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Tarrastra Adventure 53

Caelesti's notes




Caelesti cast message so that the party could communicate more easily. Carric scouted, slightly ahead of the others, looking for tracks. Yoshi spotted an object made of crossed sticks and feathers hanging from a branch. Talon thought it might be a boundary marker. The party moved past the marker.

As the party moved along, Mavis whispered, "We're not alone". Shortly after, nine women swung down to the ground, surrounding the group; they all had bows. One ordered the party to stop. Yoshi hailed the party. A woman asked why the party passed their marker. Yoshi said they were seeking a friend. Caelesti blurted out that their friend was named Nessey. The women seemed to indicate that they knew her. One asked Carric to remove his hood; then asked him who his companions were. One woman, pointing at Carric, Yoshi, and then Caelesti, yelled take them.

Caelesti whispered, "Should we surrender?" Yoshi said, "Yes." Arrows flew at the party. One hit Carric, and the poison on its tip paralyzed him. Another hit Caelesti, making her more sluggish. Yoshi charged one and slugger her. A poisoned arrow hit Yoshi, paralyzing him. Another hit Caelesti, paralyzing her. Their leader called off the attack. Mavis was confused. The leader said they captured the notorious criminals and that the other two, Mavis and Talon, were lucky not to be captured by them.

The paralyzed three were tied, gagged, and chained together. After the paralysis subsided, the prisoners were led for miles until they arrived at a village; Mavis and Talon were allowed to follow. The prisoners were tossed into a cell, and their gags and bindings were removed. Mavis and Talon were led to rooms, and their mules to the stables; they were treated well.

In spite of their treatment, Caelesti was excited. "They seem to know Nessey; Nessey may be here!", she said. She cast knock on the cell door; Yoshi heard the click. Yoshi quickly stopped Caelesti from making things worse. Caelesti was then content to watch the villagers out her cell window.

As the party waited, the chatter of Nessey's voice came closer. When she came into view, Caelesti got very animated; she waved and called out. Nessey was irate. She blamed the party for all kinds of bad things. The party remained imprisoned until their trial the next day.

Prior to the trial, Mavis disguised herself as an amazon and went to speak to Nessey. Mavis tried to convince Nessey, when she could get a word in, that the party didn't seem to be bad. She did convince Nessey to talk to the prisoners, and then returned to her tent and removed her disguise.

Nessey went to visit her ex-companions' cell. The party tried to convince Nessey that they had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Nessey was willing to believe that Carric and Yoshi, at least, were innocent, but she decided that a talking, evil brain was more trustworthy than Caelesti.

Talon's notes

Carric rolls Climb (d20 + 1): [8 + 1] = 9
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [6 + 16] = 22
Caelesti: casts Message including everyone
Talon: Carric is tracking in the melted snow that doesn't exits any more. Caelesti is playing around with vines. The rest of us are following at a distance, with the mules.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [12 + 16] = 28
Talon: Path not very far, then just random trees.
Talon: 100 ft in, faint signs that might have been horse tracks.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [18 + 16] = 34
Talon: An eagle seems to be following us.... Tan-kuran
Talon: Mavis broods over certain death
Talon: Talon - you aren't superstitious, are you, Mavis? You're not afraid?
Talon: Mavis, perhaps we should have talked to the animals of the forest to find out more about what lies ahead?
Talon: Isn't that a Druid thing? looks pointedly at Carric
Talon: Talon - but you don't understand, Mavis, every time Carric interviews and animal, he feeds it all our food.
Talon: Mavis - and does it give good information?
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [18 + 16] = 34
Talon: Sometimes. Sometimes it just eats and runs away.
Talon: Mavis - Gee, I thought Druids were useful or something.
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [10 + 13] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [16 + 16] = 32
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [14 - 1 + 2] = 15
Carric rolls Tan-kurun Spot (d20 + 16): [5 + 16] = 21
Talon: Carric, well if I see anything else besides horse tracks, then I'll try to interview it. I need something to go on, Mavis.
Talon: We creep along... and then...
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [16 + 13] = 29
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [20 + 1] = 21
Talon: Yoshi sees something strange that seems to be attached to a tree. See drawing on gametable
Talon: 3 sticks with some feathers attached, not eagle feathers, happily
Talon rolls T - Know Nature (d20 + 10): [18 + 10] = 28
Talon rolls T - Knowledge Arcana (d20 + 13): [15 + 13] = 28
Talon: Talon has no clue. Except that it is hawk and owl feathers
Talon: Carric has no clue
Talon: Yoshi has no clue
Carric rolls Kno Religion (d20 + 5): [2 + 5] = 7
Talon: Caelesti doesn't even try to have a clue
Talon: Nor does Mavis
Talon: Carric - well, that's very interesting, I will cautiously approach in case it is dangerous.
Talon: Carric - I will look at base of tree too, in case the tree attacks
Talon rolls T - Bardic Knowledge (d20 + 16): [10 + 16] = 26
Talon rolls T - Knowledge Geography (d20 + 9): [14 + 9] = 23
Talon: Talon thinks and says this might be a boundary marker.
Talon: Talon says it might be a warning.
Talon: Carric says it might be an invitation
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [2 + 16] = 18
Talon: Carric looks for tracks on the tree.
Talon: Nothing. Behind him, though, are fresh humanoid and mule tracks
Talon: We proceed north 1/2 mile
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [8 + 13] = 21
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [14 + 16] = 30
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [5 - 1 + 2] = 6
Carric rolls Tan-kurun Spot (d20 + 16): [10 + 16] = 26
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [3 + 13] = 16
Talon: then we all try to spot something again
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [7] = 7
Talon rolls T - Spot (d20 + 1): [6 + 1] = 7
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [5] = 5
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [2] = 2
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [9] = 9
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [10] = 10
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [14] = 14
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [7] = 7
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [19] = 19
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Talon: Somethings also try to spot us.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [12 - 1 + 2] = 13
Mavis rolls Mavis Listen (d20 + 16): [9 + 16] = 25
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [2 + 5] = 7
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Talon rolls T - Listen (d20 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Talon: Mavis, from far back, stops and says - ah, guys, I don't think we are alone
Talon: Message up between Caelesti and rest of us
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [20 + 9] = 29
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [10 + 4 + 2] = 16
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [15 + 2] = 17
Talon rolls T - Initiative (d20 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Carric rolls TK Initiative (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Talon: We hear some strange bird sounds - that is Mavis and Yoshi hear these
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 1: [8 + 18] = 26
Talon: someone makes thumping sounds
Talon: she does not really have a bat
Talon: 3 ladies swing to the ground from the trees
Talon: Yoshi stops and says Hail!
Talon: All nine ladies have bows. all dropped from trees. They are 3 sets on 3 sides of us. All are humans
Talon: Ama says "stop where you are."
Talon: Caelesti blurts out "we are looking for Nessey"
Talon: After Yoshi says "We are looking for someone."
Talon: Butter comes up and whispers to Ama.
Talon: Ama says take down your hood.
Talon: Carric's golden hair shines forth
Talon: Ama - Carric, eh, who are your companions.
Talon: Carric introduces us all. Yoshi bows
Talon: Carric - we are friends and companions of Nessey. We are concerned for her.
Talon: Ama - I have heard of you.
Talon: Points to us - "Take em!"
Talon: Carric - Nessey thinks we kidnapped her, but it isn't true!
Talon: they shoot arrows at Carric
Talon: Caelesti - what? what?
Talon: they are going to drag us unconscious, if they can
Talon: Carric - let's not fight, we'll go with you
Talon: Ama - you're a lover not a fighter, I have heard that of you, yup
Talon: Carric, But it's true! I am!
Talon: Talon - says - what do you have against me?
Talon: Talon realises nothing - Ama only pointed at Carric, Yoshi, and Caelesti
Talon: Carric says it is prejudice against people without mules
Talon: Caelesti whispers - should we surrender?
Talon: Carric - I don't think so.
Talon: Yoshi, actually, I think we should surrender
Talon: Yohsi - Mavis - yeild!
Talon: Mavis - holds up her hand
Talon: hands
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [19] = 19
Talon: Fluer is shoot Carric.
Carric rolls Save/Fortitude (d20 + 6): [6 + 6] = 12
Talon: Talon - Carric, your reputation with the women seems to have spread
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [3] = 3
Talon: Yoshi forgets to draw his weapons or perhaps wisely does not act in a threatening way
Talon: Carric is paralyzed
Talon: He stands rigid, a position he likes and prefers - he can take purely mental actions - not something he is used to
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Talon: Do metamagic feats cause spells to take longer to cast? only when you run out of skill points.
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Talon: An arrow hit and paralyzed Carric
Talon: AC 19 on Caelesti, arrow
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [3] = 3
Talon: Nail fired that.
Caelesti rolls Save (Fortitude) (d20 + 1): [12 + 1] = 13
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [5] = 5
Talon: Caelesti takes 5 points of Dex damage
Talon: Yoshi is up
Talon: thorn had fired and missed Yoshi
Yoshi rolls Atk:Unarmed,Single (d20 + : [14 + 8] = 22
Yoshi rolls Dmg:Unarmed (d8 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3
Talon: Yoshi draws his weapons while he charges and does a single attack. AC 22
Talon: He charges Thorn
Talon: His weapons are his fists!
Talon: He always has arms
Talon: is armed
Talon: He misses
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17
Talon: Bramble shoots arrow at Yoshi, shooting into melee penalty
Mavis rolls 1d3 (d3): [2] = 2
Yoshi rolls Sv:Fortitude (d20 + 5 + 2 + 1): [1 + 5 + 2 + 1] = 9
Talon: Hits Yoshi - 2 points damage and is paralyzed
Talon: witih his fists out
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [2] = 2
Caelesti rolls Save (Fortitude) (d20 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Talon: Ping is up next - AC 13 against Caelesti (who has Dex damage) and takes 2 points of damage and is paralyzed
Talon: Ama, the leader laughs.
Talon: Talon surrenders
Talon: Mavis holds up her hands, as does Talon
Talon: And the two mules
Talon: Mavis - why are you doing this?
Talon: Ama - we have just captured 3 notorious criminals and you two ladies could have next.
Talon: We have nothing against you two women
Talon: The Amazon ladies tie up and restrain Carric, Yoshi, and Caelesti
Talon: Carric thinks - we should have listened to Fr Cathall
Talon: Ropes from one neck to the other, no longer paralyzed after 2d8 mintues
Talon: They gag Caelesti and Carric and all three have hands tied behind their backs
Talon: Talon turns to Mavis - do you think they really are dangerous?
Talon: Mavis, my opinion is someone has made a mistake here
Talon: Talon, timidly, leads Tintin and follows
Talon: Talon to Ama - may we come along?
Talon: Ama - oh, you MUST come along. We mean YOU no harm, though.
Talon: They surround us and lead us along.
Talon: The two innocent victims in company of notorious criminals are also lead along, but not restrained.
Talon: Go for a number of miles and come to a clearing in the forest, by late afternoon.
Talon: Extensive clearing with village
Talon: Houses on ground, made out of wood
Talon: Rustic
Talon: Caelesti, Carric and Yoshi are lead to one building with barred windows and barred door.
Talon: they are then untied and ungagged
Talon: heavy bars
Talon: Carric - you know, we seem to get arrested a lot, at least I do.
Talon: Caelesti - but we always get released in the end
Talon: Talon and Mavis are lead, mules taken to a stable
Talon: The Amazons are very solicitiious.
Talon: We are glad to have rescued you in time, you two would have been the next victims
Talon: Talon - of what?
Talon: Kidnapping. Those 3 we have locked up - ruthless!
Talon: I personally don't know who is the mastermind of the ring... but we caught em.
Talon: I'm sure the Queen will deal with them.
Talon: Anyway, have a good time staying with us and if you want, we'll show you around. Do you know any good songs?
Talon: Talon bonds with her captors and sings songs and exchange stories
Talon: Mavis broods and studies the various Amazons she sees - with furrowed brow
Talon: Meanwhile back in the prisons?
Talon: Caelesti _ I have a hunch that they know Nessey
Talon: Carric - I agree - either Nessey is or was here.
Talon: Carric - if you recall, when Nessey's parents scried her, she was under the mistaken impression we were involved in her kidnapping.
Talon: Yoshi - which upsets me becasue we saved her when we first met her.
Talon: Caelesti will try to cast
Talon: Yoshi says - wait, do not cast any spells!
Talon: Yoshi - we need to not provoke them.
Talon: Carric - but if we are casting inside the cell where they can not see, who cares?
Talon: Yoshi - we still discuss spells first in these cases
Talon: Caelesti casts anyway and lock opens to door
Talon: Caelesti walks to door.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 10): [9 + 10] = 19
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 10): [15 + 10] = 25
Talon: Actually, back up. Yoshi does listen check and does hear Caelesti muttering and then hears a click in door lock
Talon: Yoshi is a lert
Talon: Yoshi is the only one not "dis-armed."
Talon: Yoshi does say - wait Caelesti, do not perform magic, do not leave
Talon: Caelesti - but Nessey might be here
Talon: Yoshi - yes, but we can not provoke them, we have to wait for them to come and talk to us
Talon: Yoshi - don't exacerbate things
Talon: Caelesti - I hate waiting!
Talon: Yoshi - May I help you be amused? Is there something I can do to help you pass the time.
Talon: Cae - I don't know. Can I see out?
Talon: There is a small barred window.
Talon: Caelesti sees a happy village of all women.
Talon: Carric and Yoshi wonders how they reproduce?
Talon: Caelesti is happy just to look.
Talon: They are sitting in an unlocked cell.
Talon: In a another house - nice one - Talon is exchanging stories and songs - and Mavis is studying the ladies.
Talon: Outside, Cae, Car and Yosh hear a familiar voice - talking and talking and talking as approaches the hut.
Talon: Not coming from direction of window.
Talon: Door opens and in comes - a short woman who you vaguely recognize
Talon: She is wearing forest green studded leather, hat with otter fur, gloves with otter fur, brown boots, garment in bright green like a robe of eye sockets - green pores - like green skin.
Talon: Her hair is wild and has twigs and leaves stuck in places.
Talon: Caelesti calls out -
Talon: Yoshi smiles with pleasure
Talon: Caelesti - jumps up and down and waves her arms around - Nessey, Nessey, it's me, it's me
Talon: Yoshi - we have sought you long
Talon: Carric says "Hi, Nessey, it's good to see you again."
Talon: Nessey - Oh!!!! I can't believe you would come here and try to sell other people!! You are evil, evil, evil!
Talon: Carric - it wasn't us - it was doubles of us
Talon: Yoshi - why do you think we kidnapped youi?
Talon: Nessey lays into Caelesti and Yoshi
Talon: especially
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 1: [17 + 18] = 35
Talon: She accuses Yoshi of being an evil Ninja
Talon: Accuses Caelesti of being an evil Fey
Talon: Nessey stomps her feet
Yoshi rolls Sv:Reflex (d20 + 5 + 2 + 1): [8 + 5 + 2 + 1] = 16
Caelesti rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Carric rolls Save/Reflex (d20 + 5): [16 + 5] = 21
Talon: DC 13 refelx
Caelesti rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + 7): [11 + 7] = 18
Carric rolls Save/Reflex (d20 + 5): [16 + 5] = 21
Yoshi rolls Sv:Reflex (d20 + 5 + 2 + 1): [14 + 5 + 2 + 1] = 22
Talon: Nessey stomps again and the building shakes again.
Talon: they totter but remain standing
Talon: Yoshi is concerned about earth quakes
Talon: Cae - no wonder they don't build stone buildings
Talon: Nessey - your master told me all about it --
Talon: Cae - I don't have a master!
Talon: Oh, so you are the leader of the slave gang!!
Talon: Nesey - Huh! I can't believe anything you say! She leaves
Talon: She spits on Caelesti as she goes
Talon: Caelesti follows her us - but it wasn't us, we came here to rescue you
Talon: Yoshi follows Caelesti -
Talon: Nessey please!
Talon: A bunch of Amazons pile on Yoshi and Caelesti - they look at consternation at unlocked lock and accuse each other
Talon: Yoshi admits to unlocking door and claims it is evidence of their good will.
Talon: Yoshi says - can't we defend ourselves?
Talon: Amazons - later
Talon: Amazons lock and tie the door
Talon: Yoshi - I think our only chance is to convince them and Nessey especially that we are innocent, since we can not leave without Nessey.
Talon: Carric - I'd prefer to do that, but we might have to leave stealthily without Nessey later if we can not convince her.
Talon: Yoshi thought Nessey was charmed, but discovered she was not.
Talon: Caelesti thinks this Nessey might be a doppelganger.
Talon: or something else
Talon: They narrowed copy down to two creatures
Talon: or more. They aren't sure. Maybe a Phasm
Talon: Caelesti - there may have been a fake Caelesti who brought her a drink with drugs.
Talon: Cae - maybe there was a fake Ninja Yoshi who was evil and ....
Talon: Meanwhile back at the hut, Talon is really bonding with her captors.
Talon: Finally all the Amazons leave.
Talon: Mavis says - I think we are in trouble here.
Talon: Or our friends in trouble at least
Talon: Talon says - oh they seem pretty nice and reasonable, what do you think they will do?
Talon: Mavis, I want to try something - you stay here.
Talon: Mavis goes to corner and pulls out a kit and applies stuff to face
Talon: Mavis turns around and looks remarkably similar to a particular Amazon of about her height and build.
Talon: How do I look?
Talon: Talon - you look great, but don't do anything reckless.
Talon: Mavis - stay here and cover for me.
Talon: Pretend I'm in the other room. Got it?
Talon: Talon - Got it.
Talon: Mavis - I'm going to go out and try to talk to them.
Talon: Yoshi - there is a bigger problem here - Nessey has been influenced by some kind of brain in a jar.
Talon: Carric - probably the briain we killed in the basement of the house - talked to Nessey while she was imprisioned and told her about evil Ninja and kidnappers.
Talon: They review their divination questions and decide there were not imposters of themselves
Talon: Carric comes to doppleganger conclusions
Talon: Caelesti - but was the brain in the jar a doppleganger?
Talon: Carric - maybe it was a doppleganger's brain in the jar - pretending to be another brain - but all brains look the same to us.
Talon: Yoshi - maybe it was a doppleganger pretending to be a brain.
Talon: Amazon from outside comes into the building and closes door behind her and says - Yoshi
Talon: Yoshi - what is happening here?
Talon: Yoshi - I'm sorry, who are you? Do we know you?
Talon: She reaches up and strokes her cheek a bit and they can see makeup on finger and she says, I am diguised. I am Mavis.
Talon: Yoshi - Nessey is here, but she is hysterical and irrational.
Talon: Carric - she thinks we were her kidnappers.
Talon: Caelesti - we should have brought a note from her parents
Talon: Mavis - we are being treated well. I am sure you are not kidnappers
Talon: Yoshi - as far as I can tell, Nessey is not under a magical compulsion of any sort, which disturbs me even more than would be the case otherwiise.
Talon: Mavis - then she must have heard some stories and believed them per gullibility not magic
Talon: Mavis - but there is her story and yours and she is in a better position
Talon: Caelesti - but we are innocent so all with come out well
Talon: Mavis - that can comfort you when you are dead
Talon: Mavis - they think you are kidnappers and we, Talon and I, are dupes.
Talon: Yoshi - how did they extrapolate.
Talon: Mavis - they seem to stick with other women - done one wrong, done all wrong
Talon: Mavis - you tell me you have seen Nessey and it did not go well?
Talon: Yoshi - it might have really been Nessey. But it did not go well.
Talon: Mavis - how can you convince them?
Talon: Carric - I don't know.
Talon: Mavis - they seem physically, not magically-oriented.
Talon: Yoshi - I am concerned we will not get a fair hearing as a result. Magic might not demonstrate our innocence.
Talon: Mavis - I can disguise myself as some one woman - but how can that help in village of so many
Talon: I look like a particular woman - I hope I do not run into her.
Talon: I can't wander around like this for long.
Talon: Carric - could you find out their plans for us?
Talon: Carric - are they going to execute us and soon?
Talon: Carric - we need to know if we need to take drastic action?
Talon: Carric - since they trust you and Talon, they may tell you.
Talon: Mavis - if the worst happens, what do you want done with your remains?
Talon: Carric - bury me where my grave can view the noontime sun.
Talon: Cae - I'd like to be sprinkled in a field of flowers.
Talon: Mavis - and you Yoshi?
Talon: Yoshi - whatever you think best
Talon: Carric - and I want my worldly goods to be given to Siobhan and money to my grandma.
Talon: Mavis - I have to get back. I am trusting Talon to cover for me. I just want you to know you have two allies out there. But I may or may not be able to do something for you.
Talon: She goes back to the hut and no one has inquired in her absence. She scrubs and down and rearranges her clothes and is undisguised at this point.
Talon: Talon to Mavis - what did you hear?
Talon: Mavis - I talked to our buddies. They said Nessey came in and ranted at them and accused them of kidnapping. We know they didn't kidnap Nessey?
Talon rolls T - Sense Motive (d20 + 4): [2 + 4] = 6
Talon: Talon - do we?
Talon: Talon - Oh, yes I can trust you!
Mavis rolls Mavis Bluff (d20 + 17): [13 + 17] = 30
Talon: I believe Mavis
Talon: Talon believes in her new friends.
Talon: yes, they are trustworthy, not like Grimble!
Talon: Grimble was a pesky fey.
Talon: Caelesti is a trustworthy fey
Talon: Mavis - I am completely convinced that they had nothing to do with kidnapping Nessey.
Talon: Talon - was she even kidnapped at all, then?
Talon: Mavis - are you suggesting Nessey just ran off, etc, etc?
Talon: swam across river, charmed Wulfstan, ran away to Amazons....
Talon: Talon - well, that's what Caelesti said.
Talon: She said Nessey was the slave trader and sold a valuable book she stole from the party - out of greed.
Talon: Mavis - I don't think Nessey nor party has done anythong wrong.
Talon: Talon - then who?
Talon: Mavis - I don't know, but people are deluded one way or another.
Talon: Mavis - we don't need to speculate. We have to help our friends.
Talon: Now you and I both know they are not guilty. But our amazon friends think they are guilty
Talon: Talon - we should tell them about the magical questioning at Yoshi's temple of justice
Talon: Mav - I don't think that will convince them. I think Nessey will have to be convinced by them.
Talon: Yoshi - Caelesti - you should carm Nessey, just so we can escape
Talon: Mavis - I don't know what they are going to do, but I hope they are okay. I am worried.
Talon: Talon - let's ask and see if they tell us
Talon: No one else comes by this evening. Nothing else happens.
Talon: the accused slavers are fed - not bad food
Talon: The next morning.....
Talon: No one taunts the accused or stomps feet at them that night.
Talon: the accused sleep like babies
Talon: The Amazon woman who brings us breakfast - looks at them and says - well, today, you get to talk to the Queen. Make your peace. We know what to do with evil criminals like you.
Talon: Carric - what kinds of things does the queen do?
Talon: Well, the worst is that you'd be tied to a post, flayed alive and burned, but that's the worst. There are lesser punishments.
Talon: Carric - is it always death?
Talon: Amazon - well, certainly, if you did all those evil things.
Talon: Yoshi - Caelesti, sometimes, even in a just society, the innocent are damned.
Talon: Carric when does punishment take place after judgement?
Talon: Amazon - later same day
Talon: Amazon - you kidnapped her and sold her to the Otter Scum. Her thinking is not sound about Otter Scum, but that's nessey.. and ...
Talon: Carric - did you help her escape the Otter Scum?
Talon: Amaz - I didn't have that honor. But we did slay the otter scum with her.
Talon: Cae - what about the cannibal ghosts?
Talon: Amaz - if you believe that - hah!
Talon: Cae - we can in to look for her despite the Cannibal ghosts.
Talon: She sets her jaw - you've got some guts, so why did you come into the forest, really?
Talon: Car and Cae - we wanted to find our friend and asked the Otter tribe where she was and they Otter tribe people fled and we bravely went into the forest
Talon: Amaz - that is interesting that you would risk yourselves...
Talon: Caelesti - it's because there was a double and it wasn't really Nessey and....
Talon: Amaz - I was starting to believe you, but now I know what liars you are!
Talon: Caelesti - but it was the truth!
Talon: Yoshi - it's how you phrase it.
Talon: Yoshi - let them ask and we can explain our research.
Talon: Caelesti - it shouldn't be me speaking anyway, since they obviously don't trust me.
Talon: Yoshi - Carric should do the speaking.
Talon: Carric - yes, Nessey doesn't seem to think of me as being as evil, perhaps not the mastermind.
Talon: Carric - I will try not to set an elaborate trap.
Talon: they eat breakfast and consider the worst that could befall them
Talon: Caelesti - thanks a lot, Carric!
Talon: Carric, well it was worth asking, they might have been nonviolent or had a long waiting time...
Talon: Carric - this is not what I was hoping for
Talon: Caelesti - maybe they will have a good ritual dance before they kill us?
Talon: (think Xena!)
Talon: Carric looks forward to the semi-naked females dancing and stomping.
Talon: Amazon lady comes in witih breakfast for Talon and Mavis (nicer than for prisioners) and says "today is the day."
Talon: Talon - what is the process, I am fascinated by these things, as a Bard
Talon: Well, the Queen will hold her court, and all of the major warriors of our tribe will be there
Talon: I hear that only one of the noble warriors with her little band was able to capture your band. With all the bands together, no one has ever escaped. They will bring in the 2 perps.
Talon: they will talk to Queen and Queen to them and aggrieved Nessey will speak and everyone will come to agreement about what is to be done with the perps and it will be very exciting!!
Talon: Talon - oh, yes, it does sound exciting, indeed! Can we speak in their defense?
Talon: Amazon - surprised but says Talon and Mavis can speak up and talk to the Queen.
Talon: Talon - may I play an instrument while I talk - I love to do that while I tell a story
Talon: Amazon lady thinks that's interesting but strange and is up to the Queen.
Talon: Mavis studies this Amazon and says nothing.
Talon: Talon - what time today will you bring us there?
Talon: Amazon - mid-afternoon, I would guess. That's what I hear.
Talon: Talon - oh, I look forward to it.
Talon: Me too, sister, and your patriarchol oppressors will be brought to justice!
Talon: She pokes Talon and gives her a wink and goes out.
Talon: Talon to Mavis - I can slip a Suggestion in while I'm playing if you think that would help - to look upon them favorably, to believe them.
Talon: Mavis - can they catch you doing that?
Talon: Talon - I don't know.
Talon: Mavis - if they catch you - they might execute you too.
Talon: Talon, wide-eyed, Oh, I'd better not risk it.
Talon: Talon thinks they are probably pretty strong willed, esp the Queen.
Talon: Talon suggests Mavis dress up again and go get Nessey to talk to her friends
Talon: Mavis says that might work.
Talon: Mavis - I'll tell you what, I'll try it.
Talon: Mavis goes over and adjust clothing again and uses disguise kit.
Talon: She turns back to Talon and looks like a different Amazon.
Talon: How do I look?
Talon: Talon - looks good! You are really good at that!
Talon: Mavis - I work hard at this part of my thieves guild training
Talon: Talon - good thing you are a lot taller than Nessey or I would think you were the double
Talon: Mavis - chuckles and walks out
Talon: Someone calls out "Aradnee - what are you doing here?"
Talon: Mavis says looking for Nessey.
Talon: Mavis somehow divines Nessy's hut location even though Amazon woman doesn't say
Talon: Nessey - come in, oh, i can't hardly wait, justice will finally be done.....
Talon: Mavis - I brought them breakfast this morning and they didn't seem evil to me
Talon: Nessey talks about evil Ninjas
Talon: Nessey says Otter tribe must have paid them
Talon: Nessey talks about the wedding plans and how eager and passionate Wulfy was and how it would be just like him to pay for her return... Talon: Nessey debates with Mavis about oppressive men and agrees to meet her at cell of her friends, thinking Mavis is a sister
Talon: Mavis to Talon _ I talked to her. I am getting her to talk to them. I can only hope it will go better this time.
Talon: Thows up her hands.
Talon: Nessey goes to prison hut
Talon: Caelesti still down on DEX
Talon: Carrci does lesser restoraton on Caelesti
Carric rolls d4: [4] = 4
Talon: Caelesti at full DEX
Talon: nessey comes in
Talon: Yoshi smiles at her as kindly as can muster
Talon: Carric - Nessey, thank you for coming to visit us again, I know you think we caused you a lot of pain
Talon rolls d20: [19] = 19
Mavis: Men have opressive brains - even if they are in a jar
Talon rolls d20: [6] = 6
Talon rolls d20: [4] = 4
Caelesti rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + 7): [7 + 7] = 14
Talon: Nessey stomps her feet in confusion, shakes her head and leaves
Carric rolls Save/Reflex (d20 + 5): [5 + 5] = 10
Talon: Yoshi lets himself all down.
Yoshi rolls Sv:Reflex (d20 + 5 + 2 + 1): [4 + 5 + 2 + 1] = 12
Talon: take fall damage
Talon: Yoshi not convinced Nessey should be rescued.
Talon: Carric says important thing is to get themselves free.
Talon: Caelesti - she does at least want to go back to her fiancee
Talon: Carric - she should see her parents first and talk to them
Talon: Yoshi - even if we are able to rescue her from here it seems we might not be able to fullfill our mission. She seems attached to Wulfy
Mavis: Wulfstan
Talon: Yoshi says crazed or something else
Talon: 4 foot 8 and 1/4 inch tall at 17
Talon: stop here. trial is next

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