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Tarrastra Adventure 38

Caelesti's notes




The party started heading down the path to the valley, but the path did not seem to go the right way. So, the party decided to climb down the cliff wall using knotted silk rope and pitons. Grimble helped the party by transferring the ropes as needed.

Once in the valley, Carric searched for berries to turn into goodberries and recovered his spells. Carric converted two sets of berries.

While searching, Carric discovered a large owl pellet that was still warm. Carric exclaimed that the pellet must have come from a really large owl. Looking about, the party spotted two large owl-like creatures. Talon said that the creatures were owlbears and that they were very aggressive.

Carric started casting a summon spell. Siobhan starting singing in order to boost the party's morale for the upcoming melee. The owlbears ran toward the group. Caelesti cast magic missiles at one. Talon cast ghost sound of a wounded animal in an attempt to lure them away.

Carric's summoned dire wolf arrived and attacked an owlbear, biting it and knocking it over. Carric started to conjure again. The owlbears both attacked the dire wolf, one of them grabbed the wolf and bit it; the other stood up and smacked it. Caelesti cast more magic missiles at the damaged owlbear.

Carric's second summoned creature arrived, a lion. The lion clawed and bit the previously-unwounded owlbear. The dire wolf could not break the grapple. Carric moved up and struck an owlbear with his scimitar. The owlbear holding the wolf, bit and clawed it, wounding it severely. The other owlbear attacked and wounded Carric severely. Caelesti cast a third volley of magic missiles at the owlbear that just wounded Carric; she also drew her jeweled dagger. Talon advanced and cast cure light wounds on Carric.

The dire wolf bit and disabled the owlbear holding it. The lion clawed and bit the other owlbear. Carric turned into a black bear, healing some damage, but was still being held. The owlbear was unable to damage the Carric bear. Siobhan moved up and attacked the owlbear with her rapier, but fumbled her weapon. Caelesti sent a 4th volley of magic missiles at the last attacking owlbear, disabling it. Talon cast another cure light wounds on Carric. The summoned animals finished off the disabled owlbears.

Carric decided to stay in bear form for a while. Caelesti asked for a ride, as she had never ridden 'bear back' before. Carric dropped down, and Caelesti climbed up. Carric followed the owlbear tracks to try to find their lair; Caelesti enjoyed her ride.

Carric followed the tracks for an hour before abandoning them. The party then returned their focus on reaching the far mountain. When it got late, the party set up camp.

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