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Tarrastra Adventure 40

Caelesti's notes




As it got late, the party looked for shelter and set up camp. The party examined the red dragon's loot. Talon cast identify on two of the magical items and discovered that the pungent length of intestines were actually a troll gut rope, which can grow an additional 300 feet for 12 hours. The piece of amber on the gold necklace was an amber amulet of vermin, which can summons a giant wasp that follows commands. Grimble tasted the warm potion and guessed that it was an elixir of fire breath. Carric claimed the rope, Talon the amulet, and Grimble the potion.

In the morning, the party entered the gate and stepped out onto a cold mountainside overlooking a large glacier. The wind was whipping. The next crossroads portal was two leagues ESE, right across the glacier.

Carrick searched the area in front of the portal for tracks, noting large canine tracks, perhaps from dire wolves.

Carric shapechanged into an eagle. He and Grimble then flew about the area looking for hazards and attempting to locate the final piece crystal. Grimble carried the magic arrow.

The rest of the party waited near the portal. A small halfling-sized fey woman neared the party. Talon called out a friendly greeting in Sylvan, and complimented her on her lovely hat. The two communicated in a friendly manner for a while. The woman was really impressed when Talon, Siobhan, and Caelesti put on their matching hats. Talon said that they were adventuring entertainers on a quest for a piece of crystal. Talon sang for her, and she was again impressed. Talon talked the woman into leading the party to her village for warm food and shelter in exchange for a show. The woman, Frostwillow, led the party toward her village. Caelesti made sure that the party's tracks were clear.

Carric and Grimble, meanwhile, located the crystal shard in a cave. They couldn't see into the cave very well and didn't go in. They then scouted out a reasonably safe path from the cave to the spot where the party had been waiting. Carric landed, reverted to his Aasimar form, and searched for clues as to where the ladies had gone. He followed Caelesti's "obvious tracks" to the Uldra village.

When they arrived at the village, Talon, Siobhan, and Caelesti found that their hoped-for warmth was not to be found, as Uldras didn't need it. The convinced their hosts to build a bonfire for them, both for warmth, and as a signal for their companions, whom they hoped were following. Sure enough, up came Carric and Grimble, followed by an uninvited guest: a Hoarfroster. The incorporeal fey breathed frost onto Carric, Grimble, and poor Shiver, slaying the Uldra immediately. The other Uldras scattered. Frostwillow ran into a nearby hut.

The Hoarfroster then moved up to Caelesti and touched her, chilling her somewhat, and making her fatigued. Caelesti stepped back, and cast magic missiles at the creature. Siobhan moved to Carric and cast cure light wounds on him. Grimble drank his new elixir of fire breath, and breathed fire at the Hoarfroster. Talon began singing to inspire courage. Carric began casting a summon spell.

The Hoarfroster again targeted Caelesti, touched her, and made her feel exhausted. Caelesti backed up another step and cast more magic missiles at the creature. Grimble again breathed fire at it. Siobhan cast another cure on Carric. Talon moved to Caelesti and cast a cure on her, eliminating her wounds, but she remained exhausted. Carric's summoned dire wolf attacked the Hoarfroster. It appeared to make a solid bite at the creature, but its jaws snapped together ineffectually. Carric cursed and stepped forward to cast greater magic fang on his summoned ally.

Frostwillow and a male Uldra, Bluetop, ran out of the hut, accompanied by a dire weasel, which ran up to engage the Hoarfroster.

The Hoarfroster stepped right through the dire weasel and touched Grimble, making him fatigued. Caelesti fired more magic missiles into the creature. Grimble breathed his last fiery breath at the Hoarfroster and backed up a step. Siobhan cast haste on the party, including Carric's dire wolf. The magically augmented dire wolf bit the Hoarfroster twice and it fell.

Caelesti began to feel quite ill. Bluetop said that Caelesti, because she was fey, would die from the Hoarfroster's disease and turn into one in a year and a day. But, since the party killed the Hoarfroster, he was grateful and ran to fetch Coldcrystal, a druid, who cast remove disease the village was grateful. The village's cleric cast Cure Disease on Caelesti, saving her from her terrible fate. In exhaustion, Caelesti fell asleep.

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