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Tarrastra Adventure 95

Caelesti's notes




The party traveled east toward Schlaizy Noithn. When they left the mountains, they set up camp for the night. Caelesti flew around gathering firewood, and Yoshi fetched some water. Both Caelesti and Yoshi ran across strange plants that moved about. Feeling a little leery about moving vegetation, the party continued east for another hour using a sunrod to light the way.

The party spent an uneventful night within Talon's Tiny Hut spell, keeping watches normally. Once ready, the party continued into Schlaizy Noithn. On a hill, the party spotted a castle. Carric scouted it out from the air.

The party advanced to the castle. The castle itself seemed misshapen. A sign read, "Welcome to the Castle Lament". The party entered the castle, and the door closed behind them. Yoshi convinced Caelesti to cast Knock on the door, but it seemed to fail. The party continued forward.

In a large room with stars above, there were hundreds of spheres. The spheres seemed a lot like statue heads. As the party approached, the heads began to roll about repeating "Help me". The party could not get any other response from the heads.

Caelesti cast Fly and verified that the stars were in the sky, and not just a pattern on the ceiling.

Continuing, the party found a small room with a comfy fire, five comfy-looking chairs, and a side table with dusty bottles on it. Talon left the room. Carric looked at the bottles, recalling the southern wine that Chamferton used to drug Yoshi and Caelesti. The party waited for several minutes, but nothing seemed to happen.

The party continued down the corridor. It ended in a stairwell going up and down. Yoshi led the party downward. The stairs exited into a room with no other exits. Everyone but Talon entered. The door flap sealed up separating Talon from the party, and trapping the others inside. Yoshi tried calling out to Talon; there was no response.

The party waited several minutes. The walls started pulsing. Caelesti shot Magic Missiles where the door was. The walls started closing in. Yoshi started cutting at the door. Caelesti cast more Magic Missiles at the door.

Acid started seeping from the floor, burning the non-fliers' feet. Carric cast Resist Acid on himself.

Yoshi continued to cut at the door.
Mavis moved to the door and stabbed it.
Caelesti cast Fly on Yoshi.
Carric cast Resist Acid on Mavis.
Talon put linens against the door and lit it on fire.

Yoshi flew a few inches off the floor and slashed at the door, gashing it twice.
Mavis stabbed the door, apparently not affecting it.
Caelest cast more Magic Missiles at the door.
Carric asked people to move away from the door so that he could cast Flame Strike.

Yoshi slashed at the door and teleported back.
Caelesti moved back and cast more Magic Missiles.
Carric cast Flame Strike at the door (burning Talon who was on the far side of the door), and the door opened up. Carric then fled across the room and past Talon.

Yoshi moved out of the room, but stopped to help Talon.

Mavis and Caelesti also fled the room.

Nessey's notes

Scribe: Carric falls off the mule and becomes conscious again.
Scribe: Carric - "Where are we?"
Scribe: Mavis explains.
Scribe: We are in The Land of the Shifters.
Scribe: We try not to mention the forest fire we started and pretend it is a joke when the topic arises from Talon and Yoshi.
Scribe: Talon says the Zombies spontaneiously combusted.
Scribe: CArric says forest fires should not be caused intentially by people.
Scribe: Talon reassures him it was caused by undead, not live people.
Scribe: Carric rambles on about careless people.
Scribe: Mavis cautions Carric against starting any fires - least he become an ex-druid.
Scribe: Talon says we need to wipe out any Zombies that we find as they are bad about causing forest fires.
Scribe: Mavis speaks of the natural state of dead things.
Scribe: Talon and Carric agree that undead are not naturally dead, though.
Scribe: Mavis says we are being too hypothetical and philosophical and she wants to continue to our doom - I mean The Land of Shifters.
Scribe: Let's camp and renew says Talon.
Scribe: But the rest are anxious to be going.
Scribe: It takes us the rest of the day to get down the mountain.
Scribe: safely
Scribe: Twilight is upon us.
Scribe: Once we are ready to go to bed, Talon will cast a Leomund's Tiny hut around us.
Scribe: Caelesti gathers wood and finds a live stick, which she drops.
Scribe: Yoshi goes to gather water, with everyone's wine/water skins.
Scribe: Yoshi notices a bush shaking to his right.
Scribe: As he watches the leaves all turn into butterflies and fly away.
Scribe: Yoshi raises one eyebrow.
Scribe: He finishes filling the skins.
Scribe: He then notices a root has reached up and is pulling away one of the water skins
Scribe: Yoshi pulls it back.
Scribe: Yoshi walks back towards camp.
Scribe: Needs a DEX check.
Yoshi rolls Ability:Dexterity: (d20+2) : [19 + 2] = 21
Scribe: Yoshi sees a root looping over the top of his foot. He pulls his foot out and proceeds without tripping.
Scribe: Caelesti and Yoshi arrive back at camp.
Scribe: They both speak of moving plants and sticks.
Scribe: Carric examines the sticks Caelesti brought back and they are nomal dead wood.
Scribe: Carric asks Caelesti to take him to the spot of the talking stick.
Scribe: Yoshi says we should "stick" together to see the stick.
Scribe: Caelesti says - "let's branch out and look for sticks."
Scribe: When we get to the spot Caelesti indicated, we find only normal sticks, so far.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [7 - 1 + 2] = 8
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [14 + 16] = 30
Scribe: Caelesti doesn't spot anything out of the ordinary.
Scribe: Carric spots something odd behind Mavis - seems to be a stick with an eye.
Scribe: Standing up, but eye closes and stick falls to the ground.
Scribe: Carric goes over - Hello, Stick.
Scribe: c
Scribe: Carric picks up the stick and appears to be a normal dead branch.
Scribe: He taps it against the tree gently and then harder.
Scribe: The stick bends. It does not speak.
Scribe: Carric can't see anything where the eye used to be.
Scribe: Carric tosses it on the ground.
Scribe: If falls to the ground like a stick.
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [3 + 16] = 19
Scribe: Carric looks around for another stick.
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [6 + 16] = 22
Scribe: He spots another stick.
Scribe: He notices that the previous stick he dropped is gone.
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [20 + 1] = 21
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [3 + 16] = 19
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [7 + 11 + 4] = 22
Scribe: None of us have noticed where it went.
Scribe: Carric finds many other regular sticks.
Scribe: Talon complains that she is tired.
Scribe: Caelesti casts Detect Magic.
Scribe: Caelesti does not detect any magic, except on all of us.
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [8 + 16] = 24
Scribe: Carric keeps looking.
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [18 + 16] = 34
Scribe: The rest of us are bored.
Scribe: Carric still looks and finds nothing unusual.
Carric rolls Spot: (d20+16) : [15 + 16] = 31
Scribe: We all head back.
Scribe: Carric notices roots growing over his backpack he left back at camp.
Scribe: Carric - I think we better put everything in the hut and keep a watch.
Scribe: Carric notices mushrooms/fungus growing under his backpack.
Scribe: Talon is glad her stuff is still on her mule.
Scribe: All equipment on ground is being overgrown by roots and fungus.
Scribe: Talon - should we continue walking through the night?
Scribe: Carric - that could have its own problems.
Scribe: Carric - put your hut up, Talon.
Scribe: Talon - I don't know if would protect us.
Scribe: Talon has 9 sunrods. Illuminate 30 ft radius fully for 6 hours.
Scribe: Carric suggests we go back to the foothill of the mountain.
Scribe: Talon - maybe we will find a cave!
Scribe: Carric - maybe we could rent it from the occupants.
Scribe: I'm going to be offline until DM is back.
Scribe: D and H are back with pizza.
Scribe: Skype me. I seem to have lost connection
Scribe: ARe we going to try to camp in rocky area.
Scribe: Caelesti - we aren't sure these things are hostile.
Scribe: Carric - it might be better to go near the foothills.
Scribe: Talon says she has a very superior bedroll and doesn't mind sleeping on rock.
Scribe: Carric assumes Talon is offering to share her bedroll with him.
Scribe: When she says not, he says she got his hopes up and dashed them.
Scribe: Talon says nothing.
Scribe: Carric complains some more.
Scribe: Carric looks around for a better site.
Scribe: And stuff.
Scribe: Talon - does anyone have a mud/ground to rock spell?
Scribe: We finally decide to just stay here as we will have to spend many days in The Land of the Shifters.
Carric: Shlaizy Noithn
Scribe: Here is Shlaizy Noithn
Scribe: Okay. Talon casts her hut with faint illumination.
Scribe: We set watches.
Scribe: Caelesti wants to cast extended mage armor on herself.
Scribe: so we hut here for the night.
Scribe: Talon wants to be on first watch
Scribe: Nothing happens.
Scribe: Talon was on first with Caelesti. Caelesti falls asleep after 20 minutes and doesn't watch.
Scribe: Second watch is Mavis and Carric.
Scribe: Third watch is Mavis and Yoshi.
Scribe: No roots bother us.
Scribe: Perhaps the faint light deters them.
Scribe: Third watch passes uneventfully.
Scribe: No roots bother us.
Scribe: Dawn breaks. Talon dismisses the Hut and we break camp.
Scribe: Roads do not behave as they should. They shift.
Scribe: We find it is best not to move along the roads.
Scribe: Days pass.
Scribe: We finally see a castle on a hill.
Scribe: Talon - perhaps Carric and Tan Kuran can go ahead and scout as Eagles?
Scribe: They find the castle is twisted and distorted as though melted and sagging.
Scribe: Plaque = Castle Lament
Scribe: We are seeking Archon - who might be the Real Champferton and also a Pombi.
Scribe: Carric describe what we saw and we want to go and see more.
Scribe: The stone moves and rearranges itself perhaps on the castle walls.
Scribe: We pass throught he gateway of Castle Lament.
Scribe: Talon and Caelsti go first.
Scribe: Mavis tethers the mules.
Scribe: There is no path. The gate enters directly into the castle.
Scribe: Carric follows, then Yoshi, then Mavis.
Scribe: As soon as Mavis enters, the door slams shut.
Scribe: Mavis searches and examines and says doors are thoroughly closed.
Scribe: Yoshi - could a knock spell open them, Caelesti?
Scribe: Here inside is the large entryhall of a castle. Organic feel. Things are twisted and bent as though castle is alive.
Scribe: Yoshi asks Caelesti to cast knock on door, just so we know.
Scribe: She does and nothing seems to happen.
Scribe: Caelesti thinks it is more like an arm or leg.
Scribe: Yoshi thinks it is a mouth.
Scribe: Yoshi tries to push the door back open. It does not open.
Scribe: We can only go foward and so we do.
Scribe: Talon - Hello, Hello! Anyone home?
Scribe: Yoshi - please don't do that again.
Scribe: Talon - we can't be rude.
Scribe: Yoshi - it is not welcoming as we can't get back out. Caution is in order.
Scribe: Carric - Caution is the watchword of the day.
Scribe: Door hanging open on opposite side.
Scribe: It's the only way to go and so we go that way.
Scribe: Talon links arms with Caelesti and we proceed.
Scribe: The others follow us.
Scribe: Inside is a large chamber. WE look up and up and up and seems like stars overhead. ON ground is large pile of spheres.
Scribe: 8 inch across and not regular. Have depressions in them.
Scribe: We walk over to the pile of spheres.
Scribe: They look like heads close up.
Scribe: They eyes open and the piles shifts and rolls as we approach. The heads bounce around.
Scribe: The heads say - Help us. Help us.
Scribe: Talon picks one up.
Scribe: one that looks human.
Scribe: It says "help me. help me."
Scribe: Talon - how?
Scribe: Caelesti - how?
Scribe: The heads just repeat.
Scribe: They seem stoneline as from statues.
Scribe: stone like
Scribe: There are hundreds of them.
Scribe: Talon - good thing we found that wand of remove curses.
Scribe: Mavis - but then we'd have heads with no bodies.
Scribe: Since ceiling looks open, perhaps we could fly out.
Scribe: It was twilight when we came in.
Scribe: Caelesti casts Fly and Flies up and up and up and up. She is now hovering above an outside courtyard to the castle.
Scribe: She flies down and says we have a way out.
Scribe: Mavis wants to leave immediately.
Scribe: Heads demand help.
Scribe: Yoshi keeps asking how.
Scribe: Talon - Mavis - how much do you think we could sell these for back in Rowansmeade?
Scribe: Mavis - these creep me out too much!
Scribe: Carric - they would be difficult to transport.
Scribe: Yoshi - a sack of screaming stone heads! No. But we must try to help them.
Scribe: We go through another door.
Scribe: They heads do not follow us into the indoor castle.
Scribe: We follow a glow and find a room with fireplace with a fire. Appears to be burning wood.
Scribe: There are comfy chairs around the fire.
Scribe: Talon - looks like a trap.
Scribe: Talon does not sit down. She shifts restlessly.
Scribe: There is a sideboard with dusty bottles.
Scribe: Talon exits the room, if possible.
Scribe: Mavis wants to stay in room and talk.
Scribe: How many chairs are there? 5.
Scribe: Only 4 of us remain in room. Talon waits outside in the hall.
Scribe: CArric examines the sideboard - it reveals nothing unusual.
Scribe: Spme bottles have some iiquid.
Scribe: Carric sniffs the bottles. Some appear to have a brandylike substance.
Scribe: Talon checks that she can return to courtyard through door. She can and go back out to courtyard. She goes back to the hallway outside the fireplace room.
Scribe: The others fear it might be Southern Wine and do not drink from the bottles.
Scribe: They stand a while. Mavis pokes at a chair, then sits, then stands, then sits.
Scribe: She suggests we camp out here.
Scribe: Caelesti is waiting for someone to come and greet up. No one does so we all go along the corridor until we come to a stairwell.
Scribe: It goes up and down. We can choose.
Scribe: Carric suggest we go up.
Scribe: Yoshi starts heading down the stairs.
Scribe: Caelesti follows Yoshi. Therefore Talon follows Caelesti. Carric follows and so does Mavis. We are going down the stairs.
Scribe: The atmosphere get thicker.
Scribe: The air feels oppressive. At bottom of stairs a door is ajar.
Scribe: Yoshi goes through the door. There is a 20 x 20 ft room.
Scribe: Caelesti follows.
Scribe: Talon hangs back.
Scribe: Yoshi and Caelesti go in.
Scribe: Carric goes in.
Scribe: Mavis goes in .
Scribe: They see a glint the upper NE corner floor.
Scribe: Might be coins.
Scribe: Talon remains on watch outside the door.
Scribe: Mavis goes and pokes around. The door slams shut.
Scribe: Talon is outside.
Scribe: Those inside hear a sigh of relief.
Scribe: Yoshi tries to open the door.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [8 + 11 + 4] = 23
Scribe: Spot check.
Scribe: He no longer sees a door.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search: (d20+0) : [3] = 3
Scribe: Talon hears a gulp sound and orifice closes.
Scribe rolls Nes - Listen: (d20+6) : [6 + 6] = 12
Scribe: Talon no longer sees a door.
Scribe rolls T - Listen: (d20+2) : [2 + 2] = 4
Scribe: Yoshi shouts _ Talon! Talon!
Scribe: It was a doorway with a flap hanging open.
Scribe: Now it is just a wall.
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Scribe: Talon can find no way to open the wall.
Scribe: She doesn't know how anyone got in in the first place.
Scribe: She touches it.
Scribe: It feels sort of fleshy and cold.
Scribe: She tried tickling it.
Scribe: It does not resond.
Scribe: Mavis did not find anything glinting except some glowing sand. It was a trick.
Scribe: Caelesti - a Gifter!
Scribe: The walls begin to pulse and move.
Scribe: Caelesti calls out - we are looking for Archan!
Scribe: Mavis - I think we should get out of this room.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Scribe: Her magic missiles pushing into the wall.
Scribe: Yoshi pushes on the walls. He is afraid of being digested.
Scribe: Weapons sink into the wall.
Scribe: Carric wants to cut their way out.
Scribe: As they start cutting, the walls start quivering and contracting.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Scribe rolls T - Crossbow : (d20+8) : [6 + 8] = 14
Scribe rolls T - Crossbow damage: (d8) : [8] = 8
Scribe: Talon shoots with crossbow bolts and it does no damage. DR 10,
Scribe rolls T - Dagger Regular Damage: (d4+2) : [4 + 2] = 6
Scribe rolls T - Dagger Regular Damage: (d4+2) : [3 + 2] = 5
Scribe: Talon tries to cut with her dagger.
Scribe: The floor is getting wet and the liquid burns.
Scribe: Caelesti is floating off the ground.
Scribe: Yoshi wants to fly too.
Scribe: Carric, Mavis and Yoshi take acid damage.
Mavis rolls 1d4: (1d4) : [1] = 1
Yoshi rolls 1d4: (1d4) : [1] = 1
Carric rolls d4: (d4) : [4] = 4
Scribe: Talon's dagger damage has not damaged the door.
Scribe: Yoshi teleports on top of Talon.
Scribe: Anklet of translocation.
Scribe: Actually not. Can only teleport if can see directly where going.
Scribe: Carric casts resist energy acid on himself.
Scribe: Others can stand on him now.
Scribe: Mavis runs over to Carric and climbs up on him and jumps up down or not.
Scribe: not.
Caelesti rolls Initiative: (d20+4) : [11 + 4] = 15
Scribe rolls T - Initiative: (d20+2) : [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Initiative: (d20+4+2) : [20 + 4 + 2] = 26
Carric rolls Initiative: (d20+2) : [5 + 2] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative: (d20+9) : [8 + 9] = 17
Scribe: Talon intiative of 3
Scribe: Yoshi hacks away.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [10 + 8] = 18
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [11 + 8] = 19
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 3: (d20+3) : [10 + 3] = 13
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Kama/Siagham: (d6+2) : [1 + 2] = 3
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Kama/Siagham: (d6+2) : [1 + 2] = 3
Scribe: Wall quivers and quivers. More acid fluid leaks out.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [12 + 10] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage: (d6+3) : [3 + 3] = 6
Scribe: Talon tears off some of her victorian undergarments and pours some Dragon's Breath Ale on them and lays them nex to the "door" and tries to set them on fire with flint and steel.
Scribe: Her petticoats - not her bra!
Mavis rolls 2d4: (2d4) : [2 + 4] = 6
Scribe: 6 points of damage to everyone standing on floor - Mavis and Carric don't though as they have acid resistence.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [17 + 8] = 25
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [6 + 8] = 14
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 3: (d20+3) : [14 + 3] = 17
Scribe: Talon will only burn her ordinary clothing, not magical.
Scribe: Fire starts.
Scribe: No visible effects yet.
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Kama/Siagham: (d6+2) : [4 + 2] = 6
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Kama/Siagham: (d6+2) : [1 + 2] = 3
Scribe: Yoshi continues hitting with his Kama or his Siagham.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [14 + 10] = 24
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage: (d6+3) : [3 + 3] = 6
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2: (d20+5) : [5 + 5] = 10
Scribe: "Stomach" contracts again and leaks acid again and quivers again as Yoshi slashes.
Scribe: Yoshi offers Mavis a cold iron edged weapon.
Scribe: Caelesti casts Fly on Yoshi right after his first acid damage.
Mavis rolls 2d4: (2d4) : [3 + 4] = 7
Scribe: or something like that.
Scribe: He takes 7 points acid damage before he flies.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Scribe: Magic Missiles make some progress, but not as much as we might hope. The wall/door does heal up.
Scribe: Carric wants to do a Flame Strike.
Mavis rolls 3d4: (3d4) : [1 + 3 + 1] = 5
Scribe: While there is still room to move away. He delays until Yoshi and others can move out of the way.
Scribe: Room does 5 points of damage - but Carric and Mavis shrug it off and Yoshi and CAelesti are hovering.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [17 + 8] = 25
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Kama/Siagham: (d6+2) : [6 + 2] = 8
Scribe: Talon takes off more clothing and burns it. The wall is singed. It seems to be working.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [5 + 8] = 13
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 1/2: (d20+8) : [7 + 8] = 15
Yoshi rolls Atk:Kama/Siagham Flurry 3: (d20+3) : [3 + 3] = 6
Scribe: Yoshi makes a full attack and then teleports away.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [18 + 10] = 28
Scribe: mavis takes a regular attack with loaner from Yoshi.
Scribe: Actually Yoshi doesn't have quck draw so only did first attack.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Damage: (d6+3) : [4 + 3] = 7
Scribe: Mavis does some damage and then moves away.
Scribe: Carric undelays and fires flame strike.
Scribe: Or not. Waits to see if Caelesti moves.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [3 + 1] = 4
Scribe: She moves and casts magic Missiles.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Carric rolls Flame Strike: (9d6) : [6 + 3 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 5] = 44
Scribe: Carric now casts Flame STrike.
Scribe rolls T - Save Reflex: (d20+9) : [10 + 9] = 19
Scribe: Talon has to make a Reflex save. She makes it. She takes only 22 points of fire and 11 points of Divine Damage.
Scribe: Talon clothes flared and door burst open.
Scribe: She falls on her back. she is wearing only her "hot"chain mail.
Scribe: Acutally she took 22 points of damage.
Scribe: Talon gets up and looks around in a dazed manner.
Scribe: My scales are smoking!
Scribe: Her chain mail is searing her. She pours some water on it.
Scribe: From her backpack which was some ways away.
Scribe: Talon is now sitting in the corridor steaming and wet.
Scribe: Carric comes running out of the room and jumps over Talon and flees.
Scribe: He doesn't offer to help. He doesn't help her up. He does watch her steam up her chain mail bikini.
Scribe: Yoshi is sorry he is "chaste."
Scribe: Yoshi doesn't notice really, about the clothes.
Scribe: Yoshi offers to help Talon. She complains that her clothes burst into flame as she want trying to burn the door open. She is dazed.
Scribe: Yoshi helps up Talon and Helps her out.
Scribe: Caelesti and Mavis follow.
Scribe: Mavis smirks at Talon as she passes.
Scribe: Talon acts weak-kneed and leans on Yoshi, brushing her hot chain mail against him.
Scribe: She acts as though to pass out.
Scribe: Yoshi supports her and makes sure she doesn't fall over, but doesn't notice anything else.

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