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Tarrastra Adventure 25

Caelesti's notes




Once Murdocki provided the equipment, the party headed off, following the map, with Grimble flying in the lead. The party arrived at the first portal in the early evening and set up camp. They set up three watches: Carric on 1st; Caelesti and Grimble on 2nd; and Talon and Siobhan 3rd.

The party woke, prepared themselves, and headed through the first portal to a region of dense forest. Grimble flew up over the trees to scout, but found nothing. The party followed the map, heading toward the next portal as they did not have a better direction to start their search. While they walked, they looked for signs of forest folk habitations.

After a couple of leagues, Grimble spotted some smoke in the distance. The party turned and headed that way. They eventually came across an elf sitting by a fire. The elf watched as the party approached. Carric spoke for the party. He said that the party was new to the area and was looking for the forest folk. The Elf, calling herself Alanis, knew quite a bit about them, and gave all kinds of good advice.

Caelesti, noticed that the elf was dressed as a ranger would, and since she knew so much about the forest folk, asked her if she would be willing to help find them for some sort of reward. She blabbed about Carric being the one with the money in response to her not knowing how big the reward could be. Alanis declined helping, doused her fire, and disappeared into the woods. Talon berated Caelesti for giving out too much information to strangers.

Carric decided to try the Speak with Animals spell to get help finding the forest folk. With Grimble's help setting up a rope, Carric climbed a tree to find a bird to cast it on. Carric cast the spell, and after some feeding and conversation, the bird led Grimble to a tree that once had forest folk. The party found a snare trap, but no forest folk. The party decided to rest for the rest of the day and wait for the forest folk to check their snare.

At night, with Carric keeping watch from 30' up in a tree, a creature came near (in an adjacent tree). While Carric squinted, he suddenly felt drowsy, and fell asleep and out of the tree. His landing woke the rest of the party. Carric stood up and searched the trees with his Darkvision, spotting Alanis, now with fangs, deftly climbing down the tree. Carric pointed out what he saw, and Talon ignited a Sunrod. The creature threw something at Carric, binding him.

Talon cast a cure on Carric, healing his fall-damage. Siobhan cast a Sound Burst on the creature. Caelesti cast her new Magic Missiles spell at it. The creature shot webs at Caelesti, which missed, and then it climbed out of the light.

Talon started to cut Carric out of the web. Siobhan started singing to bolster the party. Carric successfully burst the damaged web. Grimble flew up and stabbed the creature. Caelesti called for more light, but otherwise simply waited. The creature viciously bit Grimble, causing him to plummet from the tree. Talon rushed to heal him, bringing him around.

Carric started casting a Summon spell. Caelesti continued to wait to cast her Magic Missiles again. A large spider moved down the tree and leapt at Caelesti, but missed. Caelesti stepped back and cast her spell, causing the spider to slump to the ground. Siobhan moved toward it, drawing her rapier on the way, and stabbed it. The creature was dead.

Talon recalled hearing of a creature that could be an elf, a spider, or a hybrid. She called it an Aranea. Then Talon turned on Caelesti again, explaining that Carric was attacked by the nasty creature because of the information that she gave out. Caelesti pointed out that the world was now less one nasty creature.

The party searched the dead Aranea and found ...

New Songs by Talon

My Nessey lies over the ocean
My Nessey lies over the sea
My Nessey lies over the river
Oh, bring back my Nessey to me.
Bring back--
Bring back--
Bring back my Nessey to me
to me!
Bring back--
Bring back--
Oh, bring back my Nessey to me.

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