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Tarrastra Adventure 44

Caelesti's notes




Carric filled Mavis in on the missing spellbook. Mavis said she had heard that sorcerers could read minds, and perhaps we could use that technique on Connor to find out who was interested in the book. Caelesti said that she didn't have the spell, but she could buy a scroll. Talon admitted that she was good at reading people's body language, and the party should try that first, in lieu of paying for a scroll. Mavis said that she would meet the group later.

Carric, Talon, and Caelesti went back to Connor's shop. Talon cast detect thoughts at a distance from Connor, so that he wouldn't know it. Carric then tried to steer the conversation to make Connor think about the potential buyers of the spellbook. Connor's thoughts revealed Sir Phineas and Malcolm Sneed.

The party returned to the Silver Harp Inn. Talon said she had to meditate by the fire. Carric wanted to meditate in the noon sun. Caelesti joined Carric in the sun.

After the meditating, Talon revealed the names of the two contacts that she had read from Connor's thoughts.

Mavis returned to the inn with a tall man named Squint. Squint said he was from the guild, and that Connor's "protection" was up to date, so the robbery was unauthorized. Talon asked, "How can we help you? And what will you pay us?" Squint said that he would pay the party 500gp each for finding out who did it and, ideally, returning the thief to the guild, dead or alive. Finding out the name would be sufficient.

Questioning people at the inn, the party found out that Sir Phineas is a neighbor of Nessey's parents, and Sneed has a house in the merchant district and a warehouse at the dock.

Mavis suggested entering the suspects' buildings and searching around. Carric objected. After arguments for both sides, the party settled on observing the buildings from the outside. Perhaps there would be rat tracks leading up to one of them, or some other clues.

The party headed first to Sir Phineas' house, circling around it. The party stopped at a gate in the back alley. Caelesti asked if it was locked. Carric did not want to find out. After some more arguing, Mavis and Caelesti moved to check out the gate. The door was locked, but Mavis unlocked it quite readily. Caelesti entered first, followed by Mavis.

Talon snuck off, talked to the guards at the front of the mansion, offered them her card, said she would perform for the lord and lady of the house the next night, and left.

Inside the hedge, was a suspicious-looking building; its shutters were all closed. Caelesti asked Carric to look for tracks around the suspicious-looking building. Carric joined Caelesti and Mavis. He immediately noticed some dragging marks heading toward the building. The three stopped at the door. Mavis did some searching on it, then tried to unlock the door, but could not. Caelesti cast knock on it. Mavis and Caelesti both heard a funny noise. Mavis searched the door again and found a needle trap. She quickly disabled the trap and opened the door.

Inside the door was a private temple to Cerridwen with a bloody altar that did not seem to have been used recently. There were two other doors in the room.

Mavis spent some time, but was able to unlock the first door, closest to the alley. Inside were body parts, mostly human, much lab equipment, and a small bookcase full of books. There was also a construct, sewed together of body parts. Mavis saw it twitch and quickly shut the door.

The three moved to the other door. Mavis opened it readily. Inside were priestly garments.

The party locked the doors on their way out so it wouldn't look like anyone broke in. Outside the hedge, they found Talon, hiding quite poorly. The four worked their way out to the alley.

The next stop was Malcolm Sneed's house in the merchant area. It was a much smaller house; the lights were on. Cealesti moved up to a window and peeked in, seeing a man doing some paperwork. She moved to another window and saw a large dog lying down in the kitchen. The rest of the house looked ordinary as well. She reported back to the others. Mavis suggested searching the study the next day while the merchant was away.

The party moved off to check out the warehouse. There was a fence around the warehouse. The gate on the fence had a small padlock. The warehouse door had a large padlock. Caelesti cast knock on both padlocks. Mavis and Caelesti moved up to the door. They could here footsteps padding about. Caelesti climbed up to a window to get a better look. Three large dogs with spiked collars patrolled the warehouse. Caelesti silently cast sleep on them; it took three tries to affect them all. Caelesti climbed back down, moved to the door, and said "let's go in" as she entered.

The party moved to an office area in the back. Mavis picked the fine lock on the door. Inside the room was a safe with a combination lock. Mavis wasn't even going to attempt the lock, so Caelesti cast knock on it. Inside the door was another locked door with a superior key lock. Mavis could not open it, and Caelesti could not cast any more knock spells. The party had to leave, locking up on the way to leave no trace.

The party returned to the inn for the evening. The next day they returned to Malcolm Sneed's home. Carric used Animal Empathy to calm the guard dog, while Mavis picked the lock on the kitchen door. As the party entered, Carric kept the dog calm. The party moved to the study. Mavis found a secret compartment under a desk drawer. The compartment contained a ledger, a complex key, and a combination. The ledger was about a secret smuggling operation. Talon scanned the ledger for useful information. Before leaving, the party put things back to the way they were.

That evening, the party returned to the warehouse. Mavis picked the outside padlocks. Caelesti climbed to an open window and silently cast sleep on the dogs again, only taking two tries. The party moved into the office again. Caelesti cast knock (twice) on the safe, and it was opened. The missing evil book was in the safe; Caelesti stuck it in her pack. While she continued looking through the safe, the front door opened.

Two wererats in hybrid form entered the warehouse. The wererats moved to wake the dogs; one gets woken. Caelesti shot magic missiles at a wererat. Mavis drew a silver shortsword and waited. Another dog was awakened. Carric started summoning a dire wolf.

Two dogs advanced on Talon, both missing. Another dog is awakened. Caelesti cast magic missiles again. Mavis moved to flank a dog, sneak-attacking it to death. Carric's wolf appeared and attacked a wererat, tripping it. Carric then turned to calm the dogs. A wererat struck Talon with a rapier, but missed with its bite. Talon backed up, pulled a Thunderstone out of her pack, and threw it behind a wererat.

The prone wererat tried to stand, and was knocked backed down by the dire wolf. Caelesti cast magic missiles at the other wererat. Carric turned from the dogs, drew a silver dagger, and attacked the same wererat. Mavis moved to flank the same wererat and sneak-attacked it, badly wounding it. Talon began singing to inspire courage.

The prone wererat again tried to stand, and was knocked unconscious by the dire wolf. A dog moved to attack Talon, but missed. Caelesti cast sleep, putting both dogs back to sleep. The dire wolf moved to attack the remaining wererat, taking a hit as it moved. Carric and Mavis both attacked, but missed. Caelesti cast magic missiles on it, dropping it.

Carric talked about binding the wererats and returning them to the guild. Mavis said that she would heal the one by her with her sword and stabbed it dead. Caelesti moved and stabbed the other downed wererat with her silver dagger, killing it. One of the wererats was Malchom Sneed.

The party searched the wererats and found stuff.

Talon's notes

Talon: Carric, what do you think of hanging out a bit with Mavis, asks Talon.
Talon: Carric, we will give it a trial run.
Talon: Okay.
Talon: la la
Talon: Gametable won't let me past text into this window!! ERG!!
Talon: Carric recounts the theft of the evil spell book to Mavis.
Talon: Mavis is intrigued.
Talon: Talon still refuses to go into the sewers.
Talon: Mavis speaks of merchants having "contracts" that protect them from burglars.
Talon: Talon is confused.
Talon: Mavis speaks of "authorized theives guilds" doing "a little transaction" so that merchants are not burglared.
Talon: Mavis asks who Connor's clients were?
Talon: Talon says - he refuses to say.
Talon: Mavis, I suggest you go and find out who those clients are.
Talon: Caelesti says "how?"
Talon: Mavis suggests a sorcerer among us do a read minds.
Talon: Caelesti says she doesn't have that spell.
Talon: Talon says nothing.
Talon: Caelesti is willing to buy a scroll for such a spell.
Talon: Talon says nothing.
Talon: Carric thinks it would be sneaky to do that and he wouldn't trust such a person.
Talon: Talon says nothing.
Talon: Mavis, let's do some investigating separately and meet up.
Talon: Talon suggests Caelesti Charm Connor.
Talon: Carric is afraid that will get us arrested!!
Talon: Talon suggests the other two distract Connar and Talon will peer around his papers.
Talon: Gareth
Talon: not Travis
Talon: supposedly
Talon: unless the same
Talon: Talon offers to pick up nonverbal clues from Connor, as a "natural intuitive ability"
Talon: A cat yowls in the alleys of Rowansmeade, not once, but 10 times.
Talon: We go to Connor's place. Knock on door.
Talon: Carric says want to ask more questions.
Talon: Connor says come in and locks the door behind us.
Talon: Conjuring Read Minds
Talon: Talon is conjuring
Mavis: detect thought
Mavis: thoughts
Talon: After Talon goes into back room, after asking to use the chamber pot.
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15
Talon: Carric chats up Connor
Talon: Connor reveals there are two clients
Talon: after I finish conjuring, I can come back into the room all the way, right
Talon: Carric's thoughts are detected right away. He thinks about type of spell book and type of characters and if they might be particularly evil and dangerous.
Carric: tom, looking for you on skype
Caelesti: My internet has returned
Caelesti: maybe
Talon: third detect thoughts. Two thinking people in room.
Carric rolls Save/Will (d20 + 7): [13 + 7] = 20
Carric rolls Save/Will (d20 + 7): [7 + 7] = 14
Talon: (Didn't get Carric or Connor the thrid time)
Talon: Carric asks if the clients live in Rowansmead
Mavis: Sir Phineas
Talon: Connor is thinking, Boy this would cause a lot of trouble for Sir Phineas if it was known.
Mavis: Phineas
Talon: Carric are they both men?
Mavis: Sir Phineas and Malcom Sneed...
Talon: thinks Connor
Mavis: was there a problem with the chamber pot?
Talon: Talon returns, walks and concentrates at the same time.
Talon: I return to the back room so as not to have to answer questions.
Talon: Connor says one was an aristocrat with interesting collection.
Talon: Connor is thinking - imagining - when speaks of "collection"
Mavis: He's bought other books brefore of this sort
Talon: dark magic
Talon: sorcerer?
Talon: no, not necesarily
Talon: Speaks of the merchant. Imagine of merchant?
Talon: Carric asks about merchant while Talon waits for thoughts
Talon: Connor is thinking "I've dealt with these people before and they have always been honorable, but I've never had them bidding against each other before."
Talon: Talon drops spell, covers chamber pot, asks Connor where to dump it. he suggests the sewers.
Talon: Talon goes out and does so and returns or is it a copy of her?
Talon: We return to the Inn. The Silver Harp. Carric prays.
Talon: Carric asks if Talon wants to sit outside under the weak November sun with him while he prays.
Talon: She opts to sit inside by the fire and burn incense and get in touch with her inner intuitive spirit.
Talon: Caelesti volunteers to sit outside in the cold, naked, with Carric.
Talon: Carric rambles on and on about the Divine Connection of this sun and other suns and other moons on other planes.
Talon: Carric leads Caelesti outside to experience each others moons.
Talon: Sir Phineas and Malcom Sneed...
Talon: Talon reveals that her "paper search" revealed Sir P and Mal Sneed were trying to outbid each other for the book.
Talon: Mavis enters wtih a stranger.
Mavis: Lanky human, about 6' tall, nondescript brown clothing, worn black boots, hat shading face.
Talon: Very suspicious!!
Talon: Me thinks.
Talon: This is Squint. He's from the guild.
Talon: Is he a dwarf?
Talon: Someone higher up in the theives guild.
Talon: A 6ft tall human.
Talon: Carric is pleased to meet him and makes introductions all round.
Talon: Squint - Mavis has made some inquiries and we have a problem here. I'm from the guild. Connor's contract is paid up. Connor should be protexted. This was an unauthorized robbery here.
Talon: Talon says, "How may we help you and what will you pay us?"
Talon: Squint - you may keep the thief's stuff and I will pay you 500gp each. Thief dead or alive.
Talon: Just apprehend him.
Talon: We will bring him to justice.
Talon: that is what we all care about, right? says Squint.
Talon: Talon, We think he might be a wearcreature.
Talon: Carric says that's way too much speculation.
Talon: We debate who knawed the window and who went through the wall.
Talon: Squint rolls his eyes at Mavis.
Talon: Carric apologizes for Talon's loopy behavoir.
Talon: Squint, it is not a person known to us, who burglared...
Talon: Talon, Well, if you could give us a list of all the people known to you, then we could eliminate them from our inquirery.
Talon: Squint, "ha, ha, nice try, lassie."
Talon: Carric, Well we will investigate for you.
Talon: Squint slouches away.
Talon: Caelesti is still interesting in finding a map of the sewers.
Talon: a cat yowls in the alley
Talon: Caelesti wants to interrogate Nessey's parents about Sir.
Talon: Talon disagress. Think it would potentially alert Sir and upset Nesey's parents.
Talon: Caelesti discusses ways out of Certain Death.
Talon: markipoo are you don't with your chamber pot?
Talon: Talon wants to ask at Yoshi's monestary or the temple. Thinks that would be more discrete
Talon: The Random Weapons of Good and Evil
Talon: Carric suggests we go to the tavern.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Gather Information) (d20 + 8 + 2): [12 + 8 + 2] = 22
Carric rolls d20: [16] = 16
Talon rolls Gather Info - Talon (d20 + 3): [12 + 3] = 15
Talon rolls Gather Info - Talon (d20 + 3): [19 + 3] = 22
Talon rolls Gather Info - Talon (d20 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Talon rolls Gather Info - Talon (d20 + 3): [16 + 3] = 19
Mavis rolls Mavis Gather Information (d20 + 2): [8 + 2] = 10
Talon: We all go out and gather information.
Talon: Caelesti finds out Sir P is a neighbor of Nessey's parents
Talon: Sneed has a warehouse down near the docks and house in merchants district. He is in the import/expot busiiness.
Talon: We debate open talk, sneaky talk, vs breaking and entering.
Talon: Mavis wants to enter.
Talon: Carric is concerned about right and wrong.
Talon: Caelesti, we broke into ohter people's houses.
Talon: Carric we have no reason to suspect...
Talon: Cae_ yes, we do, one of the two.
Talon: Talon wants to talk to P and S tomorrow and pretend we have something interesting to sell and be "intuitive" with them.
Talon: Caelesti would prefer to snoop and sneak - rather than talk to them.
Talon: We go to stake out the houses.
Talon: We start with Sir Phineas's house.
Talon: Nice little town estate - several acres surrounded by fence or pointed iron bars. two front gates, semi-circular driveway.
Talon: Inside gate - mansion and stables and hedge
Talon: Can see a gazebo too
Talon: it does not notice us.
Talon: Alley in back.
Talon: Guard in gatehouse.
Talon: Alley for several houses. Carric looks for wereweasel/rat tracks
Talon: Sees a sturdy wooden door from alley to back of yard
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [10 + 15] = 25
Talon: Talon wants to pretend we want to sell something and have one of us be invisible and search around.
Talon: mavis wants to check the door now and go in.
Talon: Carric is not happy with any plan.
Talon: Caelesti wants to act right away.
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [8 + 11] = 19
Talon: Mavis picks the lock and then asks Caelesi, is this locked? Caelesti - not now.
Talon: They go inside, through the wooden door to the hedges.
Talon: There is a shuttered building beyond the hedges.
Talon: Inside the hedges square
Talon: Carric follows Mavis and Caelesti. Talon hangs back. Way back.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [14 + 15] = 29
Talon: It appears that heavy thngs have been dragged along the path between hedges and shuttered house.
Talon: Dragged from alley to house, around side to door of house
Talon: People have come from main part of the estate and from the alley.
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [5 + 10] = 15
Talon: Mavis is very interested in the door to shuttered shack. SEarch for traps.
Talon: Carric goes out to find Talon, who hides as best she can.
Talon: Door is locked, says Mavis.
Caelesti: Knock spell
Talon: mavis asks Caelesti to open the lock
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [3 + 11] = 14
Talon: Carric does a spot check.
Mavis rolls Mavis Listen (d20 + 16): [4 + 16] = 20
Talon: Caelesti does a listen check.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [18 - 1 + 2] = 19
Talon: hello?
Talon: Mavis does a take 20 as both she and Caelesti heard a little snick as the locked opened and suspect a trap.
Talon: Mavis thinks there is a needle designed to stab anybody who grabs the doornob.
Mavis rolls Mavis Disable Device (d20 + 11): [10 + 11] = 21
Talon: Talon goes to the front gate and waves to the guard to talk to him.
Talon: Talon wants to introduce herself to the guard and give him her card and offer to preform at the evening meal tomorrow night.
Talon: Perform music and song for the Lord and Lady of the housse.
Talon: Does so. Tells staying at the Silver Harp.
Talon: Then I walk away.
Talon: Then I make my way back to the alley to the door.
Talon: Just in time to see Carric dissappear into the hut
Talon rolls Hide - T (d20 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Talon: Not in time to see Carric. So tried to "hide" in alley.
Talon: Inside they see alter to Pig god and cauldron.
Mavis: Cerridwen
Talon: Cerridwen the Pig god.
Talon: I don't feel adequately hidden. I go in and try to hide in the hedges.
Talon rolls Hide - T (d20 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Talon: That
Talon: even worse!
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [12 + 10] = 22
Talon: I go back to the alley
Talon rolls Hide - T (d20 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Talon: Worse and worse. Back to the hedges.
Talon rolls Hide - T (d20 + 2): [4 + 2] = 6
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [10 + 11] = 21
Talon: The group inside is checking out old, dried blood on the altar
Talon: Checking locked back room of hut.
Talon: Mavis opens the door.
Talon: What they see inside: see a room with a small shelf of books and various benches with pieces of dead flesh - human corpses. Bottles of liquids. Powers and strange apparatus.
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [2 + 11] = 13
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [8 - 1 + 2] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [9 + 16] = 25
Talon: Those there make a spot check
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4
Talon: Mavis sees, to the left, and 8ft tall creature made of grizzly human parts, smells faintly of freshly dug earth and rotting flesh. It doesn't seem to notice Mavis. It was twitching. She shuts the door.
Talon: mavis wants to leave. Carric suggests looking at other door
Talon: No tracks. Not locked.
Talon: Vestment room with priestly vestments and ritual objects.
Carric rolls Kno Religion (d20 + 5): [5 + 5] = 10
Talon: Knowledge of religion.
Talon: Carric suggest we lock doors after ourselves.
Talon: Close locks, take 20, all.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [10 - 1 + 2] = 11
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [12 + 16] = 28
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 11): [6 + 11] = 17
Talon: My friends all spot me easily - hiding. And call out to me.
Talon: I am shocked that I am not well hidden.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 15): [15 + 15] = 30
Talon: Carric covers our tracks with no problem.
Talon: Mavis locks outside door.
Talon: I ask if they found the book. They say they
Talon: didn't look because of the golem/parts creature.
Talon: I tell how I offered to perform for the Lord and Lady.
Talon: Mavis, if they inquire about you, Talon, then they will find out about Carric and Caelesti.
Talon: Mavis, but now if we need to go back and break in - they might suspect us.
Talon: They argue with Talon. Say she is too bold and obvious.
Talon: We move along and get out of the alley and wander to other neightborhood to look at other house.
Talon: We wander over to the merchants' district. It is evening. We can see lights on inside. iIt is evening. Looks like he is home.
Talon: Much smaller yard, low fence across the front and bit of hedge.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Move Silently) (d20 + 6): [11 + 6] = 17
Talon: Caelesti sneaks up and looks in window.
Talon: Moves silently, very.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Hide) (d20 + 4 + 4): [19 + 4 + 4] = 27
Talon: lights coming from the back
Talon: Caelesti peaks into the office and sees guy writing stuff at a desk, middle aged guy, human
Talon: No hat
Talon: balding
Talon: touch of grey around the temples
Talon: large fierce dog lying by the door
Talon: grisly fate as opposed to certain death
Talon: Kitchen with mean dog
Talon: office with middle aged man
Talon: can't see into middle room, shades down
Talon: Can see into parlor
Talon: and into a living room
Talon: Carric suggests a duet with dog at Sir Phineas's house.
Talon: Talon justs laughs.
Talon: Caelestic doesn
Talon: not see any books
Talon: Calesti points out that he has a were-house - perhaps with were-creatures.
Talon: Mavis suggests we search his house during day when he is away at his warehouse.
Talon: Talon suggests Carric become a female dog and charm the beast.
Talon: It is getting late. But we make our way down to the warehouse.
Talon: Goes down the stairs to "The lower city."
Talon: Yard around warehouse, tall fence, windows 17ft up 20 ft walls. Paddlock.
Talon: No animals in the yard that we can see.
Talon: We decide to investigate now. It is not a well lit part of Rowansmeade.
Caelesti: Knock spell
Talon: Caelesti does knock spell on small padlock on gate and large one on door at the same time
Talon: Nope. Just one.
Talon: Does it twice.
Talon: has used up 3 of 4 knocks for the day
Mavis rolls Mavis Listen (d20 + 16): [13 + 16] = 29
Talon: Listen at the doors with mavis (Cae)
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [20 - 1 + 2] = 21
Talon: They hear snuffling beyond the warehouse door.
Talon: Multiple creatures.
Talon: Talon reminds everyone that Carric has animal empathy.
Talon: Caelesti is concerned
Talon: Talon suggests Carric climb up to window and calm down the beasts.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [13 + 3] = 16
Talon: Caelesti climbs up to take a look. Slow to start.
Talon: Climbs up where there's a window and drain pipe.
Talon: In left corner
Talon: diimly lit
Talon: one big room with another smaller room in the corner.
Talon: 3 large dogs with spiked collars.
Talon: Crates and bundles and barrels everywhere.
Talon: Office does not have any windows at all.
Talon: Cae climbs back down.
Talon: Cae suggests she Sleep the dogs.
Talon: Goes to an open window and climbs up.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [17 + 3] = 20
Talon: Caelesti casts sleep silently using metamagic points
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [18] = 18
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [13] = 13
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [2] = 2
Talon: One of the 3 dogs falls asleep
Talon: Cae keeps trying. Finally all are asleep.
Talon: Cae opens door and we go in.
Talon: Quietly as possible
Talon: Caelesti and Mavis go in first and go right to the office.
Talon: Then Carric. Then Talon.
Talon: Talon nearest outside door
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [15 + 11] = 26
Talon: mavis attempt to open the fine inside office door lock
Talon: Inside room/office, Mavis and Caelesti see:
Talon: see: tables, and a large safe
Talon: Cae tries a Knock on the safe
Talon: Can hear mechanism move and a click
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [19 + 10] = 29
Talon: Mavis checks for traps - then Cae opens the door
Talon: mav finds no traps
Talon: Inside is a well made key lock
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [9 + 11] = 20
Talon: a superior lock
Talon: Mavis can't open it
Talon: Search the office for a key and don't find it
Talon: We agreed to look at his office at his house during the day
Talon: Look for interesting papers first
Talon: does he have any slaves in and out on ledgers - seems normal fancy goods.
Talon: We carefully lock things back up.
Talon: Go back to Inn and Sleep.
Talon: Go to Sneed's house.
Talon: He is not home.
Carric rolls Wild Empathy (d20 + 10): [18 + 10] = 28
Talon: Carric wild empathy's with dog
Talon: they are kindred spirits
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [2 + 11] = 13
Talon: Dog inside is friendly to Carric. mavis tries to open lock
Talon: Takes 10
Talon: Finally opens the lock
Talon: Carric keeps the dog calm as we seek out the study.
Talon: Door not locked.
Talon: See desk and files and some crates. Desk strewn with papers
Caelesti rolls Skill (Search) (d20 + 1): [14 + 1] = 15
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [6 + 10] = 16
Talon: Those who can do searches.
Mavis: Take 20 on Search = 30
Talon: Mavis finds a secret compartment under the drawer - contains a ledger, a comples brass key and a piece of paper
Talon: Paper -
Mavis: 36-12-9
Talon: Probably combination to the safe.
Talon: ledger - Import and export of smuggling shipments
Talon: Cae - See Car, without breaking in, you don't discover something like this.
Talon: Car - I'd like to have suspicions first.
Talon: Cae - obviously anyone who would buy an evil book IS suspicious.
Talon: We search the rest of the house - gently.
Talon: Cae does a Detect Magic and doesn
Talon: not detect any in the house
Talon: A spellbook would not have detected magic anyway
Talon: Smuggling of people. -yes!
Talon: 25 year old female dancer - type descriptions
Talon: any female Aasimars? No
Talon: or any aristocrats -no
Talon: we returns things to "normal"
Talon: We need to go back to werehouse at night.
Talon: Late at night, go back to were-house.
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [7 + 11] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [7 + 11] = 18
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [11 + 11] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [12 + 11] = 23
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [5 + 11] = 16
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [11 + 11] = 22
Mavis rolls Mavis Open Lock (d20 + 11): [17 + 11] = 28
Talon: Mavis takes 20 to open locks
Talon: We memorized the combination?
Talon: Yes, so that's one knock we don't need to do.
Caelesti rolls Skill (Climb) (d20 + 3): [17 + 3] = 20
Talon: Cae climbs up to sleep the dogs
Talon: Silent sleeps
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [2] = 2
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [16] = 16
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11
Talon: Cae sleeps all dogs in two tries
Talon: Cae casts knock on combination and inner lock before Car can use combination. We find the evil book.
Talon: Anything else of value in safe?
Talon: Some gold ingets and herbs - drugs or poisons
Carric rolls Listen (d20 + 5): [3 + 5] = 8
Mavis rolls Mavis Listen (d20 + 16): [10 + 16] = 26
Talon rolls Listen - T (d20 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
Caelesti rolls Skill (Listen) (d20 - 1 + 2): [20 - 1 + 2] = 21
Talon: Listen checks
Talon: Cae hears (and Mavis hears) outter door of werehouse open.
Talon: Cae takes the book - in her pack.
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Talon: Hears outter door open while looking at other stuff in safe.
Talon: Need pog
Talon: Two creatures enter the were-house. feral humanoid with rapier and ratlike face and matted hair
Talon: were-rat in hybrid form
Talon: glean in eyes and rapiers out. Looking at oblicious Talon and Carric.
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [5 + 9] = 14
Talon rolls Initiative - T (d20 + 2): [4 + 2] = 6
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [14 + 4] = 18
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Talon: guy one goes over and wakes two dogs
Talon: Cae moves out of the room
Talon: casts?
Talon: He prepares to wake the dogs.
Talon: Surprise round - can only move
Talon: Mavis moves out of room and draws her rapier
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [17] = 17
Talon: see Caelesti
Talon: for account of battle
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [1] = 1
Talon: Talon is AC 17
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [20] = 20
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [12] = 12
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [11 + 10] = 21
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Sneak Damage (d6 + 3 + 2d6): [4 + 3 + (1 + 1)] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [15 + 5] = 20
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Sneak Damage (d6 + 3 + 2d6): [1 + 3 + (5 + 1)] = 10
Talon: Mavis flanks the dog and kills it, saving my ass
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [13 + 11] = 24
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite Dmg (d8 + 10): [4 + 10] = 14
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [10 + 11] = 21
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [1] = 1
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [14] = 14
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [3] = 3
Talon: hit on talon by rat creature for 6 pnts
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [2] = 2
Talon: bite too, misses
Talon: Talon takes 5ft step back and can pull an item out of bag
Talon rolls Crossbow (T) (d20 + 6): [9 + 6] = 15
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [5] = 5
Talon: Talon throws thunderstone and deafens one of the rat creatures
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [10 + 11] = 21
Talon: -4 to initiative and 20% spell faiture
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [6] = 6
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite Dmg (d8 + 10): [4 + 10] = 14
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [19 + 11] = 30
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Carric rolls Wild Empathy (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [15] = 15
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [5] = 5
Carric rolls d20: [13] = 13
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [9] = 9
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [14 + 10] = 24
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Sneak Damage (d6 + 3 + 2d6): [5 + 3 + (6 + 2)] = 16
Talon: Talon sings to inspire courage
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [15 + 11] = 26
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite Dmg (d8 + 10): [3 + 10] = 13
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [7] = 7
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [4] = 4
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [8] = 8
Talon: Cae sleeps both dogs
Mavis rolls 1d20 (d20): [11] = 11
Mavis rolls 1d6 (d6): [1] = 1
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [19 + 11] = 30
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [6 + 11] = 17
Carric rolls DireWolf Bite (d20 + 11): [9 + 11] = 20
Carric rolls d20: [13] = 13
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 5): [4 + 5] = 9
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Caelesti rolls Magic Missiles (d4 + 1): [3 + 1] = 4
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [2 + 6] = 8
Talon: Agree to bind the two unconscious were-people.
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 10): [18 + 10] = 28
Mavis rolls Mavis Rapier or Bow Critical Sneak Damage (2d6 + 6 + 2d6): [(3 + 6) + 6 + (3 + 6)] = 24
Talon: Mavis kills Sneed
Talon: Caelesti kills the henchman
Caelesti rolls Attack (d20 + 3 + 1): [15 + 3 + 1] = 19
Talon: I don't see, as I am in the room going through the safe
Talon: Take stuff, turn them in, collect reward and take their stuff from them and safe.
Talon: Brianna will post contents
Talon: We should accept delivery of slaves coming in - and buy and free them
Talon: Talon wants to buy and free the slaves
Talon: Car wants to contact the authorities
Talon: We break into office again and get the ledger
Talon: Need items to pretend to be merchants.
Talon: Leave ledger in safe.
Talon: Take the gold.
Talon: Discuss on Vita
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