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Tarrastra Adventure 59

Caelesti's notes




The party planned to climb down into the chasm, but had to wait until noon for Carric to get Spider Climb spells. They decided to climb over roots to get to a spot above a bridge while they waited. The party climbed for hours.

On the far side of a root, Yoshi spotted a pombi (a large furry beast with claws like sickles and a maw that could bite someone in half). Yoshi returned to the party and told everyone what he saw. The party decided to skirt the pombi by traveling along the root for a few hundred feet before climbing over.

The party stopped climbing when it was time for Carric to receive spells. Before he cast any Spider Climb spells, Carric turned into an eagle and scouted the chasm walls for caves.

Carric then scouted the village. A boy, excited to see an eagle, ran into a building and returned with a man. The man watched intently and got really excited when Carric landed. The man asked the eagle for a message. The man was amazed to see the eagle turn into an Assimar. Carric introduced himself. The man addressed Carric as the Messenger of the Boundless and again asked for a message. Carric told him that friendly visitors would be arriving in a couple days.

Carric then turned back into an eagle and flew back to the party. Carric reported his findings.

Carric cast Spider Climb on everyone. The party climbed down to the Cave that Carric discovered. Carric gathered root wood and started a fire. The smoke from a burning piece of green wood poisoned Carric, lowering his CON.

The party waited within the cave until noon the next day so that Carric could recover his spells. The sun at this time shined deep into the chasm. The party looked down and saw five bridges in three layers.

Carric cast Spider Climb on the others and turned into an eagle. The group traveled downward. On a large root below, a village woman was cutting a burning rootlet and succumbed to the smoke. Carric and Yoshi rescued her. The woman, Beedie, told the party about their class system and the evil banders. The party wanted to make it to the bridge before the spells wore off, so Yoshi carried Beedie who was still too weak to stand.

The party brought Beedie to her house. A servant, Roges, rushed to get a healer for Beedie. The healer queried the party some more about why they were there. She also said that a druid had visited twenty years earlier and left behind some items. Carric asked to see the items; they included some goggles and a note (the note was in Sylvan and read "Fingal of Vorald's House in Xammer has another piece"). Carric cast Detect Magic on the goggles.

Carric offered the party's services in exchange for the goggles.

Roges brought the party to the Birder House. Mercald was happy to see the Messenger of the Boundless again. He told the party of the Banders and their mocking. He also told how the Birders interpret the messages of the birds, being the messengers of the Boundless. Carric admitted that he didn't know who the Boundless was. Mercald explained how the Boundless created bounds within itself which later led to the formation of their houses.

Nessey's notes

Nessey: We decide Carric will turn into a male Eagle and fly down and scope out the sides of the cliff, roots, and village from miles away
Nessey: We discuss going along the land up here to get closer to the village, but we figure it will take all day to keep climbing over 10ft roots.
Nessey: Mavis likes the idea of spider climb, cause she and Yoshi could look for caves in the cliff wall behind the roots. But, alas, Carric can not cast Spider Climb until after noon.
Nessey: So Carric is going to fly around with Tan Kuran and seek a menage et trois with another lady Eagle to while away the morning.
Nessey: We dicussed last time what the result would be if Carric in Eagle form mates with a lady eagle and she has eggs. Would they be half-druid eagles?
Nessey: Before Carric changes he confirms the goals of the search with Yoshi.
Nessey: And look for caves, reminds Nessey.
Nessey: Carric asks about turning back into human to talk to natives or not?
Nessey: Carric has to wait until noon to turn into an Eagle, his god reminds him. Ah, well!
Nessey: We scale some roots and make some progress towards the village on the land above.
Nessey: Yoshi climbs first and throws a rope to the rest of us. Before climbing down the other side of each root, Yoshi attempts to spot Pombis
Nessey: We climb over 100 roots.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [1 + 13] = 14
Nessey: After about an hour, Yoshi spots or not =
Mavis rolls d20 + 1: [9 + 1] = 10
Nessey: Yoshi sees a very large creature sleeping 40 ft to his left on other side of the root.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 10): [15 + 10] = 25
Nessey: It is brown, probably 12 feet long with claws like sickles.
Nessey: Appears to weigh 4 tons or so. It's mouth looks to be as big as Yoshi's head or even bigger.
Nessey: Were it to open its mouth, it could probably bite Yoshi off at the waist, which is a shame since it's better to be swallowed whole!
Nessey: It is shaggy.
Nessey: Yoshi climbs back down our side and tells us what he sees.
Nessey: Caelesti suggests we climb over root farther away.
Nessey: Nessey says - yeah, but we don't want to be trapped between a cliff and a pombi.
Nessey: Climbing order - Yoshi, Nessey, Caelesti, Carric, Mavis
Yoshi rolls Sk:Move Silently (d20 + 12): [18 + 12] = 30
Nessey rolls Nes - Move Silently (d20 + 11): [14 + 11] = 25
Caelesti rolls Skill (Move Silently) (d20 + 2 + 4): [13 + 2 + 4] = 19
Nessey: We attempt to move silently past the creature
Carric rolls d20: [4] = 4
Mavis rolls d20 + 3: [7 + 3] = 10
Mavis rolls d20 + 10: [6 + 10] = 16
Nessey: Carric makes the most noise.
Nessey: Pombi is sleeping.
Nessey: It doesn't hear us.
Nessey: We are all on top of the root now. Reverse order down.
Nessey: Caelesti wants one of Carric's weasels to put a pea under the pombi to see if it is a Royal Pombi.
Mavis rolls d20 + 10: [8 + 10] = 18
Carric rolls Stat - DEX (d20 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9
Brianna Recenters everyone's view!
Nessey: Carric the Love Bird and his SO eagle gal fly down and look around.
Nessey: They see bigger roots and smaller roots. Sides of Cliff look like a shaggy matt.
Nessey: Carric the Love Bird looks for little caverns or any predators and a good route or root to climb to get to the village.
Nessey: Then further down looks for a place to make a camp.
Nessey: We can't even see the bottom.
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [11 + 16] = 27
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [3 + 13] = 16
Nessey: Carric is actually 22.
Nessey: They don't see anything of special interest.
Nessey: They are two miles down ish.
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [7 + 16] = 23
Carric rolls Wildshape - Spot (d20 + 19): [7 + 19] = 26
Nessey: Getting closer to the villiage.
Nessey: Welcome to the Villiage!
Nessey: Sees a young woman climbing on the roots with straps and spurs and measuring tape - measuring a side root.
Nessey: She appears to be alone and unmarried.
Nessey: He notes her positions.
Nessey: Carric flies closer to the villiage.
Nessey: Made by pulling side roots from chasm.
Nessey: These make a bridge. The Village is on the bridges.
Nessey: Railings on edges and 30ft nets for safety perhaps? There is a huge leaf in one of the nets.
Nessey: People are pulling up the net with the leaf.
Nessey: There are many buiidings. Even two floors. Buildings made of rootwood.
Nessey: See some people walking along. Smoke from houses. Clang of hammer.
Carric rolls Wildshape - Spot (d20 + 19): [17 + 19] = 36
Nessey: Carric spots a smithy.
Mavis rolls d20 + 8: [15 + 8] = 23
Nessey: Somebody spots a pair of Eagles and points. Others look and speak.
Nessey: A boy runs up the "street"
Nessey: And runs into a building near the far end.
Nessey: Carric soars higher.
Carric rolls Wild - Eagle/Spot (d20 + 19): [8 + 19] = 27
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [1 + 16] = 17
Nessey: Carric notices that out the building that the boy ran into, a man comes out wearing robes and a tall hat with feathers on it.
Nessey: Boy points. Man sees and stands and spreads his arms and gazes at Carric and Tan Kuran.
Nessey: Carric and Tan Kuran do some romantic aerobatics.
Nessey: Mans clasps his hands in apparent delight and intentness.
Nessey: Feathers in his hat are not Eagle feathers.
Nessey: Oh, eagle, eagle in the sky... ouch what was that in my eye!
Nessey: Carric finds a good perch 30 ft away.
Nessey: The building is ornately carved with balcony on second floor.
Nessey: Potted plants on balcony.
Nessey: Carric perches on the railing of the balcony.
Nessey: Tan Kuran keeps flying.
Nessey: The man claps his hands together in delight and runs into the building.
Nessey: After about a minute the man appears at the inner door and slowly and reverently enters the balcony and falls to his knees and gazes raptly.
Nessey: He says "The Boundless be praised that in my life, I should be sent a messenger."
Nessey: "What message to you have for me?" he bows his head but peeks up.
Nessey: Carric hops down and turns into a Druid.
Nessey: Carric - Arise Sir, I am Carric of Belanus and I come in peace.
Nessey: Aasimar standing in front of him instead of bird.
Nessey: Man - "Oh, messenger, what message do you bear?"
Nessey: Carric - I bring a message of peace and friendship."
Nessey: Man - of course, the Boundless is our friend. What message do you bear?"
Nessey: Carric - the holy message I bring is wondering if my friends and I could visit your town?"
Nessey: Man - oh, your message is that we are to receive visitors!
Nessey: Carric - if you don't mind?
Nessey: Man - visitors from afar? The Boundless is sending us visitors - of course we will welcome them!"
Mavis: I am Mercald of the Birders. This is the bridgetown of Topbridge
Nessey: Carric - and who are you?
Nessey: Topbridge because we are closest to the surface world.
Nessey: Man - you may certainly come to see us Birders. The Bridger caste will also want to see you.
Nessey: Carric - so this is the topmost bridge and bridgers and birders live here?
Nessey: Man - yes
Mavis: The Bridgers are the top caste. I am a Birder. As do the Maintainers, Harvesters, Potters, and so on.
Nessey: Man - you will be guiding your friends from the surface.
Nessey: Carric - yes, it will take a couple days to climb down, unless there is a faster way.
Nessey: Man - they could fly like you?
Nessey: Man - only the bridgers climb on the roots themselves.
Nessey: Carric - well, I am able to help them.
Nessey: I can allow them to climb safely, though somewhat slowly on the roots.
Nessey: Man - ahhhh, as the Messenger of the Boundless, I should have expected no less.
Nessey: Carric points up to where the party is
Nessey: asks if there are places to stop?
Nessey: Birder says no townmen climb on roots except Bridgers - like woman out measuring.
Nessey: Carric - I will see you sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Nessey: Man grovels and gives praise to the Boundless.
Nessey: Man explains that Birders have been preaching about birds for generations.
Nessey: Carric - I shall return.
Nessey: Man - I shall count the mintues.
Nessey: Carric turns into an Eagle again and joins his lady Eagle and circles her a couple times.
Carric rolls Wild - Eagle/Spot (d20 + 19): [1 + 19] = 20
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [16 + 16] = 32
Carric rolls Wild - Eagle/Spot (d20 + 19): [9 + 19] = 28
Nessey: Tan Kuran makes noises and leads him to a darker area on side of cliff.
Nessey: They land on a root and peer about and see wall of chasm and cave.
Nessey: They fly back up to us their friends.
Carric rolls Wild - Eagle/Spot (d20 + 19): [9 + 19] = 28
Nessey: They look along the route/root we'd likely take.
Nessey: They see other darks areas that might be caves.
Nessey: Carric relates his tale.
Nessey: Carric says the man didn't seem to know anything about magic.
Nessey: had not heard of Druidic magic at all.
Nessey: Said I was a Messenger from the Boundless.
Nessey: Carric - Tan Kuran found a cave about two miles away and we should be able to reach it with spider climb.
Nessey: Nessey suggest throwing them some more leaves as a gift from the Boundless.
Nessey: Carric - except they are not directly below us.
Nessey: Carric suggests he cast spider climb on us all now and we start climbing.
Nessey: It is afternoon - 3pm perhaps
Nessey: Nessey - well, if we think we can make it to a cave.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [10 + 16] = 26
Nessey rolls Nes - Survival (d20 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4
Nessey: Carric makes a Survival Check to makes sense of how things look from this direction and he does. He leads us spiders along the roots to a cave.
Nessey: We push through the roots and find the cave after much climbing.
Nessey: Yoshi leads the way into the cave with his watch lamp on.
Nessey: We are all in the cave now and there are no pombis here.
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [9 + 10] = 19
Caelesti rolls Skill (Search) (d20 + 1): [13 + 1] = 14
Nessey: It is a shallow cave, but we search for hidden doors and passages.
Nessey rolls Nes - Search (d20 + 3): [17 + 3] = 20
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 0): [7] = 7
Nessey: We don't find anything special.
Nessey: Cave is dry.
Carric rolls Search (d20 + 3): [10 + 3] = 13
Nessey: It is cold that night? Cool. A bit damp. As the sun goes down, a wind picks up outside in the chasm and gets faster and faster and faster.
Nessey: Did Carric collect any dry root?
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [3 + 16] = 19
Nessey: he does and builds us a fire.
Nessey: We are warm and snuggly.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [2 + 16] = 18
Nessey: One of the roots wasn't quite dry.
Carric rolls Save/Fortitude (d20 + 6): [5 + 6] = 11
You privately roll d6: [2] = 2
Nessey: Carric from the green root a tendril of smoke curls up in his nose and he takes 2 points of CON damage.
Nessey: Poisonous.
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [16 + 6] = 22
Nessey: He has to make another fortitude save, but does a heal check first.
Carric rolls Save/Fortitude (d20 + 6): [3 + 6] = 9
Nessey: Nessey - we could use these to fight Pombis!
Nessey: Caelesti - how do we get the Pombis to light the fire?
Nessey: Nessey - I guess we should not try to eat these?
Nessey: Yoshi announces that "most plants are actually poisonous" though not "fatally poisonous" though a lot of mushrooms are.
Nessey: About midnight the wind settles down.
Nessey: Then for a few hours it is not too windy.
Nessey: At dawn the wind starts blowing the other way UP the chasm instead of down.
Nessey: Green hazy dawn - dawns.
Nessey: Light on opposite wall of cavern, creeping down from surface.
Nessey: Nessey has breakfast and watches the wall.
Nessey: We wait until noon when Carric can pray. We wait for "Noon Glow."
Nessey: Carric looks out and down and can not see the bottom.
Nessey: We can see Topbridge
Nessey: Down past is a narrow little bridge and even behond that is what could be a very thin line of what could be another bridge.
Nessey: We can make out a total of 5 possible bridges from our position in the cave.
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [17 + 16] = 33
Carric rolls Wild - Eagle/Spot (d20 + 19): [2 + 19] = 21
Carric rolls TK Spot (d20 + 16): [11 + 16] = 27
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 13): [20 + 13] = 33
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [4 - 1 + 2] = 5
Nessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10
Nessey: We are climbing down now with Spider Climb.
Nessey: Some people smell a familar smell - burning green root.
Nessey: Carric got 1 CON today.
Nessey: Actually, everyone smells the smell. Only some can see root hanging up ahead. A young woman dangles at the end of the root, feverishly sawing away.
Nessey: She is using a manual chain saw.
Nessey: She is cutting the root right above the fire.
Nessey: Yoshi makes a beeline to see if he can help.
Nessey: She is a couple hundred feet away.
Nessey: Will take 5? rounds to get there.
Nessey: Just before we get there, she succeeds and the burning part falls away. And she slumps. She has straps holding her to the root, but is unconscious now, dangling.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Heal (d20 + 3): [16 + 3] = 19
Nessey: Is Carric spider climbing or flying as Eagle?
Nessey: Yoshi reaches for her and calls for help from Carric with the poison.
Nessey: Mavis helps pull up the woman.
Nessey: They bring her to a side root that is 6ft across.
Nessey: Carric, Mavis and Yoshi attend to her.
Nessey: Carric was an Eagle not spider climbing. He lands and turns into a Druid.
Nessey: He does a heal check.
Carric rolls Heal (d20 + 6): [8 + 6] = 14
Nessey: Carric does a Neutralize Poison quickly before she dies.
Carric rolls CLW (d8 + 5): [3 + 5] = 8
Nessey: Carric does some curing too on the lovely unconscious babe.
Nessey: She awakens and looks at Yoshi and Carric.
Nessey: Carric introduces himself and so does Yoshi.
Nessey: She says "ahhh, strangers!"
Nessey: Carric - you look like you were overcome by fire from the root.
Nessey: She says - I don't know how it caught on fire.
Nessey: She says - I am Beedie from Topbridge.
Nessey: Carric says he was there yesterday.
Nessey: Beedie says Mercald said to expect visitors from the Boundless.
Nessey: Beedie says "but you are shaped like people."
Nessey: Carric - we are strangers from afar. I flew there yesterday.
Nessey: I am a Druid I can change into a bird.
Nessey: Beedie - What? What? What?
Nessey: Carric explains that he was the Eagle yesterday.
Nessey: Beedie - says well I didn't believe the Birders before, but I do now.
Nessey: Carric - I'm glad we came along to assist you.
Nessey: Beedie - some Bander was measuring and old Rootweaver said we have to measure all the roots.
Nessey: Those Banders were annoyed.
Nessey: I came out to look again and saw it burning. I came to cut away the burning part so we could still use it.
Nessey: Caelesti - Maybe the Banders set it on fire.
Nessey: Beedie - you watch what you say, missy.
Mavis: Bedes, Chafers, and Banders are the three families in the Bridger caste
Nessey: Beedies says, Yes I am a Bede.
Nessey: I need a better nickname, though.
Nessey: Beedie - maybe it WAS the Banders - cause there was a burning down on Nextdown and almost my whole family died. My Aunt Six and I moved up to Topbridge
Nessey: I suspect SLysaw Bander.
Nessey: But don't say I said.
Nessey: Carric - but would they really be so violent.
Nessey: Beedie - we will talk to Rootweaver, she is the head of the Bridgers on Topbridge.
Nessey: She is a Bede. She is the oldest Bridger in the whole chasm.
Nessey: Nessey - boy, anywhere you go there are bad people and good people.
Nessey: Caelesti - Yes, we are the Weapons of Good.
Nessey: Mercald will be glad to see you again.
Nessey: Beedie is not strong enough to climb. Yoshi carries her piggyback.
Nessey: We continue down.
Nessey: Carric Eagles up again and leads us. Beedies's eyes grow wide with wonder.
Nessey: Beedie - Praise to the Boundless!
Nessey: We get to the edge of town and Beedie leads us into the Bridger House.
Mavis rolls d100: [28] = 28
Nessey: We go in.
Nessey: No one has seen us coming into town.
Nessey: Carric un-Eagles and follows us in.
Nessey: Beedie goes in and falls over.
Nessey: A man rushes up to help her.
Nessey: Man - "oh Beedie, you are sick, what has happened" and eyes us strange people.
Mavis: I am Roges
Nessey: She explains "these doergoods just happened along and saved me. I think they are the ones Mercald spoke of."
Nessey: Carric and Yoshi introduce us all.
Nessey: Man introduces himself as Roges.
Nessey: He says he is a Maintainer and he serves the Bridgers in Bridge House.
Nessey: He takes Beedie to the Herb Lady.
Nessey: Carric - I have removed any ill effects.
Nessey: Carric - I have neutralized the poison in her system.
Nessey: Roges - oh are you a healer?
Nessey: Carric - of sorts, yes.
Nessey: Roges - you know the herbs?
Nessey: Carric rattles on and on.
Nessey: he chatters meaninglessly about Belanus.
Nessey: lady Nessey introduces herself and offers to fight for good causes.
Nessey: Yoshi is annoyed that Nessey is not letting Carric speak for us.
Nessey: Yoshi is unaware that Carric does not always act as spokesperson.
Nessey: Carric quizzes Roges about his role in this society.
Nessey: Carric asks after Rootweaver.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 18): [17 + 18] = 35
Nessey: Yoshi is suspicious of Roges.
Nessey: Roges might have a crush on Beedie.
Nessey: Roges sends a servant/companion up to see Rootweaver.
Nessey: All are speaking Common.
Nessey: But with an unusual accent.
Nessey: Roges hastens out the door and disappears up the bridge.
Nessey: He said he was going to get the Herb Woman to look after Beedie anyway.
Nessey: Nessey and Caelesti tell Carric to play up the Boundless more and the Belanus less.
Nessey: Yoshi argues.
Nessey: Yoshi says you have no idea what they do or don't understand.
Nessey: Nessey stands up for her opinion.
Nessey: She argues that we should interpret ourselves in terms that these natives can understand.
Nessey: Yoshi maintains a dangerously stubborn attitude.
Nessey: Caelesti says - well, if they break both your legs, don't come running to me!
Nessey: Yoshi - I won't.
Nessey: Herb Lady is in next room with Beedie and Roges.
Nessey: Nessey glares at Yoshi.
Nessey: Coming through a door at the far end of the room is a venerable woman with grey hair and wearing nicely made robes.
Nessey: She has boots with ceremonial spurs to represent Bridgers.
Nessey: Yoshi stands up.
Nessey: She says "Welcome. I understand you are the doergoods who brought young Beedie back."
Nessey: Carric explains his heroism and doesn't mention Yoshi.
Nessey: Bridgeweaver - says, oh, so Mercald wasn't just blowing hot air when he said strangers were coming from afar.
Nessey: Carric introduces himself and the rest of us.
Nessey: Nessey steps on Carrics foot as the rattles on about Belanus.
Nessey: Nessey interrupts "he's a type of priest."
Nessey: Yoshi steps on Nessey's foot.
Nessey: Carric rattles on and on about the sun.
Nessey: Nessey elbows Yoshi in the ribs and gets out from under foot.
Nessey rolls Nes - Fortitude (d20 + 4): [15 + 4] = 19
Nessey: Brideweaver speaks of the large leaves they catch.
Nessey: Nessey asks what they use the large leaves for?
Nessey: She says mostly as a fabric - threads.
Nessey: Lady says she is sure Mercald is wrong about why we are here.
Nessey: Carric says we are explorers.
Nessey: Carric also shows his gloves and says we heard these gloves are part of a set and there may be other pieces of clothing that do with it and can be found here.
Nessey: Raiment of Four.
Nessey: Lady - You came to Topbridge to find clothing?
Nessey: Nessey - AND TO DO GOOD!!
Nessey: Lady - what is a Druid? Strange!
Nessey: Carric brags about how close he is to nature.
Nessey: Lady - Are you one of those gamesmen?
Nessey: Carric - what is a gamesmen?
Nessey: Lady - legend has it that there are people who are called gamesmen who call themselves by strange names. There was someone who called himself a Druid here 20 years ago. I did not speak to him myself, although I do have what he left. He went deep into the chasm and never came back up. Left us some of his stuff.
Nessey: Carric - perhaps I could examine his stuff.
Nessey: Lady - hurrumph, well, okay.
Nessey: She goes into another room and returns with a small pouch.
Nessey: She dumps it out on a table. There is some dried up mistletoe, few pretty gems, a pair of goggles with reflective gold lenses wrapped in leather and there is a note.
Nessey: She says she assumes he was a gamesmen.
Nessey: She can't read the note.
Mavis: "The Armiger Joumerie of Vorbold's House in Xammer has another piece."
Nessey: The note is in Sylvan.
Nessey: Lady - reinterates that the man never came back
Nessey: Carric asks about Xammer, etc.
Nessey: Lady draws a blank on all accounts.
Nessey: She doesn't know what the weird goggles are.
Nessey: Carric speaks of Detect Magic and does so and they do so.
Carric rolls Spellcraft (d20 + 7): [20 + 7] = 27
Nessey: Faint Evocation.
Nessey: gold lenses, dark blue steel frames wrapped in leather
Nessey: Look like the could match Carric's special gloves.
Nessey: Carric takes off the goggles and hands them back.
Nessey: He doesn't know how to use them.
Nessey: Carric asks after Beedies' health.
Nessey: Nessey - talks to Carric about doing good in exchange for the goggles like we did with the segments.
Nessey: Nessey - I mean we are the weapons of good, right and so we should be doing good right? Right? I mean, right?
Nessey: Caelesti - It is right to do good.
Nessey: Lady relates the suspicious fire.
Nessey: Nessey speaks of rain and storms and lightning.
Nessey: Carric says - when the water trickles down through the canyon.
Nessey: Lady knows not of rain. Nor the plain. Nor Spain.
Nessey: Carric offers to help find cause of fire or other help as needed?
Nessey: lady asks why we are being so helpful
Nessey: Carric - we are do-gooders, that is our mission, and I am interested in the Druid who was here before and what he left behind.
Nessey: Lady - so you follow in his footsteps.
Nessey: Carric - I don't know him myself, just interested in activities of other Druids.
Nessey: Lady - so if there anything that needs done, you are here to do it. Well, maybe Mercald was right about you!
Nessey: Caelesti - Well, I don't want to move rocks.
Nessey: Carric - it must be a noble task.
Nessey: Lady - go and talk to Mercald. he has been axiously awaiting you. I will consult with others on possible tasks.
Nessey: Roges will take you to the Birder house.
Nessey: At the opposite end of the bridge, by other wall of chasm is Birder Houser.
Nessey: Each Caste has a guild house, main house. Core members reside there.
Nessey: Roges knocks on the door.
Nessey: Mercald goes down on his knees to welcome us.
Nessey: Motions us in.
Nessey: We all go in.
Nessey: Mercald repeats "What is your message."
Nessey: Nessey - asks what Mercald's message is. She says she feels very strongly in her heart that she and her friends are needed here for some purpose.
Nessey: Mercald says it is not for him to assign us tasks.
Nessey: Carric wishes peace and prosperity.
Nessey: Carric asks if all is well on Topbridge?
Nessey: Roges - says ever since Slysaw came up from NextDown with his buddies, things have not been so peaceful.
Nessey: They have mocked the Birders. There is talk of how the Bedes are not doing well for Bridgetown. We think the Slysaw and clan are wanting to take over. Talk is bad. Talk is bad.
Nessey: Banders think they are better than the rest of us - so have their own houses.
Nessey: Carric offers to meet the Banders and discuss their troubles with them.
Nessey: Mercald says they might not receive us well.
Nessey: Mercald says it is HIS role to intercede between the Boundless and the People of the Chasm.
Nessey: I am surprised you didn't have a specific task or message.
Nessey: Nessey - well we are seeking Raiment of the Four, isn't that right Carric?
Nessey: Mercald is confused.
Nessey: Carric asks about the last messenger and last message.
Nessey: The birds do not usually speak quite as plainly as you. usually the birds come and we interpret.
Nessey: I can't remember a time when a bird has turned into a man who can speak!
Nessey: It's a special occassion whenever a large bird comes down. When you landed on the railing it was obvious you were a messenger.
Nessey: Nessey - say something in Druidic, Carric, and he can interpret it.
Nessey: Carric to be quite honest I am not carrying any specific message besides goodwill and I do not know of the Boundless.
Nessey: Priest tells tale of how lonely Broundless was so made itself into individual parts that had bounds and we are all descended from parts of the Boundless.
Nessey: You do not know this?
Nessey: Only those specially trained are able to interpret and preach the Boundless to others. That is the role of the Briders here.
Nessey: Carric - may we stay here this evening?
Nessey: Merc - of course, of course
Nessey: Stay and give us further messages. Anything you wants us to preach to the townsfolk?
Nessey: He goes to ready rooms for us.
Nessey: Yoshi complains again about The Prime Directive.
Nessey: Nessey - well, Yoshi, I would stomp at you right now, but I don't want the Bridgers to suffer.
Nessey: Yoshi - naw-naw, it doesn't really effect me!

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