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Tarrastra Adventure 37

Caelesti's notes




The party started their journey following the path that generally headed to the north east. Carric checked the path for tracks that might indicate civilization, but found none. The party traveled most of the day, talking about new abilities that they learned. As evening approached, dark clouds began to roll in. Carric, using one of his new abilities, turned into an eagle so that he could scout out a place to camp. It didn't take long for Carric to find a large cave. Carric went to check out the cave for inhabitants and was surprised to see a large red dragon. Carric promptly retreated back to the party.

Talon said that red dragons were evil and breathed fire. The party planned to fight the dragon. They were likely to have to fight it anyway, and decided to do it before they were cold and wet. There was further discussion on what actions people were to take.

Near the cave, Carric cast bull's strength on Siobhan. He then cast protection from fire on Siobhan and himself. At the base of the cave, Carric summoned a Dire Wolf. The dragon noticed Carric, but the wolf moved first. The wolf bit the dragon and knocked it onto its side. The dragon, without getting up, breathed fire on the wolf. Carric began casting another summon spell. Caelesti readied some magic missiles in case the dragon came in view. Talon began singing an encouraging song. Grimble Siobhan began climbing up toward the cave.

The first wolf bit the dragon. Carric's second wolf appeared and attacked the dragon, biting it as well. The dragon breathed on both wolves; neither dodged the fire at all. The dragon then stood up, getting bit by both wolves. Carric, Caelesti, and Siobhan all continued climbing, though Caelesti fell a short distance. Grimble cast Otto's irresistible dance, attempted to touch the dragon while invisible, but missed.

The wolves attacked the dragon again; both bit it successfully, dropping it.

By securing the grappling hook, Grimble helped the party climb the small cliff. Caelesti, Siobhan, and Carric had no trouble climbing the rope, but Talon took a while. The party entered the cave. Carric finished off the unconscious dragon. Carric suggested rolling the dragon carcass out of the cave, but Caelesti thought the dragon might keep other creatures out of the cave. The party looked at the dragon's treasure:

10,000 cp
4,000 sp
700 gp
silver ewer
brass mug with jade inlays
silver comb with moonstones
small leather pouch containing some gems:
banded agate, eye agate, moss agate, pink pearl, brown-green garnet
a pungent-smelling pile of intestines, one end of which has been tied in an intricate knot.
an irregularly shaped piece of natural amber fastened to the end of a long golden chain. Within the amber, a tiny creature still seems to twitch
vial of warm pink liquid with red motes

Outside the cave, the storm roared. Riding the storm was a humanoid that Carric identified as a fey storm-rider. Carric cast daylight outside the cave in an attempt to attract the fey; he waved as well. The fey just moved on. The storm continued.

While Caelesti and Siobhan were on watch, and Caelesti watched the storm, Siobhan spotted the storm-rider again. The fey looked at the cave, but did not approach, and then disappeared to the west.

In the morning, Carric turned into an eagle and scouted to the west, carrying the magic arrow. After gliding for many miles, Carric spotted a tower on a mountain to the south west. On his return trip, he searched out a reasonable cross-country path for the party to follow on foot to the tower.

When Carric returned to the party, he told them of the tower and his planned route. The route led back past the first cave that they stayed in. The party again spent the night in that cave. It was another stormy night. Watches were Caelesti and Siobhan, Talon and Grimble, and Carric by himself.

On second watch, there was a loud crash outside the cave. Talon and Grimble went to the cave mouth. They saw some stone giants on the far side of the chasm throwing rocks at each other and laughing heartily.

The storm ended; morning came.

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