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Tarrastra Adventure 93

Caelesti's notes




The party searched the Ghoul, finding a dagger, gold, gems, and a note at read, "Bring back Yoshi, Carric, and Nessey. Deliver Caelesti to L.N. for Them."

Talon was anxious to set up camp elsewhere. Caelesti said that the bodies should be burned first. Yoshi agreed that putting the people's souls to rest. Talon agreed that it was good that they couldn't be animated again. The party burned the bodies, but unfortunately started a forest fire. The party fled.

The party set up camp some distance away. Some of them got a few more hours sleep, while the watchers kept an eye out (sharing the one) for trouble.

In the morning, the party packed up and headed west. As they came over a hill, they spotted another camp. They recognized the Trader from Betand. As the party approached, the Traders' eyes went wide, and then became beady. The party reacquainted, finding out that his name was Laggy Nap. Caelesti asked him what he wanted with her. When he claimed ignorance, she said she found a note that says, "Bring Caelesti to Laggy Nap". He still claimed ignorance but said he wanted to hear all about the party's travels.

A woman approached Nap walking stiffly. He asked her to make breakfast for the party, and she moved off quickly. She wore silvery boots, as did the others in Nap's group.

Talon cast Detect Thoughts, trying to determine Nap's true motives. After several seconds, she read Nap's servant's mind -- it thought "I better hurry or I will be burned again". She could not get anything from Nap's mind.

Nap invited Talon to sit by the fire. He asked why the party was heading west. Talon said it was to escape the fire. Nap sniffed and nodded. Nap was nosy, and talks continued. Ultimately, Nap and his group headed west toward The Blot with the party.

In the evening, the parties set up camp. Nap had his servants cook dinner. Yoshi noticed that the servants obeyed out of fear. At one point, Nap went to oversee the cooking. The party passed no information amongst each other. Nap returned to join the party. When the food appeared, some of the party ate. Nap beguiled the party a bit, and more of the party ate. Talon used slight of hand to pretend to eat. Nap asked the party to drink wineghost with him. Yoshi declined. Mavis drank, and Talon appeared to. Caelesti delayed. Talon, in a "drunken fashion" knocked the drink out of Caelesti's hand.

Mavis grew sleepy quickly and went to bed; Talon moved off to sit by Carric. Caelesti and Nap conversed at the fire, while Yoshi sat and listened. Nap suggested that he and Caelesti go off to The Blot without the others. The Blot may be interested in "having" The Prophet of Pfarb Durim with them.

After Nap went to bed, Caelesti talked to Yoshi by the fire. Yoshi seemed OK for Caelesti to run off with Nap, if that's what "he" wants. Caelesti was suspicious with Yoshi.

Caelesti then moved off to talk to Talon, to see if "that" was OK with her to. She was surprised that Yoshi would agree to that. She was then surprised that Yoshi went to bed without declaring watches for the night. Caelesti said she would take first watch and wake Talon.

Some time into her watch, Caelesti cast two Charm Person spells on Yoshi (since she could not tell if the first was effective), and two more on Mavis. She then tossed rocks into bushes near the other camp; nobody stirred. Caelesti then moved over to the other tents, have a handy "checking out the noise story". She then cast silent Charm Person spells on six different people, not knowing who was affected.

Without waiting for the end of her watch, Caelesti woke Talon for the next watch. After Talon's watch, she woke Mavis. Mavis became suspicious that she was drugged.

In the morning, Laggy was ready to go to The Blot with the party. Caelesti said that she decided she wanted to go to Poffle instead, and return to The Blot in a week. She then tried to coax the others, all but Talon wanted to go with her. Caelesti cast a couple silent Charm Person spells on Talon, but she still left with Laggy.

Mavis and Caelesti convinced Yoshi that they should follow Laggy to "protect" him from a suspected threat.

The groups approached The Blot. Laggy, led Talon and Izia to the gate. A strange creature greeted them; it had two humanoid torsos attached to a single lower body. The creature summoned another strange creature; it had a spherical body on wheels. The "fat man" asked Nap if he brought everything; laggy said almost. The Fat Man then summoned the Tall Man. The Tall Man appeared and also asked Nap if he brought everything. The Tall Man was upset that Laggy did not bring Caelesti. He took the boots off Izia and placed them on laggy. He then gave Izia to the Dupies, saying they could have her legs.

Laggy accepted the loss of his pawn, though was disappointed. He told Talon he needed to bring Caelesti back. Talon said she could find her, saying Caelesti was headed for Poffle. Laggy let Talon leave The Blot on her own. She quickly caught up to the party that had been following them and filled them in. The party agreed that rescuing Izia was important.

Nessey's notes

Scribe: The dead Zombies lie among us, as does Carric.
Scribe: What next?
Scribe: Caelesti suggests we pile the Zombies on top of Carric and burn them for his protection.
Scribe: That way he can turn into a Fire Elemental.
Scribe: Do we have to chop up the Zombies and find magic items inside?
Scribe: What about the Ghoul?
Scribe: Mavis say - um.
Scribe: Mavis - I have been injured.
Scribe rolls T - Cure Light (CL+5max): (d8+5) : [8 + 5] = 13
Scribe rolls T - Cure Light (CL+5max): (d8+5) : [5 + 5] = 10
Scribe: Talon does a flirtatious glance - I am always happy to heal you, Strong and Handsome man.
Scribe: Yoshi blinks in grateful confusiong and accepts the cure.
Scribe: Then Talon does a Cure light on Mavis for 10.
Scribe rolls T - Cure Serious (CL+8): (3d8+8) : [3 + 7 + 5 + 8] = 23
Scribe: Talon does a Cure Serious on Mavis's mule.
Scribe rolls T - Cure Light (CL+5max): (d8+5) : [2 + 5] = 7
Scribe: Cure light 7 points on Tintin.
Scribe: 23 points, cure serious on Goldie.
Scribe: On Ghoul we find a finely jeweled dagger and pouch with gems and scrap of parchment with writing.
Scribe: or pouch with gold
Scribe: rather
Scribe: Writing is in Common language and says =
Mavis: The note: bring back Yoshi, Carric, and Nessey. Deliver Caelesti to L.N. for Them.
Scribe: Talon - well, that's mysterious, let's go on our way, away from here.
Scribe: Yoshi - yes, it is a good idea to burn them to put their souls to rest.
Scribe: Talon - and so someone else does not animate them.
Scribe: Yoshi - yes, for practial reasons.
Scribe: practical reasons too.
Scribe: Mavis - yes, let's set a forest fire and leave.
Scribe: We heap them up and burn them.
Scribe: The burning Zombies make a foul black smoke which blows to the East.
Scribe: Talon - we better get out of here fast!
Scribe: Some of the trees start to burn.
Scribe: Talon to Caelesti - can you conjure a Water Elemental?
Scribe: Caelesti - Hey, Carric, can you do anything or is that okay?
Scribe: Talon - let's get out of here.
Scribe: Mavis - let's head to the road. Others will think the forest fire was started by the Volcanos.
Scribe: The forest fire is not coming in this direction. So we can go East or West on this road.
Scribe: Carric has smoke inhalation and falls unconscious.
Scribe: The animals of the forest are also smart enough to flee.
Scribe: We go as far as we dare and find another camp.
Scribe: Another place to make camp.
Scribe: Talon reminds the group she also a healing belt.
Scribe: Talon is afraid to us up another high level spell on a Hut, so we must sleep in the open.
Scribe: Carric sleeps under the backend of a mule. It is warm there and squishy.
Scribe: We wake up in the morning.
Scribe: Talon could spend some time playing and recovering Leomund's Hut.
Scribe: We hit the road and see a forest fire off the south, near volcano country.
Scribe: We head West, away from Pfarb Durim area.
Scribe: We are north of the hatched line and south of the river.
Scribe: hello?
Scribe: I can't hear anyone.
Scribe: Thank you for calling me again.
Scribe: As DM was saying - we want to head West along the creek and then to Blot.
Scribe: south-ish.
Scribe: Talon suggested they might have information.
Scribe: West and south and west we go.
Scribe: I'm cut off again. I have to restart.
Scribe: We see a camp in the distance and decide to visit them.
Scribe: It is well into daylight by now.
Scribe: We see a man in large brimmed hat.
Scribe: He has a wide mouth too.
Scribe: He is wearing a robe with pictures on it.
Scribe: They are pictures of objects and what have you.
Scribe: As we get closer, we recognize him as the trader we met on the road to Betand.
Scribe: He has beady eyes that don't smile.
Scribe: He recognises us too.
Scribe: Except for Talon who have not met him before.
Scribe: He is surprised to see us.
Scribe: "my friends, welcome, I have not seen you since Betand."
Scribe: I am the Trader Nap.
Scribe: He I Laggy Nap.
Mavis: Laggy Nap
Scribe: L.N.
Scribe: Caelesti thinks he is the L.N. in the note. If she has the mental capacity? She thinks she does and asks him right off what he wants with her - out of the blue. He is obviously surprised to see us.
Scribe rolls T - Sense Motive: (d20+4) : [12 + 4] = 16
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive: (d20+12+4+5) : [9 + 12 + 4 + 5] = 30
Scribe: Yoshi also does s sense motive on Nappy.
Scribe: Nappy is gleeful, but surprised, to see us, Yoshi surmises.
Scribe: Caelesti says she found a note saying someone was supposed to deliver her to him and is there anything he wants of her?
Scribe: He stammers, but says what he most wants is to hear our story of where we have been and what we have seen.
Scribe: He looks at Talon and smiles broadly. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you.
Scribe: He bows and introduces himself.
Scribe: Talon, aloof, says as little as possible.
Scribe: He calls a young woman over - she appears to be walking stiffly.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [10 + 11 + 4] = 25
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [13 + 1] = 14
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [13 - 1 + 2] = 14
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [12 + 16] = 28
Scribe: The woman appears to be wearing high slivery boots.
Yoshi: her name in
Mavis: Izia
Scribe: Izia says Master what can I do?
Scribe: He says for her to make hsi guests breakfast.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [7] = 7
Scribe: Talon does a Detect Thoughts on Nappy. DC 15
Scribe: Yoshi is happy to be immune to disease. What is he planning.
Scribe: Talon's INT is 18. What are others?
Scribe: Talon is not stunned.
Mavis: You detect 5 thinking minds. INT 14, 12, 10, 14, 11
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+6+4+1) : [19 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 30
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [9 + 9] = 18
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [8] = 8
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [17] = 17
Scribe: Everyone gets Will Saves in round 3 to prevent or not their thoughts from being read.
Scribe: Izia is scared. She is thinking _ I better hurry or I will be burned again.
Scribe: Talon feels sorry for her.
Scribe: Can't tell what Laggy is thinking.
Scribe: CAn't tell what friends are thinking.
Scribe: Caelesti, as far as Talon can tell is not thinking.
Scribe: Nappy holds out hand to Talon, for him to sit next to him, but she moves away and sits next to Yoshi
Scribe: He quizzes us.
Scribe: Talon says - I participated in a song competition. Would you like to hear my song?
Scribe: He quizes us.
Scribe: Talon quizes him about his life, for story material, as a Bard.
Scribe: He asks why we are traveling West along the road.
Scribe: Talon says there was a fire and we wished to avoid it.
Scribe: He sniffs, there is a smell of smoke in the air.
Scribe: He says there are often Fires in the Fire Hills.
Scribe: He says he must travel West together.
Scribe: Taon asks what town he is heading towards?
Scribe: She heard of a place called Blot.
Scribe: What does he know of it?
Scribe: He asks if we are traveling there?
Scribe: He says full of interesting and powerful people.
Scribe: Talon says she travels along and entertains rich and powerful people for money - that is what she does.
Scribe: he says he would be honored to travel with us to the blot.
Scribe: Izia is moving less stiffly.
Scribe: She brings breakfast.
Scribe: She is doing her job.
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [13 + 16] = 29
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [16 + 11 + 4] = 31
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [16 - 1 + 2] = 17
Scribe: There are another half doz or so people in the camp.
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [17 + 1] = 18
Scribe: Everyone else seems to have these silvery boots - except Nappy.
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot: (d20+16) : [3 + 16] = 19
Scribe rolls T - Spot: (d20+1) : [7 + 1] = 8
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot: (d20+11+4) : [7 + 11 + 4] = 22
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot): (d20-1+2) : [7 - 1 + 2] = 8
Scribe: No one is moving with enthsiam - other pawns - belonging to Nappy - are all sullen.
Scribe: Nappy calls it "The Blot."
Scribe: Talon - why do you call it "The Blot?"
Scribe: He says that is what all call it.
Scribe rolls T - Diplomacy: (d20+19) : [9 + 19] = 28
Scribe rolls T - Gather Info: (d20+3) : [8 + 3] = 11
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [2] = 2
Scribe: Talon attempts to be diplomatic with Nappy and get more information out of him than she has to give.
Scribe: We go along the road together. Talon at the side of Nappy.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive: (d20+12+4+5) : [6 + 12 + 4 + 5] = 27
Scribe: Nappy goes off with Izia and "overlooks" the cooking.
Scribe: Yoshi thinks the pawns are acting from fear, not free will perhaps.
Scribe: Nappy says we must have good food before Blot.
Scribe: Talon expresses concern that the food might be bad in Blot.
Scribe: Talon pretends to sip her ale.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [20] = 20
Scribe rolls T - Sleight of Hand: (d20+9) : [14 + 9] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [16 + 9] = 25
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+6+4+1) : [2 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 13
Scribe rolls d20 +9: (d20+9) : [15 + 9] = 24
Scribe: Yoshi is now persuaded that he is a good guy with no illwill towards us.
Scribe rolls T - Sense Motive: (d20+4) : [4 + 4] = 8
Scribe: Yoshi enjoys the meal and the food is really good.
Scribe: He offers us Grole from Grolenuts. It is well seasoned.
Scribe: Mavis eats as others do.
Scribe: Talon uses sleight of hand to pretend to eat and drink, while secreting it away.
Scribe: He brags about Southern Ale.
Scribe: Yoshi asks for Tea and does not drink the ale.
Scribe: He attempted to beguile us all, on and off, all the time.
Scribe: All Traders can do some beguiling.
Scribe: Yoshi refuses all alcohol.
Scribe: Nappy eats and drinks heartily and says he knows nothing of Barbarians when Talon asks.
Scribe: Others all seem to enjoy their food. He offers us Wineghost.
Mavis: wineghost
Scribe: Izia goes and gets the bottle and small glasses.
Scribe: Yoshi waves it away.
Scribe: He hands a glass to each of us.
Scribe: He looks us each in the eye and = raises his glass up and wishes us all success in our erands to The Blot.
Scribe: Talon pretends to drink.
Scribe: Sleight of Hand.
Scribe: Sleight of Hand.
Scribe rolls T - Sleight of Hand: (d20+9) : [6 + 9] = 15
Scribe rolls T - Bluff: (d20+15) : [16 + 15] = 31
Scribe: Talon acts drunk and falls against Caelesti and spills the drink out of her hand.
Scribe: Good bluff.
Mavis rolls Mavis Fortitude Save: (d20+7) : [13 + 7] = 20
Scribe: Mavis drinks hers up.
Scribe: Mavis smiles, dazed, that is strong stuff.
Scribe: Talon was seen to spill hers and Nappy was embarassed. Talon bluffed beng drunk already then fell against Caelsti and spilled her drink. Mavis is not quite drunk.
Scribe: That Southern Wine!
Scribe: Mavis feels she must go and lie down.
Scribe: She sleeps in her bedroll with a smile on her face.
Scribe: Talon excuses herself and says she must check on Carric.
Scribe: Nappy asks if that is her Honey.
Scribe: She says- no, just a sick member of our party.
Scribe: Yoshi - And he's not feeling well either.
Scribe: Talon pretends to stagger over.
Scribe: She keeps up the pretence of being drunk. She goes over and eats and drinks on her own, near Carric and the mules.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [14] = 14
Scribe: Caelesti attempts a Charm Person on Nappy.
Scribe: It fails.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [3] = 3
Scribe: Nappy says he has never actually been in The Blot and only he and Caelesti should go on.
Scribe: He claims friends and stangers do not go inside The Blot. He trades outside the city.
Scribe: Nappy claims he goes out and gets things and people for The Blot.
Scribe: Caelesti asks if Nappy was asked to go and find her for Blot.
Scribe: Nappy says she made a reputation for herself in Pharb Durim - she is the prophet. She is "an object of much interest."
Scribe: Caelesti - "That's why they trade, they want prophets/profits."
Scribe: Nappy laughs and laughs as this might be true in all respects for him.
Scribe: He suggests he and Nappy abandon Caelesti's other companions and go to The Blot together.
Scribe: Caelesti says her friends will not part with her.
Scribe: Nappy says - I have to think about this. Young Miss, we will talk again in the morning.
Scribe: Nappy goes off and order Izia around.
Scribe: Yoshi was sitting there listening to all this. He tells Caelesti that she is not being cooperative enough with the good and kind Nappy.
Scribe: Yoshi says he is a great guy and everything checks out.
Scribe: Caelesti says should she go without us - just with him?
Scribe: Yoshi - says, if it is important enough - yes!
Scribe rolls T - Listen: (d20+2) : [11 + 2] = 13
Scribe: Yoshi insists it is okay - even the right thing to do - for Caelesti to go off with Nappy by herself.
Scribe: He has a clear and good purpose we must respect.
Scribe: Caelesti says he wants to deliver the profit to The Blot.
Scribe: Yoshi says just a joke.
Scribe: Caelesti says Nappy and The Blot want her for some reason.
Scribe: Yoshi says it must be important and right.
Scribe: Yoshi says perhaps the good Nappy is in love with Caelesti.
Scribe: Caelesti says perhaps we should start a family tomorrow.
Scribe: Yoshi says that is rushing things by 9 months.
Scribe: wineghost is Brandy.
Scribe: Mavis seems to be solidly asleep.
Scribe: Mavis and Carric and Yoshi are asleep.
Scribe: Talon is up eating.
Scribe: Caelesti goes and talks to Talon.
Scribe: she says Yoshi thinks she should go without us to Blot with just Nappy.
Scribe: Talon fears Yoshi might be queer.
Scribe: She is upset since she finds him attractive.
Scribe: Talon says it is all very suspicious.
Scribe: Talon - I think you should stay with us, Caelesti, in fact not let us out of your site.
Scribe: Nappy's tent is 50 ft away.
Scribe: Laggy Nappy.
Scribe: Talon thinks it odd Yoshi doesn't want to set watches?
Scribe: Caelesti - may I should take the first watch?
Scribe: Talon - I fear it would do no good.
Scribe: Make sure you can Fly on yourself and me - in case we need to escape something.
Scribe: Talon fears laggy night want to molest Caelesti.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+6+4+1) : [13 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 24
Scribe: Caelesti says that would be okay with Yoshi.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+6+4+1) : [2 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 13
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [9 + 9] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [3 + 9] = 12
Scribe: Talon expresses great concern that that doesn't sound right for Yoshi at all!
Scribe: While they are sleeping - Caelesti casts Charm on Yoshi and Mavis.
Scribe: Caelesti takes first watch and does this while others are all sleeping.
Scribe: She promises to wake Talon for second watch.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [2] = 2
Scribe: Caelesti wanders off to Charm as many pawns as possible.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [17] = 17
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [19] = 19
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [17] = 17
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [14] = 14
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [6] = 6
Scribe: Caelesti awakens Talon for second watch.
Scribe: Wakes up Talon early.
Scribe: Talon promises to awaken Mavis for 3rd watch.
Scribe: Talon wakes up Mavis, early, for 3rd watch.
Scribe: Mavis is groggy at first, but gets up and watches.
Scribe: Talon goes to sleep.
Scribe: But first tells Mavis not to bother waking up Yoshi - he trusts our host too much - I think he might be charmed or something.
Scribe: Mavis - beguiled?
Scribe: Talon - Yes!
Scribe: Mavis - familar with that.
Scribe: Talon - oh, watch that Laggy doesn't go off alone with Caelesti.
Scribe: Yoshi seems to be promoting that on behalf of Laggy.
Scribe: They discuss more.
Scribe: Talon considers Suggestion on Yoshi.
Scribe: In the morning.
Scribe: Talon goes to sleep between Mavis and Yoshi.
Scribe: Nothing odd happens in rest of night. Sun rises.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Will: (d20+6+4+1) : [8 + 6 + 4 + 1] = 19
Mavis rolls Mavis Will Save: (d20+9) : [19 + 9] = 28
Scribe: Yoshi is no longer under influence of Laggy Nappy unti maybe he get beguiled again.
Scribe rolls T - Save Will : (d20+9) : [2 + 9] = 11
Scribe: Talon thinks Laggy is wonderful.
Scribe: Talon, Oh, Yoshi, I can see why you find Laggy so attractive. He's so charismatic.
Scribe: Psionics, though not by the book.
Scribe: These effects.
Scribe: Okay, after debate, Yoshi thinks Laggy is a nice guy and Talon does too now - but not Mavis and not Caelesti.
Scribe: Laggy suggest he goes to The Blot first - before us.
Scribe: Caelesti suggests the rest of us go to Poffle.
Scribe: Laggy raises his eyebrows, but claims to know nothing of it.
Scribe: Laggy again asks Caelesti to go with him.
Scribe: Talon wants to go too.
Scribe: Yoshi suggests Laggy wants to be alone with Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon says she wants to be with him.
Scribe: Yoshi says Talon should not be jealous.
Scribe: Talon says she thought Yoshi might like Laggy too much himself.
Scribe: Yoshi says what do you mean?
Scribe: Talon says does Yoshi want to cuddle Laggy?
Scribe: Yoshi says perhaps Talon has wrong impression of him.
Scribe: Talon says she hopes so.
Scribe: Laggy wants to take only Caelesti and one of us with him to The Blot to talk to them before the rest of us arrive.
Scribe: Yoshi says he will go with Laggy Nap.
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [4] = 4
Caelesti rolls d20: (d20) : [17] = 17
Scribe: We need opposing Charisma Checks for who listens more to Caelesti and more to Laggy Nap.
Scribe: Yoshi says he must go with Caelesti if she wants.
Scribe: Caelesti - I think we will go back in a week to The Blot.
Scribe: Laggy Nap - Come with me, Talon.
Scribe: Talon - Oh, yes, what a good idea. I will get lots of good stories.
Scribe rolls T - Save Will : (d20+9) : [20 + 9] = 29
Scribe: Caelesti attempts to charm Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon rolls a natural.
Scribe rolls T - Save Will : (d20+9) : [6 + 9] = 15
Scribe: Caelesti tries to Charm Talon again.
Scribe: Misses again.
Scribe: TAlon - but I will get such great stories, Caelesti. I'll tell you all about it.
Scribe: Talon is under a strong beguilement already - under Laggy's "charm."
Mavis rolls d20: (d20) : [17] = 17
Caelesti rolls d20: (d20) : [8] = 8
Scribe: Talon packs up her stuff and gets her mule together.
Scribe: Yoshi - but, but Talon, if Caelesti says you should stay, you should stay.
Scribe: Caelesti - I really think we should stay together.
Scribe: Yoshi - yes, yes.
Scribe: Talon gets on her mule is ready to go with Laggy and his crew.
Scribe: Mavis calls Caelesti aside.
Scribe: Mavis says one of us should go with Laggy to see what is up. The rest of us can listen and observe and be there to rescue.
Scribe: Caelesti - remember what happened to Nessey?
Scribe: Mavis - she went with you and disappeared for six months!
Scribe: Caelesti - I don't think we should lose sight of her.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen: (d20+20+4) : [19 + 20 + 4] = 43
Scribe: Mavis - what about a message spell or just splain sneak abilities.
Scribe: Yoshi listens in and complains.
Scribe: It's only really a roll of 33. But he can still hear.
Scribe: Mavis calls over Yoshi to talk.
Scribe: Talon goes off with Laggy Nap and his band while Mavis talks to Caelesti and Yoshi.
Scribe: Mavis says Talon will be a good listener.
Scribe: Yoshi insists Caelesti go to Poffle as she promised laggy.
Scribe: Mavis sugests Yoshi sneak along and watch after Laggy.
Scribe: Yoshi refuses.
Scribe: Caelesti says Laggy is in danger and needs to be watched and protected from his enemies for his own good.
Scribe: She says she talked to him about it last night.
Scribe: Caelesti suggests we follow at a distance and come to his rescue if needed.
Scribe: Yoshi is very, very concerned about the safetly of Laggy Nap.
Scribe: Talon is singing happily at Laggy's side and having a great time.
Scribe: We (Talon and Laggy and crew) approach The Blot.
Scribe: Limited Telepathy (Book of Erotic Fantasy) Divination Level: Brd 2, Clr 4, Sor/Wiz 3 Components: V, S Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) Target: One creature Duration: 10 min./level (D) Saving Throw: Will negates Spell Resistance: No This spell enables you to create a connection with one other creature with an Intelligence score of 6 or higher within range. You can communicate telepathically regardless of language as long as the target is within range. No special power or influence is established as a result of the spell.
Scribe: Strange Towers - go up hundreds of feet with tunnel like things connecting - Spider like shapes in each direction and a door hanging open on each leg - rusted and hanging.
Scribe: Limitted Telepathy is under Sexual Spells page on Hambo.
Scribe: Laggy takes Talon and Izia to one of the hanging doors.
Scribe: Long tunnel with door hanging.
Scribe: Talon is amazed and thinks this will make a great story!
Brianna recenters everyone's view
Scribe: Laggy tells the rest of his crew to stay behind at a distance.
Scribe: As we approach, we see a strange creature who was loitering outside the door.
Scribe: From the waist up looks like two people - two heads, sets of arms, chests, one set of legs, one set of hips, one waists.
Scribe: Upper body is double humanoid. Lower body is humanoid.
Scribe: The heads are male.
Scribe: It Chortles.
Scribe: Duplie One. Dupie Two.
Scribe: Izia has gone while.
Scribe: Laggy Nap strides foward.
Scribe: Laggy Nap - we have come back and brought the goods you have requested.
Scribe: Ah, the master will like that. The two heads hug and kiss each other - almost obscenely.
Scribe: They say they are always happy to see Laggy.
Scribe: We can see into the town and a long pair of tracks.
Scribe: The duo call The Fat Man.
Scribe: It is a strange hemispherical creature, riding a cart. Rolling along the tracks, screeching. It's fat pudgy head sticks up.
Scribe: It rolls aong. Creature is a sphere - half immersed in cart. top of half of sphere sticks up.
Scribe: He looks like a baloon of a man - like an egg cup on wheels.
Scribe: He says the Fat cart needs oil, Duppies.
Scribe: The Duppy One pulls oil can out of pocket and oils the can.
Mavis: Dupies
Scribe: Fat Man - good Dupies, good Dupies.
Scribe: He say - so Laggy Nap, you have brought everything that the Tall Man requires.
Scribe: Laggy says he has brought almost everything. he looks back at Talon and his camp.
Scribe: Fat Man is not pleased to hear "Almost." He says we will see what Tall Man has to say about that.
Scribe: Railway Car comes along.
Scribe: It has a beam along it. As we look at it - the beam bends in the middle and sits up.
Scribe: Tall Man asks if Laggy has brought everything they require.
Scribe: Laggy - squirms - almost, almost.
Scribe: Tall Man says they will not renew the boots if Laggy has not brought everything they needed.
Scribe: Tall Man calls over Izia.
Scribe: She is white and trembling.
Scribe: he damands to see the boots.
Scribe: She hikes up her skirt.
Scribe: Can see the silver boots.
Scribe: Tall Man unlocks with Silver Key.
Scribe: Izia gasps and falls back.
Scribe: Tall Man pulls off the boots.
Scribe: Tall Man says "Laggy, what did you not bring?"
Scribe: Laggy - Caelesti did not come with me.
Scribe: Tall Man says perhaps he needs to put the boots on Laggy.
Scribe: Laggy pleads.
Scribe: Tall Man grabs Laggy and puts the boots on him by force.
Scribe: laggy asks what will be done with Izia.
Scribe: Tall Man says she has her uses. Dupies would like another set of legs. A female set for reasons of their own. He thinks her legs will do just fine. Scribe: Tall Man says Laggy must go and get Caelesti as Masters have requested.
Scribe: Taon sees that Izias legs are scarred and grey and dead skin looking from years and years perhaps of wearing the cast/boots.
Scribe: Talon just observes.
Scribe: Tall Man - So, Laggy, you go and bring back Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon backs slowly towards her mule.
Scribe: Laggy stumbles back.
Scribe: Dupies look anxiously at Izia.
Scribe: Dupies - Ours, ours, very clever we are, we know what to do with legs we do.
Scribe: Laggy ignores Talon and wanders back to his camp.
Scribe: Talon goes back to her mule and mounts it.
Scribe: Talon follows Laggy on her mule. She is concerned about him.
Scribe: Talon - Laggy, Laggy, what will become of Izia.
Scribe: Laggy - she is just a pawn. I bought her from that Shifter years ago. She has served her purpose.
Scribe: Laggy - don't worry about her - she is not important.
Scribe: Talon - what will the Dupies do with the rest of her body.
Scribe: Laggy - who cares?
Scribe: Talon follows Laggy back to his entourage.
Scribe: Talon is confused.
Scribe: She wants to help Laggy.
Scribe: Laggy says go get Caelesti.
Scribe: Talon heads for Poffle.
Scribe: She rides out on the road to Poffle looking for Caelesti.
Scribe: What do the others do, who are watching from 100 feet away.
Scribe: or yards away.
Scribe: The party makes themselves known as Talon rides up.
Scribe: Talon speaks of Dupies operating on Izia and taking her legs.
Scribe: Yoshi is upset.
Scribe: Yoshi says we can't let them do that.
Scribe: Yoshi says we have to save her.
Scribe: Talon speaks of tall evil guy with magic boots who makes people obey his will and he is really strong.
Scribe: Mavis - nevertheless we must save Izia.
Scribe: CAelesti - tell us what we are up against.
Scribe: Talon describes all the creatures she saw.
Scribe: She also speaks of the unseen Masters who might be in the City.
Scribe: Talon insists Laggy said it was okay.
Scribe: Yoshi can not believe this.
Scribe: Talon says Laggy said this after Evil Tall guy puts boots on him so must be under and evil spell.
Scribe: Talon - Caelesti - The Tall Man wanted Laggy to bring you. He said the Masters want you. I am afraid for you. You shouldn't go.
Scribe: Caelesti - I still think all of us should go and rescue Izia.
Scribe: Caelesti - I am not safe out in the woods by myself.
Scribe: We agree to rescue Izia.
Scribe: We all head back toward The Blot.

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