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Tarrastra Adventure 56

Caelesti's notes




The party discussed the encounter. Carric recognized the ogre spellcaster as an ogre magi, which isn't a normal ogre at all.

The centaur leader addressed the party. He thanked the party for saving the young centaur, Axel, and invited the party back to their village. The party agreed.

At the village, the patrol leader met with the chieftain. The chieftain then addressed the party. He also the thanked the party and invited them to a feast later that evening. The party was given a nice, furniture-less shelter.

At the feast, there was song and dance. Carric told the chieftain about the encounter, including making an enemy of the ogre magi. The chieftain presented the party with twisted-gold arm-rings. Talon and Caelesti later performed there own song and dance for the centaurs.

The party spent a little time looking at the items from the ogres. They determined that the rings (Rings of Communication) allowed the wearers to hear the voice of the other.

The party decided to continue west along the route that they would have traveled had they not met the ogre magi. Nessey questioned Carric about Wulfy and asked for his man's point of view ... the whole way. Travel during the day was uneventful (the constant chatter kept the animals away), but not the night.

During Talon and Caelesti's watch the ogre magi attacked, blasting the whole campsite with a Cone of Cold. Talon and her mule were both knocked unconscious.
Most of the party had to spend time crawling out of bedrolls.
Caelesti moved closer and cast Hideous Laughter at the ogre mage, but didn't even pass its spell resistance.
Carric cast Faerie Fire at it, but also failed to bypass its spell resistance.
The ogre mage turned invisible.

Nessey drew a bow.
Caelesti pulled out a CMW potion and quaffed it.
Carric cast CLW on Talon, bringing her around.
The ogre mage fired an arrow at Yoshi, turning visible, and missing.

Mavis fired three arrows at the ogre mage, hitting once.
Talon used her Healing Belt to cure most of Carric's wounds.
Yoshi pulled out a potion of Darkvision and quaffed it.
Nessey moved up and fired an arrow at the ogre mage, hitting.
Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at the ogre mage, but did no damage due to its Spell Resistance.
Carric advanced and again attempted to cast Faerie Fire on the ogre mage, failing.
The ogre mage, regenerating some damage, advanced on Carric while a large greatsword, and missed.

Mavis fired three more arrows, hitting once.
Talon moved to Nessey and cast CLW on her.
Yoshi "swiftly" (using his Chronocharm) moved up to the ogre mage and attacked, hitting once.
Nessey shot once, missing.
Caelesti cast Hideous Laughter at it again, failing to penetrate its Spell Resistance.
Carric cast Faerie Fire on the ogre mage, successfully.
The ogre mage, regenerating, rose 5' higher into the air and attacked Yoshi, missing.

Mavis fired three more arrows, hitting twice.
Talon moved to Mavis and cast CLW on her.
Yoshi, unable to reach, tossed two shuriken, hitting once.
Nessey shot an arrow, missing.
Caelesti cast Hideous Laughter at it again, penetrating its Spell Resistance, but still failing to affect it.
Carric used his magic gloves to cast Magic Missiles at it, doing no damage.
The ogre mage, turned gaseous and started to drift away.

Mavis fired two arrows using her magic bow, hitting twice.
Talon moved to her mule and cast CLW on it.
Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at the gaseous ogre mage, but did no damage.
Carric's Magic Missiles did affect it, knocking it unconscious.
The ogre mage drifted toward the ground, regenerated some, but stayed unconscious.

Mavis fired two arrows at the unconscious, floating ogre mage.
Talon moved to Mavis' mule and cast CLW on it.
Carric advanced to the ogre mage and drew his scimitar.
The ogre mage drifted to the ground.
Yoshi attempted a coup de gras on it, but didn't kill it.

Mavis tried a coup de gras on it, but also didn't kill it.
Nessey tried also, killing it.

Talon's notes

Welcome to Gametable v1.2-pre5.
Talon: Hello?
Talon: Are we still with the Centaurs?
Talon: Caelesti - what WAS that mean character?
Carric rolls Kno Nature (d20 + 11): [14 + 11] = 25
Mavis: hi!
Talon: HI
Talon: Caelesti - that thing was pretty nasty.
Talon: Carric - we need to be ready for it next time. Carric explains about Ogre who does Magic.
Talon: Caelesti - my magic didn't work on it.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Mavis: Axel
Mavis: Arminius
Talon: Centaur opens chest of gold with armbands for each of us.
Talon: Jewelry.
Talon: Twisted bands of gold with two knobs which come together. Tokens of apprectiation
Talon: This after Carric the DRUID presents himself as our leader and relates our tales.
Talon: They are called "arm rings"
Talon: Value 300gp each. We each get one.
Talon rolls T - Perform Dance (d20 + 14): [5 + 14] = 19
Talon rolls T - Perform Story/Song (d20 + 16): [7 + 16] = 23
Talon rolls T - Perform Strings {Masterwork} (d20 + 14 + 2): [19 + 14 + 2] = 35
Talon rolls T - Perform Wind Instruments (d20 + 14): [2 + 14] = 16
Talon: Caelesti shows off her lizard dance, which improves with drink
Talon: Talon is especially good at her lute tonight, but not her flute so much.
Caelesti rolls Skill - Dance (d20 + 10): [5 + 10] = 15
Talon: The centaurs clomp, clomp in time to the music.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Perform - Dance) (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Talon: No activity lately from Bane Moon.
Talon: Carric does not molest the ladies tonight.
Talon: He is perhaps still put off by the Amazons.
Talon: We are served cold vegetable stew for breakfast.
Talon: We are all recovered.
Talon: We slept in house of hay and no other "furniture."
Talon: Yoshi is all for finishing off the Ogre Mage as long as it doesn't take us off our own path.
Talon: Nessey - Well, I can't fly or anything. I wish someone could bring that Orgre Mage down to ground, then Fanny the Fey Crusher could crush him into the ground and become Fanny the Fey and Ogre Crusher.
Talon: Carric - Use your bow.
Talon: Nessey - that's not the same. Not the same at all!
Talon: Yoshi - nevertheless, do what you can.
Talon: Nessey - well, okay, but don't forget we have this spear to put on the special mound
Talon: We check out the stuff from the Ogres' house/stash.
Talon: Yoshi tastes the potion that smells of old dried leaves. His temples tingle.
Talon: Yoshi wants someone else to try it, but no one else does.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 7): [19 + 7] = 26
Talon: Carric does a detect magic.
Talon: Aura of moderate transmutation.
Talon: Sorry, smells like wet leaves.
Talon: Yoshi eggs on Carric, who finally bows to peeer pressure and tastes it and the skin on his forehead stretches a bit. (Alter Self?)
Talon: Or polymorph self into monkey, says Yoshi, helpfully.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 7): [15 + 7] = 22
Talon: Carric checks the pair of identical silver rings.
Talon: Aura of faint divination.
Talon: Talon suggest two of us try them on and see if we can communicate telepathically.
Talon: Talon can read Draconic and sees have word for "Friendship."
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [19 + 13] = 32
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [6 + 1] = 7
Talon: Carric spots on inside of ring a little tiny word.
Talon: Talon looks.
Talon: Tiny word is in common - whisper
Talon: Carric - Like Message
Talon: Talon and Carric slip them on and try them.
Talon: Carric whispers the Draconic word.
Talon: Talon moves away and tries to commuicate with Carric - works when speaks out loud. It works - though I'm normally out of hearing in distance.
Talon: No! I hear him only because he is yelling - loudly!
Talon: Carric tries whisper as a command word.
Talon: "whisper"
Talon: Then he speaks quietly and says "Talon, if you can hear this, jump up and down."
Talon: Caelesti - In a whisper say "friend" in Draconic.
Talon: We keep debating.
Talon: Mavis says maybe you have to attune the rings together somehow.
Talon: We try touching the rings together and saying "whisper" and try draconic word and "friendship."
Talon: The rings pulse briefly.
Talon: Carric wants to know if Talon feels more friendly towards him. Well, no more than usual. She always feels friendly, just not "friendly."
Talon: Carric steps away and tries to communicate with Talon now. He whispers, "if you can hear me, jump up and down."
Talon: Carric thinks it, "jump up and down." Then tries to read Talon's mind.
Talon: Carric says out loud - Talon try to think what I'm thinking.
Talon: He tries to project an image of Talon naked jumping up and down.
Talon: Talon thinks of Carric falling face down in the mud.
Talon: Nothing. Nothing.
Talon: Carric tries to project a message - look behind you.
Talon: Mavis has another thought - you are assuming this is continuously active, maybe only active on command.
Talon: Carric says the Draconic word. Then says, "look behind you."
Talon: Talon says whisper and then says "your hair is on fire."
Talon: Talon - can hear Carric counting out loud but low as though he were right next to her.
Talon: Carric can only hear Carric if he says whisper.
Talon: It stops after a minute, then say whisper again and it comes on again.
Talon: Caelesti - you will have to fail your arms before you talk so you both know you are talking.
Talon: Talon, right.
Talon: Carric I want to check the distance. 200 ft still works.
Talon: Carric - this is interesting.
Talon: Yoshi - just keep saying whisper every minute.
Talon: Carric - hopefully it doesn't have charges.
Talon: Talon suggests Yoshi and Carric have one while they scout.
Talon: Talon says we might want to leave this as a party item.
Talon: Yoshi would be happy to hold one.
Talon: Talon or Carric will hold the other.
Talon: Rings of Communication.
Talon: 2000gp for the pair.
Talon: Talon suggests person who covers front and covers rear, Yoshi and Mavis wear them.
Talon: Yoshi suggests we hold them as a party and use them when scouting and for whomever makes sense at the time.
Talon: Yoshi holds one ring and Talon still has other presumably, but will give to Mavis when scouting, presumably, I guess.
Talon: Woods and no woods and woods again as we walk along, not especially trying to see anything.
Talon: It is noon and we stop for Carric to pray.
Talon: We have reached the Steppes again.
Talon: Carric prays for battle with Mister Ogre Mager.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [9 + 16] = 25
Talon: Carric sniffs the air for the foul oder of Ogre Mage.
Talon: He then does a search and track check for the first time since we set out this morning.
Talon: He finds nothing.
Talon: We head west.
Talon: Nessey rides alongside her fellow Aasimar.
Talon: Nessey asks if he thinks Wulfy got the note and if he misses her?
Talon: Carric - I'm sure he got the note as Otters are very reliable.
Talon: Carric - I'm sure he pines for you.
Talon: Nessey - well, do you think I should marry him, Carric?
Talon: Carric, well, it depends on whether you want to be a country mouse or a city mouse.
Talon: Nessey - I don't want to be a mouse at all.
Talon: Carric, it's the country or city part that matters. Where do you want to put down roots?
Talon: Yoshi - roots and berries are a country thing.
Talon: Carric - this is Nessey we are talking about.
Talon: Nessey - I will have to think about that.
Talon: Nessey continues to chat with Carric the whole time, as she is convinced he is her best friend in the party.
Talon: Carric steers us towards the dark forest.
Talon: Nessey is on a light war horse and Carric is on foot and can not escape Nessey.
Talon: Carric plunges ahead into the forest.
Talon: It is approaching evening. Carric goes off by himself to find an appropriate camp site.
Talon: For camping.
Talon: He seeks out level ground.
Talon: Nessey offers to watch with Carric tonight.
Talon: Nessey and Talon walk their horse and mule into the forest to the clearing.
Talon: Yoshi has a watch lamp on is head for some reason.
Talon: He is a beacon for any roving creatures.
Talon: Carric wants to light a fire under Talon's hammock.
Talon: Yoshi says that will make us night blind.
Talon: Caelesti arranges the horses in a triangle.
Mavis rolls d6: [2] = 2
Mavis rolls d6: [1] = 1
Talon: Talon goes to sleep in her hammock. She says you can wake me on watch.
Talon: Mavis and Nessey = first watch.
Talon: Nessey doesn't talk on watch - she has learned not to from the Amazons. Nessey tries and has to stop herself from talking.
Talon: Talon is on second watch. She watches from her hammock, propped up by her cloud pillow.
Talon: Caelesti isn't paying much attention to Talon.
Talon: Caelesti practices her new centaur dance while she and Talon are on watch.
Talon: Carric suggested Caelesti teach the dance to one of the mules.
Talon: Talon is holding her stuffed dragon toy and leaning up on her cloud pillow and humming softly to herself and looking around casually.
Talon: She rocks back and forth in her glittery, silver hammock.
Talon: Caelesti dances.
Talon rolls T - Listen (d20 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [17 - 1 + 2] = 18
Talon: Talon hears herself humming.
Mavis rolls d20: [12] = 12
Talon: Caelesti thinks she hears = a branch crack.
Talon: Farther away from the horses - in the direction of Talon. You look over and see Talon, swinging, oblivious.
Talon: Caelesti - did you just snap a branch?
Talon: Talon - whispers, no, I didn't.
Talon: A blast of bitter cold envelopes the whole camp site.
Talon: Talon - Wow, the weather sure does change fast around here.
Talon rolls T - Save Reflex (d20 + 7): [8 + 7] = 15
Yoshi rolls Sv:Reflex (d20 + 5 + 2 + 1): [11 + 5 + 2 + 1] = 19
Talon rolls Nes - Reflex Save (d20 + 6): [15 + 6] = 21
Carric rolls Save/Reflex (d20 + 5): [12 + 5] = 17
Mavis rolls Mavis Reflex Save (d20 + 10): [7 + 10] = 17
Caelesti rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + : [12 + 8] = 20
Talon rolls Nes - Reflex Save (d20 + 6): [4 + 6] = 10
Talon: horses have to save too.
Talon rolls d20: [19] = 19
Talon rolls d20: [10] = 10
Talon: Everyone who failed dc 18 takes 32 points cold damage. Aasimars take 5 less.
Talon: Those who make save take 16.
Talon: Tintin takes 32.
Talon: Fanny takes 16.
Talon: Nessey take 32 less 5
Talon: Talon takes 32
Talon: Nessey has a magic bedroll too. No protection from fire and cold damage, though.
Talon: Tintin is at -10. Tintin is passed out.
Talon: Fanny the warhorse is down 16.
Talon: Tintin doesn't die until -27
Talon: Light warhorse has 22 hit points. Down 16, but still up.
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [18 + 9] = 27
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [10 + 4 + 2] = 16
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8
Talon: Nessey hp = 41 less 27
You privately roll d20: [12] = 12
Talon: Talon has 30 hp and hit for 32 - she is unconscious as is her mule.
Talon: She still swings there in her little frozen body.
Talon: Leaning over, not conscious.
Talon rolls Nes - Initiative (d20 + 3): [13 + 3] = 16
Talon rolls T - Initiative (d20 + 2): [16 + 2] = 18
Talon: tintin initiative = /roll d20
Talon rolls d20: [11] = 11
Talon: Fanny initiative =
Talon rolls d20: [1] = 1
Talon: What is the staus of Goldie?
Mavis rolls d20: [13] = 13
Talon: 41 less 32 = 9 hps left on Nessey
Talon: plus 5 is 14 hit points left on Nessey
Talon: Nessey was in a magic bedroll, takes around to get out. Everyone is flatfooted.
Talon: Mavis climbs out of her bedroll.
Talon: Yoshi translocates out of his bedroll and asks that someone cast Fly on him. Talon is unconscious but her only potion of fly was used up by Yoshi last time we encountered the Ogre Mage.
Talon: Mavis might have a potion of fly.
Caelesti rolls d20: [7] = 7
Talon: None of us can cast fly, says Caelesti, I think you are confusing us with a higher level party.
Talon: Caelesti casts Hideous Laughter on Ogre Mage. It shrugs it off.
Carric rolls d20: [7] = 7
Talon: Carric casts Fairie Fire at the Ogre Mage. It shugs that off too.
Talon: Ogre Mage goes invisible and flies.
Talon: Mavis is prepared to grab her bow and shoot, but there is no target.
Talon: Mavis walks over to Talon and looks at her in dismay. Mavis has no healing skills whatsoever.
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [4 + 16] = 20
Talon: She goes over to protect Carric instead, while drawing her bow and scanning acutely all over for enemies all at the same time.
Talon: Mavis spots no enemies.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [16 + 13] = 29
Talon: Yoshi walks away from rest of us and attempts to spot.
Talon: Nessey gets out her masterwork bow and arrows.
Talon: Caelesti gulps her potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.
Caelesti rolls 2d8 + 3: [1 + 6 + 3] = 10
Carric rolls CLW (d8 + 5): [6 + 5] = 11
Talon: Carric molests Talon for 11 points of healing. She warms, goes limp and falls into Carric's arms. Her eyes flutter and the first think she sees in Carric.
Talon: Talon, "Oh, oh, oh.... OH!"
Mavis rolls d20 + 2: [9 + 2] = 11
Talon: An arrow whizzes past Yoshi.
Talon: Ogre shot an arrow at Yoshi and became visible.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [13 + 10] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Talon: Mavis can see him clearly and has her bow ready and hits with ease.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [4 + 5] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [4 + 10] = 14
Talon: She fires again and misses.
Talon: Fires again with bracer activated and misses again.
Talon: Yoshi needs to know distance of torch light.
Talon: Yoshi is a miner for a heart of gold and he's getting old, la, la, la, lah
Talon rolls Nes - bow, short compostie (d20 + : [17 + 8] = 25
Talon rolls Nes - bow, short composite damaage (d6): [6] = 6
Talon: nessey runs up and shoots her composite bow and hits for max damage.
Talon: Sadly, it has regeneration.
Talon: Caelesti does Magic Missiles.
Caelesti rolls d20: [1] = 1
Talon: No luck this time.
Talon: Talon is lying in Carric's arms.
Talon: She can or can't see the flying Ogre Mage?
Talon: Talon returns the favor and heals Carric.
Talon rolls T - Healing Belt 3 Charges (4d8): [7 + 8 + 3 + 7] = 25
Carric rolls Spell Penetration (d20 + 6): [7 + 6] = 13
Talon: Talon embraces Carric with a charge of electricity (lets off all 3 charges of her healing belt) and heals Carric for 25. He flutters his eye lids and swoons, then drops Talon and runs over and interposes to protect Mavis. What a fickle lover. Sigh!
Talon: Ogre Mage regenerates 5 of 10 points of last damage. It decides its bow is for the birds and drops it on a bird. Then flies over, drawing its great sword.
Mavis rolls d20: [1] = 1
Talon: It swings great sword at the newly regenerated Carric.
Talon: It misses mightilly.
Talon: It thinks Carric has regenerated.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [2 + 10] = 12
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [4 + 5] = 9
Talon: Mavis says, well, fine. And we all can see it, if we have enough low light or dark vision.
Talon: Mavis, miss, miss.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [11 + 10] = 21
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Talon: mavis hits it for 5 points of damage.
Talon: Talon debate who to heal - Mavis or Nessey?
Talon: Nessey is at 14. Mavis is at 19.
Talon: Talon heals Nessey.
Talon rolls d8 + 5: [8 + 5] = 13
Talon: Heals Nessey for 13 points. Nessey now is at 27 hp.
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry (d20 + 7): [5 + 7] = 12
Talon: Yoshi uses chronocharm of horizon walker to move right up to Ogre Mage.
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Talon rolls Nes - bow, short compostie (d20 + : [8 + 8] = 16
Talon: Nesssey shoots arrow and misses Ogre Mage.
Caelesti rolls d20: [7] = 7
Talon: Caelesti tries Tasha's again and fails to tickle its tummy.
Carric rolls Spell Penetration (d20 + 6): [15 + 6] = 21
Mavis rolls d20 + 7: [4 + 7] = 11
Talon: Ogre mage flies up another 5ft, straight up. Hovers.
Talon: it is out of Yoshi's reach.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [13 + 10] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8
Talon: Ogre Mage is down 14 after recent regen.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [8 + 5] = 13
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [14 + 10] = 24
Talon: It is down 22 now.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Talon: Down 7 more.
Talon: down 29 from its max
Talon: It no longer looks robust.
Talon rolls T - Cure Light (d8 + 5): [7 + 5] = 12
Talon: Talon goes over and cures Mavis for 12.
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry (d20 + 6): [5 + 6] = 11
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Atk:Flurry (d20 + 6): [19 + 6] = 25
Yoshi rolls Shuriken Dmg (d2 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Talon: Yoshi brings it down to 32 down
Talon rolls Nes - bow, short compostie (d20 + : [4 + 8] = 12
Talon: Nessey misses the Ogre Mage again with arrows.
Caelesti rolls d20: [19] = 19
Mavis rolls d20 + 3: [10 + 3] = 13
Talon: Caelest finally succeeds in getting through its magic defences with her joke, but the Ogre Mage does not find it funny.
Talon: Carric uses his gloves to Magic Missile the Ogre Mage.
Carric rolls Spell Penetration (d20 + 6): [12 + 6] = 18
Talon: (Talon has used 2 out of 4 of her Cure Light spells for the day/night)
Talon: Mage says, "this isn't funny" and regenerates 5 points and then fades into gas and floats away.
Talon: Yoshi punches it anyway.
Talon: It is immune to poison and critical hits.
Talon: It can only fly at 10 ft.
Talon: It floats UP 10 feet.
Talon: Damage reduction of 10/magic.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [8 + 10] = 18
Talon: Magic gets through, if someone hits with magic. Mavis has a magic bow, for instance.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [18 + 5] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Talon: Creature has AC of 14 in this form. Mavis hits and hits and hits. It is now down 36 points.
Talon rolls T - Cure Light (d8 + 5): [6 + 5] = 11
Talon: Talon goes over and cures Tintin for 11.
Talon: Tintin is unconscious, but stable.
Caelesti rolls d20: [6] = 6
Talon: Nessey delays.
Carric rolls Spell Penetration (d20 + 6): [16 + 6] = 22
Carric rolls Magic Missiles (3d4 + 3): [(3 + 1 + 2) + 3] = 9
Talon: Caelesti's magic missiles fizzle.
Talon: Carric does 9 points of damage with Magic Missiles.
Talon: It is gassy. Does it float down to the ground? Is it still regenerating?
Talon: it falls at 10ft per round.
Talon: ?????
Talon: It is a ball of gas settling towards the ground at a rate of 10 ft. It is back down to 10 feet, down from 20. It regenerates 5, but is still unconscious.
Talon: Mavis is close and has magic weapons.
Talon: Who will deal the final blow?
Yoshi: Yoshi is closer, has magic weapons, was delaying and NEEDS TO BE CALLED BY SKYPE!
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8
Talon: Yoshi goes for it.
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Atk:Flurry (d20 + 7): [10 + 7] = 17
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d8 + 2): [8 + 2] = 10
Talon: Does 18 points of regular magical damage.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [16 + 10] = 26
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [19 + 10] = 29
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [17 + 5] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9
Talon: Talon asks if Caelesti needs a Cure.
Talon: Caelesti says, No, I drank a potion.
Talon: So Talon goes over and does a cure light on Goldie.
Talon rolls T - Cure Light (d8 + 5): [4 + 5] = 9
Talon: Cures Goldie for 9. Goldie is unconscious, but stablized.
Talon: Nessey watches her friends finish off the gaseous Ogre Mage.
Yoshi rolls Unarmed Dmg (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Talon: Yoshi does a Coup de Gras
Yoshi: Coup de grace
Talon: yup, that too
Mavis rolls d20 + 7: [17 + 7] = 24
Talon: Mavis coup de graces it first, though.
Talon: Yoshi is disappointed.
Talon: Can Mavis sneak attack or not?
Talon: No, she can not. Under sneak attack rule, 3.5 book.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Mavis rolls d20 + 7: [12 + 7] = 19
Talon: it survives Mavis's attack, though.
Talon rolls Nes - sword damage (d6 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7
Mavis rolls d20 + 7: [5 + 7] = 12
Talon: Nessey steps up and does 7 points damage and it dies!
Talon: Nessey gets a notch in her belt. -!!! Yeah!!
Talon: It becomes corporeal with its large bow, chain mail, and large sword.
Talon: Becomes solid after 18 minutes.
Talon: large chain shirt, not mail
Talon: Carric chides Talon for being in a bad watch position.
Talon: Talon says, but you are always trying to get me in that position.
Talon: Carric, there is a time and place for everything?
Talon: Don't you think?
Talon: We are on next week - Necropolis.
Talon: Brianna, following week, we will skip.
Talon: Worms that week.
Talon: Goodnight.

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