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Tarrastra Adventure 75

Caelesti's notes




The party continued on to Schooltown. The guards told the party that no "gaming" was allowed in town. The party found the Grey Fustigar Inn; the sign above the door had a wolf-like creature. The innkeeper checked the party into two rooms. Caelesti and Mavis dropped off their stuff and ran out into the streets. Caelesti cast Fly on Mavis and herself with the intent of enhancing their festival enjoyment. Mavis reminded her that "gaming" was not allowed; Caelesti interpreted that as no dueling, but scanned the crowd looking for any use of powers. She spotted none, but joined a dance group, using her Fly spell to aid her flips. Mavis fleeced the crowd mesmerized by Caelesti's dancing.

The party continued their travels northwest for a few days, arriving at Betand. At a food stand, the party sampled stewed ferns. A man in costume introduced himself as Laggy Nap, the Trader. Caelesti said they were travelers, but pointed out Mavis as a trader. Laggy Nap stared long at the party, and offered a free meal at an inn on the other side simply for hearing about the party's crossing of the city. The party agrees.

The party approached the city gates. The guards would not let the men enter until they admitted that they were nobodies. The ladies were simply passed through the gate and directed toward an inn. The guard told the ladies to stay inside, adding something about fearing the unborn. The men were directed to another inn.

In the ladies' inn, the innkeeper commented that out-of-towners weren't expected to help. The help turned out to be a request to have a baby with a "nobody" with the intent that the Ghost of the Unborn could finally be born, breaking the City's curse bestowed by a Necromancer years earlier.

In the men's inn, willing females were available for all men. The lawbiding men eventually did their part, so their mates were not later brutally punished for failing to follow the law.

The next day, Yoshi wanted to meet with the Duke to more directly confront the ghost.

Nessey's notes

Nessey: My nut armor needs to be ample!
Nessey: Okay. Now I can read it. What's with all the skelletoids? I thought Froggikins buried them?
Nessey: Okay. We are in game now. We are on the road to the next town.
Nessey: Which is -- what?
Nessey: School Town.
Nessey: We left the other School Town of Xammer.
Nessey: We discuss how the other Elator, from King Kelvin
Nessey: from King Kelvin's kidnapping, told the Ghoul Guy about in Hell's Maw, poffle
Nessey: People have been gossiping about us and word has gotten about that we outsiders helped King Kelvin. Now the villages of this town are likley to gossip even more - about our strange abilities and how we kicked ass.
Nessey: Our reputation preceeds us (precedes?)
Nessey: We had exercise burying the Witch and the Bone Dancer.
Nessey: Foggikins and his pals are burying the anonymous bones.
Nessey: After we travel awhile we see a thriving town ahead. Banners flying from buildings. Bustling populance.
Nessey: Carric says we forge ahead to the town gates.
Nessey: Brave Carric leads the way.
Nessey: Yoshi prayed at dawn for all his spells.
Nessey: Carric prayed to Belenus.
Nessey: Yoshi did not receive any spells.
Nessey: Or he did but is keeping them to himself, as usual
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [19 + 5] = 24
Nessey rolls Nes - Listen (d20 + 6): [12 + 6] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Listen (d20 + 16): [20 + 16] = 36
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 9 + 4): [18 + 9 + 4] = 31
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [9 - 1 + 2] = 10
Nessey: Mavis says there is a Festival going on.
Nessey: Caelesti is marching to the sound of her own drum.
Nessey: Guard steps froth at the gates.
Nessey: Hail Visitors.
Nessey: Welcome to School Town.
Nessey: Carric - Hail, we are glad to be here.
Nessey: Guardiboy - I am obligated to tell you of our laws. Young future gamesmen are being trained here, therefore no gaming is allowed.
Nessey: Carric - the pawn - it is good to know.
Nessey: Guardiboy - You will be happy to know that tonight is the Festival of the Season and you know what that means
Nessey: Caelesti - great, there are not many laws here.
Nessey: Carric - there are two laws - 1.) You must be festive 2.) no gaming
Nessey: Carric - recommend a good Inn?
Nessey: Guardiboy - Go to the Grey Fustigar
Nessey: Nessey - What is a Fustigar?
Nessey: Guardiboy - you must be sheltered, you probably don't even know what a Pombi is.
Nessey: Nessey - I know what a Pombi is.
Nessey: Guardiboy - then you must know what a Fustigar is.
Nessey: We get to the Inn and over the door is the head of a giant wolf-like creature which may have once had glowing eyes.
Nessey: Nessey - How much do you want to bet we meet one of those on the road?
Nessey: Carric, let's go in.
Nessey: We do so.
Nessey: The Inn Keeper, a woman, comes bustling up and greets as Sirs and Madames.
Nessey: She welcomes us especially on a Festival Day.
Nessey: She says she didn't think pawns from afar would come for the Festival, as it is a Student Thing, but okay.
Nessey: Carric asks for rooms.
Nessey: She wants to give us 5.
Nessey: Nessey asks for 2 - one for ladies and one for gentlemen.
Nessey: Carric says he likes to share a room with Yoshi.
Nessey: Fustigar Lady says why does he want to be at Festival then?
Nessey: Nessey introduces herself and asks the name of the Inn Keeper.
Nessey: She is Aunt Sylbie the Proprietor of the Grey Fustigar.
Nessey: She takes we ladies aside and says "our men" are clueless and she will clue us in.
Nessey: Caelesti - so that does it all mean?
Nessey: She says the Students let loose and run wild and everyone is wearing masks and costumes and anonymous in their breaking of rules.
Nessey: Auntie Sylbie assumed Carric wanted to pick up masked babes.
Nessey: But now Sylbie thinks Carris is a bender.
Nessey: Aunt Sylbie suggests we ladies stay in our rooms tonight and keep off the streets.
Nessey: Caelesti - But I don't want to miss the festival.
Nessey: Aunt Sylbie - okay, well, go for it, have fun.
Nessey: She closes the door.
Nessey: Caelesti drops her pack and heads downstairs.
Nessey: Lady Nessey wants to rest and bathe.
Nessey: Nessey wants Caelesti and Mavis to stay at the Inn, but Mavis thinks it more profitable to go out into the crowds.
Nessey: Nessey takes a soothing bath and has room service meals, if possible.
Nessey: Yoshi goes to the dining room and has dinner with Carric.
Nessey: Carric is anxious to let his weasel out of the bag - in the town - for the festival.
Nessey: Mavis and Caelesti go out, flying.
Nessey: Lots of young people in clothes with ribbons and masks.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [1 - 1 + 2] = 2
Nessey: Caelesti "spots" for anyone using magic of any kind.
Nessey: Caelesti says if she sees anyone else using a special ability, then it is okay.
Nessey: Maivs stays on the ground, for now.
Nessey: Caelesti lifts off a little and looks around and lands and debates with Mavis.
Nessey: Mavis says she has a feeling that any Beguiling would be frowned upon.
Nessey: Carric looks for a wide range of ages of partying ladies
Nessey: He looks for someone drunk and slinky and finds Caelesti.
Nessey: Mavis is working the crowds by bumping into people.
Nessey: Mavis removes her hand from Carric's pouch just in the nick of time
Nessey: Carric says he is heading back to the Inn.
Nessey: He hopes to be molested along the way.
Nessey: Musicians takes a break.
Nessey: Caelest collects money for her dancing.
Nessey: Caelesti wants to keep exploring.
Nessey: Lots of oggling is taking place.
Nessey: Caelesti has attracted the attention of some of the young male students.
Nessey: Caelesti makes friends easily.
Nessey: (man about town feat)
Nessey: Eventually Mavis and Caelesti return to the Inn.
Nessey: Nessey has gone to sleep long ago
Nessey rolls Nes - Listen (d20 + 6): [17 + 6] = 23
Nessey: In a bed. Not the tub.
Nessey: They wake her up by being "quiet."
Nessey: Nessey turns over and puts a pillow over her head and tries to go back to sleep.
Nessey: We get up next morning and go to dining hall for breakfast.
Nessey: Yoshi has been up since 4am
Nessey: He has been wandering the halls.
Nessey: The staff is startled to see him.
Nessey: The offer him tea.
Nessey: He accepts.
Nessey: Nessey is up by 7am
Nessey: She has tea and scones and jam.
Nessey: Caelesti snores soundly.
Nessey: Mavis and Carric appear next.
Nessey: Carric asks Nessey for a stone.
Nessey: Nessey says the scones are not stale.
Nessey: They were fresh baked this morning.
Nessey: Mavis joins us. She is glowing to herself.
Nessey: Nessey - well, let's pack and be on our way to the Lake of Glittering Faces.
Nessey: Yoshi is also anxious to get on the road.
Nessey: Mavis tells Nessey to go wake Caelesti.
Nessey: Nessey talks a lot and bounces and tips Caelesti off the bed.
Nessey: Caelesti wakes up.
Nessey: We pack and get on the road and continue West.
Nessey: We get to another town eventually and find a 10-11 Inn.
Nessey: We pass it and enter a hillier country.
Nessey: Eventually it gets mountainous and we come to a fork in the road.
Nessey: We look at our Map and decide to stay on the straight road and NOT go down to Bannerwell.
Nessey: We have lunch and proceed.
Nessey: We cross a river.
Nessey: We stay on the road.
Nessey: We come to another town.
Nessey: It is another prosperous city with walls around it.
Nessey: This actually took us several days. Ergo we have enjoyed many lunches.
Carric: Road to Betand
Nessey: What's next?
Nessey: As we approach the city, there are Inns, Taverns, etc.
Nessey: There is urban sprawl.
Nessey: We are hungry and stop to eat.
Nessey: We pick a Tavern called The Devil's Uncle.
Nessey: It appears clean and food smells good.
Nessey: We tie our horses outside.
Nessey: They have wine and roast fowl and stewed ferns and jugs of ale.
Nessey: We order the local delicacy - stewed ferns - with our meal
Nessey: We see a fellow staring at us and think we might have seen him before somewhere, but can't place him.
Nessey: He has a wide mouth and easy smile.
Nessey: He comes up and shows us his palms.
Nessey: He greets us.
Mavis: Laggy Nap, the Trader
Nessey: He says he is a trader and philosopher and pleased to meet us.
Nessey: We say we are Travelers too
Nessey: He asks what brings us here?
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 11 + 4 + 5): [4 + 11 + 4 + 5] = 24
Nessey: We say we are just traveling on through.
Nessey: He repeats it to himself.
Nessey: Yoshi become suspicious
Nessey: Yoshi can't tell what he is about.
Nessey: He says, So, Sirs, it is my amusement to ask new wanderers if they intend to go through Betend and if so, to offer them a meal at my expense and have them tell me their tales.
Nessey: He looks into eyes of Nessey and seems to look further into her than she would wish.
Nessey: He is wearing a gamesmen costume that we have seen before but do not know the meaning of.
Nessey: His eyes are set close together and are calculating. He seems to not be as nice as he would like us to think.
Nessey: He says he will buy a meal at the Traveler's Joy and tell us if we were amused by Betand.
Nessey: Nessey - I didn't like the way he looked at me!
Nessey: Nessey - I think he was trying to probe my mind.
Nessey: Caelesti - He looked at Carric too. What do you suppose "Trading" means?
Nessey: Nessey - maybe he trades faces with people.
Nessey: Carric - I don't think so.
Nessey: Caelesti - well, we'd get a free meal out of it.
Nessey: Nessey - we could stay outside Betand.
Nessey: Carric - it did seem a warning.
Nessey: Caelesti - maybe this town is the lair of our enemies.
Nessey: Carric - that's a little too paranoid for me.
Nessey: Caelesti - then let's go in.
Nessey: We go to the gates of the town.
Nessey: It is sundown. Torches are being lit.
Nessey: We are stopped at the gates.
Nessey: Guardsman takes Carric arm - Who are you, Sir?
Nessey: Carric - I am Carric, pleased to meet you.
Nessey: Guard - You are nobody here. If you do not want to be charged with a great offense, you are nobody.
Nessey: He sends Carric on through.
Nessey: He stops Yoshi. Who are you?
Nessey: Yoshi - I am nobody.
Nessey: The 3 ladies come up.
Nessey: Guard says, Ah, welcome, there is a good Inn for the Ladies off to the side there - sends us off in a different direction, with our horses.
Nessey: Inside the town, people are walking along the streets, tense and nervous, men and woman alike.
Nessey: Guard says - Welcome to Betand the town that fears the unborn. Stay inside for your safety, Ladies.
Nessey: Caelesti - Stay inside for how long?
Nessey: Caelesti - until morning?
Nessey: Guard - stay inside tonight, of course.
Nessey: Caelesti - okay, skips in.
Nessey: We ladies go to our Inn. It is filled with other Lady travelers.
Nessey: Inn Keeper welcomes us.
Nessey: I am Nessey and what is your name, kind lady.
Nessey: I am Orma. Welcome to my Inn.
Nessey: Nessey - Thank you, we 3 ladies generally share a room. Is that okay?
Nessey: Orma - since you are not residents of Betand, we can not expect you to help us with our problem here, but go to your rooms.
Nessey: Caelesti - what is the problem?
Nessey: Orma - We are haunted by the Unborn.
Nessey: Caelesti - I am willing to help you.
Nessey: Orma - are you willing to stay if you help us with our problem?
Nessey: Caelesti - Stay how long?
Nessey: Orma - until the child is born.
Nessey: Caelesti - what child?
Nessey: Orma - your child, of course.
Nessey: Caelesti - is there any other kind of help you might need?
Nessey: Orma - well if there were a man....
Nessey: Caelesti - how can a man help?
Nessey: Nessey - don't you know anything, Caelesti?
Nessey: Orma - it takes a man and a woman to have a child. We need the child to be born.
Nessey: Nessey - I'm sure Carric would like to help
Nessey: We hear a sound like a train and the Inn shakes.
Nessey: Caelesti - is that the unborn haunting?
Nessey: Orma - yes, yes. She shivers in fear.
Nessey: She won't let Caelesti open the window.
Nessey: Now for the other Inn where the nobodies were sent.
Nessey: A plump and motherly woman meets the male nobodies at the door.
Nessey: She looks at Carric - Well, Sir, what kind of woman would your prefer?
Nessey: She says some might be too old for him since he is but a lad. She suggests a scared young virgin girl.
Nessey: Carric says he will do his duty.
Nessey: Carric asks why his traveler, lady friends were sent to another Inn?
Nessey: She says the guard did right. They do not split up married couples. But single men must do their duty.
Nessey: Yoshi tries to interrupt.
Nessey: Lady says she will take care of Yoshi next.
Nessey: Margie is encouraged by Madame of Inn to go off with Carric.
Nessey: Margie is crying and pale, but leads Carric back to her room.
Nessey: Carric asks what's up?
Nessey: Margie says if Carric is to be father of unborn and she is to be mother, then so be it and she begs him to be gentle and closes her eyes and lifts her dressing gown.
Nessey: Carric -what is all this? And if I were someone who would I be?
Nessey: Margie - when they come to check tomorrow and ask who it was, I must say it was nobody.
Nessey: Carric - why do you have to say it was nobody?
Nessey: Margie - because we are not married and it is not lawful.
Nessey: Madame turns to Yoshi - what sort of woman would you like, Sir?
Nessey: Yoshi's eyes shoot up into his forehead? What? What Nessey: Madame - what sort of woman would you like me to match you with?
Nessey: Yoshi - what? what for?
Nessey: Madame - I understand, this is the opposite problem. I need to match you with someone experienced.
Nessey: She calls out a woman in late twenties or early thirties.
Nessey: Madame says - We have a new chicken here, Ursula, you will have to show him the ways.
Nessey: Yoshi says - will you show me to my room?
Nessey: Ursula - we will come to my room.
Nessey: Yoshi - I want MY room.
Nessey: Ursula, it is the same for tonight. Follow me. I will take you to "your room."
Nessey: Yoshi - what was that woman talking about?
Nessey: Ursula - says she will tell him when they get to the room.
Nessey: Yoshi is shown into a room with female clothing.
Nessey: Yoshi tries to tip Ursula.
Nessey: Ursula rolls her eyes.
Nessey: Yoshi puts coin back in his pocket.
Nessey: Yoshi complains room is occupied.
Nessey: Ursula says it is her stuff.
Nessey: Yoshi offers to sleep in the stable.
Nessey: Yoshi says he would be ashamed.
Nessey: Ursula says everyone has to have a first time. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Nessey: She starts carressing Yoshi.
Nessey: Yoshi says, what? what? Excuse me?
Nessey: Ursula tells him to be at ease for his "first time."
Nessey: She says "this town is haunted and with a nameless stranger like yourself, this is no shame."
Nessey: A scream like a train whistle and rumbling is heard.
Nessey: Yoshi runs out of the room and down the stairs and looks out and sees nothing.
Nessey: Ursula tries to lead Yoshi upstairs.
Nessey: Yoshi argues with the Madame that he will sleep in the stable.
Nessey: Madame sighs and says she thinks he would be more comfortable in a room, but if he insists on doing it in the stable, so be it.
Nessey: Yoshi mouths "doing it?" He asks what?
Nessey: Madame Norma says "This city is haunted by the Unborn."
Nessey: Yoshi -what is the unborn?
Nessey: Madame - it is the ghost who wants to be born and we must all help to create a birth for the ghost.
Nessey: Yoshi - I will help to destroy this ghost.
Nessey: Madame Norma - This ghost can be sent to its peace by allowing it to be born, which is all it desires. A necromancer put a curse on us. I'm sure with Ursula's help, you could do your part to help us.
Nessey: Yoshi - Is Ursula a gamesmen?
Nessey: Ursula rolls her eyes, It is nothing to do with gamesmen. It is anything a man and woman can do.
Nessey: Yoshi - it sounds challenging.
Nessey: Ursula - it not challenging. I will make it easy for you to do.
Nessey: Yoshi - let me get my companions.
Nessey: Madame - no, no, we need only you and your other nameless male companion. Now these are the laws of the town. I'm sure you will want to abide by the laws of the town.
Nessey: Yoshi - I do not want to offend the laws of the town. What exactly do you want me to do?
Nessey: Madame - whatever Ursula tells you.
Nessey: Yoshi - okay, so Ursula is familar with the laws of the town.
Nessey: Yoshi says okay and goes with Ursula to obey the law.
Nessey: Meanwhile, Carric hears the sound and asks Margie, whom he calls Mavell.
Nessey: Margie says it is the haunting.
Nessey: It is the ghost of the unborn.
Nessey: It is explained to him that a Necromancer cursed the town and the ghost howls every night.
Nessey: Carric - what if anyone is out with it?
Nessey: Margie - No one dares.
Nessey: Carric - what about it being unborn?
Nessey: Margie - it is not dead. It is yet to be born.
Nessey: Margie - We must all due our duty. Travelers must help us. It must be born.
Nessey: Carric - how does it work?
Nessey: Margie - I was hoping your would know. I haven't done it yet either.
Nessey: She lifts her nightie again and shows him her navel and says to be gentle.
Nessey: Carric asks when the haunting started?
Nessey: Margie - 7 or 8 years ago.
Nessey: Carric - and have any babies been born?
Nessey: Margie - yes, but not the right one.
Nessey: Carric - then it's some scheme to exploit men!
Nessey: Margie - have you calmed down now? Can we do it?
Nessey: Carric -since you are unschooled, this is what we do, we sit on the bed and hold hands.
Nessey: Margie - okay. Be gentle.
Nessey: Carric - now close your eyes and concentrate.
Nessey: Margie follows Carric's every instruction.
Nessey: Back in Ursula's room with Yoshi.
Nessey: Yoshi - Norma said that you woud explain to me the laws of this town so that I would better understand how to interact with the unborn. But before you do that - do you not wish to be rid of this ghost? I would like to offer the services of my companions and I to exorcise the ghost for you.
Nessey: Ursula - those with experience can exorcise the ghost with enthusiasm.
Nessey: Ursula - the laws of this town... well there is this ghost...
Nessey: Yoshi - how do we get rid of it?
Nessey: Ursula - all the Seers, which you of course trust, don't you? They all say ghost will only be settled by being born. Therefore it is the law of this town that every man who enters this town must facilitate the birth. Is that clear enough?
Nessey: Yoshi - Clear as mud. This is not reminding me of any ghost I have heard of.
Nessey: Ursula - Let us only call it the Unborn then.
Nessey: Yoshi - I would talk to your mayor to take on the ghost.
Nessey: Ursula - he won't be home now. Go tomorrow.
Nessey: Yoshi - okay. In the meantime, I am happy to do whatever it is I am supposed to do. Just explain it to me.
Nessey: Ursula brings him a comforting beverage, nonalcoholic, and bids him sit on her bed.
Nessey: Beverage tastes bitter and sweet, unusual taste.
Nessey: Yoshi asks what the beverage is called?
Nessey: She says, Viagra.
Nessey: Yoshi - delicious! May I have some more?
Nessey: Ursula gives him more and says he is looking fushed and helps him out of his robes.
Nessey: Meanwhile, back at Orma's...
Nessey: Nessey - well, since we are not going to make any babies to help them, we might as well get some sleep.
Nessey: Mavis - doesn't seem a good town to go out in at night.
Nessey: Caelesti - Mavis and I were out last night and sleep this one through.
Nessey: Meanwhile -
Nessey: Carric wants Margie to go to sleep now.
Nessey: Margie says, that is all? That is really all?
Nessey: Carric - take it from me - you are a ruined woman now.
Nessey: Margie - when they inspected me before sending me to this place, they looked in areas you have not.
Nessey: Carric - it is not needed. You are quite a woman and have tired me out! In the morning, say you have slept with no one.
Nessey: Margie says okay and cuddles up naked to Carric in bed and figits.
Nessey: Meanwhile, back in Ursula's room... Yoshi has been fed stimulents.
Nessey: Ursula - "young, nameless, Sir...."
Nessey: Yoshi - "I am Yoshi"
Nessey: Ursula - no, no, you are nobody. Do not break the law.
Nessey: Yoshi apologises.
Nessey: Ursula - young sir, the young says that you as the visiting man must help me possibly become the mother of the unborn.
Nessey: She is gentle and experienced and not shy.
Nessey: Yoshi complies.
Nessey: Next morning....
Nessey: Yoshi stands in the room looking at Ursula with quizzical expression, not understanding what happened.
Nessey: Yoshi puts on his robe.
Nessey: Ursula is sleeping with a smile.
Nessey: Early in the morning, stern official lady is shown in to Carric and Margie's room.
Nessey: Margie sits up and pulls sheet up.
Nessey: Lady says "Has somebody been with you last night?"
Nessey: Margie - nobody has been with me last night.
Nessey: Carric later that night had done the proper deed.
Nessey: Lady is pleased the law was obeyed.
Nessey: Carric is tired.
Nessey: Offical visits Ursula's room.
Nessey: "Was anybody with you last night?"
Nessey: "Nobody was with me last night."
Nessey: Inspector checks Ursula and says the law was upheld there last night. She leave.
Nessey: Yoshi asks Urusla what happened?
Nessey: Ursula says they did their part to help the unborn to be born and will know for sure 9 months from now.
Nessey: Yoshi asks for the Duke.
Nessey: Ursula gives him directions for the center of town.
Nessey: Yoshi asks to bathe.
Nessey: Norma shows Yoshi downstairs.
Nessey: Yoshi wants to meet up with companions. Carric wants to stay a few more nights.
Nessey: Carric cleans up also.
Nessey: Sun is rising.
Nessey: We ladies have a good sleep and get up and have a nice breakfast.
Nessey: Yoshi encounters Carric.
Nessey: Carric - this is a strange place, not that I'm complaining.
Nessey: Yoshi - says let's go find our friends and talk to the Duke about doing something more direct to fix the problem.
Nessey: They head over to our Inn.
Nessey: Carric asks if we had a good sleep.
Nessey: Caelesti and Nessey say the night was uneventful.
Nessey: Yoshi speaks of the ghost.
Nessey: Mavis says, yes, let's get out of here.
Nessey: Yoshi says we need to address the problem.
Nessey: Mavis doesn't want to address the problem the way they suggest.
Nessey: Yoshi blushes.
Nessey: Yoshi says he wants to talk to the Duke about helping out.
Nessey: Carric says we should stay a few months and "help out."
Nessey: Caelesti - how long can we stay before being considered residents?
Nessey: Carric - we will go out and come back in.
Nessey: Mavis - how can you boys talk to the Duke when you are nobody?
Nessey: Yoshi - good point. The ladies should talk to him.
Nessey: Yoshi - Seer might be a fraud or misinterpreted.
Nessey: Caelesti - I don't know a lot about dealing with nobles, but I will give it a try.
Nessey: Caelesti - Nessey should do the talking with the Duke.
Nessey: Yoshi - no, no I was requesting you ask for an audience for ALL of us.
Nessey: Nessey - okay. I'll do that.
Nessey: We break here for breakfast.

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