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Tarrastra Adventure 94

Caelesti's notes




Caelesti cast Fly on herself and flew 10' up into the air.
Mavis and Yoshi advanced toward the bad guys; Talon headed off to the side a bit.
The Dupies rolled onto the tracks.

Caelesti flew forward.
Mavis charged the Dupies.
Talon moved closer and started singing an inspiring song.
Yoshi charged the Dupies and struck one, stunning it.

Caelesti flew toward the battle, and another 20' higher.
Mavis suggested Yoshi help her flank.
Talon moved a bit closer.
Yoshi used his Anklet of Translocation to move behind the Dupies, and attacked the Dupies again. His first hit stunned the same Dupie. He then hit the other Dupie who went slack.
Mavis stabbed at the other Dupie, missing twice, but then downed it with a well-placed strike.

Caelesti flew over the crowd and downed the Fatman with four Magic Missiles.
Yoshi asked Talon to treat Izia.
Talon cast Cure Light Wounds on Izia; the shock on Izia faded slightly.

To the south, Laggy Nap was forcing the pawns in his group to obey, causing pain to them using some strange device. Yoshi said, "One problem at a time, and that's our next problem." He pointed at Laggy.

Caelesti flew to Laggy, staying 30' above, and told him to drop the controlling device that causes the pain.
He looked up and tried to turn on his charm, saying "Come on down, Caelesti."
Talon stayed to assist Izia.
Yoshi charged the distance and struck Laggy, stunning him.
Mavis charged Laggy, stabbed, and missed.
A brave pawn grabbed the controlling device from the stunned Laggy.

Caelesti cast Magic Missiles at Laggy.
Yoshi Translocated behind Laggy (flanking him with Mavis) and launched into a flurry of blows, hitting twice.
Mavis struck Laggy, but held her second strike, asking him to surrender.
The pawn with the controlling device said he [Laggy] was evil, pointed the device at Laggy, and turned a dial.
Laggy screamed and fell to the ground.
Yoshi shouted at the pawn to make him stop.
The pawn seemed confused, turned off the device, and handed it to Yoshi.

The party had a big discussion with the pawns. The pawns said that Laggy was evil. Yoshi said that Laggy was not necessarily in control of his actions. The pawns said that Laggy was a Gifter; Gifters give you things that always "bite" you in the end.

Mavis asked Caelesti if she was good with locks. With a "yes", answer, she asked Caelesti to try to take them off. Caelesti tried Knock on a pawn's boots, and they dropped off. Caelesti cast five more Knock spells to free the other pawns.

The pawns said they would take care of Izia and told wonderful stories of how good she was with animals. The seven left together.

There was more discussion of what to do with Laggy. Yoshi did not necessarily think he deserved death. Caelesti was in favor of it, because he did evil things and had powers that might prevent him from being held captive. Talon suggested searching through his wagon of trade goods to get more information on whether he is evil or not.

The party searched the wagons. The most interesting things included a belt with 10 pouches, a wand of some sort, a vibrating chime, and a ragged shirt, all of which were magic (per Talon's and Caelesti's Detect Magic spells). Further inside the wagon, the party found two live, but unconscious, bodies. They appeared to be drugged.

The party decided their next goal was the tall man. They tried to follow the tall man's path into the tunnel, but they couldn't open the door, even with a Knock spell. The party then searched the fat man and the Dupies for a way to open the door, but only found medical tools on the Dupies.

Talon suggested that Mavis could disguise herself as Laggy Nap to get the people inside to open the door. Mavis spent some time making an excellent costume. She drove Laggy's wagon to the tunnel mouth with Caelesti in the front of the wagon with her, apparently tied up. Mavis did a wonderful performance of Laggy Nap, saying he had what they wanted, that he had Caelesti. The door didn't open.

The party gave up on entering the tunnel that day. They moved off to camp. Talon cast Identify on the new magic items. The items were: a Chime of Harmonic Agony, Rags of Restraint, Belt of Hidden Pouches, and a Wand of Break Enchantment (CL10, 6 charges).

After a final decision, Yoshi and Mavis executed Laggy Nap.

Nessey's notes

Scribe: Welcome
Scribe: We procede towards the baddies to stop them from taking Izias legs.
Scribe: Why were the legs awlful?
Scribe: Why does
Scribe: Big Mystery = Why doesn't Izia have nice legs?
Scribe: Is that why they wanted Caelesti?
Scribe: Why didn't Laggy bring all of us with him to see the creatures if he suspected this would happen if he turned up without Caelesti.
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative: (d20+9) : [7 + 9] = 16
Scribe rolls T - Initiative: (d20+2) : [14 + 2] = 16
Caelesti rolls Initiative: (d20+4) : [20 + 4] = 24
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [12] = 12
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [8] = 8
Yoshi rolls Initiative: (d20+4+2) : [1 + 4 + 2] = 7
Scribe rolls T - Giant Wasp Damage Stinger: (d3+6) : [2 + 6] = 8
Scribe: Talon will do ghost sound when it gets to her.
Scribe: Mavis and Yoshi approach.
Scribe: Dupies want to load Izia on Fat Cart.
Scribe: Fat Man moves to help Dupies.
Scribe: Laggy is back in his camp - directing his pawns.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [4 + 11 + 4] = 19
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [1 + 16] = 17
Scribe: Talon - could you do a Fly on me Caelesti.
Scribe: ?
Scribe: Caelesti - I want to get there as fast as I can. So maybe later.
Scribe: Yoshi and Mavis notice Laggy pull a device out of his pack and threaten his pawns and they move faster at sight of it.
Scribe: talon moves towards her friends, but also off a bit on her own.
Scribe: She can't move as far and Caelesti was being stingy with her Fly spells.
Scribe: Caelesti now flies as fast as she can towards her friends in a wild double move.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [1 + 10] = 11
Scribe: Mavis charges, a double move, up the the Dupies, and fumbles with her own weapon.
Scribe: Yoshi charges next?
Scribe: Nope. First, Talon moves closer.
Scribe: She made a single move and starts singing a song of courage.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [14 + 9] = 23
Scribe: Then Yoshi takes a double move charge and can attack once.
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [5 + 2] = 7
Scribe: Yoshi shouts - You will not take Izia and whacks with stunning fist.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [11] = 11
Scribe: Which Dupie is stunned?
Mavis rolls d2+1: (d2+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Mavis rolls d2: (d2) : [1] = 1
Scribe: He hits Dupie 2 - who is stunned.
Scribe: Dupie 1 looks in astonishment at Yoshi.
Scribe: Yoshi raises one eyebrow at Dupie 1.
Scribe: Dupie 1 says - You hit Dupie! You hit Dupie!
Scribe: Fat Man rolls over. He says - What are you doing? You can't hit Dupies!
Scribe: Yoshi - We take Izia. Izia come with us.
Scribe: Izia is lying on the ground in shock. Shock from her precvious interaction with Dupies and Fat Man.
Scribe: Caelesti flies.
Scribe: Mavis wants to flank and so waits for Yoshi to go and move.
Scribe: Talon would like to lift Izia, but is not strong enough. Talon moves up a little towards Izia and continues to sing.
Scribe: Tall Man had rolled away earlier on hs train.
Scribe: Fat Man rolls around in circles flailing his little arms and repeating "What are we going to do Dupies? What are we going to do?"
Yoshi rolls Atk:Shuriken Flurry 1/2: (d20+ : [1 + 8] = 9
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [13 + 9] = 22
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [10] = 10
Scribe: Yoshi stuns the same Dupie again. Can they be flanked or not?
Scribe: Yoshi has stunned the same foe for 2 rounds so he is now confused.
Mavis rolls d4: (d4) : [1] = 1
Scribe: For some secret number of rounds.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [1 + 9] = 10
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 3: (d20+4) : [19 + 4] = 23
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [7 + 2] = 9
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [2 + 2] = 4
Scribe: Yoshi then punches Dupie 1.
Scribe: Yoshi rolls damage for Dupie 2, then Dupie 1.
Scribe: Dupie 2 goes slack and Dupie 1 is horrified.
Scribe: He calls to Fat Man to help.
Scribe: He calls to Fat Man to flee.
Scribe: 'Or Fat Man calls to him to leave.
Scribe: Dupie 1 bends and tries to take Izia with him. Fat Man tilts his cart down so Dupie 1 can load Izia.
Scribe: But really first Mavis goes.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [2 + 10] = 12
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2: (d20+5) : [8 + 5] = 13
Scribe: Mavis decides she doesn't need to sneak attack. She doesn't hit well, though. She seems to be offering her weapon to the Dupies.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [19 + 10] = 29
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [20 + 10] = 30
Scribe: On her third attack - a threat, critical.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Critical Damage: (2d6+6) : [2 + 6 + 6] = 14
Scribe: So really Dupie 1 slumped too and didn't try to pick up Izia.
Scribe: Mavis steps up and says "Don't you tough him, Fat Man."
Scribe: Talon's singing took effect last round and so more damage was done.
Mavis: "Don't you touch her, Fat Man!"
Scribe: Don't you touch HER, Fat Man.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Scribe: Caelesti flies over to shoot magic missiles at Fat Man.
Scribe: She feels he needs it to punish him for being Evil.
Scribe: Fat Man goes "uh" and slumps.
Scribe: Talon - so should we go in and confront the evil masters?
Scribe: Mavis - I think we should confront Laggy Nap.
Scribe: Yoshi - it wasn't his fault.
Scribe: Talon - the Tall Man put boots on Laggy.
Scribe: Izia's legs have scars and burn marks.
Scribe rolls d20: (d20) : [2] = 2
Scribe rolls T - Cure Light (CL+5max): (d8+5) : [8 + 5] = 13
Scribe: Talon goes over and can't figure out what is wrong with Izia's legs. And Talon heals Izia, but she is still shaken and somewhat scared.
Scribe: It might take more than this to heal her fully.
Scribe: Mavis asks what happened to Izia.
Scribe: Izia says the boots burn.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [15 + 11 + 4] = 30
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [16 + 16] = 32
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [2 + 1] = 3
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [17 - 1 + 2] = 18
Scribe: Yoshi and Mavis notice that Laggy Nap is gesturing with his device and manipulates and one winces and stumbles. He manipulates again and pawn straightens and moves with greater speed.
Scribe: Yoshi says - I think Laggy is our next problem.
Scribe: I agree says Mavis.
Scribe: Talon - but he's our friend.
Scribe: Yoshi - but he is doing evil to his pawns.
Scribe: Talon - but he is wearing boots and might be being controlled by some evil Fiend.
Scribe: Talon explains the boots were put on Laggy by Tall Man who took them off Izia.
Scribe: Yoshi - we must deal with Tall Man later.
Scribe: Yoshi - he might be under influence, but we must take the evil device away from him.
Scribe: Caelesti flies over to him and says "Drop that Device of Evil, Laggy Nap." She is 30ft directly over his head.
Scribe: He says - what? They didn't tell me you're an Armiger!
Scribe: Caelesti - that's because they don't really know me!
Scribe: Laggy Nap pulls himself together and smiles at her - Surely there is no enmity between US.
Scribe: Laggy - Come on down, Armiger Caelesti.
Scribe: Laggy - Surely, you don't object to me controlling my pawns. They are MY pawns.
Scribe: Caelesti - you are controlling them with pain. I can see it in their faces.
Scribe: Laggy - it is very effective.
Scribe: CAelesti - I will have to control you in the same way.
Scribe: Laggy - No, Tall Man didn't give you a device too?
Scribe: Caelesti - He might. Now drop it.
Scribe: Laggy - to pawns - take that wagon up the Mummble Mouth immediately!
Scribe: Meanwhile, Mavis runs over, looking fierce.
Scribe: Talon helps Izia up and lets her lean on her and leads her away towards the bushes and our horses and Carric the Unconscious.
Scribe: Yoshi charges at Laggy.
Scribe: Talon now feels angry at Laggy too.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [13 + 9] = 22
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [2] = 2
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [5 + 2] = 7
Scribe: She is angry Laggy lied to us and tried to lead us into danger instead of a good gig for singing and making money. What a smuck!
Scribe: Yoshi uses his stunning fists. Perhaps this is what attracts Talon to him. He is "stunning."
Scribe: Perhaps she likes that he is exotic looking and multiracial, like herself, in a different way.
Scribe: Pawns of Laggy - Our Saviors, help us!
Scribe: Pawn near Laggy grabs device from his master's slack hands, which Laggy stunned.
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Spell (Magic Missiles): (d4+1) : [1 + 1] = 2
Scribe: Talon continues to help Izia to get to our mules and under cover of shrubs and scrubs.
Scribe: Caelesti magic missiles Laggy.
Scribe: Nessey would have objected to hitting at stunned opponent, but Talon is too practical for such sentiments.
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [16 + 9] = 25
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 1/2: (d20+9) : [18 + 9] = 27
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed Flurry 3: (d20+4) : [5 + 4] = 9
Scribe: Yoshi uses charm to move and does a Flurry of Blows.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [20] = 20
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [10 + 2] = 12
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed: (d10+2) : [6 + 2] = 8
Scribe: 22 points of damage on Laggy.
Scribe: Laggy - unstunned now, "You can't do this! You can't do this!" He looks at empty hand and at pawn holding his device.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [16 + 10] = 26
Scribe: Mavis takes a step up and rapiers him.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Sneak Damage: (d6+3+2d6) : [4 + 3 + 4 + 5] = 16
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2: (d20+5) : [2 + 5] = 7
Scribe: Mavis smiles as he swaggers and sways on the point of unconsciousness.
Scribe: Mavis taunts hin for torturing pawns and says surrender now and she will allow him to live for the moment.
Scribe: Caelesti - He is a Charmer!
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [1 + 9] = 10
Scribe: Laggy Nap looks up at Mavis - I am in your power and no threat to you. There's no reason we shouldn't be friends.
Scribe: Mavis (fails Will Save) I don't know what I was thinking. You are absolutely right.
Scribe: Pawn says - to Mavis - why are you being friendly with him - you are just an evil gamesmen like him.
Scribe: Pawn uses device on boots of Laggy Nap and He screams in pain and falls to the ground and kicks and squeals in pain.
Scribe: Yoshi - STop! Stop!
Scribe: Yoshi wants pawn to stop.
Scribe: Pawn says, to Yoshi, you don't understand. You don't understand.
Scribe: Pawn turns dial off and Laggy Nap whimpers and goes limp.
Scribe: Yoshi says "I will take that" opens hand and Pawn puts device in Yoshi's hand.
Scribe: Pawn says - you don't understand, if we don't do what he says he burns us.
Scribe: Yoshi looks at boots, but they are locked somehow.
Scribe: Caelesti - to her friends - Laggy is very dangerous. He charmed you all last night.
Scribe: Yoshi - we need to tie him up and gag him so he does not charm us.
Scribe: Caelesti - I don't get why we are even keeping hin alive she complains as Yoshi binds Laggy's wounds.
Scribe: Pawns plead to have boots off and want to leave and go their own way.
Scribe: They say "No more gifters."
Scribe: Yoshi - what is that?
Scribe: Pawn - Gifters are people who act nice and like they are giving you gifts, but then bite you in the end.
Scribe: My friend was bitten by Scorpian. Gifter said here is a healing salve - but it made him blind and then he was turned over to Blourbast. And I was given boots and must obey or be burned.
Scribe: Having put Izia in a safe place with mules and Carric, Talon wanders over to the Laggy camp.
Scribe: She speaks of the Tall Man who provided the boots that Laggy put on the pawns.
Scribe: Yoshi argues that Laggy was still a victim. A victim without boots.
Scribe: Pawn says Laggy is a Gifter like any other. He is in it for himself. He has all kinds of things in his wagon he has been collecting. He has been inflicting others, innocent people.
Scribe: Pawn says Laggy is a Thrall of the people living in The Blot, but also not a nice guy himself.
Scribe: Talon, having wandered over, asks if anyone knows what "They" wanted with Caelesti, what pawns know of his affairs.
Scribe: The pawns want only to be released from the boots. They claim no knowledge of other affairs, though they alluded to such when they spoke of the items in the wagon.
Scribe: Talon - to Caelesti - pick locks?
Scribe: Pawns - there is no locks they can find.
Scribe: Yoshi - let's wake Laggy and persuade him to tell us how remove the boots.
Scribe: Talon - Caelesti - you seem immune to his charms, perhaps you could quiz him.
Scribe: Beguilement here, when really strong, can get through Caelesti's defenses. Though we know others can't in our land, per official questioning when we were once arrested.
Scribe: The one and only power of King/Queen is beguilement and they have in it Spades.
Scribe: Caelesti worries about being controlled.
Scribe: Mavis asks Caelesti is she can open locks magically.
Scribe: knock spell.
Scribe: Sorceress.
Scribe: Caelesti - Duh! She casts a knock spell. Two boots per spell? Yes, or used to, per spell description.
Scribe: How many spells needed to get all boots off.
Scribe: Casts it 6 times and releases all the pawns.
Scribe: Caelesti - good idea, Mavis, it didn't even occur to me.
Scribe: Talon - why don't we let the pawns take food and clothing with them and we will check out the wagon.
Scribe: Caelesti - what can we do with these boots? Can we burn them?
Scribe: Talon - we could sell them.
Scribe: Boots are not real metal - like plastic with metal strand circuitry. Like nothing we have ever seen.
Scribe: Gamesmen term might be "Trader" or "Traitor."
Scribe: Pawns call Traders - Gifters.
Scribe: Not all Traders are labeled Gifters.
Scribe: Traders who are on assignment from The Blot, of course, are Gifters.
Scribe: Mavis - let the pawns have the oxen and horses.
Scribe: Talon - and Izia and clothing and food. If Izia wants to go.
Scribe: Izia, we are told, came from down south, she was with Laggy the longest, and is therefore the most damaged. The other Pawns will take her on a horse and she can be Healed by Healers. They are the Best of the Gamesmen.
Scribe: Yoshi - do Healers heal for free or do you need money?
Scribe: Caelesti - I would think any class of Gamesmen could be good or bad.
Scribe: Pawns - Madame Armiger, you know more than I do, but my experience is that all Healers feel the pain of the world and do no withhold healing.
Scribe: Caelesti - but there can be good in other classes as well.
Scribe: Yoshi - this conversation might be making them uncomfortable.
Scribe: Pawn - to Caelesti - There is at least one good Armiger.
Scribe: Pawns - A shifter sold her, as pawn, to Laggy.
Scribe: Pawn - Shifters are bad and given Izia's story, no Shifters can be good.
Scribe: Good thing Carric is unconscious.
Scribe: Pawn - all Shifters are evil.
Scribe: Caelesti keeps wanting to give the "cart" (wagon) to the pawns.
Scribe: Talon keeps reminding they don't want it. They can take horses and oxen and food and clothing and perhaps another type of cart. We check out the special wagon.
Scribe: Izia is astonishing with creatures like oxen and horses. No wonder Laggy found her useful. She was great with animals. Instinctively communicable.
Scribe: Many levels of animal handling and sense.
Scribe: Could be a talent of some kind - but Gamesmen only value talents that help with GAmes.
Scribe: Talon is getting bored.
Scribe: Caelesti wants to know if they know how to get back. Caelesti wants to keep talking.
Scribe: Pawns say they can just go south.
Scribe: Pawns collect Izia and go south.
Scribe: Mavis - in a way laggy is only a pawn himself.
Scribe: Caelesti - so we should just kill him?
Scribe: Yoshi - I do not deny that he is evil. But does he deserved death for it?
Scribe: Caelest - what does he deserve - a stern warning.
Scribe: Talon - let us look into his cart/wagon and perhaps it would help us decide.
Scribe: We find bottles of unusual herbs. Several strange looking constructs with wires and beads - might remind us of manufacture of boots - some with wires in a hood, clothing with wires - cloak. Heavier than expected. Wires built into lining, etc.
Scribe: Caelesti - I suspect Laggy's charming ability makes it too dangerous to leave him free. Ever.
Scribe: Yoshi - you may be right. You are wearing me down.
Scribe: Talon - I would like more information before we go in to The Blot to fight.
Scribe: Also in wagon we find a little collection of stuff not from around Gamesland. We find a chime that is humming on its own.
Scribe: Constantly vibrating musical chime with alien muscial notes inscribed.
Scribe: talon thinks they are musical notes.
Scribe: Packed up with care is a ragged shirt dirty and tattered.
Scribe: Detect Magic on all this stuff?
Scribe: We find a leather belt with ten little pockets sewn along the inside.
Scribe: We find a wand.
Scribe: Talon and Caelesti cast and find all 4 of the last things listed above detects magic.
Scribe rolls T - Spellcraft: (d20+11) : [13 + 11] = 24
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+3) : [2 + 3] = 5
Scribe: Talon - Chime detects Moderate Evocation.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+3) : [7 + 3] = 10
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+3) : [3 + 3] = 6
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spellcraft): (d20+3) : [14 + 3] = 17
Scribe rolls T - Spellcraft: (d20+11) : [7 + 11] = 18
Scribe: Magic Shirt has Faint Conjuration.
Scribe rolls T - Spellcraft: (d20+11) : [6 + 11] = 17
Scribe: Talon looks at belt with 17, can't tell.
Scribe rolls T - Spellcraft: (d20+11) : [17 + 11] = 28
Scribe: Talon - per wand - Moderate Abjuration.
Scribe: Talon can do Identify later.
Scribe: We open inner door in gypsy wagon. We find two bodies. They don't appear to be dead but are thoroughly unconscious.
Scribe: No one we have seen before.
Scribe: One male, one female.
Scribe: Yoshi - Can you wake them, Talon?
Scribe: Talon looks at costumes.
Scribe: Male is wearing Armiger. Female is wearing Sorceress costume.
Scribe: Talon, at Yoshi's request, attempts to rouse the unconscious people. They do not wake up. They might be poisoned or drugged.
Scribe: Talon - can someone do a detect poison.
Scribe: Yoshi - not today.
Scribe: Talon - should we wait to fight Tall Man then or not?
Scribe: Caelesti - I want to get them before they can build up defenses.
Scribe: Mavis - let's scout a way in.
Scribe: Talon - too bad someone can't turn into an Eagle.
Scribe: We scout and find Mumble Mouth tunnel door is closed.
Scribe: They came out of a long tunnel - the Mumble Mouth.
Scribe: The door/mouth of that tunnel is now closed.
Scribe: Caelesti - there might be a lot more pawns who need to be rescued inside.
Scribe: Mavis - how many pawns in this world need to be rescued.
Scribe: Yoshi - all of them.
Scribe: Mavis - but we are here to rescue Archon.
Scribe: Yoshi - we can't right all social wrongs here.
Scribe: mavis - the gamesland is bigger than us. Is The Blot bigger than us, so to speak.
Scribe: Yoshi - we are hear to do away with evil in the personifiation of the TAll Man.
Scribe: Caelesti - one may lead to the other.
Scribe: If we kill the Tall Man, we free his pawns - Talon presumes he means.
Scribe: presumes CAelestic means, that is.
Scribe: Talon, so Caelesti, are you going to use the Knock spell to get the Mouth open?
Scribe: Caelesti casts Knock on Mumble Mouth - nothing happens.
Scribe: She looks for levers.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search: (d20+0) : [7] = 7
Mavis rolls Mavis Search: (d20+10) : [1 + 10] = 11
Caelesti rolls Skill (Search): (d20+1) : [11 + 1] = 12
Scribe rolls T - Search: (d20+4) : [18 + 4] = 22
Scribe: None of us, after "taking 20" find any way of opening the mouth from outside.
Scribe: Talon - would you like to go camp and cast identify and try to figure out these magical items and awaken the unconscious folks?
Scribe: Caelesti searches the Dupies and Fat Man.
Scribe: They don't seem to have a key to the mouth.
Scribe: Treasure?
Scribe: The Dupies have a pouch with a cunning collection of surgical tools.
Scribe: Talon - we should take these with us to trade, eh, Mavis.
Scribe: Mavis - a little icky.
Scribe: Talon - they can be used for good, though.
Scribe: Mavis - i find it icky, but you are undoubtedly correct.
Scribe: Talon does a Detect Magic and find the tools are not magical.
Scribe: We bundle the tools away in our stuff.
Scribe: On the mules.
Scribe: Talon puts them with the other trade goods.
Scribe: With new stuff we found in wagon.
Scribe: The tunnel leads into a hillside. Caelesti flies around and finds many Mumble Mouths - legs/tunnels.
Scribe: All are closed.
Scribe: Talon - maybe Laggy knows the command word to open the mouth?
Scribe: Mavis - he may not be cooperative.
Scribe: Caelest - that is dangerous.
Scribe: Talon - I know what we can do - Mavis, Master of Disguise. You can dress as Laggy and we can show up with his wagon (with us inside) and ... and pretend you bringing Caelesti.
Scribe: Mavis - and Talon and Yoshi can be dressed as the people in the wagon and appear to be unconscious.
Scribe: Caelesti or we can actually make them unconscious.
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [18 + 16] = 34
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [9 + 11 + 4] = 24
Scribe: Talon - let's try MY plan.
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [5 - 1 + 2] = 6
Scribe: Mavis points to a little lense above the door.
Scribe: Caelesti - mabye it is like a crystal ball and they can see us.
Scribe: Talon - thats why we need to be hide in wagon, etc.
Scribe: Mavis goes into bushes quite a while and comes out looking very like Laggy indeed.
Scribe: Talon - okay Yoshi - let's dress in their outfits.
Scribe: Yoshi - I just thought it was the Laggy Nap part.
Scribe: Yoshi - I don't we need go that far.
Scribe: We take the other bodies out and leave them by Carric.
Scribe: Talon and Yoshi hide in the wagon.
Scribe: Caelesti looks tied up, but isn't. Wagon pulled by our two mules.
Scribe: Laggy drives up to Mumble Mouth - all Dupies, Fat Man, go get Tall Man, I have brought Caelesti back.
Scribe: He shouts again.
Scribe: He tries not to look at bodies on ground.
Scribe: Laggy whips Caelesti a little and she protests.
Scribe: The mouth of the tunnel stays resolutely closed.
Scribe: Laggy calls again.
Scribe: He calls Tall Man and Fat Man. He wants boots removed he says.
Scribe: He repeats, TAll Man, I have Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon - okay , let's break the lenses.
Scribe: Yoshi - they might have other secret exits.
Scribe: Caelesti - breaking their lenses is at least satisfying.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [9] = 9
Scribe: Mavis whacked a lens with a 19.
Scribe: Caelesti said, wait, let me look in.
Scribe: Laggy tells CAelesti to look in.
Scribe: She sees nothing.
Scribe: We think the technology is Magic.
Scribe: So Magic Missile the lens?
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1: (d20+10) : [3 + 10] = 13
Scribe: Yoshi - I don't think we are going in today.
Scribe: mavis - let's go back and identify these items and then go back.
Scribe: Caelesti - let's post watches.
Scribe: Carric has 4 100gp pearls in party funds.
Scribe: Caelesti watches for 10 mins, loses interest.
Scribe: Talon does Identify on each of new 4 items.
Scribe: Chime of Harmonic Agony. p154.
Scribe: Turn Bardic Music use per day into sonic damage.
Scribe: Talon - that sounds good for me!
Scribe: Raggedly looking shirt, 119, Rags of Restraint. Only good for a Monk. Can cure hit points equal to Monk Level.
Scribe: But only cure on himself.
Scribe: Belt is 74, Belt of Hidden Pouches. For someone like Mavis - like bag of holding with holding pouches. Or for Talon.
Scribe: Wand of Break Enchantment with 6 Charges. Looks like good for Caelesti.
Scribe: CL10 of Break Enchantment. A Bard 4 Spell. Hmnn, Bards? Okay. Okay. We each get one.
Scribe: These items are of interest to Gamesmen for some reason.
Scribe: Talon - I would like the Charm.
Scribe: Yoshi - I would like the Rags.
Scribe: Mavis - I would like the Belt.
Scribe: Caelesti - I will take whatever is left.
Scribe: standard PHB Break Enchantment wand.
Scribe: Might be able to break a man out of Pombi form!
Scribe: says Talon, hopefully!
Scribe: 6 charges - remove curses, polymorphs, petrification, enchantments.
Scribe: Talon - what about the 2 unconscious people?
Scribe: Mavis - that might be a drug. Need a remove poision from Carric.
Scribe: Talon - even the things we don't understand from this wagon might fetch good money from Gamesmen.
Scribe: Mavis - what do we do with Laggy?
Scribe: Mavis - I don't see how we are going to get into these Mumble mouths.
Scribe: We go back to camp and Mavis goes into the bushes and comes back out as herself.
Scribe: Yoshi - we should bury the Dupies.
Scribe: Caelesti - the Fat Man needs a big hole.
Scribe: Talon - so we might be leaving here without confronting the Tall Man.
Scribe: Caelesti - what and not make another attempt on the Tall Man?
Scribe: Mavis - I don't think we can.
Scribe: Caelesti - Let's try in morning anyway.
Scribe: Mavis - we can go over the mountain.
Scribe: We can find Archon.
Scribe: Mavis and Caelesti debate "standing" or "sitting" or "lying" Fat Man body.
Scribe: mavis - there is evil in many places.
Scribe: Yoshi - let us stay here over night and see what we can see.
Scribe: Caelesti - What about Laggy?
Scribe: Yoshi - we should execute him.
Scribe: Caelesti - what about the boots?
Scribe: Talon - we can sell them.
Scribe: Yoshi - only if they can be studied and not hurt anyone.
Scribe: Mavis - okay, I will take them back to Rowanesmeade and sell them.
Scribe: Talon - for party benefit.
Scribe: Mavis - yes, yes, of course.
Scribe: Caelesti - but there is no good use for such boots.
Scribe: Mavis - people in Rowanesmeade might want to wear them for depraved pleasure.
Scribe: Talon - because they want to.
Scribe: Yoshi - hmnnnn.
Scribe: Caelesti and there are 7 pairs.
Scribe: Talon - yes, we could make good money.
Scribe: Mavis - and we don't need to waste a knock spell getting them off Laggy once he's dead.
Scribe: Talon - and we have these scalpels to get them off Laggy.
Scribe: Talon - okay Yoshi - you going to execute Laggy.
Scribe: Yoshi and Mavis set up to execute Laggy.
Scribe: Talon - don't damage the boots.
Scribe: Coup de grais.
Scribe: They aim for vital organs.
Scribe: The boots do not fall off when he is dead.
Scribe: Talon - use knock spell so the boots don't get messy.
Scribe: Caelesti casts Knock and boots unlock and we now have 7 pairs and a control device.
Scribe: The control device is even more valuable for resale, says Mavis.
Scribe: Mavis - so, in morning, we go over this mountain and look down on next town.
Scribe: Talon - let's set watches, I'm on first.
Scribe: Mavis on 2nd and 3rd.
Scribe: Yoshi on 3rd.
Scribe: Caelesti on 1st watch with Talon.
Scribe: Talon - Caelesti, would you like some wine.
Scribe: They sit and drink and giggle and falls asleep early.
Scribe: Mavis wakes up and raises eyebrows at Talon and Caelesti.
Scribe: She watches.
Scribe: Then she and Yoshi watch.
Scribe: In the morning, the unconscious Gamesmen seem the same.
Scribe: Talon - I think Carric will have to look at them if he recovers first.
Scribe: We look at Mumble Mouths - they are still locked shut.
Scribe: Mavis refuses to disguise herself as Dupies or Fat Man. Expletives.
Scribe: Caelesti is obsessed with locking them inside with boulders or something.
Scribe: We clmb all day, with unconscious bodies in wagon.
Scribe: This is a mountain with no paths. We have mules and can have magical mounts.
Scribe: It takes us a whole day if we take the wagon to get up to the top of the mountain.
Scribe: When we look to the West we see The Blot mocking up, with closed doors. The doors open in sequence and people moon us and close again.
Scribe: Okay. No one really mocks us. That was just a dream. Really the mouths just stayed closed.
Scribe: Down to East is Valley.
Scribe: It is between mountain ranges and is more of a plain.
Scribe: It looks forested and completely wild so is not really a plain.
Scribe: We pause here and go back to game rotation.
Scribe: Brianna has uncancelled the month of December.
Scribe: Happy Thanksgiving!
Scribe: Turkey. Turkey. Turkey.
Scribe: Thursday next week - Dargas.
Scribe: What is happening to Nessey.
Scribe: A week or 10 days ago, we split up. Nessey and Brianna head towards Pharf Durim.
Scribe: Nessey has her warhorse, so we can't use Phantom Steeds.
Scribe: We head north to Pharf Durim, check in to best hotel in town.
Scribe: Brianna's goal is to find Torin. He escorted a captured rogue out of Poffle.
Scribe: Brianna thinks neither is wise enough to leave the area as they should. They might in love or something.
Scribe: Same place we stayed before - the best one from before.
Scribe: Nessey is having a good time being pampered.
Scribe: She is not zapping anyone psychicly or using Rangerly abilities. She is getting back to Aristocratic Manners.
Scribe: After a couple days Brianna tracks down Torin.
Scribe: Nessey hangs out a hotel, talking to anyone who comes in.
Scribe: And no one understands what she is talking about so it doesn't matter.
Scribe: Brianna comes in with Torin.
Scribe: His rogue friend - he is disallusioned with. Shapely as she may be, they don't share the same values and goals.
Scribe: She is out doing her thing - somewhere.
Scribe: Torin parted from her.
Scribe: He doesn't want to stay in a town and victimize the rich people who are out and about and happy because the rich people are gone.
Scribe: Torin wants to go back to his temple in Rowanesmeade.
Scribe: he is willing to try to show us the portal he came though.
Scribe: in or near the fire hills.
Scribe: About time other party is getting to East-West road, the other party is nearby firehills. About time others fight ghouls, Brianna, Torin, and Nessey have foudn portal and are back in other continent.
Scribe: Nessey talks and talks about surprising her parents and going back to Gamesmen territory and to school.
Scribe: We finally get back to Rowansmeade and drop off Torin at his Temple.
Mavis: Temple of Arianrhod
Scribe: We come trotting up to noble territory to Nessey's parents Manor. Here is Nessey with her Barbarian Ranger stuff and War Horse. But she stopped on the way to get nice gentle lady clothes (back in Xammer). Servant opens door with open mouth.
Scribe: He wants us to wait downstairs in front room. Nessey is put out as this is her own house and she should be able to go where ever she wants.
Scribe: Parents come rushing down and Mom hugs Nessey and Nessey hugs Mom and Dad.
Scribe: Nessey insists on favorite food and soak in tub.
Scribe: Mom wants to talk and talk.
Scribe: Mom recaps - it has been over a year and 1/2.
Scribe: Nessey speaks highly of Brianna's talents and cleverness in getting her home through the portal.
Scribe: Brianna speaks of the work done by the Weapons of Good.
Scribe: Dad says it would be cheaper to pay just Brianna than each of the Weapons of Good.
Scribe: Nessey - oh, just pay me my allowance.
Scribe: Dad explains he was paying out of her allowance.
Scribe: Dad wants to know what Nessey did that was so great for family name.
Scribe: She says she found great school to train her to make great alliance with other great families on other side of portal.
Scribe: Dad doesn't understand who King Kelvin is.
Scribe: He wants to know his land.
Scribe: Dragon's Fire Purlew.
Scribe: He thinks it sounds dangerous.
Scribe: Nessey goes on and on about all her new skills with mind and sword.
Scribe: Nessey shows Dad her way cool warhorse.
Scribe: "We're bonded. He's like my best friend."
Scribe: Dad asks about the school.
Scribe: Nessey - Queen Vorbold runs the school and Jumarie and it's for young ladies of a certain calibre like me and teaches diplomacy and courtly manners.
Scribe: Brianna confirms this.
Scribe: Dad doesn't understand how this benefits the family.
Scribe: He thinks the land is too far away to matter to the family.
Scribe: Dad is happy it would teach her restraint.
Scribe: Dad - how much does it cost?
Scribe: Nesey - oh, a lot, but I don't know.
Scribe: Dad - very interesting.
Scribe: Dad - how much money did you bring back yourself? Looks at her bag of gems.
Scribe: Nessey - of course, I want to make a good match. I'd need a dowry.
Scribe: Dad - Of course, what do we know of you, Brianna?
Scribe: Dad - I don't feel like going and negotiating.
Scribe: Brianna - you look like a good emissary, but where are you from.
Scribe: Brianna - I used to live in Rowansmeade back in King Arnold's days.
Scribe: That was a hundred years ago.
Scribe: She appears to be of some nonhuman race, but Dad still doesn't know what to make of this. Dad is Aasimar himself, but not longer lived.
Scribe: Brianna - I have been living elsewhere for quite a while.
Scribe: Brianna - you won't have heard of me, but that's not the issue. Why should you trust.
Scribe: Nessey - because she brought me back safely, Dad!
Scribe: Dad is impressed with that and didn't want reward.
Scribe: Nessey goes on about marrying well and freeing the pawns from being used up in the games.
Scribe: Brianna - the whole point of the school is to keep her out of the games until she has matured enough. To keep girls safe from games while they mature.
Scribe: Brianna - some girls at least could stand to mature that way.
Scribe: Brianna - they will keep her out of trouble for years, is the deal - says Dad and Brianna.
Scribe: Dad - okay, let's do this - how do I negotiate?
Scribe: Brianna - you give me a warrent to negotiate with Queen Vorbold on your behalf. And give me sufficient funds.
Scribe: Dad could go with them and see for himself.
Scribe: It is usual, though, for others to negotiate through thrid party.
Scribe: Vorbold's House has the highest reputation - people don't need to check it out themselves.
Scribe: Mom - darling, I have missed you for a year and 1/2.
Scribe: Nessey - I could stay home a month first before I go, Mom. It will take me that long to tell you about all my adventures.
Scribe: Mom - I have missed you so much, Nessey Darling. Let's go talk together. This school might be the right thing for you, but you and I have to talk and work on embroidery.
Scribe: Nessey - I can embroider pigs now, Mom.
Scribe: Mom - Dad can go talk with that woman. You remember Count Snidley... we were talking about fixing you up with?
Scribe: Nessey - he's 70 years old ? i have to go back to that school right away.
Scribe: Mom - come look at Duke Snidley's gifts... he would be an excellent connection for the family... and he won't have expectations of you...
Scribe: Nessey - No, Mom, no!
Scribe: Mom - it would be a most advantageous connection for the family.
Scribe: Nessey - do you think he's sick and dying, Mom, she asks eagerly.
Scribe: Mom - he's only 70. His mother is well into her 90s. If you marry him and move to his house - it could be you and him and his mother all together.
Scribe: Mother - a good alliance....
Scribe: Nessey - could you have some clothes washed for me, Mom?
Scribe: Mom calls the servants.
Scribe: On second thought, Nessey doesn't turn anything over yet.
Scribe: Nevermind, she says.
Scribe: FAther is chatting away with Brianna.
Scribe: Diplomacy checks made back and forth.
Scribe: Nessey goes over to her Father.
Mavis rolls d20+35: (d20+35) : [16 + 35] = 51
Scribe: Dad, I'd like to go out shopping while you guys talk.
Scribe: I've got these gems and I'd like to go out shopping for a while (for magic items perhaps).
Scribe: Nessey - I won't spend all of them, Dad, don't worry, I need to save some towards my dowry.
Scribe: Dad says - save your gp, you're companion here has convinced me it is good for you and it will probably take all your money.
Scribe: Nessey - but i earned it all myself, Dad.
Scribe: Dad - you will appreciate it all the more.
Scribe: Dad - you can go out shopping for suitable clothing.
Scribe: Offline - what she goes out to buy.
Scribe: Dad is convinced this is a good thing.
Scribe: Mother wants to marry her off to Count Snidley.
Scribe: Father agrees to send Nessey back to Vorbold's school - will take all my gems and then some.
Scribe: Brianna convinces me to buy things in style in Xammer.
Scribe: Nessey might want other kinds of magic items.
Scribe: We spend a couple days and negotiate all with Dad.
Scribe: Return trip is much faster and don't bring warhorse.
Scribe: I leave him with my parents.
Scribe: I give him big kiss goodbye.
Scribe: Brianna takes me back on Phantom Steeds.
Scribe: She can arrange servants and horse in Xammer.
Scribe: Nessey can get a pretty white pony dappled with bells.
Scribe: This takes at least a week. In the meantime our buddies struggle to find and help Archon.
Scribe: Nessey is picking out dresses and heading back to Xammer.
Scribe: She talks to her parents about her experiences. They are completely unsympathetic about marrying Wolfy of the Otter TRibe, but they like the idea of keeping her out of trouble and refining her and keeping her away from Amazons and Otters.
Scribe: Nessey vows to make a good marriage in Gamesland.
Scribe: Nessey is sure with her own personal talents she will be in demand on aristocrat marriage market.
Scribe: Nessey - don't forget my dowry, DAd, save up for that.
Scribe: We all get some time together.
Scribe: Parents also negotiate on own with Brianna to be representative.
Scribe: They hold the reward for rescue for if/when friends show up in Rowansmeade.
Scribe: Nessey and Brianna go off, finally, on Phantom Steeds, look for friends first or not on other side of portal.
Scribe: Timing does not work for saving Archon, though.
Scribe: Okay. We stop here.
Scribe: We talk about shopping via Vita.

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