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Tarrastra Adventure 98

Caelesti's notes




The party questioned Mavis about her orders, but she seemed to know little. The brain in the jar had Corum perform the more secretive tasks.

While the party talked, the butler fled out the back door. It was presumed that the butler had too big of a head start to bother looking for him.

The party searched the dead bodies. Gareth had bracers of armor +2, ring of protection +1, stormfire ring, cloak of resistance +1, hat of disguise, 3 potions of cure light wounds, potion of eagle's splendor, 2 potions of pass without trace, scroll of summon monster III, wand of color spray, 675 gp. Fiona had elven chain, +1 buckler, death spike, ring of protection +1, brute ring, 200 gp. She also had a holy symbol of Cerridwen, and additional religious items were found throughout the house.

While the others remained in the house, Yoshi and Mavis left to retrieve the authorities. Yoshi led her to the Temple of Nuado, and they spoke to Father Cathal. Yoshi told the story and gave directions. Father Cathal nodded, commenting that it was across from the graveyard where there was a hidden temple of Cerridwen.

Yoshi and Mavis returned with armed guards. The guards poked around. The party told more of the encounter, and of the creepy butler that got away. The guards said they would take over, and the party left.

They then headed off to the Temple of Arianrhod. Bella, the high priestess, spoke with the party. She was pleased that the party had again thwarted the plans of the Temple of Cerridwen. She asked to hear firsthand about the encounters with Cerridwen and the messenger from the Bane Moon. The party told what they remembered. Bella then asked if Temple of Arianrhod could sponsor the party to continue thwarting the Temple of Cerridwen. The party agreed. Mavis was unsure, so Bella suggested Torin could join the party in her place. She then told the party of an uprising of giants to the south, and asked the party to return the next day.

The party shopped some more. Caelesti purchased an item to identify the new items recovered from Fiona and Gareth. Those items were divided amongst the group.

Nessey's notes

Scribe: Talon asks what the point was in impersonating Nessey?
Scribe: Mavis implies she doesn't really know.
Scribe: She says she was just helping out Corrum.
Scribe: Talon - Well, what were your instructions, Mavis?
Scribe: She says "Go back to Rowansmeade and await further instructions."
Scribe: She says Corrum talked to others in backrooms whom she never met.
Scribe: But says all are associated with the Pig god somehow.
Scribe: Carric is unhappy that someone cult could corrupt the symbol of an innocent little white pig.
Scribe: Talon asks about Mavis's family.
Scribe: Mavis says yes her family has her general abilities too. But she is originally not from around here. And she knows of no plots to impersonate others in Rowansmeade.
Yoshi rolls d20 + 100: (d20+100) : [5 + 100] = 105
Scribe: Yoshi and Carric go off to find "Creepy Butt" the "Butt-ler."
Scribe: Yoshi seems to have some special Smell ability now. Pheu!
Scribe: They find the back door open and flapping in the wind.
Scribe: CArric decides Creepy Butt is harmless anyway.
Scribe: Caelesti - You are just saying that because he escaped.
Scribe: Mavis - but perhaps he is the mastermind pretending to be a flunky?
Scribe: Carric - that would be very clever.
Scribe: Talon searches Fionna.
Scribe: Yoshi searches Corrum.
Scribe: Talon does Detect Magic.
Scribe: Fine Mithral Chain, Magical buckler and short spear and couple magic rings.
Mavis: Fiona: elven chain, +1 buckler, death spike, ring of protection +1, brute ring, 200 gp.
Scribe: What was on Corrum?
Mavis: Gareth: bracers of armor +2, ring of protection +1, stormfire ring, cloak of resistance +1, hat of disguise, 3 potions of cure light wounds, potion of eagle's splendor, 2 potions of pass without trace, scroll of summon monster III, wand of color spray, 675 gp.
Scribe: Magical Floppy is much coveted!
Scribe: Floppy hat. Floppy hat.
Scribe: Talon takes Fiona's symbol of white pig.
Scribe: Talon - Let's search the house for clues.
Scribe: House is across the north road from the cemetery (thus the Zombies.)
Scribe: It is a fairly large house with a fairly large shed.
Scribe: There is a passage to the shed.
Scribe: There are tapestries over the walls.
Carric rolls Kno Religion: (d20+5) : [2 + 5] = 7
Scribe: They were covering religious paintings of some sort.
Scribe rolls Knowledge Bardic: (d20+16) : [10 + 16] = 26
Scribe: Talon knows these are all the life of the white pig goddess - her deeds and acts with her black caldron.
Scribe: In the next room are various other accutrements to her temple. A black cauldron, etc.
Scribe: Talon offers to stay and impersonate Fiona or her sister and try to entrap any followers who might visit.
Scribe: But Carric insists on staying too and not moving anything.
Scribe: Only Mavis and Yoshi are going back to town.
Scribe: Caelesti stays too.
Scribe: The temple of Nuado is where Mavis and Yoshi go.
Scribe: Lawful Neutral god.
Scribe: Mavis and Yoshi arrive at the temple - sternfaced somber and serious.
Scribe: Yoshi asks to speak to the Father.
Scribe: Father Cathal.
Scribe: Fiona is dead, a Priestess of Cerridwen
Scribe: Father Cathal says we have done right.
Scribe: He says if he recalls, some years ago, when Yoshi was a bright novice, they found a hidden temple in that graveyard across from that house.
Scribe: Carric is recalling this at the same time and a portal that was there.
Scribe: And a Priestess of Cerridewen, Fiona herself, fought us there at that temple.
Scribe: Father Cathal says in the earlier days we used to capture people, but now they turn up dead.
Scribe: But he says he doubts anyone will find fault.
Scribe: Can DM restart and fix static on mic?
Scribe: A Group of armed guards, including a priest of Nuado, arrive at the house with Yoshi and Mavis.
Mavis: Sir Duction
Scribe: Sir Duck-son.
Scribe: So.... the guards and priest look around and we explain what happened and show them the makeshift evil temple.
Scribe: It's an evil Porta-temple.
Scribe: Carric points out the Zombies.
Scribe: Talon says we should go to the graveyard and find out which tombs were dug up and put them back.
Scribe: Caelesti - I don't think "we" have to do that.
Scribe: Mavis - yes, let's let the officials clean up.
Scribe: Priest identifies the accutrements of Cerridwen.
Scribe: Everyone was is very interested.
Scribe: Priest of Nuado says we exterminated a nest of vipers here.
Scribe: He says we will leave the guards, but we can all go back to town. Other officials will return and clean up.
Scribe: Carric asks if we told about butler.
Scribe: Yoshi describes "Creepy Butt."
Scribe: We all go back to temple of Nuado and talk and talk and talk.
Scribe: But none of us talk nearly as much as Nessey would have.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [20 - 1 + 2] = 21
Scribe: We do our best to describe Creepy Butt and contradict each other a bit.
Mavis: Arianrhod
Scribe: He wants us to tell same tale to Temple of (Arianrhod)
Scribe: That temple sent word they wanted to talk to us anyway.
Scribe: Off we go.
Scribe: Arianrhod is Goddess of the Good Moon.
Scribe: Names means Silver Wheel, Goddess of Fertility, Ever turning wheel of the year, Ever seeking thread, rules the tides or something like that.
Scribe: Symbol of the Silver Wheel, Goddess of the Silver Moon.
Scribe: We show up and Talon asks to speak to Arianrhod.
Scribe rolls Diplomacy: (d20+19+4) : [10 + 19 + 4] = 33
Scribe: Talon notices there are no goddesses in residence.
Scribe: Looks like need one.
Scribe: There is a central pool and opening in ceiling above it.
Scribe: In a very large, oh, oh, sort of, oh, sort of a surrounded by slabs of stone with gems in as though gems are stars in starry night.
Carric rolls Kno Nature: (d20+11) : [9 + 11] = 20
Scribe: Carric does knowledge nature.
Scribe: It looks to Carric like this opening never lets sun shine in, but only the bright moon.
Scribe: On particular nights moon illuminates the pool.
Yoshi rolls d0: (d0) : [1] = 1
Scribe: Yoshi is not very knowledgeble about Religion.
Scribe: Ahh, ahhh, says accolite.
Scribe: We wait by the pool.
Scribe: Carric advises us not to swim in the pool.
Scribe: When no one is looking, Talon dips her finger in the pool.
Scribe: The water is cool.
Scribe: Talon takes her finger out right away.
Scribe: An impressive looking woman comes out and greets us.
Scribe: She is tall with flowing bland hair with gems or glitter set into her hair.
Scribe: She glitters and smiles.
Scribe: She says, ahhhhhhh.
Scribe: She says, So you have come.
Scribe: She is not surprised to Caelesti. Puts hands on her head and murmers a brief blessing.
Scribe: Faithful daughter of Arianrhod.
Scribe: It is our special interest to follow and thwart that other cult.
Scribe: Cerridwen.
Scribe: Our friends at temple of Nuado have reported some of our descoveries.
Scribe: Discoveries.
Scribe: And you encountered one of our priests in a far off land.
Scribe: Caelesti - huh?
Scribe: Woman - yes, Torin. He has returned.
Scribe: He has reported what little he had seen of our actions.
Scribe: But that little is apparently still impressive enough.
Scribe: She is glad we ever strive to do good. And it seems we have focused much attention of thwarting cult of Cerredwen.
Scribe: She wants to hear about Messenger from Bane Moon and stuff that happened with the cult in Oakrill.
Scribe: Talon describes the egg and controls. And says Carric jotted down symbols and footprint.
Scribe: She is Bella the HIgh Priestess of Arianrhod.
Scribe: Carric gets out the paper and shows her the symbols and drawing of footprint.
Scribe: Bella is very interested.
Scribe: We do not recall what we discovered - but finally recall it is script of Mindflayers.
Scribe: Bella says that makes footprint more understandable too. Lizardlike/Birdlike footprints are apparently typical of Mindflayers.
Scribe: Talon says Egg seems to have been traveling vessel, very organic, and from Bane Moon, we suspect, and was decaying.
Scribe: We stand up and follow Bella to her "office" so to speak.
Scribe: Her parlor.
Scribe: She speads out a map. We see all the big rivers.
Scribe: Across the River to the south is forests and hills and plains and farms and an X.
Scribe: She says this X is in fact from you reported to the temple of Nuado - where you found the egg.
Scribe: She says if we really want to thwart that evil cult, they would be delighted to sponsor us.
Scribe: She wants to know where the tracks went and where the messenger went.
Scribe: Talon says we probably can't pick up the tracks after 4 seasons.
Scribe: Bella says events have happened to provide clues.
Scribe: Farhter to the South there is a formerly peaceful land which has a coordinated uprising of Giants.
Scribe: Carric is suprise the uprising is so big.
Scribe: He wonders if messenger is speading discord.
Scribe: Talon asks about activity of Pig Cult in this area.
Scribe: Bella says rumors of new temples and Good Moon cult tries to suppress these temples.
Scribe: She wonders if we would go forth as reps of Arianrhod to the South.
Scribe: Ahhh, ahhhh, um.
Scribe: Mavis hestitates.
Scribe: Bella looks at Mavis.
Scribe: Mavis says said things happened to her recently.
Scribe: Caelesti says because of the Evil Mooners, though.
Scribe: Mavis still hestitates.
Scribe: Bella says she can give us a priest to go with us. Torin.
Scribe: CArric - yeah, nice guy, helped us out.
Scribe: Bella says come back tomorrow and talk with her and Torin and plan the trip.
Scribe: They have a temple of Arianrhod in the south, but we need to get there and talk to them for more information about the rebel giants.
Scribe: Talon asks what we should do with wand of face copying? Leave it with one of the temples? Or should we sell it?
Scribe: Carric - I don't know. Would have to be to someone trustworthy and give us lots of money.
Scribe: Talon - it could be very dangerous in the hands of the Bane Moon Cult.
Scribe: Yoshi wants us to find out what everything else is.
Scribe: We need pearls and time and Talon can do Identify.
Scribe: Let's buy the Artificer's Monocle as a party expense!
Scribe: No, no, Caelesti wants to own it just herself. And healing belt.
Scribe: And Talon wants to go shopping too. (but offline and make retroactive)
Scribe: Yes, says DM, okay, if later tonight.
Scribe: And we have to get items identified by Caelesti then.
Scribe: It actually makes sense since she can do the most Detect Magic per day, of all of us.
Scribe: So monocle can used most frequently by Caelesti.
Scribe: Stormfire ring is best used by Druids as they can use in wildshape.
Scribe: Death Spike?
Scribe: Talon might take the Death Spike, but then again.....
Scribe: Ring of Protection +1? There are two of those. And a cloak of protection +1?
Scribe: Yoshi wants Bracers of Armor +2.
Scribe: Caelesti and Talon have expressed interest in the rings of protection +1.
Scribe: Gives +1 to AC, stacks with mithral shirt and bustegard chain mail.
Scribe: Brute Ring - Yoshi?
Scribe: No.
Scribe: Storm Ring - Carric.
Scribe: Death Spike?
Mavis: file:///tmp/loot.txt
Scribe: Elven chain - AC?
Scribe: Mithral shirt is +0
Scribe: Chain shirt and chain mail?
Scribe: +4 to AC?
Scribe: Eleven Chain is Light Armor +5, no arcane spell failure for Bards.
Scribe: So Talon will upgrade.
Scribe: Elven Chain is mithral, full chain rather than shirt.
Scribe: 4150gp is cost of Elven Chain.
Scribe: +1 buckler?
Scribe: Cloak of resistence +1?
Scribe: Carric will take the Cloak of resistence.
Scribe: Buckler +1 perhaps add to Talon's gear?
Scribe: yes, for now.
Scribe: Stormfire ring is 4,000.
Scribe: Hat of Disguise.
Scribe: ???anyone?
Scribe: Caelesti has hat of disguise of pretty lady type and doesn't need floppy one.
Scribe: 3108 gp before Talon
Scribe: Elven chain 2075. Buckler 553? Death Spike 3150?
Scribe: Ring of Protection +1 is 1,000
Scribe: all these are at half price for party purchase.
Scribe: 6809 worth of stuff from party loot or 3657 without deathspike.
Scribe: Mavis takes Brute Ring and potions of pass without trace.
Scribe: Mithral shirt is worth = 1,100, could sell for 550.
Scribe: 3658gp total for Talon, not including latest loot.
Scribe: Distribute potions of healing among nonhealers.
Scribe: Caelesti and Mavis and Yoshi take some.
Scribe: Potion of Charisma = +4 temp boost.
Scribe: worth 300. buy for 150 from party.
Scribe: total of loot, with potion = 3657 and 1/2 new loot in item value
Scribe: 3180 is our share from party.
Scribe: Carric or Talon will loan Yoshi 600gp if need be. He wants to add rapid strike to his bracers.
Scribe: Talon owes 477 to the party.
Scribe: Has 3181 left over in gp.
Scribe: Not really magical thrall boots and control device and wand of face making?
Scribe: Talon suggests we sell the thrall boots and control device and give wand of face making to the New Moon temple, to Bella, for study and safe keeping.
Scribe: Carric - alrighty.
Scribe: Caelesti - I don't know about the boots.
Scribe: Owe party 150 more if take potion.
Scribe: of Eagle's Splendor, from Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon will shop later tonight, offline, and email DM. And see what she can get with gp she has left and/or with selling some of her stuff.
Scribe: Carric would buy her ring of protection +1.
Scribe: No takers for Elven Chain.
Scribe: Talon wants Fiona's clothes (washed) and magic symbol with her in her pack.
Scribe: We finish packing and buying later. Talon needs 4 skill points assigned and healing belt described better and upgrade to her cloak plus new items and new feat.
Scribe: Yoshi asks Mavis about rings of communication - which are owned by the party.
Scribe: Yoshi and Mavis have been the caretakers.
Scribe: Mavis gives hers back to Yoshi.
Scribe: Carric suggests Mavis keep it and put other on Gareth so she can communicate with him from the beyond.
Scribe: Talon is agape.
Scribe: Mavis is agape and angry!
Scribe: Caelesti wants the other ring and competes with Talon for it - based on move silently.
Scribe: Rings don't always have to stay on those two people.
Scribe: We can mix and match as needed.
Scribe: Armor check penalty of elven chain is - 2
Scribe: Nighty night - next week and do Dargas.

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