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Tarrastra Adventure 73

Caelesti's notes




The party traveled south for days, occasionally verifying that they were going the right way. Arriving in Xammer, they asked for the inn that Jillian recommended, the Golden Quill.

The innkeeper assumed Nessey was going to be entered into Vorbold's school, and that Carric was her sponsor. They got preferred treatment as Lady and Lord. The innkeeper assumed Yoshi, Caelesti, and Mavis were servants to the others.

While waiting for the evening's events, the party gathered to discuss the roles they were going to play while in town. Everyone, except Caelesti, thought it was a good idea to play the roles that innkeeper assumed. Mavis convinced Caelesti that they would have fun with the servants.

The party was led to Vorbold's house for the ball. The "servants" were dropped off in a large hall with other servants "on call". Carric and Nessey were led to the main hall.

Queen Vorbold led the teachers and students into the main hall from the fancy school entrance. She gave an opening speech.

Carric and Nessey mingled a bit. Mavis watched the crowd. Mavis told Caelesti that Nessey was summoning them. The two used the excuse to wander, Mavis sticking her hand in people's pockets, and Caelesti sampling food from the buffet. Yoshi followed, making sure they didn't get out of hand.

Carric then led Nessey to meet the Armiger Joumerie. They introduced themselves and set up a meeting with her for the next day, and found out that anyone could meet with the gamesmen teachers. Nessey decided she wanted to enroll in the school for a few years, being willing to pawn her stuff for the money.

Nessey's notes

Nessey: Let us recap
Nessey: Carric - our leader, a man with a mind like a steel trap. So don't get caught in it.
Nessey: Carric recaps for us, recalling people's names, but not what they area about.
Nessey: Carric is especially recalls that we are heading for a school for young ladies of good standing - and perhaps soon to be good laying.
Nessey: Poor Yoshi. It's shame about that were-weasel.
Nessey: We sleep without watches. we head south in the morning.
Nessey: It is morning.
Nessey: We take the left fork in the road.
Nessey: No particular reason.
Nessey: Yoshi is perhaps left-handed.
Nessey: We come to a big river.
Nessey: There is a way across.
Nessey: It is a small but sturdy bridge.
Nessey: After watching other carts go back and forth easily, we cross the bridge.
Nessey: Caelesti asks for directions.
Nessey: Yes, it is the road to Xammer.
Nessey: We continue on the other side of the river.
Nessey: We continue for several days, camping at night.
Nessey: I have a nice sleeping bag.
Nessey: After several days we see a town in the distance.
Nessey: What about the Bane moon ? distant is the answer
Nessey: It is keeping itself to itself
Nessey: the Xammer we want is approaching us as we walk.
Nessey: It is a normal-looking town.
Nessey: We look about.
Nessey: No Inns or schools at borders of the town.
Nessey: We go trotting into town.
Nessey: It appears MORE than prosperous.
Nessey: It is wealthy and quaint.
Mavis rolls d2: [1] = 1
Nessey: Carric asks someone he thinks is female if this is Xammer.
Nessey: Yes. What else would it be?
Nessey: Carric babbles about an Inn someone named Jinian recommended.
Nessey: Carric recalls name of Inn.
Nessey: Carric gets directions.
Nessey: We proceed.
Nessey: The Golden Quill
Nessey: As we approach the Inn and enter, we realise it is a "darn classy place."
Nessey: Yoshi is uncomfortable.
Nessey: Nessey is comfortable.
Nessey: Only Nessey feels she fits in.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti are also comfortable, though.
Nessey: Mavis casts a calculating look about her.
Nessey: Innkeeper greets us.
Nessey: I am Lady Nessey of the FarLands.
Nessey: Nessey is the youngest one.
Nessey: Innkeeper says it is never too late... for the school for young ladies.
Nessey: To enroll in Volbolds house. I am sure a suitable match will be found for you. Who is your sponsor?
Nessey: Nessey - Carric.
Nessey: Innkeeper can see the family resembence.
Nessey: Carric speaks of Lady Jinian
Nessey: InKeeper offers us 3 rooms - one for Lady Nessey, one for Lord Carric, and one for our attendants.
Nessey: We opt for rooms by the restful grove.
Nessey: Caelesti speaks out of turn.
Nessey: She is given The Eye.
Nessey: Our servants are not offered such a lofty room.
Nessey: He says perhaps we need 4 rooms to divide up the servants.
Nessey: Carric explains some of them sleep at our feet.
Nessey: He makes up a room for the two maids and lets Yoshi sleep at Carric's feet, as is usual.
Nessey: Caelesti asks if there are Lords and Servants in this town, not Gamesmen and Pawns.
Nessey: Innkeeper says - now, now, only the best, wealthiest and best connected young ladies come here.
Nessey: Innkeeper says of course we call them Lords and Ladies when they are in our house.
Nessey: And in Vorbold's.
Nessey: He says there will be ball or poetry competition this evening.
Nessey: Carric speaks of Joumarie.
Nessey: He speaks of Queen Vorbold
Nessey: She was once a student and stayed at the Inn.
Nessey: Nessey is shown to a beautiful, expensive room. Nessey feels right at home.
Nessey: Carric is put in a very beautiful, expensive room.
Nessey: The Innkeeper is dodgy about the fee.
Nessey: Nessey bathes and changes into her nicest clothes - she purchased in Wormnut Land with her nut armor.
Nessey: Nice, local clothes.
Nessey: Nessey is not wearing her nut armor when she arrives.
Nessey: She is wearing a nice velvet, green, traveling cloak.
Nessey: Nessey is no longer dressing as a Barbarian.
Nessey: Innkeeper advises Yoshi to go attend his master, Carric.
Nessey: Yoshi does so.
Nessey: Innkeeper takes Mavis and Caelesti to a room on first floor overlooking the stable yard, at the back, by the grove.
Nessey: Beautiful carefully placed and tended grove. All very contrived.
Nessey: Caelesti asks Mavis about the ball.
Nessey: Caelesti calls after the Innkeeper to ask about the ball.
Nessey: What time?
Nessey: Keeper says show up at 6, starts officially at 7. You will meet some gamelords.
Nessey: What time is it now? About 3pm
Nessey: He said that was when the Gamelords show up - meaning Nessey and Carric - not other gamers.
Nessey: Nessey goes to Carric's room.
Nessey: Carric tells Yoshi to answer the door.
Nessey: Nessey - closes door behind her. She says we need to brief each other.
Nessey: I suggest we NOT show off magic.
Nessey: Yoshi - good idea,
Nessey: We send Yoshi to collect the other servants.
Nessey: Yoshi raises his eyebrow and goes.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti meanwhile =
Nessey: Caelesti speaks of learning new dances.
Nessey: Caelesti wants to mix her fly spell into a dance.
Nessey: Mavis says we need to keep a low profile.
Nessey: Mavis says to play the part of a pawn.
Nessey: Caelesti asks why?
Nessey: Mavis says our experience with other cultures is that is does not do us well to try to explain ourselves fully to other cultures. We need to define ourselves closer to their rules.
Nessey: Caelesti is determined to act the Armiger.
Nessey: Mavis asks if Caelesti really knows the rules of Armigers?
Nessey: Caelesti - how hard can it be?
Nessey: Mavis says she is NOT going to pretend to be a Demon.
Nessey: Caelesti - but what if they won't let me dance because I am a servant?
Nessey: Mavis - perhaps your mistress will let you dance.
Nessey: Mavis - we need to follow Nessey's guidance.
Nessey: Yoshi - good evening, our "masters" wish to speak to us.
Nessey: Caelesti brings her favorite dress.
Nessey: The servants crowd into Carric's room.
Nessey: Carric orders Yoshi around.
Nessey: Yoshi says "Yes, my Lord."
Nessey: Mavis - how are you doing, sister, to Nessey.
Nessey: Nessey - I am pleased to be here and in nice surroundings, but I want to make sure we have our stories straight and behave appropriately here.
Nessey: Nessey tries to reason with Caelesti.
Nessey: Caelesti is stubborn.
Nessey: Nessey gives up in despair and turns Caelesti over to Yoshi.
Nessey: Yoshi - everybody is not our friend and we need to be discreet.
Nessey: Caelesti claims everyone is not her friend.
Nessey: Yoshi - until we know it is best to be circumspect.
Nessey: Carric - in other words this is not going to be a fun party, but a work party.
Nessey: Nessey - we are getting information and finding another piece of the suit for Carric.
Nessey: Yoshi - if something untoward were to happen, it would be best not to have our capabilites revealed.
Nessey: Mavis - yes, we need to be sneaky.
Nessey: Carric - yes, in this society, you are either a gamesman or pawn and we already heard about violations and challenges and not declaring abilities.
Nessey: Yoshi - it is worse. We can't declare - as we don't fit in.
Nessey: Mavis - Innkeeper assumed young Nessey is here to check into Vorbold's house, as young lady. We are stuck with those assumptions.
Nessey: Mavis - Nessey is a young lady and here is someone who could be her brother to protect her and check her in. The rest of us must be servants as we are dressed as pawns.
Nessey: Yoshi - we don't want to be challenged.
Nessey: Mavis - perhaps there is no challenging in game towns, so we are safe there, I seem to have heard,
Nessey: Mavis - Queen Vorbold knows nothing of us checking into her house.
Nessey: Nessey - perhaps we are coming to check out the school.
Nessey: Yoshi - we are fact-finding and need to assume others are not trustworthy until proven otherwise.
Nessey: Nessey - perhaps I should check into the school?
Nessey: Mavis - if it is their business to take young ladies for large sums of cash....I think they must be trustworthy for that purpose anyway.
Nessey: Nessey - it will be easier for us to move freely and gain information if we seem to fit in with what they expect.
Nessey: Yoshi - Yes, will you go along with this plan?
Nessey: Caelesti?
Nessey: Caelesti - will I get to dance and eat the feast.
Nessey: Yoshi - you must stay in the kitchens, Caelesti.
Nessey: Nessey - the servants might be able to peek out.
Nessey: Yoshi - perhaps you can dance in the kitchens.
Nessey: Mavis was speaking...
Nessey: She says we can use a different assumption with Vorbolds house.
Nessey: We servants will not be sitting in the ballroom.
Nessey: Nessey - I think we should level with the Queen about the note at the Bridgers.
Nessey: Carric recalls Rootweaver, Beedie and a note written by Durgen the Druid.
Nessey: Nessey - I think we should explain we are on a Quest of some sort and we do not fit their categories.
Nessey: Yoshi - unless, she didn't like Durgen.
Nessey: Carric - or she might not know Durgen.
Nessey: Nessey - can we avoid displaying talents.
Nessey: Caelesti - what if they ask?
Nessey: Yoshi - then we say we are travelers from afar and neither gamesmen nor pawns and don't fit their categories and LEAVE IT at THAT.
Nessey: Carric - if this is a school town we could wear outfits.
Nessey: Caelesti - that would be more fun.
Nessey: Caelesti - what if you meet someone from a different town where you had different roles.
Nessey: Nessey tells Caelesti that she is being false in saying she is a gamesman because she is more general and less spell duration and could be challenged eventually and get killed depending what people think she is at the time.
Nessey: Mavis - reminds Caelesti that one does not get to chose not to game.
Nessey: Mavis - and eventually you will run out of spells by demonstrating them, Caelesti.
Nessey: Nessey - Then we would all have to show our talents to protect you and then we would all seem weird and dangerous and probably be attacked and put in jail - if lucky.
Nessey: Yoshi - not everyone gives notice of gaming - such as those who kidnapped the king.
Nessey: Mavis - in a school town - no games.
Nessey: Nessey - you should not show off then.
Nessey: Mavis - once defined one might wear the garb, though.
Nessey: Nessey - but none of us were dressed that way when we met the Innkeeper.
Nessey: Mavis did not keep her Demon's outfit.
Nessey: Carric still has his Pombi head.
Nessey: Caelesti still has her Armiger outfit.
Nessey: Nessey says if Caelesti wants to Game, please go away and don't tell anyone we are acquainted.
Nessey: Carric - not all of us feel that way, Caelesti.
Nessey: Yoshi - please stay and pretend to be a servant. It is not something you get to do everyday.
Nessey: Nessey - tell her no magic, Yoshi.
Nessey: Yoshi - no magic, Caelesti, Okay?
Nessey: Caelesti - it would be fun to do games with the servants.
Nessey: Yoshi - no magic, Caelesti?
Nessey: Caelesti - I will try.
Nessey: Neseey - you have to do better than try.
Nessey: Mavis - the rest of us agree not to do magic either.
Nessey: Caelesti - but you are saying it is a bad thing.
Nessey: Yoshi - yes.
Nessey: Caelesti - we will see what happens.
Nessey: Nessey - no, no, no!
Nessey: Mavis, let us go to the party and I will stay by Caelesti's side and be the word of wisdom.
Nessey: Nessey - I trust YOU, Mavis.
Nessey: Nessey wishes she were a mage and could Silence Caelesti. But Nessey keeps these thoughts to herself.
Nessey: Nessey goes and takes a bath and changes into nice clothes.
Nessey: Mavis says to Caelesti, stick with me and I guarantee with will both have a good time and perhaps both profit. I will teach you some thing only I can, among the party.
Nessey: Caelesti - what should I wear?
Nessey: Mavis - not your best dance clothes, unfortunately.
Nessey: Mavis - but we will have fun.
Nessey: Mavis - we are lucky. Carric may find himself over his head.
Nessey: Nessey - whispers to Yoshi - will you go and make sure the girl stay out of trouble.
Nessey: Yoshi - of course.
Nessey: Nessey - oh, I like you so much better than I used to Yoshi, you are so wise.
Nessey: I used to think Yoshi was just grumpy, but now I think he is wise. I am coming around to his way of thinking and being more cautious.
Nessey: Carric does not wear his Pombi head.
Nessey: Nessey wears normal gentlewoman clothing from Nuttown.
Nessey: Caelesti wears lavendar and does hygiene spell as she does not have a bath in her room.
Nessey: Mavis is dressed as inconspicuously as possible.
Nessey: Nessey carried NO weapons.
Nessey: Yoshi insists Nessey always carry a weapon and reminds her of her noble background.
Nessey: Nessey does in fact have a dagger in her garter.
Nessey: Caelesti carries concealed weapons of all kinds, as does Yoshi.
Nessey: Mavis and Carric have smaller concealed weapons. Carric has a dagger.
Nessey: We proceed to Vorbold's house. Approach a gated complex.
Nessey: We see well-dressed people streaming in through the gates.
Nessey: The guards turn away any scum.
Nessey: We are acceptabe.
Nessey: The guards smile and nod and bow to Nessey and Carric.
Nessey: Our servants are allowed to pass as well.
Nessey: There are guards preventing us from straying from the path.
Nessey: At least 90% are dressed in gamesmen outfits.
Nessey: We are shown into a large hall. Servants are shuffled to another place. "If mistresses and masters wish for you, they will call for you."
Nessey: Caelesti, Mavis and Yoshi are in a nice hall of their own with other servants.
Nessey: Standing around talking.
Nessey: So, in the fancy hall of Lords and Ladies - near the gate.
Nessey: The main buildings are not public, but this one by the gate is the entertaining hall.
Nessey: Ceremony entrance for guests, another opposite which leads into the school which is a nicer gate - higher rank.
Nessey: We are led in and given a seat.
Nessey: We are seated at a table.
Nessey: Guests have small tables suitable for 2 to 4.
Nessey: Other half tables currently empty.
Nessey: With fanfare students of Vorbolds follow their Queen into the house.
Nessey: We are induced to bow.
Nessey: Nessey curtesies in her best royal manner.
Carric rolls Save/Will (d20 + : [18 + 8] = 26
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will (d20 + 6 + 4 + 1): [10 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 21
Nessey: Nessey does not attempt to resist.
Nessey: Games Mistresses lead groups of young ladies.
Nessey: ladies 14 to 22.
Nessey: Gaggle of students sit at own tables.
Nessey: Students all look lovely.
Nessey: Carric is watching intently and respectfully.
Nessey: Queen Vorbold greets us. Wears robe of ruler, but all their garb is somewhat modified, not obvious games garments we have seen before.
Nessey: Delicate gowns, gauzzy, with emblems for those who have manifested talented.
Nessey: Not everyone has a talent yet, nor is old enough.
Nessey: Faculty wear full gamemen outfits, though.
Nessey: Carric looks for old woman who is an Armiger.
Nessey: Sees one with a substantial mustache is larger and older than anyone you have met yet. Looks a manly woman. Very robust.
Nessey: She could be in her sixties.
Nessey: Nessey - there's a woman for you, Carric,
Nessey: Perhaps you should ask her to dance, later.
Nessey: Carric - I am trying to keep a low profile here.
Nessey: Queen welcomes everybody to her house. She says we are fortunate - they are having a poetry contest tonight. In 3 weeks they will have their yearly song contest. We don't see Talon, but think of our songful bard.
Nessey: Queen says there are artistic contests every night in Vorbold's house.
Nessey: She retires to her dais. Servants bring food and drinks.
Nessey: Young ladies go out and mingle with the crowd.
Nessey: No one approaches out table, however, as they don't recognise us as a suitor or relative.
Nessey: Carric - what are you going to do, Nessey?
Nessey: Nessey gets up and wanders and mingles and engages in idle chatter about the weather.
Nessey: Nessey finds an elegant girl - smiling with empty face. She approaches and a sorcerer type joins us.
Nessey: Sorcerer asks her what she is studying - she says the durables and the ephemera and I just can't seem to get it. Then she looks over at me - Nessey.
Nessey: She looks at nessey
Nessey: Nessey - ah, the Durables are beyond me too, but I do not have the benefit of such a fine school as you.
Nessey: She asks if I am enrolling there.
Nessey: I say "that is yet to be determined."
Nessey: She aks who my sponsor is -
Nessey: I say - Carric, my noble and handsome cousin.
Nessey: Carric sees this and comes over.
Nessey: I introduce myself and courtsey.
Nessey: She asks about our demesne -
Nessey: Carric says Rowansmead - far from here.
Mavis: Lunette of Pouws
Nessey: She introduces herself as =
Nessey: Carric plays dumb and covers by saying it is loud here and hard to hear her domain name.
Nessey: Lunette says she is learning all the right things and meeting all the right people.
Nessey: Carric speaks of Jinian.
Nessey: Lunette covers her mouth and turns away.
Mavis: Joumarie
Nessey: Carric - fine young lady, she spoke highly of the Armiger Joumerie
Nessey: Lunette is surprised.
Nessey: She glances at table of robust older Armiger.
Nessey: She says, well, i didn't know that Jinian spent much time with Joumerie.
Nessey: Lunette - you don't understand the Durables and Ephemerals?
Nessey: Lady Nessey - no, no, truely I do not.
Nessey: Lunette changes the subjest and leads her Sorcerer friend away.
Nessey: Carric - I think that young lady may have touble with the Durables, but with the Empherals have no problem.
Nessey: We mingle by ourselves.
Nessey: We gather some food and drink and enjoy ourselves.
Nessey: Back in servant quarters.
Nessey: Mavis says now is our time. I think Nessey is calling to us.
Nessey: Mavis - Yoshi, it has been good to talk to you, but our mistress is calling us.
Nessey: Yoshi smiles and follows them discreetly.
Nessey: Mavis leads Caelesti through the lord and ladies' hall.
Nessey: Mavis comes up to Nessey - we heard your call. What do you want?
Nessey: Nessey - I called you not. I want nothing. Go back and enjoy yourselves with the other servants.
Nessey: Mavis - Carric please take Nessey back to her table and we will go back to the servants area.
Nessey: Carric points out the Armiger we seek.
Nessey: Mavis - she looks pretty tough.
Nessey: Nessey - let us go back to our table and let our servants return to their quarters.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti lose their sense of direction and head deeper into the party.
Nessey: Caelesti - they cried wolf and called us when they didn't mean it. We have to go back.
Nessey: Mavis - we are so far in, we must get to opposite wall and work our way along the wall.
Nessey: Yoshi keeps them in sight.
Nessey: Yoshi walks around the edge.
Nessey: He keeps Mavis in particular in sight.
Nessey: Mavis bumps into Lords and Ladies who thinks nothing of it. She bumps into at least 12 such Lords and Ladies.
Nessey: Mavis - that was a very congested floor.
Nessey: Caelesti, I didn't bump into anyone.
Nessey: Mavis - I am not as graceful as you, Caelesti.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [20 - 1 + 2] = 21
Nessey: Mavis - we need to make our way back.
Nessey: Caelesti did notice that Mavis had her hand in pockets.
Nessey: Lords didn't notice though.
Nessey: Caelesti, well, whatever Mavis was doing in his pocket, he didn't seem to mind.
Nessey: Mavis bumps into Yoshi.
Nessey: She does not have her hand in his pocket.
Nessey: Yoshi is confounded.
Nessey: He knows they were NOT summoned by Nessey.
Nessey: Mavis invites Yoshi to make their way back together. She says Nessey called them and then denied it.
Nessey: Mavis says Nessey was rude.
Nessey: Yoshi says "we are not really her servants, after all."
Nessey: Mavis says she forgives and makes her way back.
Nessey: Caelesti complains she didn't get to have any fun.
Nessey: As the reach the opposite end, the band strikes up a tune and they near the food table.
Nessey: No one is paying attention as Mavis and Caelesti feed face.
Nessey: Caelesti puts on her innocent smile.
Nessey: Yoshi says they need to eat in the kitchen.
Nessey: Mavis blames it all on Caelesti.
Nessey: Caelesti loads up a tray for...for...Nessey.
Nessey: Mavis agrees.
Nessey: Mavis says to make sure she gives food to others along the way too.
Nessey: Caelesti puts 5 of each on it and samples as she walks.
Nessey: With innocent smile.
Nessey: Mavis looks at Yoshi - she will meet us at far end, let us move along the borders. This is a very confusing place, Yoshi.
Nessey: Yoshi - indeed!
Nessey: Caelesti - leaves crumbs for Nessey.
Nessey: Caelesti says "Here is the food you wanted."
Nessey: Carric takes the tray of food. Nessey just looks perplexed.
Nessey: Carric - wait, wait, Caelesti.
Nessey: Caelesti - do you want to dance with me?
Nessey: Carric - No, which of these morsels are the best.
Nessey: Caelesti - I wouldn't know, but that one looks the best.
Nessey: Carric - okay, well run along.
Nessey: Caelesti - until we are summoned again.
Nessey: Carric - let us mingle near Joumerie.
Nessey: Nessey - Okay.
Nessey: We make our way slowly.
Nessey: to Joumerie.
Nessey: Nessey - now Carric, remember, you are my cousin and looking for a school to send me to.
Nessey: Carric - I don't want to discuss the item tonight.
Nessey: Nessey - that sounds good, but if it comes up - say I am your cousin and we looking for a school - and perhaps we are - after you find Talon again.
Nessey: We get there.
Nessey: We find her alone.
Nessey: Carric - greetings, I am Carric and this is Lady Nessey.
Nessey: Joumerie speaks of Armigering and Cartography.
Nessey: Carric says Jinian spoke highly of her.
Nessey: Joumerie says she was a superior student.
Nessey: Joumarie says many maps are not accurate.
Nessey: Carric asks about her range.
Nessey: Has she been to Valley of the Bridgers?
Nessey: She has not heard of it.
Nessey: She asks about it.
Nessey: Carric says it is a few weeks travel north.
Nessey: She says if it is beyond the Games Realms she has heard nothing of it.
Nessey: Only a couple weeks travel are normal for an Armiger.
Nessey: Carric - I'd love to discuss this further. May we meet another day?
Nessey: Joumerie - anyone can come and meet with we gamesmistresses. Apply at the gate and wait in the waiting room.
Nessey: Carric - what is the best time?
Nessey: Joumerie says she has no class in the morning.
Nessey: Carric bows and we move away.
Nessey: We go and eat and enjoy the poetry
Nessey: The constest has started.
Nessey: It is fun.
Nessey: We applaud.
Nessey: Nothing grabs our attention especially, but someone declares a best and the young man takes his prize.
Nessey: Queen reminds us all of the yearly song contest.
Nessey: Nesseys says to Carric - oh, we must stay for that. Talon is sure to compete.
Nessey: Carric - it depends on how long we need to be here. Perhaps we should travel and come back.
Nessey: Carric - our rooms are rather expensive here.
Nessey: Nessey - oh, we are rich with many goods from our travels.
Nessey: Mavis may not complain if she can bump into enough people.
Nessey: Nessey is in her class. Accustomed to this party.
Nessey: Nessey - I have been thinking, Carric, I have been in the wilderness long. I have picked up Barbarian ways. Perhaps if I stayed here a year I might be more acceptable to my parents when I return.
Nessey: Carric, sure stay two years, but how can we/you afford it.
Nessey: Nessey - I have a share of the goods.
Nessey: Carric - if they are interested in what we have to sell and trade.
Nessey: Nessey - it should be exotic and worth much.
Nessey: Carric - but they are so insular...
Nessey: Carric - these folks have a singular lack of interest in the outside world.
Nessey: Carric - they might call it Barbarian crap.
Nessey: Nessey - but what about all the fine jewels from the Bridge town.
Nessey: Carric - they might not be interested.
Nessey: Nessey - rubies? Not interested?
Nessey: Carric - Mavis can value those.
Nessey: Nessey - we can go to stores and see what they say about values of gems and goods.
Nessey: Nessey - let us do some courtly dancing.
Nessey: Carric tells Nessey to go off and find her own partner.
Nessey: He says "go bat your eyes."
Nessey: Nessey does so. It works.
Nessey: She gets to do courtly dancing.
Nessey: Carric drinks alcohol in moderation.
Nessey rolls Nes - Diplomacy (d20 + 9): [20 + 9] = 29
Nessey rolls Nes - Handle Animal (d20 + 9): [6 + 9] = 15
Nessey rolls Nes - Local Knowledge (d20 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
Nessey rolls Nes - Nobility, Knowledge (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Nessey rolls Nes - Bluff (d20 + 7): [11 + 7] = 18
Nessey: People bringing new drinks feel slighted that Carric is not drinking all drinks served to him.
Nessey: Nessey mingles just fine.
Nessey: She responds acceptably, though not perfectly.
Nessey: Nessey has a good time and good dancing.
Nessey: She has fine courtly manners.
Nessey: When the evening concludes, Carric, my protector, leads me away, as he should.
Nessey: We all sample local something.
Nessey: We back at the Golden Quill.
Nessey: Carric tells the others we can go to see the Armiger Mistress Teacher in the morning.
Nessey: We stop here.
Nessey: Let us talk online about how to proceed with Armiger to find out information.
Nessey: Tues the 20th we meet again.

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