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Tarrastra Adventure 101

Caelesti's notes




Carric kept the mastodon alive but unconscicous. The ruffian leader, Albere was saved similarly. The party searched the bodies. Big Johann had 1400gp, three gems (100, 50, 50 gps), a large greataxe +1, a large chainmail +1, a Potion of Bull's Strength, and a Potion of CSW. Albere had gems and potions. The ogres, between them, had 100 pp, 250 gp, 1500 sp, a gem, a large masterwork javelin, and a large masterwork club.

The party brought Albere back to town, but discovered most of the town fled their seemingly impending doom. Sean and his sister, Nuala, put the party up at their house for the evening.

In the morning, a few subdued villagers were out and about. Caelesti greeted them cheerfully, and they seemed to shrink out of sight. Sean and Nuala cooked the party a fine breakfast. The party left the village in their hands.

The party returned to Smokey the Mastodon. Carric said he was going to bring it around with cures. Caelesti cast Fly on herself and flew out of its reach. Carric continued to cast CLW Spells on Smokey until his eyes opened. Carric spoke with Smokey, who seemed to accept Carric as his new master.

The party headed off toward Istivin. Outside the city, the party could see that part of the city was surrounded by a large dark sphere. Carric convinced Smokey to graze in a farmer's field while they entered the city. The guards who witnessed Carric controlling the mastodon asked the party if they were adventurers. Caelesti identified the part as The Weapons of Good, who adventure to do good. The guards escorted the party to the King's agent.

The King's agent, Lord Lashton, spoke (it wasn't really a greeting) with the party. He said that adventures were required to follow his orders, and the orders of those he assigns them to. He, and other robed leaders, explained the city's problems, the large black sphere surrounding the citadel, and the giants. Lord Lashton wanted the party to stop the giant attacks, and he would deal with the sphere. Lord Lashton let the party speak with the sage, Algorthas, for five minutes. Algorthas told the party where to set up a base camp, and to run raiding missions from there, keeping care not to lead the giants back to the camp.

The party then went to see their contact at the Temple of Arianrhod. The Priestess spoke to the party. She said the sphere was growing, believes its appearance is associated with the organized giant attacks, and gave the party a guided tour. The sphere had a twiny texture like the one they found near Rowansmede.

Nessey's notes

Scribe: The DM Laments that none of the PCs died yet in this campaign.
Scribe: Carric is taunted about his lack of concern for Smokey the mastadon.
Scribe: The DM suggests Smokey as Carric's animal companion, but he is not at level 15 yet.
Scribe: And he would need to be at 16th level.
Scribe: Sean tells Yoshi that we have rescued the village, but he is afraid they are not going to be grateful.
Scribe: Yoshi - why?
Scribe: Sean - did you notice no one else lifted a finger to help?
Scribe: Yoshi - yes.
Scribe: Carric - we thought they were just afraid.
Scribe: Sean - they are a strange bunch.
Scribe: Yoshi - well, if they do not have the grace to be grateful...
Scribe: Sean - Please do not destroy our village, oh great one!
Scribe: Yoshi - I am not in the habit of doing so, unless seriously provoked.
Scribe: Talon - Yoshi is often provoked. ;-) (wink)
Scribe: Sean - Oh, great one, please, please...
Scribe: Carric - it is okay. We are not here to destroy.
Scribe: Caelesti - what about Albere?
Scribe: Yoshi - we must present him to the village for justice.
Scribe: We debate burying the bodies or not.
Scribe: Talon says the villagers should do the labor themselves, since they have not helped yet.
Scribe: What about the mastadon?
Scribe: Carric has decided to heal it. But Caelesti may want to Magic MIssile it. Don't know why.
Scribe: Talon thinks it would be neat for Carric to polymorph it into a weasel and put it in his bag.
Scribe: Carric says he could do that spell tomorrow.
Scribe: Mastadon is stablized but unconscious and we leave it sleeping as we head back to town.
Scribe: We get to town and the houses are mostly empty.
Scribe: Residents have fled to avoid their doom.
Scribe: But first or later we loot the bodies of our attackers.
Scribe: Johan has 3 gems and 1400gp.
Scribe: He has a +1 large greataxe. Bigger than any of us can handle.
Scribe: He has +1 large chain mail.
Scribe: A potion of color.
Scribe: Bull's Strength. And, another potion - of Cure Serious Wounds.
Scribe: Albere is not carrying any money.
Scribe: He is carrying a few gems and 3 potions. Cure Moderate and two Cure Lights.
Scribe: Among the 6 Ogres = sacks of 100 platinum, 250 gold, 1500 silvers, a gem (moss agate), masterwork javeline and club.
Scribe: Javeline and club are large/ogre sized.
Scribe: Other mundane ogreish personal items.
Scribe: We discuss how to find the townsfolk.
Scribe: Talon suggests we take from the oppressor - Albere and give to the needy - us or others in town.
Scribe: Yoshi is quite grumpy about it. He does not want to apply justice. He wants town to do it.
Scribe: Carric offers Sean first dibs on the mastadon. But Sean is gracious and allows Carric to keep the mastadon.
Scribe: Sean and his sister can promote justice when the villagers return.
Scribe: Carric says to threaten the villagers with the Weapons of Good if they do not shape up.
Scribe: But we are going to move on.
Scribe: Talon wants to move on, until Sean offers to put us up for the night. Then Talon is very anxious to stay and sing for Sean.
Scribe: Talon shows off her scales and brags about her grandmother who was a dragon.
Scribe: Sean says Talon led the battle and that is what the village will remember.
Scribe: Sean is glad to lead Talon to a private room. His room. And she brings the keg of mead and berries and frosted cakes and skimpy clothes and her musical instruments. And she entertains Sean, privately, all night.
Torin: Yoshi: should be a multiclass monk/rake
Scribe: Yoshi is sorry he is so devloted to his faith and celibacy.
Scribe: Nuala, the barmaid, is grateful to Carric and invites him up to her private room to "fill her in."
Scribe: Nuala thinks Carric must have been leading the battle...
Scribe: Yoshi turns his head towards Caelesti and raises an eyebrow. Caelesti may or may not notice. She seems to be sarcasm impared.
Scribe: Torin and Caelesti discuss their goddess. Yoshi meditates in sex-free joy.
Scribe: virtue is its own reward for Yoshi. The rest of us receive gratitude of a more physical kind.
Scribe: Except Caelesti and Torin, who regale each other with stories of daring-do.
Scribe: Yoshi misses Mavis. He likes the Bad Girl type.
Scribe: Sean and Nuala left the rest of the party some food before they retired to private chambers.
Scribe: Therefore Caelesti does not have a reason to barge in on private happenings and ask.
Scribe: No watches over night. No incidents.
Scribe: In the morning, some subdued townsfolk are lurking around and eying this house.
Scribe: Caelesti says Hi brightly. Man slinks away.
Scribe: Talon is happy and bouncy this morning.
Scribe: Talon is chipper, flushed, and happy. Carric comes into the common room - exhausted and pale - Nuala looking happy and bouncy behind him.
Scribe: Sean is looking happy and tired.
Scribe: Talon is the most bouncy of the people who were not alone last night.
Scribe: Caelesti is out wandering the town.
Scribe: Talon - oh, I could use a BIG breakfast.
Scribe: Nuala offers to cook.
Scribe: Nuala asks Sean to help her.
Scribe: Sean starts to say that her job and catches her glance and goes off and helps cook. It is a very good breakfast.
Scribe: All enjoy the fine breakfast. Caelesti comes back just in time as it is ready and about to be served.
Scribe: Caelesti does extended mage armor on herself.
Scribe: Sean asks how we are going to deal with the town?
Scribe: Caelesti ask for clarification.
Scribe: Sean says what will we tell them, advise them?
Scribe: Caelesti - just that bad guys are defeated and they don't have to hide unless something else bad comes along.
Scribe: Sean - so you would advise them to hide again?
Scribe: Caelesti - they probably will. If they can't win, it's better to hide.
Scribe: Sean brags about how Talon led the group to victory.
Scribe: Talon says her singing was very motivational.
Scribe: Sean says it was Talon's leadership.
Scribe: Talon says, yes, because Caelesti is tone deaf.
Scribe: Sean toasts us all with a glass of juice.
Scribe: Nuala disagrees and is about the correct the story, when Yoshi says it is time to go.
Scribe: Talon says, give me a kiss, Sean, bye bye, I will remember you in my stories and you can remember me in yours.
Scribe: Nuala thanks Carric in her way, per her perspective.
Scribe: Nuala tells Caelesti she can come back too, any time she wants, cause she did a good job too (though not great like Carric).
Scribe: We leave before an argument happends.
Scribe: Caelesti wants to catch up with the neutral giants and give them the large weapons.
Scribe: The rest of us point out that Giants have long legs and cover a lot of ground and are likely far away by now, in opposite direction.
Scribe: Talon suggests we have Smokey carry the big stuff.
Scribe: We return and find that Smokey is still sleeping.
Scribe: Caelesti cast fly only on herself.
Scribe: Herself only.
Scribe: Carric briings Smokey to consciousness with a gentle bedside manner.
Scribe: His large eyes slowy open and see Carric.
Scribe: Carric casts two Cure Lights.
Scribe: Caelesti hovers 30' above.
Torin rolls d2: (d2) : [1] = 1
Scribe: Smokey is feeling weak.
Carric rolls Wild Empathy: (d20+14) : [2 + 14] = 16
Scribe: Smokey is a boy. He is feeling very confused.
Scribe: He remains confused.
Scribe: Yoshi wants treasure division while Carric is tending Smokey.
Scribe: Yoshi is anxious for the potion of Bull's Strength.
Scribe: Potion of Enlarge person, 1/4 of person, rub on oil, needs to be made for Yoshi.
Scribe: Smokey meets eyes of friendly Druid and is feeling friendly now, though a bit confused.
Scribe: Smokey nudges Carric with his tusk. 1d4 friendly damage.
Scribe: Carric feeds the mastadon some grass and grains.
Scribe: Talon offers her unlimitted feed bag, left over from Tintin, to help out Smokey.
Scribe: Everlasting Feedbag = place around muzzle of animal. Mastadon too big.
Scribe: Can't do it?
Scribe: Can't. Ergo, Carric has to rustle up some food.
Carric rolls CLW: (d8+5) : [5 + 5] = 10
Scribe: Talon suggests Carric heal up Smokey some more.
Carric rolls Wild Empathy: (d20+14) : [5 + 14] = 19
Scribe: And Torin suggests he do another Wild Empathy.
Scribe: Smokey is still friendly.
Scribe: We proceed towards next town =
Torin: Head towards Istivin
Scribe: Our destination, per our assignment.
Scribe: We travel along.
Scribe: Carric seeks a place to release the mastadon.
Scribe: We do not find such a place. It is getting more and more inhabitted at we go along.
Scribe: Carric asks for command words in Giantish. But Talon suggests he do Talk with Animals.
Scribe: Carric does to and talks with Smokey about commands and tricks he might know.
Scribe: Mastadon says he was good friends with Johan.
Scribe: He had fun stomping and goring with Johan.
Scribe: He asks where Carric wants him to stomp and gore. That is his purpose for which he was made. He sees a large village in the distance and yearns to break its walls and stomp and gore.
Scribe: He mentions a large black blot on the village we are approaching.
Scribe: A large black sphere surrounds part of the town we are approaching.
Scribe: Yoshi suggests that we need to leave Smokey safely out of town.
Scribe: Smokey does not want to be parted from Carric.
Scribe: He is aghast that Carric Master does not want immediate stomping and goring.
Scribe: Smokey starts stomping right now in anticipation.
Scribe: Talon and Tictok move away.
Scribe: Talon suggests Smokey's spirit needs to stomp in Heaven.
Scribe: Yoshi says ivory and bluber are worth a lot of money.
Scribe: Carric forbids Smokey from stomping and goring until told to do so, even if that means he does not stomp or gore for a very long time.
Scribe: Carric didn't bring Baleful Polymorph.
Scribe: Carric refuses to let Smokey stomp anyone in the party.
Scribe: Smokey says he will behave as long as he gets to stomp soon.
Scribe: Yoshi feels the mastadon can not be trusted and can not come into town with us. Talon actually agrees with Yoshi here!
Scribe: Smokey asks if Carric wants him to graze for a while? Carric says yes and points Smokey to a nearby field.
Scribe: We go on and approach guard at the gate. He welcomes us.
Scribe: Guard asks if we were arguing with an elephant. Guard says we would not have been allowed to bring it into the town.
Scribe: He asks if we are adenturers.
Scribe: Caelesti says yes, we are the Weapons of Good.
Scribe: Guard is pleased.
Scribe: All Adventurers are conscripted to help the city or arrested if not willing.
Scribe: He says anyone who argues with elephants are clearly powerful adventurers.
Scribe: We are escorted to a mansion.
Torin: Manor of Algorthas
Scribe: who is putting up the King's agent.
Torin: "lead them to Lashton"
Scribe: Guards who escort us introduce us as Adventurers and say we must to be led to
Scribe: Servant obeys.
Scribe: Tictok is stabled by a page boy.
Scribe: Tan Kuran stays out to keep Tictok company.
Scribe: Carric asks guards about Big Black Sphere. He shudders and says to ask within.
Scribe: We are led to a room with 3 other people.
Scribe: Short man with robe of stars and planets. Another man who is wearing a long black robe, unmarked, with belt of robe and holy symbol around neck. Third man in long grey unmarked robe, he has lined features and long grey hair.
Scribe: They all look up with interest as we arrive.
Scribe: Guard says, My Lord Lashton, Adventurers have arrived.
Scribe: The one in robe of stars and planets steps forward and looks at us with interest.
Scribe: He asks us to identify ourselves and our mission and tells us we will have to follow orders and recognise authority given him and obey patrols of troops.
Scribe: Carric does not recognize the ring as authority of any kind he knows.
Scribe: He says we must be his underlings.
Scribe: Carric says we have no problem obeying authority, of course.
Scribe: The perhaps Wizard is very arrogant with us. He says they have the problem of the Large Orb and the Giants.
Scribe: He holds out his ring and aks us to swear we will obey him.
Scribe: Yoshi says we will do what is best for the town.
Scribe: Wiz says he thinks that is good enough.
Scribe: He quizzes Carric further.
Scribe: Talon says we have been sent by Temple of Arianrhod. We report to them, but are happy to be subserviant to Wiz otherwise.
Scribe: Wiz is a bit shaken, but covers it, by mention of Arianrhod. He scoffs, but accepts this.
Scribe: Grey robed guy = says = The Nation of Sterik has always had to deal with the dangers of the nonhuman population in the Western mountains.
Scribe: Giants have raided small western towns for years.
Scribe: Recently, the number and size of the Giant raids has increased dramatically and is more coordinated than is normal for the Giant brutes. Several Giant leaders have emerged who are well organized and seek genocide on the humans.
Scribe: He says a fearsome spell has befallen the city, cutting off their normal leadership. They say it happened a fortnight ago. He says some say it is the fault of meddling in archane matters that are too powerful (he glares at Wiz). To strangers the sphere appears solid as rock. Those who are native born can enter the sphere, though, but then are never seen again.
Scribe: So, says the Wiz, we have this large sphere of something, but I am on it. I am sure i will figure it out.
Scribe: Wiz - Giants are attacking and they appear to have some other directon behind their actions.
Scribe: Cleric or Monk speaks up, Randos is his name.
Scribe: Randos says he heard some things about Giant headquarters.
Scribe: He suggests we/ our party deal with the sphere.... But Wiz objects very arrogantly.
Scribe: Randos says we might seek out Giants then. Jotens - mountain range to the south is likey Giant headquarters.
Scribe: He says who-ever defeats the giants will get their loot as reward.
Scribe: He asks Wiz to agree... repeatedly.
Scribe: Wiz - yes, yes, yes, and no tax from the town.
Scribe: Wiz says we should go off and take care of Giants right away.
Scribe: We agree.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive: (d20+12+4+5) : [7 + 12 + 4 + 5] = 28
Scribe: Yoshi does a Sense Motive and thinks Lashton is out for himelf and his own glory.
Scribe: Talon says we should ask Randos to describe the Giants and how they fight.
Scribe: Lashton refuses to let us talk to Randos. We can talk to the Sage.
Torin: Cleric= Randos, Sage = Algorthas
Scribe: He allows us 5 mintues alone with Algorthas.
Scribe: Carric asks what is up with Lashton.
Scribe: Algorthas says Lashton is an idiot sent by King, since Earl is not available.
Scribe: Algorthas says we should go look at Sphere ourselves.
Scribe: He says anything we find will be reported to King as Lashton's discovery.
Scribe: We ask about Giants.
Scribe: Talon asks about their features and whether they throw rocks or thunderbolts.
Scribe: He says they are big and throw rocks. He is not more specific.
Scribe: he gets out a map for us and shows us a mountain range to the south.
Scribe: he says somewhere there is the Stedding of the Giants.
Scribe: He says Lashton has not chosen to interview the patrols who figured out where the giants are. I have interviewed them.
Scribe: Talon asks how many Giants there are in a typical attack? He says 6 to 12. He says probably 100 at the headquarters.
Scribe: Caelesti asks if we kill just the leaders - would the town be able to handle raids of old? He says yes.
Scribe: He points to area 80 miles wide and 100 miles south of here and says it is somewhere there.
Scribe: Crystalmus Mountains hold other annoying nonhumans. But lately problem is coming from the Jonas range to the south
Scribe: He advises us to find a place to camp which is secure and says we can make raids from our camp so long as we do not leave trails back to our camp. Perhaps that is what his patrols do.
Scribe: Talon asks if anyone has touched the sphere and what happens.
Scribe: He says people not from here can touch it and it is hard and does not hurt to touch.
Scribe: He says if we come back, and he hopes we do, Lashton will take credit for our deeds.
Scribe: Yoshi asks for dirctions to Temple of Arianrhod. We are fotunate that that temple has not been engulfed by the large sphere.
Scribe: We lead to door of mansion and shown out.
Scribe: A guard points in direction of Temple of Arianrhod.
Scribe: We head there.
Scribe: We were given permission to leave our mule at the mansion. But Talon wants to leave our mule at the temple.
Scribe: The residents of the temple are expecting us and are delighted.
Scribe: We are led to the Priestess.
Scribe: She says the sphere is growng each day. There are only weeks until it reaches the temple.
Scribe: It may engulf the whole world.
Scribe: She invites us to look at it close up.
Scribe: She says it is unnatural. She blames Cerridwen.
Scribe: Arianrhod is communicating that the sphere is a sending of Cerridwen. That mortals must come and deal with it.
Scribe: yoshi says we must deal with the Giants first.
Scribe: Talon says we fear it might be a Mind Flayer like creature from the Bane Moon.
Scribe: Caelesti says - Duh.
Scribe: Yoshi says he suspects the Giant attacks and Sphere are connected.
Scribe: Priestess leads us to the Sphere. People pause to be blessed as she goes by.
Yoshi rolls Ability:Intelligence: (d20+0) : [14] = 14
Carric rolls Stat - INT: (d20+2) : [20 + 2] = 22
Scribe: It looks like a big black ball of twine - very organic in appearance.
Scribe rolls Intelligence - 18: (d20+4) : [12 + 4] = 16
Caelesti rolls d20: (d20) : [13] = 13
Scribe: Carric thinks it looks like sphere from Bane Moon. Organic and fibrous.
Scribe: This one is black, Other one was not.
Scribe: Talon - told you so.
Scribe: Yoshi - that's still a jump.
Scribe: Carric reaches out his hand - Priestess says, don't touch, well okay, you might be okay, but I would be drawn into it. And it is growing maybe 5ft a day.
Scribe: Priestess thinks Sphere is bigger problem, but understands we have been told to go after Giants first.
Scribe: Talon asks her to take care of our mule for us.
Scribe: Yoshi scoffs
Scribe: He is afraid Lashton will take offense if we move our mule.
Scribe: We are directed to an appropriate Inn. We can make plans and go on in the morning
Scribe: We pause here in the game.
Scribe: We think we are up against Hill Giants.

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