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Tarrastra Adventure 76

Caelesti's notes




Nessey bribed a guard to gain audience with the Duke. The party asked to be able to investigate the Unborn, and wanted to hear the story of how the spirit came about. The Duke said a drunken necromancer raised the spirit to win a bet. The necromancer then dropped dead. The Duke had the necromancer's body shipped to his brother. The party received permission to investigate.

The party returned to the inns and stayed the day. At dusk, they moved out into the streets and waited for the Unborn. It never showed, though the Duke's Seer did predict it.

In the morning, the party went into the inns and slept. Later, everyone but Nessey went to visit Laggy Nap to receive their free meals for the stories of their town adventures. The party waited indoors for the spirit that night, in order to determine if it didn't show simply because they stayed outdoors. Again, the Unborn did not show. Having solved the problem, the party headed north.

Several days later, the party reached Pfarb Durim. They checked into the Purple Harpy, but had second thoughts.

Nessey's notes

Mavis: Nessey summary:Frivolous recap: Yoshi lost his virginity, in this town. But has he revealed this to Caelesti, Nessey and Mavis? Or are we still wondering why he is going around town blushing all day? Obviously, we party ladies all assume/expect that Carric would "give freely" to the baby cause - for the sake of this town. Caelesti is still in the dark as to how a man is needed to create a baby. But nevertheless she chose not to help, even after saying she would "do anything" to help this town. Lady Nessey, a woman with a name, has been asked, by Yoshi, to request audience for us with the Duke of this town. Mavis has not picked any pockets yet, that we know of, in this town. The ghost of the unborn continues to wail at night in this town. A suspicious and smirky sort of fellow is waiting to buy us dinner whenever we exit this town.
Lady Nessey: We are all set, for now, for next Dargas.
Lady Nessey: We can continue with this group.
Lady Nessey: Vandis will go off and woo Eris for a whle, now he is richer and more alluring
Lady Nessey: We want to see the Duke.
Lady Nessey: Have Yoshi and Carric said they did their duty last night?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi and Carric did NOT kiss and tell. So we ladies are none the wiser. And it does seem peculiar that Yoshi is flushed and blushing today.
Lady Nessey: We decide to go to the Duke's palace.
Lady Nessey: Nessey leads the way to the Duke's palace.
Lady Nessey: A thick and messy wall stands before us.
Lady Nessey: Nessey knocks on the door. A guard opens door.
Lady Nessey: Nessey talks and talks and talks to the Duke.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi reminds Nessey we are here to get an appointment.
Lady Nessey: Guard accuses Nessey of being a pawn.
Lady Nessey: Nessey says she is a very well to do pawn.
Lady Nessey: Guard holds out his hand.
Lady Nessey: Nessey asks Yoshi for a gold piece.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says to give him 25.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti casts a Fly spell on herself.
Lady Nessey: Is she flying yet?
Lady Nessey: Yes.
Lady Nessey: She flies over head of Nessey.
Lady Nessey: Carric are you giving Nessey gold?
Lady Nessey: Yes.
Lady Nessey: Carric puts 25gp in guard's hand.
Lady Nessey: Guard says Duke would be delighted to talk to us and invites us in.
Lady Nessey: leads us into a room and closes the door.
Lady Nessey: Guard comes back and says Duke would be pleased to speak with us.
Lady Nessey: Duke is stout. Well fed. Well dressed.
Lady Nessey: Nessey is leading, followed very closely by Caelesti.
Lady Nessey: Carric comes over and stands protectively next to Nessey.
Lady Nessey: Nessey starts talking about the problem of the ghost.
Lady Nessey: Nessey introduces Mister Nobody and Mister Nobody, her male friends who have ideas for getting rid of the ghost.
Lady Nessey: Duke welcomes us and asks for our ideas, but then says Seers told him otherwise.
Lady Nessey: Carric says there might be a faster way.
Lady Nessey: Carric says future is warm and fuzzy, like his weasel.
Lady Nessey: Okay, he doesn't really say that.
Lady Nessey: Duke says they insulted a Necromancer.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says perhaps they can make amends to Necromancer.
Lady Nessey: Duke says Necromancer was unable to call of the ghost and is now away visiting his cousin.
Lady Nessey: Carric - wants to stay and investigate.
Lady Nessey: Duke says "you two" Carric and Yoshi could help by staying on.
Lady Nessey: Carric says the men and ladies are a team. But he has in mind "not the usual method."
Lady Nessey: Though Carric, personally, is willing to help in "the usual way" too.
Lady Nessey: Duke - what are your skills and strengths? What are your talents?
Lady Nessey: Caelesti pipes up that Carric has been called a Shifter in these parts.
Lady Nessey: Carric says he can shift, heal and energize.
Lady Nessey: Duke is having trouble comprehending Carric's skill set.
Lady Nessey: Duke tries to parse it out. Finds it interesting, at least.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti demonstrates some flying on cue by Carric.
Lady Nessey: Duke says Carric is claiming to be a Dervish and is not.
Lady Nessey: Carric agrees he is not.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti flies and says she is not an Armiger.
Lady Nessey: Duke says lots of people have a little talent in flying.
Lady Nessey: Duke asks if any of us have talent in dead raising.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - why would we talent in dead raising? Perhaps you could tell us how the Necromancer was insulted by you and it might give us some ideas.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - good idea, Nessey.
Lady Nessey: Duke - I did not insult the Necromancer myself!
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - of course not.
Lady Nessey: TWO YEARs ago there was a festival. A Necromancer came to the festival. He was an old man. He raised the dead and made them dance. This bothered some people. He was drinking in a pub called the Dirty Girdle and got into argument with Tavern Keeper. He put a haunting on the Tavern. Summoned Monster Spirit and gorbled in the air Then old Necromancer clutched his chest and fell over dead and I sent him off to my cousin.
Lady Nessey: Haunting he raised when on and howled it's way out of the tavern.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - what makes you think it wants to be born.
Lady Nessey: Other Necromancers and Duke's Seers say it is not a dead spirit but one that needs to be born.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we have been disallowed, your Grace, from investigating this Spirit more directly. Will you let us rid you of this menace.
Lady Nessey: Carric - has anyone tried to interact with this spirit before?
Lady Nessey: Duke - yes, and been scared off.
Lady Nessey: Carric - were they harmed by it?
Lady Nessey: Duke - not physically.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - did they go insane?
Lady Nessey: Duke - yes, who would not.
Lady Nessey: Duke - you are mostly just pawns and not Necromancers. You stand no chance.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - what do we have to lose?
Lady Nessey: Duke - your sanity.
Lady Nessey: Carric - what do YOU have to lose?
Lady Nessey: Duke - nothing, I suppose. But I think you have no chance of succeeding.
Lady Nessey: Carric - would it be possible to speak to your Seer?
Lady Nessey: Duke - you would like to meet with my Seer. yes, fine. he snaps his fingers and speaks to servant and 5 mintues later Seer is brought in.
Lady Nessey: He wears a mask of thin cloth with moth wings over his eyes.
Lady Nessey: Duke says untalented outlanders believe they can put down the ghost.
Lady Nessey: Seer looks at Yoshi and Carric and says - "could happen."
Lady Nessey: Carric says he wants to employ more than 1 method.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks prophesy.
Lady Nessey: Seer - I have seen a child born - bearing this spirit.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - was it a nice child?
Lady Nessey: Seer - how can you tell at birth?
Lady Nessey: Nessey - I am not a Seer.
Lady Nessey: Seer - I have seen that when child is conceived, spirit will haunt no more.
Lady Nessey: Carric - might conception happen in a nonstandard way?
Lady Nessey: Seer - I did not see the conception/
Lady Nessey: Carric - you averted your eyes?
Lady Nessey: Seer - Like all Seeres, I do not chose the visions that come to me.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - so, does the baby look like any of us?
Lady Nessey: Carric - well, none of us are bald.
Lady Nessey: Seer starts - wait! wait!
Lady Nessey: Seer - I seee - that the spirit is no longer active in this town.
Lady Nessey: Seer - your grace, you can send this outlanders out to do as they will. It will be ineffective. That matters not. No more needs to be done.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks more.
Lady Nessey: Seer says Carric does not understand how visions of Seers work.
Lady Nessey: Seer - I see that spirit will no longer haunt streets at night. Grace, do I have leave to go. These uneducated are irksome to me.
Lady Nessey: Duke gives them leave to go.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - do we need persmission (papers) to run out into street if we hear screaming?
Lady Nessey: Duke - you can do so if you wish.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we were prevented last night.
Lady Nessey: Carric - people out of goodness prevented us.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - well, nothing more to do here. Let's go have lunch.
Lady Nessey: We thank the Duke. But the Duke is sure the haunting is over and we could do nothing anyway.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi still wishes to try.
Lady Nessey: We fast forward to tonight.
Lady Nessey: Mavis, at lunch, asks the boys about helping.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - did they ask you boys about staying too?
Lady Nessey: Carric - no, we only have to stay a few mintues.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - so, did you help out, Carric?
Lady Nessey: Carric - I am not one to kiss and tell.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - perhaps there will be a child who looks like you.
Lady Nessey: Carric - I am always happy to help out as I can.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi rushes out at night, rather than spend the night as he did before.
Lady Nessey: No changes in the laws so far.
Lady Nessey: Carric follows reluctantly.
Lady Nessey: the ladies are sure they will come back later. No one wants to be out after dark.
Lady Nessey: We meet in the town square.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - what is your plan, Yoshi?
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - I plan to try Magic Missiles.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - okay, we will cheer you on, Caelesti.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - I don't know that there is anything I can do.
Lady Nessey: yoshi - I can use my fists.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - is that what you used has night?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - you can fight too, Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Sun sets.
Lady Nessey: Everyone clears out of the square except us.
Lady Nessey: (Marc will be found in next region)
Lady Nessey: We feel people shuddering in their dwelings.
Lady Nessey: Nessey draws her Burnose of Thorns more closely around her to prevent being impregnated.
Lady Nessey: It gets darker and darker.
Lady Nessey: A silvery mist rises and floats through the street. It gets damp. Cool. Cold.
Lady Nessey: Source of mist is water vapour from water on ground.
Lady Nessey: Bright moon rises. Bane moon rises (red and writhing with black shapes).
Lady Nessey: Both moons are in the sky so we can see.
Mavis: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Lady Nessey: Ultimate Necromancer's lair.
Lady Nessey: Mist swirls around us.
Lady Nessey: Bright moom raises our Hearts. Bane Moon twists our hearts.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti worsphips goddess of Bright Moon.
Lady Nessey: Nessey still has a hanky with an emboirdered white pig.
Lady Nessey: Eventually moons sink in the sky. No howling.
Lady Nessey: Moons set.
Lady Nessey: It is dark, then dawn.
Lady Nessey: No gorpelling.
Lady Nessey: Carric yearns to be back at the Inn.
Lady Nessey: The sun rises.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - well, Carric, seems like you solved this single handedly, so to speak.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - well, I am tired. Let's sleep for the day and then get on the road.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - Well, it skipped a night.
Lady Nessey: Carric - this is a mystery.
Lady Nessey: Carric someone might have gotten lucky the previous night.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we know of at least two people who did.
Lady Nessey: Town is rousing.
Lady Nessey: Nessey looks suspicously at Yoshi and Carric and goes back and sleeps all day.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - from what I understand, you could have had a fun night with female company. Instead you dragged us out here to waiti in the cold and damp.
Lady Nessey: Carric - maybe tomorrow night just Yoshi and I can stay out here.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - let's just run out IF we hear something.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - I don't want to confront it without the full group.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - what if only Carric and Caelesti stay out at night.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - what if we sleep until late afternoon and then depart.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - yes, let us go get that free meal from --
Mavis: Laggy Nap
Lady Nessey: Laggy Nap is going to buy us dinner.
Lady Nessey: Has the town interpreted that the ghost is gone?
Lady Nessey: Or is Carric's lady friend still interested?
Lady Nessey: They show Carric to her room, but she is not there and he can sleep undisturbed.
Lady Nessey: They show Yoshi to Ursula's room. She is not there.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is wary and lies down on the rug and sleeps.
Lady Nessey: We all sleep in our respective Inns.
Lady Nessey: Late in afternoon, ladies get up and head down to common room.
Lady Nessey: Madame - Did you hear, the Unborn did not go through the streets last night? Our curse has been raised.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - I told you our brave male companions would be happy to help.
Lady Nessey: Carric wants to stay another night, indoors, to "test the theory."
Lady Nessey: Nessey hangs out in the Common Room, has a drink, puts her feet up.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - let's go get our male friends and get that free dinner.
Lady Nessey: Mavis heads over to guys Inn and Norma says Yoshi and Carric are still there. They came in after dawn. She brings down Carric and Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti is with Mavis.
Lady Nessey: Mavis wants to go get dinner with Laggy.
Lady Nessey: Carric wants to stay another night at the Inn.
Lady Nessey: Mavis rolls her eyes. She asks Yoshi what he thinks.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says it is best to stay another night, just in case.
Lady Nessey: Mavis winks at Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi stops and looks at Carric.
Lady Nessey: Carric - My motives are for what is best for this town.
Lady Nessey: Carric - Between your looks and Mavis's eye winking, there is too much eye stuff going on between you.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - I am worried that some "untoward" may happen again.
Lady Nessey: Carric - do not worry about that.
Lady Nessey: Carric - everything will be on the Up and Up.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says he will stay in the Common Room.
Lady Nessey: They leave the town at the opposite end. They go to the Inn NamedEarlier.
Lady Nessey: Traveler's Joy.
Mavis: lagniape
Lady Nessey: He says - Ahh, I see 4 of the 5 of you have come through the city. I would not have expected that other person to stay in the town. But, hmnnnn.
Lady Nessey: I will buy you dinner and you must tell me of your experiences in the town.
Lady Nessey: Carric agrees.
Lady Nessey: Carric says it was a stranger place than expected. He expected a normal town with normal customs.
Lady Nessey: Carric says it started being greeted at the gate and told to be Nobody.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - well done. Well done.
Lady Nessey: Carric says he was reluctant to engage in some customs of the town, but didn't want to get anyone in trouble.
Lady Nessey: Laggy asks Yoshi if he was also reluctant.
Lady Nessey: Carric says Yoshi was probably reluctant to the point of inaction.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says he was 'discomforted'
Lady Nessey: Carric says the difference is that he allowed himself to presuaded for the betterment of the town.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi just blushes.
Lady Nessey: Carric speaks of howling outside in the street and that following day they talked to Duke. And relates that conversation.
Lady Nessey: Carric of speaks of "less conventional manners" of helping.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - I can not imagine that Duke was impressed with that.
Lady Nessey: Carric agrees and says Duke still let them stay out at night.
Lady Nessey: Carric says they did not get eaten by the Spirit of the Unborn. He says even other companion, who is not there, was not eaten, but is eating back at Inn in town.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - all early stages of it.
Lady Nessey: Carric - there was no ghost that night.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - why, do you think?
Lady Nessey: Carric - because we were outside and it was intimidated.
Lady Nessey: Laggy to Yoshi - So, you think the spirit did not appear because you did not obey the rules of the town? He winks at Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says nothing and does not blush either. He is just at sea.
Lady Nessey: Carric says other possibility is that there is not a spirit at all. He says the nightly customs might have been started as advantageous to certain people at expense of others and might be a grand hoax.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti - that means the men are bring raped.
Lady Nessey: (She is suddenly not as innocent as she otherwise acts.)
Lady Nessey: Carric - well, we are the weapons of good and no sacrifice is too great for the chance to do good. Okay. i am cheapened and abused. But I am staying for me.
Lady Nessey: Yohsi - i was upholding the law.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - Are you saying we should stay and uphold the law some more?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we have been given latitude by the Duke and no longer have to uphold the law in the way we did the night before.
Lady Nessey: Carric - we must stay and get more information in whatever way we can.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - how many nights more?
Lady Nessey: Carric - whatever personal sacrifice I must make and however degrading, I just try to help, for the greater good.
Lady Nessey: Laggy says we are a breed apart. We have Betand's greater good in mind as we do whatever is necessary. He recommends we spend a couple nights more "doing what needs to be done."
Lady Nessey: Carric - as a Local, your opinion of value to me. Do you think the haunting is a hoax?
Lady Nessey: Laggy - No, I have heard about the Necromancer.
Lady Nessey: Carric - why was body shipped to the Duke's brother? Is he a Necromancer?
Lady Nessey: Laggy - I don't know. but the brother lives in Poffle and you know what they say about Poffle. He is in service of Blourbast, which I should not have said.
Lady Nessey: (Blourbast the Ghoul)
Lady Nessey: Caelesti says Blourbast the Ghoul probably likes drunken dead Necromancers.
Lady Nessey: Laggy pales and says "Do not use or misuse the names of the evil ones from Poffle."
Lady Nessey: Carric says how to most people react to this town.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - they smile and want to come back, but proceed on their way.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - I especially like to talk to people who are new to the town and have had the typical experience and are smiling.
Lady Nessey: Carric - we interested in going back and solving the problem - which means you might have less interesting travelers after we have done our thing.
Lady Nessey: They have a good meal and head back into town.
Lady Nessey: Laggy smirks at Carric.
Lady Nessey: Carric - wish me luck.
Lady Nessey: Laggy - I'm sure you will get lucky.
Lady Nessey: We spend tonight inside the Inns.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi wants to sleep by the front door and be ready to rush out.
Lady Nessey: Norma - says Ursula expects Yoshi tonight.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi refused to go up and see Ursula.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks after Margie.
Lady Nessey: Magie - Oh, you came back. I was expecting to see you last night.
Lady Nessey: Carric - We went outside, but there was no unborn.
Lady Nessey: Margie - I slept peacefully. It was warm and comfortable in here.
Lady Nessey: Carric - it was cold and miserable out there.
Lady Nessey: Margie - throws her arms about Carric. Oh, you poor man. I'm sure you had the best of intentions. But obviously it did not do any good. I am glad you are here. I have lots of questions for you. I am "awakened."
Lady Nessey: Carric - If I say so myself, I know quite a lot about the ways of nature. I will explain and demonstrate all.
Lady Nessey: They kiss. Fade out.
Lady Nessey: Things are well in hand
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is by the door.
Lady Nessey: Norma - Are you going to bed?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi _ I am watching.
Lady Nessey: Norma - it may be just as well. Ursula is feeling a little queasey.
Lady Nessey: She is willing to see you again, though.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is aware of what Norma is saying.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is allowed to watch all night.
Lady Nessey: It is a restful night for all by Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Unborn does not wail in the street that night.
Lady Nessey: Problem is probably solved.
Lady Nessey: The next morning, everyone but Yoshi is smiling and comfortable and rested.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is feeling tired.
Lady Nessey: He did sleep in the afternoon, but is tired
Lady Nessey: Carric is tired too, but in a good way.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is very anxious to depart.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks about next town.
Lady Nessey: Mavis says Pfarb Durim.
Lady Nessey: Norma says they can get to an Inn if they leave now, before dusk.
Lady Nessey: Carric says goodbye to Margie. She throws her arms around Carric and is sorry he is going.
Lady Nessey: Carric - sorry too, but has important matters and must protect his companions from bad judgements.
Lady Nessey: Margie - do stop in. Now that the Bornless appears to have been conceived. She stops and raises hands to her mouth - I don't know if we can meet the same way.
Lady Nessey: Carric - ahh, now "nobody" need visit you.
Lady Nessey: Margie - Exactly.
Lady Nessey: Carric - we will have to see what happens.
Lady Nessey: Margie asks his name.
Lady Nessey: Carric - some people call me Carric.
Lady Nessey: Margie repeats it several times and says she will still be happy to see him even over Nobody.
Lady Nessey: Carric beams and hopes to pass this way again.
Lady Nessey: "Come this way again" is what he actually says.
Lady Nessey: Margie - says be careful of Pfarb Durim. Everyone knows that.
Lady Nessey: Margie whispers his name lovingly. She beams at him and carresses him and hugs him, but he does manage to tear himself away.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi is afraid to come back here in 9 months.
Lady Nessey: See map.
Lady Nessey: Okay.
Lady Nessey: Usula does not rush out to pester Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Carric - there might be an infant in a monk's costume.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - well we did get rid of the ghost.
Lady Nessey: Maybe it had to be a virgin man to vanquish the ghost.
Lady Nessey: Good job, Yoshi!
Lady Nessey: Yoshi has "popped" in a sort of way.
Lady Nessey: But we have not really gone up a level.
Lady Nessey: Margie might have gone up a level for defeating an 8th level Druid.
Lady Nessey: We head out, whistling.
Lady Nessey: We are heading to Pfarb Durim
Lady Nessey: It is near Poffle. No one says why Pfarb is scary. Perhaps only because it is close to Poffle.
Lady Nessey: The type print is too small for me, I'm afraid. I will have to print it out on printer eventually. Not now, of course. Even though you can't hear me anyway.
Lady Nessey: We check into the first Inn we find before dusk.
Lady Nessey: What is the name of this Inn, Sir.
Lady Nessey: Inn Keeper?
Lady Nessey: And what is your name, Sir?
Lady Nessey: The Black Basalisk.
Mavis: Michel
Lady Nessey: Carric says he heard it was a good Inn.
Lady Nessey: 30 miles between town, generally, as that is how far one can go on a horse.
Lady Nessey: Carric jokes about it being a monster. But Michel says it is a domain to the south and west.
Lady Nessey: He says no gamesman of the SW Black Basalisk has stayed there yet. He should have chosen one closer.
Lady Nessey: His father had dealings with Black Basalisks long ago. But they are much diminished.
Lady Nessey: He describes very, very unappealing freezing and killing abilities of Black Basalisks.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - so why would you want to name your town after that?
Lady Nessey: Michal- to stay on their good sides.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks for two rooms - one for girls, one for boys. Girls is bigger and better. Boys is smaller and worser.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi goes straight to sleep.
Lady Nessey: Carric is a little sleepy too.
Lady Nessey: But Carric checks out the Common Room.
Lady Nessey: he looks around for female travelers or others of note.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks about area nearby. Keeper shudders - that is Shifter territory.
Lady Nessey: Carric smiles.
Lady Nessey: He says Shifters don't go to Pfarb
Lady Nessey: He says it is an ancient town.
Lady Nessey: Keeper says Normal people do not go to Poffle. He is familar (from personal experience or reputation) with Betand.
Lady Nessey: We stay over night without incident.
Lady Nessey: We stay at other Inns over the course of 3 or 4 days.
Lady Nessey: We finally come to a large city which looks stange and Alien.
Lady Nessey: Walls are angled.
Lady Nessey: Gate has odd non-bilateral opening.
Lady Nessey: No bilateral symetry to anything.
Lady Nessey: Carric leads us to approach the gate.
Lady Nessey: Mavis still has her horse.
Lady Nessey: We have been trading as we go. We traded in School Town - much acquired there.
Lady Nessey: Mavis accumulated much "for us."
Lady Nessey: We get to gates of Pfarb.
Lady Nessey: Guards come out.
Lady Nessey: they do not have 6 fingers as we fear.
Lady Nessey: So what next?
Lady Nessey: So, describe the guards. They are tall lanky and angular.
Lady Nessey: The guards say, ahhhh, travelers from the south. What is your destination?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - PfarbD
Lady Nessey: They say, ahhh, you have come to stay?
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - just for the day.
Lady Nessey: Guards - where are you from ?
Lady Nessey: Carric - Xammer.
Lady Nessey: Guards - you are welcome. Are you staying long?
Lady Nessey: Carric - we don't know. Probably only a short visit.
Lady Nessey: Guards - very good, do you know where you are going to stay.
Lady Nessey: Carric - no.
Lady Nessey: Guards - Stay at the Purple Harpy.
Lady Nessey: Carric - we will.
Lady Nessey: Carric - thank you.
Lady Nessey: Guards - pleased to help.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks directions and receives them.
Lady Nessey: Caelesti is impressed with the big city and asks about local "must see" sights of interest.
Lady Nessey: Guards - take a tour of the walls and view of lands around.
Lady Nessey: We head north on road, take sharp second left. See sign of ugle barebreasted female creature with wings in ugly purplish color.
Lady Nessey: Carric - this looks like my kind a place!
Lady Nessey: As we approach, a young beggar lad comes up and coughs and asks for alms.
Lady Nessey: Carric gives him a copper piece and he throws up on Carric's hand and ambles off.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - you should have healed him.
Lady Nessey: Carric is all phlemy.
Lady Nessey: Mavis - too late now.
Lady Nessey: We approach the Inn.
Lady Nessey: We knock and woman opens the door and is happy to see newcomers.
Lady Nessey: They serve newcomers here.
Lady Nessey: She looks at Carric, up and down, and wrinkles her nose, but lets him in anyway.
Lady Nessey: Carric asks for a hygiene spell. Mavis does not have one to offer.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi asks for a bath.
Mavis: I am Pantiquod
Lady Nessey: (Little Miss Four Pants)
Lady Nessey: Or something.
Lady Nessey: Quod is not quad - though is good ignorant person's idea.
Lady Nessey: She is rich - she has more undies than anyone else in this town.
Lady Nessey: We pause here.
Lady Nessey: Nessey looks for a place to park her horse.
Lady Nessey: Perfectly good low class Inn.
Lady Nessey: The rooms are seedy. They have palates with straw mattresses and cracked basins and pitchers of water.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - I don't want to stay here. Can we stay somewhere else.
Lady Nessey: Carric - you want to stay someone better.
Lady Nessey: Nessey - yes.
Lady Nessey: Misss less than 4 panties is huffy and thinks Nessey a snob.
Lady Nessey: Little Miss Panty Bunch doesn't want to stay here, oh, oh.
Lady Nessey: Carric recalls a woman named Little Miss No Panty, with fondness.
Lady Nessey: Carric says it is getting dark.
Lady Nessey: Nessey says let's go outside the town and sleep in a tent.
Lady Nessey: Carric - we can set watches if you don't trust this place.
Lady Nessey: Mavis the guards will be suspicious, especially if you aren't wearing panties.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi - we can take care of ourselves.
Lady Nessey: IF there is a battle, don't go looking for one, says Yoshi.
Lady Nessey: Yoshi says he doesn't care. He is used to the basics.

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