serve Bourblast, but without life.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - what class is Bourblast.
Lady Nessey: Armiger - he can manage dead creatures and make creatures dead.
Lady Nessey: He is a Goul.
Lady Nessey: Stronger than Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: Nessey asks Armiger what he will do next, then?
Lady Nessey: Carric tells Armiger to promise not to go after Peter and his associates.
Lady Nessey: Armiger will not go back to Poffle with this failure.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks and we agree to have him pay Inn Keeper and send him on his way.
Lady Nessey: Mavis agrees we should "help him on his way"
Lady Nessey: Yoshi tells Mavis not to be blood thirsty.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - what about Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - let's wake him up.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks Carric to help heal Bone Dancer awaken.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says we should ask Inn Keeper if there are any authorities?
Lady Nessey: We take Bone Dancer and Armiger to the Inn.
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer is still unconscioius.
Lady Nessey: Nessey carries Bone Dancer herself to make sure he is not messed with.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - BTW, Yoshi, all these bones were once human beings and they all need to be buried properly.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - you are right. Perhaps the Inn Keeper will do us that favor.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper comes out of hiding. He says it was a terriflying battle and all of us were flying and there was lightening from a clear sky. He thought we were all pawns. He hopes he treated us nice enough.
Lady Nessey: Carric - you treated us fine and this Armiger will pay what he owes plus bonus. Armiger pays with gold dragons and gives Inn Keeper 1 extra gold dragon coin.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - One? Just one? My fist might slip again.
Lady Nessey: Armiger spills out rest of pouch onto the table. 20 or 30 more. Looks imploringly at Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: yoshi stops scowling.
Lady Nessey: Armiger says he is agreviously sorry.
Lady Nessey: Carric takes 1 gp and puts back on pouch and hands it back to the Inn Keeper.
Lady Nessey: yoshi asks if there is anyone of authority to take charge of these guys.
Lady Nessey: Essentially they are not under authority of any.
Lady Nessey: Keeper - they just hope bad games people go somewhere else.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - Folks, what do you suggest?
Lady Nessey: Nessey - wake up Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - asks Inn Keeper to bury bones from Bone Dancer.
Lady Nessey: Keeper gulps and says, "Yup, yup."
Lady Nessey: Keeper says Shifter/healer combo is very, very rare.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says Carric's game type is called Druid where they come from.
Lady Nessey: Keeper - here we call it Empath.
Lady Nessey: Carric heals him enough to wake up.
Lady Nessey: Cure minor?
Lady Nessey: He is still negative, but conscious and stable
Lady Nessey: Nessey - oh, come on, Carric, heal him a little more than that.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - he is easier to "send away" if he is not up more.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - murder is not what we do.
Lady Nessey: Mavis stands next to Bone Dancer and pulls her dagger. Hold knife up to him and said she heard what he said about Jinia.
Lady Nessey: Carric - Pug, tell us why you were after Peter.
Lady Nessey: Asks about Bourbast the ghoul who hired him.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 11 + 4 + 5): [2 + 11 + 4 + 5] = 22
Lady Nessey: Pug says he is a lowly servant and does not know why the Master wanted him, but wanted him alive, just said "he has offended me."
Lady Nessey rolls Nes - Sense Motive (d20 + 4): [11 + 4] = 15
Lady Nessey: Carric asks about Jinia and how they knew she was one of Peter's companions?
Lady Nessey: Pug says an earlier group failed.
Lady Nessey: Only the Elator returned and reported on Peter and Jinia and the King and a group of strange people.
Lady Nessey: Elator who captured King escpated and reported back to Poffer.
Lady Nessey: Pug doesn't know why or how.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - unfortunately, guys, this means we are on the radar,
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - only if Karl or Pug talk and it gets back to Baurblast.
Lady Nessey: Carric - what will you do if we let you go?
Lady Nessey: Bone Dancer - I will collect my bones and go on my way.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - no, no.
Lady Nessey: Pug - then I will find old bones lying around and collect those.
Lady Nessey: Carric - what would happen if you returned and reported your failure?
Lady Nessey: Pug - I would become someone else's bones.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - what happened to Elator guy who reported his failure?
Lady Nessey: Pug - haven't seen him.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi has moral dilemna. He says Pug is desecrating graves.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - if we turn him in, someone with power could determine he had killed for his bones.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi and Carric - no place to turn him in.
Lady Nessey: Pug says only Bourblast has authority over him.
Lady Nessey: Pug says there is no crime in gathering troops of bones.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is thinking more and more like Mavis, which worries him.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - says it not good sport to kill a man in this condition.
Lady Nessey: yoshi - I am talking justice not sport.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - I think we should not have saved him
Lady Nessey: Carric - but we did. Now what/
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - have you killed anyone to get your bones?
Lady Nessey: Pug - only pawns.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - so, what do we do?
Lady Nessey: Nessey is upset.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - let's dig a deep hole and throw him in with the bones.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - that's over the top.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - perhaps we should bring him will us and return him to Hell's Maw.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we are not going there.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - should we return him to our nice King friend.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks Pug for last words
Lady Nessey: Pug says he expected death because we won.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - why can't you give up your Bone Dancing?
Lady Nessey: Pug - that is my essence.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - it is wrong to kill him this way when he is down like this.
Lady Nessey: Carric - who will do the honors.
Lady Nessey: Nessey shakes her head sadly and retires to her room.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi and Mavis and rest take him well out of town.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says when death is easy that devalues all life.
Lady Nessey: Who does the deed?
Lady Nessey: On the count of 3, Yoshi, Maivs and Caelesti all do it.
Lady Nessey: Karl is long gone.
Lady Nessey: Nessey will check the body of Dazzle. The others can check the body of Pug. Collect gold dragons.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi wants to give Pugs money to Inn Keeper.
Lady Nessey: Dazzle has more coins and personal goods.
Lady Nessey: We keep her coins.
Lady Nessey: 100 gold dragons.
Lady Nessey: Witchly items - cosmetics, scents, combs, finely decorated silver mirror.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - i think we should give the mirror to Caelesti. Nothing detects Magic.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti refuses the mirror. We add it to our trade goods.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi to Mavis - sometimes we do achieve the same ends, but means matter.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - I get hasty.. But I will think over your words carefully.
Lady Nessey: We stop here.
Lady Nessey: Keeper sees that skeletons are buried. We bury the Bone Dancer and Witch.
Lady Nessey: We don't have time to bury them all.
Lady Nessey: Nessey thanks Caelesti heartily for the fly spells.

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