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Tarrastra Adventure 58

Caelesti's notes




The party headed southwest. The days were uneventful. At night the party kept watches; Nessey and Talon were on first, Mavis and Carric were on second, and Yoshi and Caelesti watched last. On the third day, six riders approached from behind. Their leader said, "Who is it that passes through the territory of the Mustang Tribe?" The party made introductions and said they were traveling to Morgenstein. The leader asked for tribute for safe passage. In the long run, Mavis gave them armbands.

The party arrived in Morgenstein at the end of the fourth day. Talon communicated to Brianna with her armband, asking for instructions. The response was to wait at the inn, apparently the only one. The party entered and got rooms. Talon primped while the others drank in the common room.

Brianna flew in on a Phantom Steed, landing outside the inn. Brianna joined the party, and introductions were made.

Brianna asked about the Realm of the Gamesmen. Carric told her about his dream, and Yoshi his interpretation. Talon brought up the Valley of the Bridgers. Brianna said told what she knew of the Valley of the Bridgers and spread out a large map of portals (like the fey map the party followed). She pointed out a portal two days west of Morganstein that led to the Valley of the Bridgers and the Realm of the Gamesmen. Brianna said she would scout out the area around the Realm of the Gamesmen while the party ventured to the Valley of the Bridgers. Talon asked if she could go with Brianna, who accepted.

Yoshi went to bed while the others stayed up late talking and drinking.

In the morning, Talon asked for her share for the trade goods. Mavis offered her some of the goods, but said they weren't worth much until they got back to Rowensmeade.

The party traveled west for two days. Brianna located the portal, which was a natural arch formed from two trees. The portal led to a cave on a mountain side with a view of a coast with a port. The party headed to the port, arriving in late evening. There was a single inn, The White Pombi, with a bear-like beast on the sign. The party entered. The innkeeper, Yarrel, answered the party's questions as best he could, though found the party quite strange.

The next day Brianna conjured two Phantom Steeds. She and Talon flew over the mountains, scouting for the Valley of the Bridgers. They discovered, to the south, a large chasm with large trees stretching for miles.

In the meantime, Nessey found out more about pombis. They were said to be vicious creatures that tear people apart and eat them. They live in the woods and plains.

Caelesti found out that the gamesmen lived a week to the south.

The party rejoined and made plans. Brianna agreed to summon Phantom Steeds for everyone heading to the Valley except Carric, who would transform into an eagle. The party found lodging for the animals and trade goods that would be left behind for the journey.

The next day, early, Brianna summoned the steeds and Carric transformed. The five flew over the icy mountains. The long roots were easily visible. As it got dark, the party landed in the midst of the room sized roots and leaves.

At night the party kept watches; Mavis and Caelesti were on first, Mavis and Carric were on second, and Yoshi and Nessey watched last. The night was uneventful.

In the morning, the party headed along the root tunnel to the chasm. The roots led deep down into the chasm. Buildings were built on the root bridges.

Talon's notes

Talon: We go west and south towards the City of the Morning Stone. (Morgenstein)
Talon: Yoshi brags that he is at full and with his full compliment of spells.
Talon: Talon - well, do we have a marching order and who wants to hold the silver rings.
Talon: Caelesti - is there any reason to change.
Talon: Talon - I don't know. I have one and so does Yoshi.
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [8 + 13] = 21
Talon: We stop at noon while Carric prays to Belanus.
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [3 + 16] = 19
Talon rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [1 - 1 + 2] = 2
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [15 + 13] = 28
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [14 + 13] = 27
Talon: None of us notice something flying high above, not even Tan-Kuran who is looking down for mice to eat at the time.
Talon: Belanus grants Carric his spells.
Talon: He hasn't been great, but at least Carric has not totally abused his powers. ;-)
Talon: The Sun god sleeps at night.
Talon: In the forest, the mightly forest, the sun god sleeps tonight.... a weeda-whip, a weeda-whip, a weeda-whip, a weeda-ship, a wee-ee-ee-da-whhip! etc.
Talon: Talon and Mavis are on first watch.
Talon: mavis watches with Carric and Nessey watches with Carric.
Talon: Talon says to Nessey, "Now, now, when I met you at the Amazon camp, you told ME that good Amazon women do not talk on watch, so I am going to follow YOUR sage advice."
Talon: Nessy - oh, oh, well, oh, oh. Okay.
Mavis: Nessey & Talon, Mavis & Carric, Yoshi & Caelesti
Talon: Watches = Yoshi and Caelesti; Carric and Mavis; Talon and Nessey
Talon: but in the order Mavis said.
Talon: We all know that most of the bad stuff happens on the second watch.
Talon: That night is uneventful. The next day Carric still prays at noon, though not for spells, instead "Peace at Night and in the Day."
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [7 + 13] = 20
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [8 + 16] = 24
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [18 + 13] = 31
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [2 - 1 + 2] = 3
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [7 + 13] = 20
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [11 + 16] = 27
Talon: Another uneventful night. Next day, another spot check.
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [14 + 1] = 15
Talon rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + 8): [13 + 8] = 21
Talon: Everyone greater than 2 roll, see horses in the distance coming in our direction.
Talon: Yoshi thinks they have riders on them?
Talon: Carric? how many?
Talon: Yoshi - one per horse!
Talon: Carric - how many horses?
Talon: Yoshi - about 6.
Talon: Yoshi and Carric - let's just procede forward.
Talon: Caelesti - we can circle around each other and then they wouldn't be able to count us.
Talon: Carric - if we go single files, they might think it is only 1 of us.
Talon: An hour later we encounter them.
Talon: The have painful pink bows in their backs :-)
Talon: They look similar to other Barbarians. Have a banner of an animal =
Talon: They ride over and circle around us.
Talon: They have a banner of a Running Horse.
Talon: Male lead Barbarian - who is it who passes through the territory of the Mustang TRibe?
Talon: Yoshi - I am Yoshi, follower of Nuado.
Mavis: Nuadu
Talon: Nessey introduces herself as member of the Otter Tribe and asks if they have encountered any land otters lately.
Talon: Horse Tribe = You look respectable among these Smoke Dwellers. You are far west, young otter. Why do you venture here?
Talon: Nessey - I am on a special mission.
Talon: Tribe - The Otters have sent you on a mission in our territory?
Talon: Nessey - I am on a secret mission and can not discuss it one way or another.
Talon: Tribe - we are not at war with the Otter Tribe - yet!
Talon: Yoshi sidles away from Nessey.
Talon: Nessey my mission is to Morgenstein.
Talon: Tribe - a city - ug!
Talon: Nessey - yes, sadly, but alas it is so.
Talon: Tribe - if you pay the tribute, you may pass.
Talon: He wants furs.
Talon: Talon offers him jumping caltrops.
Talon: He asks what else she has.
Talon: Talon says she and Caelesti will go to their camp and provide entertainment.
Talon: The leader grins at this and looks eager.
Talon: Carric says we don't have time.
Talon: Yoshi and Mavis whisper together. Mavis offers them armbands.
Talon: Mavis negotiates now.. Offers 1 armband each to the riders.
Talon: The leader reaches down his lance and hooks armband and slides them down and studies them.
Talon: He says, yes, this is acceptable tribute. Of course, we will meet you on your way back.
Talon: Leader says - okay go on then, have fun in that smoke town. They go galloping away.
Talon: If he goes and tells his friends they will say, easy pickings, let's go get some too, warns Mavis.
Talon: Yoshi - says - that's what I was afraid of.
Talon: Yoshi wants us to stand our ground next time perhaps.
Talon: We make camp and get through the night again.
Talon: We meet no Dire Undead groundhogs.
Talon: Night of the Living Groundhogs.
Talon: Next morning, Carric prays at noon for the sun to come up tomorrow.
Talon: Next afternoon, that is.
Mavis: Hooray for the Sun God, He sure is a Fun God, Ra! Ra! Ra!
Talon: Late afternoon we come to the Steppes and see town an hour and 1/2 away. later in late afternoon we come trotting into the town.
Talon: A town of about 1,000 people.
Talon: We look for the center, where people might congregate.
Talon: We find The Commons with shops surrounding it.
Talon: There does appear to be a larger building that seems to be an Inn.
Talon: Talon says Brianna would be staying at the BEST Inn in town!
Talon: mavis - it is the ONLY one we have seen so far.
Talon: Yoshi - why don't you contact Brianna and see where she is.
Talon: Talon does so.
Talon: Brianna, have arrived in Morgenstein, are at the Inn by the Commons. Your instructions oh great and beautiful one?
Mavis: Brianna: I'm on my way back to town. Check in at the inn. See you soon!
Yoshi: Bar'gs
Yoshi: Barg's
Mavis: Barrrrrg's!
Talon: Caffinated root beer, beer, beer, cake.
Talon: Talon - let's check in at the Inn, guys!
Talon: At which point, Nessey says, "I don't have any money. I have goods but no coin."
Talon: Mavis offers to let Nessey stay in same room with her and Talon.
Talon: oh, and Caelesti.
Talon: Two rooms then.
Talon: Innkeeper.
Talon: Talon - says we are seeking two rooms - one for ladies and one for men in our party and lodgings for our mules and horse.
Talon: He says, you have come to the right place.
Talon: He quotes us a price. A couple gp. Takes our coins, shows us to our rooms, stableboy takes our horse and mule after we take the goods of. The rooms are reasonably nice.
Talon: (take the goods off our horses)
Talon: Straw in mattresses was changed this week. No obvious bed bugs.
Talon: Talon wants to freshen up.
Talon: Mavis and Caelesti and Nessey and the rest go down to bar right away.
Talon: Talon does her hygeine spell quickly and changes the magical appearance of her outfit to something fancy and nice.
Talon: We sit by the window.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [5 + 13] = 18
Talon: Inkeeper brings us drinks and food.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [13 + 13] = 26
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [19 + 13] = 32
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [19 - 1 + 2] = 20
Talon rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + 8): [19 + 8] = 27
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [2 + 16] = 18
Talon: We do our Spot checks.
Talon: Everyone 15 ir higher happens to be looking out the window at the right time. Talon is oblivious, though. Rest see grey shadowy horse land from the sky.
Talon: (Phantom Steed)
Talon: See woman of great beauty leap off, cast a couple quick spells, dust falls away and hair rearranges itself.
Talon: Caelesti says - Brianna is here.
Talon: Brianna greets us and asks to join us.
Talon: Talon exclaims.
Talon: Yoshi introduces himself.
Talon: Nessey talks of her heritage.
Talon: Caelesti explains that Nessey thinks that she was sold into slavery by Caelesti.
Talon: Brianna stares down Mavis. Mavis blushes and looks away.
Talon: Talon leaps up and embraces Brianna.
Talon: Brianna sits at Talon's side to talk.
Talon: She says she has been scouting for days.
Talon: Brianna asks about the Gamesmen message.
Talon: Talon says it came from Carric's dream. She also says Yoshi should tell his dream about fish and rain.
Talon: Brianna say, yes. do tell your dreams.
Talon: Carric relates his dream of water on toes, setting sun, pounch with chess pieces, wind in his hair and black haired woman riding a grey horse through the air towards setting sun.
Talon: Carric - look, you are a black haired woman and you were riding a grey horse through the air.
Talon: Carric _ I think I dreamed of you.
Talon: Brianna - Perhaps and how did you arrive at Gamesmen? Was it a divine sending of some sort?
Talon: Carric - that's where Yoshi comes in.
Talon: Brianna - you were not heading there?
Talon: Talon - No, we were heading to the Valley of the Bridgers, a fabled place of legend to Bards.
Talon: Carric - and I have pieces of a magic set and have heard I can find more of the set in the Valley of the Bridgers.
Talon: Brianna - oh, who told you that?
Talon: Carric - it might be that Talon heard tales of such as a Bard and collecter of tales.
Talon: Carric - now I recall it was Futhark the Fage.
Mavis: Thfage
Talon: He said there are 4 pieces.
Talon: Brianna - well that is interesting, cause I think Thfuthark didn't have it quite right, other than to send you West.
Talon: Brianna - however it is not even on this continent.
Talon: Caelesit - is it in this world?
Talon: Brianna - yes, it is on the same continet as that of the gamesmen. And I have been very interested in traveling to the realm of the gamesmen.
Talon: Perhaps it was chance or fate?
Talon: Talon - Oh, Fate, honey, fate!
Talon: Brianna - yes, it must be fate.
Talon: You want the Bridgers and i am on my way to the Gamesmen.
Talon: I have been researching this area. She shows us parchment.
Talon: Like map from Murdoky (of portals) but vastly more complicated.
Talon: See link
Talon: Imagine one like this, but with hundreds of points of portals.
Talon: Talon - Wow!
Talon: Brianna - this has been my special study for past 12 years.
Talon: Yoshi - you have been mapping portals.
Talon: yes, for years. I have not vistied all of them, says Brie
Talon: She points out one special link that she has recently located - two days away
Talon: it opens to the other continent you and I want.
Talon: You are much closer here, as you see.
Talon: Talon begs to go with Brianna.
Talon: Brianna says she will talk with Talon about it tonight, but can take us ALL through the portal.
Talon: Caelesti - and to the valley of the Bridgers?
Talon: Brianna - well, no, I am not going there.
Talon: Carric - why are you interested in the Realm of the Gamesmen, if I may ask?
Talon: Brianna - their magic is said to work differently somehow.
Talon: Carric - fascinating.
Talon: Brianna - yes! And I might entertain them too and pick up stories there.
Talon: Yoshi- should we all go to the Gamesmen and do the Bridgers later.
Talon: Carric - is one on the way to the other?
Talon: Brie - no, the portal is midway between the two.
Talon: Yoshi - but it would be good to have more companions!
Talon: Talon squeezes Brianna's knee under the table and shakes her head at her, subtly.
Talon: Brianna - I think you should go to the Bridgers. You can join Talon and me later in the Realm of the Gamesmen. You were headed to the Bridgers anyway. I recommend you continue with your course.
Talon: Caelesti - let's go tomorrow!
Talon: Brianna, we can do that. Shall we meet here tomorrow.
Talon: It is sunset.
Talon: Yoshi excuses himself and goes off to go to bed.
Talon: The rest of us share more food and wine and chat.
Talon: Brianna stretches and says, Talon, you and I have some Bard talk, why don't you come with me?
Talon: Talon - oh yes!
Talon: Caelesti, good we have more room in the girls room now.
Talon: Brianna takes Talon away. The rest of the party remains at the bar.
Talon: Brianna - asks Talon what has been happening.
Talon: Talon speaks of the Amazon tribe and the trial and how interesting it all way and how much she missed Brianna and can't pass up the opportunity to travel with her Patron.
Talon: Brianna says it is good to get back with Talon too.
Talon: Talon asks for news of the Unseelie court. Brianna speaks of a mysterious and secret mission the Queen has given Ice. She says Murdocky's family is still in favor.
Talon: So we spend the rest of the night "doing Bard stuff."
Talon: Caelesti stays down in the bar until it closes, drinking and making merry.
Talon: She does not dance naked on the bar counter as there is no music tonight.
Talon: Brianna gets up early. Talon is tired and sleeps later.
Talon: Yoshi gets up early.
Talon: Eventually, we all pack and make ready to head out.
Talon: Yoshi checks out possessions.
Talon: All is well.
Talon: Talon asks to divide up the booty and be compensated for the used potion of Fly.
Talon: Mavis says the goods are worth more back in Rowansmeade.
Talon: Brianna says don't worry about the potion and collect your share in Rowansmeade.
Talon: Talon says okay, but could Weapons of Good write her an IOU?
Talon: Carric does so, but with caveat that it's a shared risk too, IF goods make it back to Rowansmeade.
Talon: Brianna says as Talon has standing as legal member of Weapons of Good she should not need an IoU
Talon: Yoshi kindly asks for the other ring of communication.
Talon: Talon - Oh, here, I don't need this!
Talon: Yoshi wears both rings and goes off and talks to himself to "test" the rings for time delay, or so he claims.
Talon: We travel along.
Talon: On the way Yoshi asks about the Rain-Fish dream.
Talon: Does Brianna have any thoughts?
Talon: She thinks it's an old superstition - that if you dream of fish, that is a sign that it will rain.
Talon: Yoshi blunders about the coinsidedness of fish and rain.
Talon: Brianna - I think it was a joke, Yoshi.
Talon: Talon - Well, of it will rain someday.
Talon: A few drops of rain fall on Yoshi.
Talon: as he goes along muttering to himself.
Talon: Brianna is leading, we are chatting.
Talon: The days passes pleasantly.
Talon: Talon wants to be on watch with Brianna.
Talon: Nessey sleeps all night.
Talon: She talks in her sleep while dreaming at the same time.
Talon: Carric is on watch with Caelesti.
Talon: Nothing peculiar during night.
Talon: It is next day, 2 hours after noon.
Talon: At noon, Carric prayed for fish and rain.
Talon: Brianna leads us to a natural arch formed of two trees that have grown together.
Talon: Talon - oh, how romantic!
Talon: Brianna - this is the portal.
Talon: Yoshi recalls the portal to the Shadow Plane. Nessey has had no experience with portals. The rest of us have experienced "crossroads" before.
Talon: Everyone does a CHA check.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Diplomacy) (d20 + 12): [11 + 12] = 23
Yoshi rolls Ability:Charisma (d20 + 0): [14] = 14
Talon rolls T - Perform Story/Song (d20 + 16): [7 + 16] = 23
Carric rolls Diplomacy (d20 + 5): [12 + 5] = 17
Mavis rolls Mavis Bluff (d20 + 17): [14 + 17] = 31
Talon rolls Nes - Diplomacy (d20 + 9): [11 + 9] = 20
Talon rolls Nes - Bluff (d20 + 7): [11 + 7] = 18
Mavis rolls Brianna (A) Diplomacy (d20 + 35): [16 + 35] = 51
Talon: The crossroads guard in incorporeal huge fey creature.
Talon: He is convinced, easily enough, to let us all through.
Talon: We find ourselves in a cave on a mountainside.
Talon: We look down and see some hills and some forest and coastline and it looks like there is a port town.
Talon: Carric - what is the name of this continent.
Talon: Brianna, just know it as Northern continent. You were on southern continent for Rowansmeade.
Talon rolls T - Knowledge Geography (d20 + 9): [3 + 9] = 12
Talon: Rowansmeade is in Australia, so to speak.
Talon: Carric - let's go ask the people what the name of their town is.
Talon: Brianna - let's do.
Talon: It is late morning, not late afternoon. A double praying day for Carric.
Talon: Carric prays for sin.
Talon: he is secretive about which sins he hopes to receive, "that is between me and my fellow sinners."
Talon: We make our way down the side of the mountain, over the hills and through the woods to the coast and the small fishing town.
Talon: As we approach, it start raining.
Talon: Talon - Fish! Fish!
Talon: The rainfall is short-lived.
Talon: We are not too soggy.
Talon: The harbor is filled with fishing boats coming home in the evening, that's how long it took to climb down.
Talon: We arrive in town and find an Inn, as it is a Trading Town.
Talon: The name of the last Inn was? The Last Inninstein.
Mavis: The White Pombi
Talon: The name of this Inn is The White Pombi.
Talon: Talon - how curious.
Talon: It has a sign hanging over it with a while bearlike headed beast.
Talon: White beast with bear-like head.
Mavis: A bear-like beast
Talon: Bear-like beast and bear like head and head and body are white.
Talon: We enter the Inn. The Innkeeper comes up, speaks Common. "Ahhh, strangers. Welcome!"
Mavis: Welcome to Mindesport
Talon: You are definitely dressed differently and that's how i know you are strangers.
Talon: Calesti - we are circus performers.
Talon: Keeper - have you come to stay? The White Pombi is the best Inn hereabouts.
Talon: Caelesti - are there any others?
Talon: Keeper,, "why no."
Talon: yoshi - I think we want 3 rooms.
Talon: Carric - are there other colors of Pombis?
Talon: Keeper - why yes, most are brown; white are rare.
Talon: Carric - and good?
Talon: Keeper - no Pombis are really good. I suggest you not encounter any.
Talon: Caelesti - then why are we staying here?
Talon: Keeper - your lingo is strange. We have no Pombis staying here, naturally.
Talon: Keeper - I never see anyone around dressed as you?
Talon: Yoshi (hopefully) do most people go naked around here?
Talon: Keeper - No! No! Now if it were gamesmen, well they have veils with moths and hats with horns.. but you, you are dressed even more strangely, to my eyes.
Talon: He shows us 3 rooms and we may divide up into them as we wish.
Talon: Carric - tell me, Innkeeper, is the Valley of the Bridgers around here?
Talon: Keeper looks perplexed?
Talon: Carric - trees? possibly to the north?
Talon: Yoshi - BIIIIG trees!
Talon: Keeper, no. Let's talk more after you have had a chance to freshen up.
Talon: Caelesit, why do we look dirty?
Talon: Keeper - most people want to unload their luggage and put it in their rooms.
Mavis: Yarrel
Talon: Caelesti, I am helped by owning very little.
Talon: Keeper, my name is Yarrel.
Talon: We divide ourselves into rooms as before.
Talon: We arrange our luggage and go down to the common room.
Talon: Nessey - this is your chance, Caelesti, I remember when we met you and you were sitting on the laps of sailors in bars?
Talon: Caelesti "gathers information" ;-) ;-)
Talon: No one knows about the Bridgers.
Talon: Brianna doesn't know much more either.
Talon: Brianna offers to scout with Talon tomorrow.
Talon: Talon - oh, yes!
Talon: Brianna, good then I will summon a couple phantom steeds.
Talon: Brianna, you hang out here and think about fish.
Mavis: ghoti
Talon: Caelesti, - that way the weather will be nice to you all.
Talon: Brianna - yes, you will keep the rain here.
Talon: Talon - Mavis, is it worthwhile selling some of those goods here?
Talon: Mavis - as long as we can get something worth more in Rowansmeade.
Talon: Yoshi - I would like to seek a shop to enhance our equipment.
Talon: Talon - I would think Barbarian stuff would be worth a lot here.
Talon: The next day, Talon and Brianna set out to the mountains on Phantom steeds.
Talon: The mountains appear to be very difficult travel on foot. On the other side we see a huge glacier and a large plain.
Talon: As we fly over the plain, we see what look like parallel lines on the surface, when we get lower, we see saplings sprouting, a farmers field perhaps. Larger leaves, then whole ground covered in green, then a dark strip of green.
Talon: As we fly down - it is a chasm beneath the leaves.
Talon: Brianna - these trees are quite tall and considering the leaves are as large as a house... We may have found the chasm your friends are seeking. We get back in late afternoon and tell others what we found.
Talon: Mavis does her trading.
Talon: She swaps strange stuff for strange stuff.
Talon: She also trades some for gold.
Talon: How much gold do we need to provision ourselves?
Talon: Yoshi asks after a "monkish type place?"
Talon: We do not find anything like that, that we can recognise.
Talon: Yoshi is looking for Rags of Restraint.
Talon: We do not find anything that we recognise as magical.
Talon: Talon, later in the day, stocks up on more spiced wine, dried local fruits and nuts and other local treats like cookies.
Talon: Nessey asks about Pombis, where they live and how they fight.
Talon: She is told they are all over the place. They are nocturnal and hungry.
Talon: They are 10 or 12 feet tall when rearing up.
Talon: They will tear you apart.
Talon: People get grabbed and torn apart and eaten just like that.
Talon: Nessey - is their fur valuable?
Talon: I'm sure you could sell a Pombi hide here if you bring one in.
Talon: Caelesti asks about Realm of Gamesmen.
Talon: We are told that if we head north from here, probably a week or so, following the coast, we will start to encounter towns that have dealings with the gamesmen, regularly.
Talon: head south to gamesmen - not north.
Talon: Or, are the townsmen confused from enchanted Caelesti.
Talon: Okay, okay, chasm is SOUTH and Gamesmen are NORTH. okay!
Talon: Becareful there are tricksy people among them, not honest folk like here.
Talon: Brianna and Talon arrive back in later afternoon and report.
Talon: Brianna - I think you will have a hard time getting your horses through the mountains.
Talon: Caelesti - we won't need horses on that journey.
Talon: Talon - who will hold the stuff your mounts carry?
Talon: Mavis, - we would have to rent space for goods and stable the horses.
Talon: Yoshi - suggests Mavis and he are best qualified to judge who is the most honest to leave a horse, mule and goods with. Warehousemen we can trust.
Talon: Nessey and Caelesti ask to stable horse and mule at the Inn.
Talon: Brianna tells Talon it will work out fine to bring Tintin with them.
Talon: Yoshi asks Brianna for phantom steeds for the first part of their journey.
Talon: Brianna says that is too many.
Talon: Brianna says there are 5 of them in the Bridgers party and she can only cast 4. Carric offers to turn into an eagle.
Talon: So Brianna agrees to provide 4 phantom steeds.
Talon: We run this plan by Carric. He ask others to slow their phantom steeds. We agree.
Talon: We discuss duration of the steeds, which is 17 hours. Talon and Brianna flew to chasm and back today.
Talon: Yoshi says - so going at Eagle speed is fine.
Talon: Carric can be an Eagle twice a day for 6 hours each.
Talon: Nessey asks after baby eagles?
Talon: Yoshi - if we leave early in the morning, then you can pray for more Eagle castings, right?
Talon: Carric says - yes.
Talon: wild shapes.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 18): [5 + 18] = 23
Talon: Talon says her goodbyes and gives Mavis the magic caltrops since she misjudged her before and found her to be loyal companion.
Talon: Everyone heading out plus Brianna get up at dawn. Brianna cast the steeds. Carric turns into a wolfish make eagle and flies with his mate, Tan Kuran.
Mavis: gnarlibars and fustigars and pombis, oh my!
Talon: Carric prays for Pombis at noon. ;-) Or not.
Talon: No pombis are encountered yet.
Talon: how far do we get towards the Bridgers?
Talon: We fly over cold ice mountains, glacier and plain. We see parallel ridges and fly down and take a look.
Talon: The ridges appear to be wood, they are roots of very, very large trees.
Talon: They get larger in diameter as we continue.
Talon: We hear thunder in the distance. ;-)
Talon: These are very large roots and it becomes evening, but we haven't quite reached the chasm, but we don't want to fly in the dark so we land to camp.
Talon: Roots on each side are 10-ft in diameter.
Talon: Coming out of these roots are stems witih larger and larger leaves. By the time we land, the leaves are room size.
Talon: These are called "Flat- trees" they don't stand vertical. They may be the widest and longest, but not the tallest.
Talon: We set up camp.
Talon: mavis has a ring of sustenance and can do two watches.
Talon: nessey offers to take first or last watch.
Talon: Yoshi suggests Mavis be on first and second.
Talon: Nessey takes last watch with Yoshi.
Talon: Caelesti and Mavis on first.
Talon: Carric and Mavis on Second.
Talon: Yoshi and Nessey on Third.
Mavis rolls d6: [1] = 1
Mavis rolls d6: [5] = 5
Mavis rolls d6: [2] = 2
Talon: We don't have a campfire. We hear some roars from a distance. We see no Pombis tonight.
Talon: Nessy has stopped herself from talking during watch, but talks in her sleep.
Talon: We continue on foot in the morning. Roots on either side, leaves over head, like a tunnel. We can't see the sky, though sun filters through the leaves.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [4 + 13] = 17
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [8 + 13] = 21
Talon: Nessey drinks the dew that falls off the leaves.
Talon: Yoshi does not stumble into the chasm. He calls out and we stop.
Talon: From our view point of row of very large trees on edge of grand cannon, roots into chasm and leaves arching overhead.
Talon: We look down and it is deeper than we can see. There is a green light shining in from the sun through the leaves.
Talon: We look down and to the left and see maybe a mile up or down like some roots brought together to join a bridge. Many roots, in fact, as bridges, and buildings built on these bridges.
Talon: The sides of the Chasm are a furry mass of roots.
Talon: We stop here.

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