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Tarrastra Adventure 52

Caelesti's notes




The party camped, keeping standard watches. The night was uneventful.

In the morning, the party continued west. Three days later, they arrived at a hill with a large standing stone. The party climbed the hill, leaving the horses below. There were multiple piles of stones on the top of the hill. The large standing stone had runes on it. Carric determined that the piles of stone were grave cairns. He made a tracing of the runes.

The party proceeded west. At night, they camped for the night. In the morning, riders approached from the west. The riders were part of the wolf tribe. Talon appeared to be wearing a barbarian queen outfit. The barbarian leader, Aethelstan, asked what tribe Talon was in. She claimed to be leader of the dragon tribe and said she had things to trade. Mavis showed off the goods, trading this and that. Talon asked for directions to the Otter Tribe; they were still 3 or 4 days along the forest.

The party headed another three days west. Another lone hill appeared in the distance. The party investigated the hill. It also appeared to be a burial hill, though there were mounds of dirt instead of cairns. Smoke was rising from the west.

The party rode west to an encampment. A couple scouts approached the party. Talon hailed them, and claimed to be merchants. The party was led to a large tent, and the horses were led away. Various tribesmen entered the tent to trade goods.

In the evening, Talon offered to perform. Talon sang and strummed, while Caelesti danced. People gawked and pointed at the party, mostly Carric. Carric conversed with someone asking if they ever saw hair like his. The tribesmen said Wulfstan's concubine had hair like that. They hadn't seen her in ages.

The party slept in the tent, keeping normal watches.

The next day, Yoshi and Caelesti explored camp and the environment. Caelesti made some friends. In the meantime, Wulfstan visited the party tent to trade. Carric questioned him about Nessey. Wulfstan said he would talk about it at dinner, and invited the party to his quarters.

The party arrived at Wulfstan's tent, save Mavis who stayed back to guard her goods. Wulfstan recited a poem about his loss of Nessey. He told of how she disappeared. Trackers revealed that Nessey and the other two scouts headed into the forest that nobody enters, because of the ghostly cannibals. The two scouts were found dead, having received many poisoned arrows; there was no trace of Nessey. When asked, Wulfstan said he could supply guards to the party to show where the scouting party entered the forest.

The next morning, the party and their escorts headed west. They crossed a small river and eventually located the path. The party started to enter, and one of the escorts tried to stop them. He said it was madness to go in, and that the party should at least leave the mules with trade goods behind. In the end, the escorts left, and the party entered The Forbidden Forest.

Talon's notes

Talon: Talon is at 8
Talon: from 17
Talon: My cures are used up
Talon: even the belt
Talon: Yoshi finds the thought of curing horses in Carric's bed, unappetizing
Talon: Carric offers to cure anyone else EXCEPT Talon
Talon: Talon is miffed.
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [5 + 1] = 6
Talon: Carric touches Caelesti
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Talon: Talon makes a note of this, about Carric, for future reference
Talon: Carric cures Mavis a bunch
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [5 + 1] = 6
Talon: Carric says he is all out now.
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Talon: Carric points his wand at Talon for 2 points
Mavis: what a flaccid cure...
Talon: Talon up to 10, from 17
Carric rolls CLW - wand (d8 + 1): [8 + 1] = 9
Talon: Carric does 9 on Talon for full
Talon: Carric cures Talon to full so she can lead the next battle
Talon: Talon tells Mavis to thank her for healing her mule, not just her own.
Talon: Carric suggests Talon heal people FIRST in future.
Talon: Talon says she heard Yoshi call for cure and saw Carric run over so figured it was taken care of.
Talon: Carric denies taking care of Yoshi - even though Talon saw him.
Talon: Carric complains he has too few cures compared to Talon
Talon: Talon asks why Carric fled the battle.
Talon: He says he was about to be eaten and he needed to cast
Talon: Talon asks why Carric didn't run over to her to be cured
Talon: Carric was afraid of the birds around Talon.
Talon: Carric said he wanted to summon bears.
Talon: Talon - so next time, you want me to heal your bears?
Talon: Yoshi - next time you ask if people want curing first before doing the animals
Talon: Talon, says, well, okay.
Talon: Mavis agrees that saving mules and expensive horses is very important.
Talon: Carric wants to chow down the birds tonight for dinner. Talon asks if Carric can determine if it is safe to eat first.
Talon: Carric doesn't want to waste time
Talon: We camp inside a circle of horses and mules and nothing happens of interest.
Talon: Carric notices Mavis in a special way - offers to show her his "magic item."
Talon: Mavis says she has heard Carric's "Bunny Boy" nickname
Talon: We head west
Talon: Rolling plain, woods in distance, off to our right
Talon: Carric dreams of hugging the woods
Talon: Fast forward. After 3 more days...
Talon: About mid-afternoon of third day, we spot a hill up ahead.
Talon: We see a standing stone.
Talon: Carric thinks it might be "one of those Druid things."
Talon: We approach the stone - which seems to get bigger
Talon: We arrive at the base of the 120 ft tall hill.
Talon: Yoshi is looking for fish, then he will expect it to rain
Talon: We leave the horses and go up the hill.
Talon: Yoshi suggests Talon stay back and tend the horses. She does so.
Talon: they reach the stone
Talon: 25ft tall stone in middle of hill. Heaps of rocks on top of the hill.
Talon: piles of rocks.
Carric rolls Kno Nature (d20 + 11): [18 + 11] = 29
Talon: Carric wonders if they are related to sun and moon and star cycles
Talon: they do not appear to
Talon: There are some symbols carved onto the center stone
Talon: Carric can't read it without help
Talon: Carric decides to take a tracing.
Talon: Stones are clearly heaped up intentionally. Some newer, some older
Talon: Newer ones - have a pole or stick sticking up.
Talon: Next to one, by stick, find rusted spearhead next to decayed spear shaft
Talon: Carric thinks they might be graves
Talon: Caelesti thinks they were killed after they tried to pile rocks too high
Talon: Carric wonders if they are Barbarian graves
Talon: Spearhead is very rusty. Been there a long time. Not unusual in any way
Talon: Carric tries to estimate time been there
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [5 + 15] = 20
Talon: Carric thinks newest (with parts of a helmet too) might be as recent as 5 years, others 10 years or more.
Talon: Yoshi notes that Barbarians use metal weapons
Talon: Not surprised to see metal spears
Talon: Carric and the rest come back down to Talon and the horses.
Talon: Talon - so what did you find?
Mavis: cairns
Talon: Carric shows Talon the rubbings of runes
Talon: Talon does not recognize the runes
Talon: We proceed another couple hours and set up camp. Nothing attachs us that night
Talon: Traveling the next day , along the plain
Talon: As we are having breakfast next morning - we see dust to the West
Talon: 20 or 30 minutes later - it does turn out to be a group of riders riding up.
Talon: We wait for them.
Talon: Yoshi draws his weapons.
Talon: Talon stands out front of the others to wait for the riders.
Talon: Talon is in her Barbarian Queen outfit
Talon: Furs and leather and deep blue shift
Talon: A group of 5 horses, each with a rider, all males
Talon: the men have swords at their sides, bows at their backs, several are carrying long spears or lances
Talon: they draw their bows and spears as they approach.
Talon: Talon stands her ground.
Talon: The one in the front gallops up to Talon
Talon: He circles and stops with lance lowered - stops by Talon
Talon: Talon stands her ground and waits calmly
Talon: He stops and eyes me.
Talon: Yoshi says "Hail"
Talon: Well, you are strangers.
Talon: He doesn't know quite what to make of Talon.
Talon: Talon - We have goods to trade.
Talon: Talon - please identify yourselves.
Talon: We give our names
Mavis: I am Æthelstan
Talon: Talon says only that she is Talon
Talon: Yoshi will do a sense motive
Talon: Talon - what tribe do you hail from?
Talon: We are from the Wolf tribe. Do you know of our Tribes
Talon: You are dressed as a tribeswoman
Talon: You are dressed as a noble woman - what tribe are you from?
Talon: Talon says she is from the Dragons Tribe
Talon: Her totem is a dragon
Talon: Talon shows off her silver dragon jewelry
Talon: They consult
Talon: Talon looks dragonly, btw
Talon: I am the Queen of the Dragon tribe, on a trading expedition with these strangers
Talon: They are accompaning me on a trading mission. I hired them to guard me.
Talon: He expresses interest in what we have to trade
Talon: Carric asks about the hill and finds it really is a burial ground - for many tribe
Talon: He does a sense motive to make sure Carric didn't mess up the burial grounds
Talon: Carric explains he is not of the dragon tribe
Talon: He asks how many are from Dragon tribe.
Talon: Talon explains she has hired them all, none are from her tribe
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 9 + 3 + 5): [14 + 9 + 3 + 5] = 31
Talon: Man is superior that Talon had to hire help.
Talon: Talon - it was my choice to travel on my own with these people. I do not owe you an explanation
Talon: What goods have you brought.
Talon: Talon motions to Mavis - who displays our wares
Talon: Mavis moves Goldie, the mule, up and reaches into the packs and pulls out that which she thinks might interest them, after gazing at them and concentrating.
Talon: The things she pulls out are exactly what they would like to see.
Talon: They all get down off their high horses and clutster around.
Talon: Mavis asks if they would like to trade. They talk among themselves
Talon: One of them brings over a saddle bag and brings out items, that Mavis examines
Talon: Stuff like - carvings, vessels, statues
Talon: Exotic collectors items
Talon: Mavis trades 5% of our stuff to Wolf Tribe.
Talon: Talon asks if they have seen the Otter Tribe recently.
Talon: They say they think Otter Tribe still in winter camp - 3 or 4 days ride - along forest.
Talon: Talon asks if they trade much with Otter tribe.
Talon: They say sometimes, but not much.
Talon: Talon asks if they have noticed a stranger among the Otter tribe?
Talon: Wolves say, haven't seen them this season.
Talon: Why, do you think one of the dragon tribe might have gone there?
Talon: Talon - yes
Talon: Where is your tribe from?
Talon: Talon - up north
Talon: Talon - beyond the woods
Talon: Oh, you have come far.
Talon: Yes, I have, says Talon, not saying more.
Mavis: Æthelstan
Talon: Well, if you come upon our tribe again, please ask for me.
Talon: A-thel-stan (name pronounced)
Talon: I am a man of substance among that tribe, make sure you ask for me first, cause I saw you first.
Talon: they get back on horses and go on.
Talon: He raises his spear and salutes us.
Talon: We get on our horses and continue on our journey
Talon: We head where he said Otter tribe might be. But go closer to woods this time
Talon: And... 3 more days pass.
Talon: Early afternoon of this 3rd day, we see a low hill at edge of plain, near woods
Talon: Looks like some mounds on top.
Talon: Talon - are we going to check it out? Can I look this time?
Talon: Yoshi - yes, I will stay with the horses.
Talon: Lower hill.
Talon: Rest of us go up the hill.
Talon: There are about 4 mounds, seem newer than last. Second from last is all bare earth, no overgrowth
Talon: These are all heaps of earth - not of rock. No standing stone.
Talon: Newest one has 3 spears sticking out.
Talon: There are helmets hanging from the 3 spears. Two are large and one is small
Talon: Carric looks at the helmets for designs
Talon: Does not remove them from spears yet
Talon: Spears are all the same size
Mavis rolls 1d3 (d3): [2] = 2
Talon: Talon takes middle helmet, large one and looks inside - appears undecayed.
Talon: I put the helmet back
Talon: I ask if they want me to look at others. Carric says no need
Talon: Look to west - at limit of vision see some smoke rising
Talon: We decide to head that way next
Talon: We find encampment of several hundred people
Talon: Steppe nomads
Talon: Yoshi is outfront.
Talon: Talon is next to Yoshi, on her horse
Talon: Talon says "Hail!"
Talon: In a friendly way
Talon: As we ride up, some come to greet us, who are patroling the outskirts.
Talon: Two come riding up.
Talon: Pog 35 where are you?
Talon: Two horses with nale riders
Talon: patrol guys, armored in breast plates and leather, with spears
Talon: Talon - Greetings.
Talon: We are traders
Talon: We are merchants
Talon: You are traders, well, well, we are running low on some things, come with us.
Talon: Yoshi - who do we have the pleasure of trading with?
Talon: The mighty Otter Tribe
Talon: We go with them.
Talon: Talon suggests Yoshi do more talking.
Talon: Yoshi declines.
Talon: Talon will do the talking.
Talon: They take us into a large tent
Talon: There is a guy standing guard
Talon: the patrol guys introduce us and want to give us place to stay and care for horses and trading later.
Mavis: Ædric
Talon: Armored guys, says, Welcome, I am Adric, you may stay in this tent and I will have your horses taken care of.
Talon: Mavis unloads Goldie. So Talon does the same with her mule. Rest of us unload the horses. Bring all belongings inside the tent
Talon: Yoshi says not to ask about Nessey for a while, to look around first.
Talon: Caelesti suggests Tan'kuran do some searching.
Talon: Carric will walk the encampment later.
Talon: Mavis is ready to bargain. She asks Aedric where to set up to trade
Talon: He says he will tell people to go to the tent, will invite special people first
Talon: No one comments on Carric's golden hair, so far
Talon: It is evening now.
Talon: We stay over night in the big tent - belonging to Otter Tribe
Talon: Talon asks Caelesti if she wants to do a show.
Talon: Caelesti - that would be fun
Talon: We offer to do a performance - they take us to community area
Talon: Mavis stays with the stuff in the tent
Talon rolls Perform Strings {Masterwork} (d20 + 11 + 2): [8 + 11 + 2] = 21
Talon rolls Perform Story/Song (d20 + 13): [6 + 13] = 19
Talon rolls Perform Dance (d20 + 11): [6 + 11] = 17
Talon rolls Perform Wind Instruments (d20 + 11): [3 + 11] = 14
Talon rolls Perform Story/Song (d20 + 13): [5 + 13] = 18
Talon rolls Perform Dance (d20 + 11): [1 + 11] = 12
Talon rolls Perform Strings {Masterwork} (d20 + 11 + 2): [12 + 11 + 2] = 25
Caelesti rolls Skill (Perform - Dance) (d20 + 9): [19 + 9] = 28
Talon: Talon and Caelesti perform. Yoshi and Carric look around.
Talon: People stare at us.
Talon: We are all part something exotic
Talon: Some people point at Aasimar Carric and whisper among themselves.
Talon: they look away if Carric notices
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 9 + 3): [12 + 9 + 3] = 24
Talon: We do not see any golden hair shining in the crowd
Talon: No one we recognize
Talon rolls Spot Talon (d20 + 1): [19 + 1] = 20
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [2 + 11] = 13
Talon: Carric takes a lovely lady aside and some others and asks if they have seen anyone else with hair like his
Talon: Man smirks and says
Mavis: Wulfstan's concubine had hair like that
Talon: Carrics asks if Wulfstan and his concubine are still in this village?
Mavis: Wulfstan is King Eadric's son
Talon: Man hasn't seen concubine in a quite a while
Mavis: Wulfstan is here.
Talon: She was new last fall. It was a scandal. She was going out riding with the patrols
Talon: It was scandalous that a woman will ride with the patrols. They don't EVER do that here.
Talon: Carric - I wonder where he picked up a woman like that.
Talon: You'd have to talk to him.
Talon: Carric - where is his tent?
Talon: You are not going to barge in on the king's son's tent!!
Talon: You must ask the guards who will ask an audience.
Talon: Who are you?
Talon: I am Carric, I came to trade goods. But right now the lady folk want to sing and dance.
Talon: Perhaps Wulf will come look at your goods at some point
Talon: if you have good goods
Talon: Carric - is Wulf an interesting guy to want a concubine that is so exotic?
Talon: Man won't say more on that score.
Talon: Man is Thorold
Talon: Carric - another thing that is curious is relatively fresh grave and one helm was relatively small. Was that a family group?
Talon: Thor - says it was a whole patrol and Carric is being too nosey
Talon: The Barbarians clap and stomp and cheer. We go back to our tent by the by
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 9 + 3 + 5): [19 + 9 + 3 + 5] = 36
Talon: Yoshi can tell that the fellow was concealing some tribal secret
Talon: Carric can continue to do the talking
Talon: Thorold was a new member of Otter tribe
Talon: Talon will go to sleep
Talon: Some people stay up and watch.
Talon: Mavis stays up and broods with Yoshi
Talon rolls T - Decipher Script (d20 + 9): [1 + 9] = 10
Talon: Talon tries and fails to decipher script from stone
Talon: news of our arrival have spread
Talon: Talon sits and strums instrument to give Mavis bonuses while trading
Talon: Caelesti and Yoshi go off together and wander around.
Talon: Carric sticks around. Fidgets
Talon: Mavis is happy as a clam selling, trading, bargaining, she tends to find exactly what each wants after looking intently at them
Talon: She is using her inate abilities
Talon: Yoshi and Caelesti wander around
Talon: People playing, talking horses, cooking, doing crafts, not as crude as Yoshi expected
Talon: Yoshi talks to people and asks cultural questions
Talon: Caelesti makes friends too
Talon: Neither Caelesti nor Yoshi ask about Nessey
Talon: they talk about their herds
Talon: Caelesti speaks of the flightless birds
Talon: They say those are annoying, but easily scared away by larger groups
Talon: Easy to scare if mounted and with lance
Talon: they demonstrate weaving and tell of jewelry making
Talon: Don't mine. trade for metals to make jewelry with
Talon: This is the Otter Winter Camp here
Talon: They speak of poetry being their high art
Talon: They have bards
Talon: Yoshi says Talon will like to meet their Bards
Talon: Æthelings are the nobles, where Bards hang out
Talon: Eadrid and Wulfstan are nobles, for instance
Talon: They mention that Wulfstan's concubine and patrol disappeared a couple months ago
Talon: some local tells Yoshi
Talon: Yoshi - that's a woman, no? The concubine?
Talon: Yes.
Talon: Yoshi - I am given to understand that it is highly uncommon for a woman to be a rider here
Talon: I am not going to say what I think of THAT. You should ask Wulfstan about that.
Talon: Native says the concubine was an outsider. He doesn't want to say more.
Talon: Meanwhile, back in the tent
Talon: Trading continues
Talon: Late in the afternoon, a couple well dressed men arrived
Talon: They say, - well, so you are the new traders, what do you have?
Talon: Mavis studies them and smiles and says she has saved the best for a man of your discernment
Talon: She pulls out special, expensive stuff
Talon: He admires the workmanship
Talon: Talon continues to play.
Talon: Carric introduces himself as Druid of Belenis
Talon: Man says he is Wulfstan, son of King Eadric
Talon: Carric bows
Talon: Wulf starts at Carric's hair
Talon: Carric says he saw people in town who pointed at him and learned there was someone else in tribe with same gold hair before
Talon: Wulf sighs - you could be her brother
Talon: Carric - I don't have any sisters but that is interesting
Talon: Wulf - you are only the second sort of such I have seen
Talon: Carric - we Aasimars are probably rare around here. What happened to the other?
Talon: Wulf- it is a long and terrible story. Why don't you come to our tent this evening and feast with me and I will tell you about it, just in honor of her.
Talon: Carric ask if can bring companions
Talon: Wulf says yes to Talon and Mavis and any others he wants who came with him.
Talon: Wulf invites them to come tonight at sundown
Talon: One of his men brings forth fine furs to trade to Mavis for some of her finest stuff
Talon: Mavis works the rest of the afternoon. Caelesti and Yoshi come back. It is nearly sundown.
Talon: Talon - what do you make of that, Carric?
Talon: Carric - I think Nessey was in a patrol and patrol disappeared and Wulfstan is in mourning for his concubine. We need to pick up the trail if she was lost on patrol. Perhaps another tribe got her. Hearing about this exotic concubine.
Talon: Waylaid the patrol and took her prisioner
Talon: Yoshi wants us to leave a guard
Talon: Talon offers to stay or Mavis
Talon: Mavis will stay in tent. Talon and Calesti will go.
Talon: Yoshi says as of a little over months ago she was not dead.
Talon: Don't know what has happened since. Might be dead since then.
Talon: Still have hope.
Talon: Talon switches to her silver performers outfit and takes her instrument
Talon: Caelesti also dresses up.
Talon: We go to the Son of King's tent
Talon: Guards at door expect us.
Talon: Wulf leaps to his feet and greets us.
Talon: Talon introduces herself as do the rest
Talon: Talon says Mavis was tired after a long day of trading.
Talon: Wulf says his people where glad we came with goods to trade
Talon: Mavis sold the extra horses too.
Talon: Wulf - I am curious. You say you are not Nessey's sister? That was her name.
Talon: Carric - I am of same race, but not her brother.
Talon: Carric says he seems to recall that he lived not far from Nessey in Rowansmeade
Talon: Wulf - says, yes, the big smokey dirty place.
Talon: Carric agrees with that description
Talon: Carric says he knows of Nessey
Talon: Carric says please tell us the tale
Talon: Wulf - ahhh, my Nessey, what a loss
Talon: He recites a poem he has written to her
Talon: He strums a 3 string lyre.
Talon: Poem in style we are not familiar with.
Talon: He is a good poet
Talon: It is a love poem. Love, eulogy
Talon: in honor of Nessey
Talon: It is sad and moving
Talon: He says, she arrived here last fall, my father got her for me, we thought she would be another bed slave, but proved to have more in her than we expected.
Talon: Proved to have talents
Talon: Insisted on riding with us and knew weapons, which was quite a surprise, she was good at both.
Talon: We taught some of our ways and riding feats and fighting with spears
Talon: We taught her that
Talon: She rode well
Talon: She fought well
Talon: I spent a lot of time with her.
Talon: She was, although had not come of own will, seemed to enjoy it here.
Talon: About two months ago, she went on a patrol with two of our men, to the west of river, didn't come back
Talon: Next day our trackers found trail of 3 horses. To their horror, the trail of two horses took off in gallop right into forbidden forest, third behind somewhat slower.
Talon: No one goes into that forest and comes out alive - except one man who came out and died soon thereafter from a poison arrow and babbled about cannibal ghosts.
Talon: Who knows what danger our patrol was trying to espcape
Talon: Found bodies of two men pierced with arrows and all three horses continued. No Nessey. She has been eaten. Brought the two male bodies back. Set up spears in mounds for all 3 of them. Nessey was eaten. What a loss! What a loss! He sheds a tear for Nessey.
Talon: He said there was a path of sorts into the forest, off the West.
Talon: Caelesti and Carric expressed interest in some of Otter men showing them where patrol entered the forest.
Talon: Wulf - yes, it is hopeless of course, but if you have morbid curiosity?
Talon: Carric - yes
Talon: Wulf - we can show you that tomorrow. That is a terrible story. Who knows. She could have been my Queen! But alas!
Talon: Talon tells stories of Dragons living in clouds and sings and plays
Talon rolls T - Perform Story/Song (d20 + 13): [4 + 13] = 17
Talon rolls T - Perform Strings {Masterwork} (d20 + 11 + 2): [16 + 11 + 2] = 29
Talon rolls T - Perform Wind Instruments (d20 + 11): [7 + 11] = 18
Talon: Wulf listens with interest, but it doesn't touch his heart.
Talon: He still mourns for his proto-Queen.
Talon: We go back to tent and tell Mavis about it all. Guards lead us back.
Talon: Talon asks if Mavis knows anythig about cannibals in these parts
Talon: Gareth was right about trade goods.
Talon: Mavis says she traded well.
Talon: Carric says we should go into the forest and follow where Nessey went.
Talon: Cannibal ghosts.
Talon: Mavis says we give up and go home. She doesn't fancy cannibal ghosts.
Talon: Talon fears it might be a hoarfroster.
Talon: Carric says not cold enough for that.
Talon: Carric says it is probably a ghost story, superstition
Talon: Carric says we need to go and investigate.
Talon: Yoshi - says we can not tell Wulfstan who we really are. He says we need to be more confident of her demise. Yoshi says we can't tell Wulfstan without revealing that we are here to return Nessey to Rowansmeade. He will want her back, to stay.
Talon: Therefore we can't tell him.
Talon: Carric says - Nessey might want to stay and marry Wulf
Talon: Yoshi says we will cross that bridge when we get there.
Talon: Carric says if we do find her, then we can all disappear and be presumed eaten.
Talon: Caelesti thinks it would be neat to die by being easten.
Talon: Mavis doesn't want to die, eaten or not
Talon: We agree to go and look at the path in the morning.
Talon: Talon and Mavis are reluctant for various reasons
Talon: Carric assures us Hoarfrosters don't use poison arrows.
Talon: Caelesti - and ghosts wouldn't use real arrows
Talon: Carric - perhaps they are a tribe of angry spiders that shoot multiple arrows with multiple legs.
Talon: We agree to pack up and explore the forest the next day.
Talon: Yoshi says we don't want to find out what happens to Nessey, we just want to brave and challenge the forest, outsiders being insane anyway.
Talon: Talon, - well, okay, if you want to convince them we are insane, Yoshi, you lead.
Talon: We have sold all the horses. Kept the mules
Talon: 3 burly men in armor come to escort us in the morning to the place where the patrol disappeared a couple months ago.
Talon: We go West several hours
Talon: go over a fairly shallow river
Talon: go another coulple hours
Talon: come to what looks like a path coming out of the forest.
Talon: Men on horses look very nervous
Talon: they say - anyone who goes in there doesn't come out
Talon: Yoshi - I would like to see what is in there that is so frightening
Talon: Are you crazy
Talon: Yoshi - perhaps, but I am interested
Talon: Carric - I'd like to do some tracking
Talon: Caelesti - where were the bodies found?
Talon: Patrol - inside, but I don't know where. I am not a fool
Talon: Carric - I want to look inside.
Talon: No! NO! You must come back!
Talon: Patrol - Are you planning on going into that forest?
Talon: Caelesti - yes
Talon: Carric walks toward forest
Talon: Patrol - Surely you are not going to bring in all these perfectly good trade goods....
Talon: Carric - you could come with us
Talon: Patrol - why throw away perfectly good trade goods, let me bring them back to the tribe
Talon: Carric - they will be fine with us
Talon: Patrol swings his lance up a bit
Talon: His companion talks him down - this is not honorable, Wulf sent us out to escort. We are not going to attack them cause they are fools
Talon: Oh fine! let them go and die!
Talon: Patrol - I gave you that fur! I am happy with the trade, but now it is going to be rotting after you die, what a waste! Are you determined to go into this forest?
Talon: Caelesti and Yoshi - yes!
Talon: Patrol - I wash my hands of this. I will never see you again. You have no idea of the danger.
Talon: Carric - I expect we will know shortly.
Talon: Leader turns and gallops back. Other salute us with spears. All gallop back.
Talon: We are on our own.
Talon: We joke about pretending we went into forest when we did not.
Talon: We pause here.
Talon: on the verge of certain death
Talon: Talon - would we know if it were her bones if we found them

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