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Tarrastra Adventure 28

Caelesti's notes




The party was ready to find the next portal. Siobhan and Carric both carried the spell Detect Crossroads. Carric worked to get reasonably close to the portal, based on the map, to get within range of the spell.

Still a distance from the portal, the party camped for the night. The night was uneventful.

After morning preparations, Carric led the party the rest of the way to the portal. Starting with Carric, everyone passed through, answering various questions posed by the guardian.

While the rest of the party contemplated the swamp, Grimble scouted the nearby area, scanning for a shard with the Magic Arrow, but found nothing but more swamp. The rest of the group changed into their best swampwear and started heading toward the next portal, hoping to run across the shard on the way, but attempting to find the next portal in any case. As the party traveled, they kept a special lookout for relatively dry areas that might allow for a decent night's sleep; some watched for encounters as well.

Caelesti noticed that the insect sounds suddenly got quiet and commented on that. Tan-kurun flew about looking for creatures, spotting something, and indicating the direction by swooping and squawking. As the party looked about, they found themselves surrounded by four giant frogs, apparently large enough to swallow people whole.

Talon started singing to inspire courage in the party. Grimble cast Lesser Confusion on the frogs, but affected none. Caelesti successfully cast Sleep on one. Siobhan cast Sound Burst on one, stunning and damaging it. Carric started a summoning spell.

Talon shot at one with a crossbow, but missed. Frogs shot their tongues out toward Carric and Talon, but both missed. Grimble shot an arrow at one and missed. Caelesti put another frog to sleep. Siobhan cast another Sound Burst on the same one, damaging it some more. Carric's summoned crocodile appeared and tail-slapped the frog nearest him; Carric finished off the frog with his new magic scimitar.

Talon shot an arrow at a sleeping one, but missed. The last awake frog shot its tongue out at Siobhan, but missed. Caelesti finished it off with Magic Missiles. Carric sent his crocodile out to finish off the two sleeping frogs.

After the battle, the party was able to find a reasonable spot to camp.

Talon's notes

After an alarming discussion of giant mosquittos (such as the rest of the party has encountered in swamps before) - Talon cut off two or three (depending on how many were intact enough) of the long, sticky frog tongues and dragged them up the hillock where we are making our camp. She has secured her hammock between two trees and drapped the tongues, sticky side out, over nearby branches as a kind of natural "fly paper."

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