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Tarrastra Adventure 41

Caelesti's notes




Some villagers were upset over the loss of an Uldra man, claiming that the party brought the Hoarfroster to them by requiring a fire to keep warm. Carric offered the party's matching hats to the Uldra villagers to help lessen their loss. The villagers seemed to forget all about the dead man, and they celebrated with the party (except the sleeping Caelesti). Occasionally, a villager would notice the body and feel sad again, but the Uldra were easily distracted and the party continued. The body was moved to keep everyone happy.

After the celebration, the adventurers were led to a place where they could sleep in private. Talon identified two more magic items: a mummified hand was a hand of the mage, and the pearl was a pearl of power (1st level spell).

The next day, the party headed off toward ...

The party crossed a glacier heading toward a cave, possibly containing a white dragon. Caelesti cast message so that the party could communicate. Carric cast protection from energy (cold) on Talon and Caelesti.

Carric asked Grimble to scout the cave, which he did. After a few minutes, Grimble returned to the party and reported that there was indeed a white dragon there. The party made plans to attack it.

The party grouped outside the cave. Talon summoned a giant wasp, and Carric summoned a dire wolf. Both creatures raced into the cave to attack the white dragon. The giant wasp stung the dragon, injecting poison which slowed the dragon's reflexes. The wolf missed. Carric and Caelesti started climbing up toward the cave. Siobhan started singing. The dragon breathed its super-cold breath on the wasp and wolf, chilling both.

The wasp again stung the dragon, but didn't poison it additionally. The wolf again failed to sink its teeth into dragon flesh. Carric and Caelesti reached the cave mouth. The dragon attacked the wasp with teeth, claws, and wings, hitting twice.

The wasp and wolf both missed. Talon started singing, in case Siobhan had to stop. Grimble flew into the cave and attempted to affect the dragon with his irresistable dance magic, but missed. Carric started casting another summon spell. Caelesti shot two magic missiles at the dragon and moved to the far side of the cave opening. The dragon bit and killed the wasp, and wing-slapped the wolf.

Carric's new dire wolf appeared and attacked the dragon, biting it and knocking it onto its side. The first wolf missed again. Caelesti shot two more magic missiles at the dragon. The dragon stood back up, provoked bites from the two wolves, and got knocked back over.

One of the wolves successfully bit the dragon. Caelesti's magic missiles finished it off.

The party moved into the cave and found stuff: (~9000 sp, ~800 gp, a thin gold chain with two charms (rising sun, and spindle), an amethyst shaped like a dragon scale, a coral saucer, a black crystal perfume bottle (empty), silver ring with blue quartz, a small bag with gems (onyx, jasper, smoky quartz, white pearl, silver pearl), and the 5th facet.

Carric and Talon cast detect magic, and only the charms and dragon scale radiated it. The scale had a strong aura of transmutation magic. The two charms each had faint auras of transmutation.

Talon wanted to stay and identify the new items. The spindle was a chronocharm of the Fate weaver that allows a reroll of a climb, balance, or tumble check once a day. The sun was a chronocharm of the Horizon Walker, allowing an AoO-free move once a day. The scale works like a pearl of power for spontaneous casters.

Talon wanted to stay in the cave for the night. Caelesti suggested heading to the next crossroads in weren't too far off, in order to get out of the cold. Siobhan cast her detect crossroads spell, and it was indeed close by. The party located the crossroads in another small cave. The each stepped through the portal, arriving in a temperate forest.

The party checked their map. It was only a few leagues to the fey mound (and warm beds), so the party marched on. Murdocki was outside the mound when the party arrived.

Carric informed Murdocki that his task was completed successfully. Murdocki led the party into the mound. In front of the party, Murdocki used magic to assemble the facets. He then placed the new orb on top of a rod to create a scepter.

Murdocki smiled. He told the party of their rewards. He said that he would have all items from the adventure identified and appraised. He also gave the party some additional items: leather ankle band with pewter chime (anklet of translocation - dimension door 10' 2/day), gloves (gloves of the starry sky - part of the Raiment of the Four - Emit radiance like a light spell, sacrifice a spell to cast magic missiles 3/day - another part of the set is in the Valley of the Bridgers), backpack (Heward's handy haversack), ring (ring of the four winds - 4/day, immediately, feather fall on self or wind shield that gives a +2 deflection bonus against an attack), and a small book (tome of worldly memory - 3/day, +5 to a single Knowledge Check), magic bedroll (endure elements, increased healing of wounds), pouch of everlasting rations (feeds one medium-sized creature per day), feedbag of everlasting rations, a replenishing waterskin, and badges of the House of Kilran.

The party had time to bath, nap, and dress in finery before Murdocki returned to the party, still carrying his scepter. Murdocki led the party and Grimble to the throne room. All who saw Murdocki carrying the scepter were either impressed or scared. Murdocki took his normal seat by the dais.

Queen Morgana arrived, seemed surprised by the scepter, nodded, and sat in her throne. Murdocki held up the scepter and Queen Morgana gave him a small glowing object. The Queen then said that House Kilran was restored to power. All cheered except House Fardiq.

Murdocki raised his eyebrows at the Queen's bard. She played a delightful tune that fascinated Siobhan and Talon. She implanted a suggestion to the two party bards, who got up and sat at her feet. When she finished playing, she left with the party's bards in tow.

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