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Tarrastra Adventure 68

Caelesti's notes




The party continued into the mountains. Carric and Tan Kuran scouted ahead, helping the party find the easiest route. The party camped one night in the mountains, arriving late the next day in Mindesport. The innkeeper of The White Pombi had a note from Talon, stating that she and Brianna took the south road to The Land of the Gamesmen.

Yoshi went to clean up and go to sleep early. The others ate and drank the specialties of the house. The ale was too strong for Caelesti.

In the morning, the party gathered their mounts and trade goods and headed south. They stopped at the first fork in the road, wondering which way to continue. Everyone looked for a sign, finding a cairn along the road to the right. When taking the pile apart, Mavis found charcoal symbols on one of the stones. The symbols were elven letters for B and T, indicating that Brianna and Talon went that way. The party took the road to the right.

The next day, a wagon approached from the south. The driver said he came from Leamer, a town three days to the south. When asked how far ahead the closest town was, he said the Dragon Fire Purlieu was a day south. The party continued to another fork. They searched for a cairn, but didn't find one. Carric looked for tracks and determined that the wagon came from the right. He looked again for other tracks and found that most went to the right, but a mule and two people went to the left; Carric was sure it was Brianna and Talon. The party took the road to the left.

Late in the day, the party approached a castle. Yoshi pointed up in the air. A red dragon circled overhead, circling lower. As the dragon got closer, the party felt cold.

Mavis drew her bow.
Yoshi readied a shuriken.
Caelesti started into a lizardman dance.
Carric cast Resist Energy (Cold) on himself.
Nessey hailed it in draconic.

The dragon landed in front of the party and turned into a human. The man hailed the party, identified himself as a Cold Drake, and asked who approached Dragon's Fire Purlieu. Carric identified himself first. The man asked Carric what his talents were. Carric said he could summon animals and turn into them. The man labeled him a Shapechanger. The man then queried Yoshi. Yoshi said he was a follower of Nuado with little talents. The man labeled him a pawn. The man looked at Caelesti. She claimed to be a dancer and a spellcaster; she demonstrated with a Fly spell on herself. He labeled her an Armiger and bowed. Caelesti bowed back. The man looked next at Nessey. Nessey told of her many talents. He labeled her a pawn. He looked last at Mavis. Mavis said she was a simple trader. The man said she wasn't dressed as a trader, but looked like a pawn. She said she was a trader from other lands and stared at him. He labeled her a Demon and apologized. He said he was going to announce the party at the castle, turned into a dragon, and flew off.

Nessey asked Mavis why the man called her a Demon. Mavis skirted the question by asking what an Armiger was.

The party proceeded to the castle. Guards queried the party again, and said they were expected. A pawn greeted the party and said he would lead everyone to their quarters. Mavis, Caelesti, and Carric are separated from Yoshi and Nessey; the horses are led off to the stables.

The pawns are led to comfortable servants' quarters, filled with ordinary people doing ordinary things. They were presented with a fine meal. Yoshi asked about pawns and gamesmen. The man, Dingle, said that pawns did the work, and gamesmen challenge each other in single or grand games, essentially dueling. Nessey asked about the roles of pawn women. Dingle said all pawns are treated equally. Yoshi also asked what happens if a pawn aids a gamesman. Dingle said that they were allowed to help, but that pawns die. Yoshi asked about the roles. Dingle said that Armigers fly, Tragamors move things with their minds, Kings and Queens beguile, Demons read your thoughts, and listed many others. Yoshi asked if a gamesman could have multiple talents. He said yes, and said that a Cold Drake could fly, shapeshift, and store energy. Once Dingle left them alone, Nessey said she wanted to help free the oppressed pawns. Yoshi suggested that they stay inconspicuous.

Mavis, Caelesti, and Carric are each led to separate neighboring rooms. The three cleaned themselves up, Caelesti with simply with a Hygiene spell. Carric asked about Brianna and Talon. The man said that they were there, but moved on. He asked about the ruler of the castle. The man said it was King Kildar. Carric asked about dress codes of those with talent. The man said it was customary for gamesmen to show their talents. When asked directly, the man admitted that Shifters were the least trusted, and hastened away. Caelesti merely asked if she was to eat in her room and if they had something appropriate for her to wear, as she only had her travel clothes. He said that she would be escorted to dinner, and that he would bring her an appropriate outfit.

Carric checked on Caelesti, and the two visited Mavis. The three shared information. Mavis wanted an outfit too. Caelesti said she would tell the man when he returned. Carric decided to comply as well.

When the three were finally escorted to dinner, they each had appropriate garb. Carric's had a pombi head, Mavis' had a half hood with horns, and Caelesti's had ...

Nessey's notes

LadyNessey: Nessey, I really mean my war horse, Fanny the Fey Crusher, she is such a sweet horse.
LadyNessey: But we are in the middle of being awakened to a Pombi battle
LadyNessey: Okay
LadyNessey: Pombis are defeated. Carric is no longer a snake.
LadyNessey: Nessey - to Carric - do you think you could turn into a Pombi now? You were really up close and personal!
LadyNessey: Carric - maybe if we beat up a baby Pombi...
LadyNessey: nessey - that's so mean, why not turn into a bear and adopt it.
LadyNessey: Carric - that is the nature of nature. Don't want it to turn into a large one.
LadyNessey: Mavis - I think if you beat it up when it is young, it will grow up to be more aggressive.
LadyNessey: Carric - what we really need is two babies Pombis, beat one up and not the other and keep them with us and distinguish them and see how they grow up. But I don't think we have time right now.
LadyNessey: Mavis - we need to go over the mountain, we need to go over the mountain, we need to go over the mountain, we need to go over the mountain, to get to the town to the town
LadyNessey: Brianna - where are you?
LadyNessey: She's baaaack!
LadyNessey: Mavis - time to walk through the mountains.
LadyNessey: Nessey - or climb over?
LadyNessey: Mavis - let's seek paths through the valleys
LadyNessey: Nessey - okay
LadyNessey: Mavis - we can send our Eagles to scout paths through the valleys
LadyNessey: Caelesti - suggests the more intellegent eagle go first.
LadyNessey: Nessey- why don't they go togehter?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - the buddy system is always best
LadyNessey: Mavis - if they spend a little extra special time, we won't notice.
LadyNessey: The bird went over the mountains, the bird went over the mountains
LadyNessey: Yoshi wonders if there is a red river in any of these valleys.
LadyNessey: The eagle don't spy any.
LadyNessey: Carric comes back, coughs up bones and fur and reports.
LadyNessey: Mavis - so, Carric, you found a good path for us?
LadyNessey: Carric - Yup.
LadyNessey: Mavis - let's go.
LadyNessey: We don't follow a path as such.
LadyNessey: Yoshi scouts ahead and tries to find better paths, perhaps forged by Pombis
LadyNessey: He talks to himself for some hours and then gives one of the bracelets to someone else.
LadyNessey: They are stil tuned.
LadyNessey: He gives the other ring to = Mavis.
LadyNessey: Nessey - Mavis, what about your other beau?
LadyNessey: Mavis - it is not like that.
LadyNessey: Yoshi skulks and scouts.
LadyNessey: Yoshi notices it is getting dark. He discovers darkness.
LadyNessey: Carric suggest we make camp and selects a suitable spot.
LadyNessey: We all find time to go to the bathroom.
Mavis rolls d6: [6] = 6
Mavis rolls d6: [3] = 3
Mavis rolls d6: [3] = 3
LadyNessey: Watches occur and nothing else occurs
LadyNessey: Next day we get up. Break camp. Follow the Eagles. Follow Yoshi.
LadyNessey: We eventually emerge from the valley to where we first came throught he portal by the small cave in the side of the mountian and vie wof the see. And the village
LadyNessey: view of the sea
LadyNessey: We wonder and try to recall the name of the town
Mavis: Mindesport
Carric: Inn - The White Pombi in Mindesport
LadyNessey: Carric hopes for babes at the White Pombi.
LadyNessey: We go the Inn.
LadyNessey: the Innkeeper comes up and greets us, "Oh, you came back. Your two compainions stayed around a day or two and had a fine time and then disappeared to the south with their stuff."
LadyNessey: Caelesti - did they leave us a note?
LadyNessey: Keeper - as a matter of fact, they did
LadyNessey: Note says: Brianna says that if you take the road going south from here, you will end up in the land of Gamesmen. That's where we have gone to check it out and have fun. by Talon
LadyNessey: It is approaching evening.
LadyNessey: Nessey - shouldn't we stay over night here?
LadyNessey: Yohsi says he wants to take a bath and go to bed early.
LadyNessey: Player will do so too.
LadyNessey: We can role play while Yoshi takes a bath.
LadyNessey: We arrange for rooms - boys and girls.
LadyNessey: Carric - let's check our stuff and confirm that everything is in order.
LadyNessey: The horses look good and all our stuff is there.
LadyNessey: Nessey is advised to just call her warhorse, "Fanny." omitting the motto
LadyNessey: We then go to the dining room for hearty fish stew in this port town
LadyNessey: We have hearty ale too. All very satisfying.
LadyNessey: Inn keeper asks how things are?
LadyNessey: We say, yum yum.
LadyNessey: Keeper - what ya been up to?
LadyNessey: There were stories of you flying off, but can't be true.
LadyNessey: Nessey - well, we did fight some Pombis
LadyNessey: Nessey - relates the battle with two Pombis.
LadyNessey: Keeper is impressed we were able to take on two. He has not known anyone to defeat even just one.
LadyNessey: He says if only we had a Bard with us to record this tale.
LadyNessey: He says Talon and Brianna were wonderful entertainers.
LadyNessey: Keeper asks if we can sing songs and tell stories?
LadyNessey: Nessey - tells Keeper Caelesti can dance.
LadyNessey: Nessey says Carric saw it close up and could maybe do a dance.
LadyNessey: Keeper asks for details and is very impressed.
LadyNessey: Keeper asks if men took on one each and protected the women.
LadyNessey: Carric says women helped and Mavis is the best fighter of us all.
LadyNessey: Mavis looks back at him intently.
LadyNessey: He blushes and looks away.
LadyNessey: He bows to Mavis, my pardon, Lady.
LadyNessey: mavis says Well, that's okay.
LadyNessey: Inn Keeper gives us all a free round of Ale. Specialty of the House.
LadyNessey: We are quickly served 4 mugs of dark ale.
LadyNessey: Nessey toasts the Inn Keepers health.
Carric rolls STAT - CON (d20 + 1): [9 + 1] = 10
Caelesti rolls d20: [5] = 5
Mavis rolls d20 + 2: [19 + 2] = 21
LadyNessey: roll /d20 +1
LadyNessey rolls d20 + 1: [12 + 1] = 13
LadyNessey: nessey is mildly buzzed.
LadyNessey: Caelesti is wriggling and slipping under the table.
LadyNessey: Carric mildly buzzed too.
LadyNessey: mavis is only one who can really hold her ale
LadyNessey: Mavis suggests we all retire.
LadyNessey: But first we all retire.
LadyNessey: Mavis and Carric help support Caelesti out of the room.
LadyNessey: Nessey chatters happily.
LadyNessey: Yoshi wakes instantly when Carric comes in.
LadyNessey: Carric says Yoshi missed a good party, a good party, a really good party, ate and drank, it was good.
LadyNessey: Car - I didn't wake you, did I?
LadyNessey: Car - that guy was good that guy. You know, we made a mistake. We should have gottne those things for on the hall you know that would have been nice. You know what I'm talking about the teeth, the claws, that was a mistake, cuase this guy, you know, cause this is the Inn. Good night.
LadyNessey: Carric snores loudly.
LadyNessey: Caelesti is already asleep before she is put down on the bed.
LadyNessey: Some of us have headaches at breakfast.
LadyNessey: Caelesti especially is hung over.
LadyNessey: Once she gets out in the sun and moves along, she will be fine and pracing by mid-morning.
LadyNessey: We go and reclaim our horses.
LadyNessey: Nessey asks if we should take horses where we are going.
LadyNessey: mavis says Nessey is obviously not a trader
LadyNessey: mavis says we are at an exotic place and we can get even more money for trade.
LadyNessey: Yoshi insists we bring the horse, too, and thinks Nessy is stupid for suggesting otherwise.
LadyNessey: mavis not longer has the brightest bulb in the room.
LadyNessey: her bulb has gone out
LadyNessey: She is swishing.
LadyNessey: Inn Keeper describes stange people who come up and down the south road. He assumes we are ordinary people, despite our unsual skin and hair colors. He talks of arrogant people in strange costumes.
LadyNessey: Inn Keeper says these arrogant people call each other by strange titles.
LadyNessey: Carric - what sort?
LadyNessey: IK - Rensalamn or Sweedent or Demon.
LadyNessey: And they all just looked like people, but some with strange masks.
LadyNessey: I felt chills when masked man looked at me.
Mavis: Rancelman or Pursuivant or Demon
LadyNessey: Inn Keeper - so you want to go south, like your buddies, but be careful of the strange people there.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - we will be careful, thank you.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - we will go and find out.
LadyNessey: Carric - will we be on northern or southern continent?
LadyNessey: Inn Keeper - what is a continent, it goes to the lands of the south
LadyNessey: We sold the mules to the Barbarians. Good thing Talon kept them alive.
LadyNessey: Carric - it is harder to drag along a dead mule.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - and dead mules don't sell for as much.
LadyNessey: We move along the road to the south.
LadyNessey: Mavis is walking next to her mule. Nessey is riding her warhorse.
LadyNessey: The rest of the party is walking, except Tan Kuran.
LadyNessey: Mavis - what's that up ahead near Yoshi?
LadyNessey: Carric sees nothing.
LadyNessey: Meanwhile, Mavis pulls out a stick and whacks the mule to keep it going south instead of north.
LadyNessey: Mule finks to Carric that it was whacked and wants to go back for lunch.
LadyNessey: Mavis to Caelesti - got to look out for the sensibilies of your companions, Caelesti. Some of you companions are not as easy to travel with as others.
LadyNessey: We come to a fork in the road, no spoons or knives.
LadyNessey: A road heads inland a bit to the east and a road that heads south a bit.
LadyNessey: Nessy - I say we go south.
LadyNessey: Yoshi asks if Brianna and Talon left a sign as to which way they went.
LadyNessey: Nessey - but what if they were flying phantom steeds?
LadyNessey: Mavis - not wil Tintin.
LadyNessey: Carric, it will be tough to find tracks this long after.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 0): [1] = 1
LadyNessey: Yoshi - maybe they left a mark
Carric rolls Search (d20 + 3): [16 + 3] = 19
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [15 + 10] = 25
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Search (d20 + 3): [20 + 3] = 23
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [9 + 8] = 17
Caelesti rolls d20 + 1: [(19) + 1] = 20
LadyNessey: Need complete warrior for checking Swashbuckler, not Paladin.
LadyNessey: Everyone except Carric and Yoshi see =
LadyNessey: Yoshi and Carric go off on a wild goose chase in the woods.
LadyNessey: The rest of us notice an un-natural pile of stones on the fork to the right.
LadyNessey: We call Carric over.
LadyNessey: He examines the pile of stones.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [2 + 16] = 18
LadyNessey: Carric is supposed to roll a Survival check.
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Survival (d20 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5
LadyNessey: Carric thinks the stones were intentionally set up.
LadyNessey: We poke around and turn over the stones and see moss on one side and only drying out a few weeks.
LadyNessey: Could have been set up in the last couple weeks.
Carric rolls Search (d20 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 0): [12] = 12
LadyNessey: Carric carefully examines all the stones.
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [20 + 10] = 30
LadyNessey: mavis seaches better and finds some markings in charcoal.
LadyNessey: Looks sorta like a few elven letters = B and T
LadyNessey: bacon and tomato, but no lettuce
Carric rolls Stat - INT (d20 + 2): [10 + 2] = 12
LadyNessey: Carric thinks we should go that way.
LadyNessey: We head inland along the south fork road.
LadyNessey: Night starts to fall.
LadyNessey: Carric finds us a suitable campsite.
Mavis rolls d6: [5] = 5
Mavis rolls d6: [6] = 6
Mavis rolls d6: [4] = 4
LadyNessey: It is dawn. Night was uneventful.
LadyNessey: Yoshi is still leading and going ahead to scout.
LadyNessey: We eventually see a small wagon approaching us. It is pulled by a single horse and someone is sitting in the wagon and there is stuff in the wagon.
LadyNessey: Yoshi makes sure it is not body shaped rolled carpets.
LadyNessey: Carric and Yoshi hail the driver.
LadyNessey: He says, "Well met, travelers."
LadyNessey: He is going to Minesport.
LadyNessey: Carric asks what to except to the south? Way to Xammer?
LadyNessey: Driver says if you go far enough, though the civilized lands, you will eventually get to Xammer.
LadyNessey: Carric - where are you from?
LadyNessey: Driver - Lemur.
LadyNessey: Carric - you recommend an Inn as we travel south?
LadyNessey: Driver - yes, in Lemur.
LadyNessey: Nessey - And what is your name kind sir? I am Nessey.
LadyNessey: Driver - I am Chance.
LadyNessey: Carric speaks of ladies who are friends of ours who went this way weeks ago.
LadyNessey: Chance - you are following the ladies (he nods sagely)
LadyNessey: Carric says they are Brianna and Talon.
LadyNessey: Chance has not had the pleasure of meeting them.
LadyNessey: His wagon trundles on to the north.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - shouts - how far ahead is the next town?
LadyNessey: Man stops, Lemur is a couple days. Or you could stop at the Dragons Fire Furlow.
LadyNessey: Carric- is that a nice place?
LadyNessey: Man - if you like dragons.
LadyNessey: Man - you have the gamesmen and the dragons and the pawns.
LadyNessey: Are the gamesmen or the dragons ever any good for us pawns?
Mavis: Purlieu
LadyNessey: says Driver
LadyNessey: Dragons Fire Purlieu
LadyNessey: Carric - we are new here, is there anything we should or shouldn't do as we approach this Purlieu.
LadyNessey: He looks us up and down - says we are not wearing gamesmen garb, so don't approach gamesmen, hang out with the other pawns.
LadyNessey: Carric, pushings, but if we did approach the gamesmen, what should we do?
LadyNessey: Driver - if you approach the gamesmen, you are in your own hands.
LadyNessey: Carric - and the dragons?
LadyNessey: The dragons are the other gamesmen. They can be good people, But they tend to think of themselves.
LadyNessey: The dragons AND the other gamesmen can be good people but tend to think of themselves (is perhaps what he really said)
LadyNessey: He is happy to have met us.
LadyNessey: We encounter another fork in the road.
LadyNessey: after traveling a while
Yoshi rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 0): [13] = 13
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Search (d20 + 3): [18 + 3] = 21
Mavis rolls Mavis Search (d20 + 10): [9 + 10] = 19
Carric rolls Search (d20 + 3): [15 + 3] = 18
Caelesti rolls d20 + 1: [(12) + 1] = 13
LadyNessey: This time, we know what we are looking for. We don't see a pile of stones here.
LadyNessey: Left or right?
LadyNessey: Carric tracks to see where wagon came from? Looks like the right, Lemur.
LadyNessey: He said Dragons Fire place was also to the south.
LadyNessey: Carric thinks the Dragon's Fire Purlieu might be to the left.
LadyNessey: Nessey - Lemur sounds nicer.
LadyNessey: Carric - but we aren't here on vacation. We are here to see interesting things.
Mavis: Leamer
LadyNessey: Carric - Talon and Brianna would be more likely to go to the Dragon's Fire Purlieu
LadyNessey: leamer is spelling of town
LadyNessey: Carric wants us to go left. Left fork to Dragon's Fire.
LadyNessey: Caelesti thinks Dragon Fire Purlieu is on the way to Leamer. Not another fork.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - I thought Brianna intentionally wanted to go the Realm of the Gamesmen.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - it was unclear where that was.
LadyNessey: Mavis - yes, this could all the realm of the gamesmen.
Carric rolls Track (d20 + 16): [20 + 16] = 36
LadyNessey: Carric does more tracking.
LadyNessey: Best he can do.
LadyNessey: Nessey - when he is following women, he tracks better.
LadyNessey: Lots of traffic down to Leamer. Lots of wagons. On road to the left - only a horse and couple people weeks ago.
LadyNessey: Carric - let's take the road less traveled.
LadyNessey: Yoshi doesn't get it. But it is explained to him.
LadyNessey: The right front foot of that horse is like a mule with that gait.
LadyNessey: Carric - I know this mule!
LadyNessey: We go along the left path.
LadyNessey: It is a nice, pleasant road.
LadyNessey: Late in the afternoon, we can see ahead, what looks like a settlement among the hills, around castle.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 10 + 4): [17 + 10 + 4] = 31
Mavis rolls Mavis Spot (d20 + 16): [16 + 16] = 32
Carric rolls Spot (d20 + 13): [10 + 13] = 23
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Spot (d20 + : [2 + 8] = 10
Caelesti rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [6 - 1 + 2] = 7
LadyNessey: Neither Caelesti, nor Nessy notice anyting unsual.
LadyNessey: Others see in the sky a flying creature, circling, lower and lower.
LadyNessey: It is not Tan Kuran, but Carric recalls her.
LadyNessey: it is reptilian with large wings and as it circles lower.... towards us... It is getting colder, temperature, feels to us, as it gets closer.
LadyNessey: Nessey wraps her cloak closer around herself.
LadyNessey: Yoshi arms himself.
Mavis rolls Mavis Initiative (d20 + 9): [11 + 9] = 20
Carric rolls Initiative (d20 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7
Yoshi rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 2): [4 + 4 + 2] = 10
LadyNessey: Caelesti does a lizard dance.
Caelesti rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8
Carric rolls TK Initiative (d20 + 3): [20 + 3] = 23
LadyNessey rolls Nes - Initiative (d20 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4
Mavis rolls d20: [17] = 17
LadyNessey: Tan Kuran flies low and hides a bit a way from the party on a low branch behind leaves.
LadyNessey: mavis looks up and draws her bow and readies herself.
LadyNessey: The dragon flies down, down, down.
LadyNessey: It is a bright red color.
LadyNessey: Nessey - those are usually hot.
LadyNessey: Carric - this is not your mother's red dragon.
LadyNessey: yoshi - is up next - may not pull out shurkiens after all.
LadyNessey: Okay, yes, he prepares his shirkens, readies an action to fire in the event we are attacked.
LadyNessey: Caelesti does a friendly lizard death.
LadyNessey: Carric casts on himself - energy resist cold
LadyNessey: Nessey - yells out "Greetings, Noble Dragon" in draconic.
LadyNessey: Surprise round done.
LadyNessey: The dragon looked at Nessey, curiously, then continued circling.
LadyNessey: It is still getting lower.
LadyNessey: Mavis readies an action.
LadyNessey: She drew her bow last time.
LadyNessey: Dragon - lands in front of us.
LadyNessey: And it sort of pulls its wings in and wriggles a bit and now there is a person standing in front of us.
LadyNessey: Male human with red and yellow cloak. And leather clothing, nicely cut. And hood over his head and down to his brow.
LadyNessey: With read and yellow similated teeth design on cloak hood forehead.
LadyNessey: He says "hail, travelers, who is coming to Dragon's Fire Purlieu?"
LadyNessey: Carric - we are travelers and not from this land. I am Carric Druid of Belanus. We are following Brianna and Talon, some of our friends who came here some weeks ago.
LadyNessey: Man - I am not aware of a Druid in the Index. What are your talents?
LadyNessey: Carric - I am a Man of Nature.
LadyNessey: Man - you are babbling.
LadyNessey: Carric - I can summon animals and transform myself into an animal.
LadyNessey: Man - ahhh, you are a shifter of some sort.
LadyNessey: Man - and you sir? (looks at Yoshi)
LadyNessey: yoshi - i am a follower of Nuado.
LadyNessey: man - and your talents?
LadyNessey: Yoshi - I am just a humble man of little talent
LadyNessey: Man - ahhh, a pawn
LadyNessey: man - and you are accompanying these ladies. I do not recognize any of your garbs.
LadyNessey: Man - that one looks unusual.
LadyNessey: Caelest - I am Caelesti.
LadyNessey: Man - do you have any talents?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - I can dance and cast spells.
LadyNessey: Man - you are babbling.
LadyNessey: Caelesti casts fly on herself.
Mavis: Lady Armiger
LadyNessey: Man - Lady Armager, my pardon. (He bows)
LadyNessey: Caelesti bows back.
LadyNessey: Man - you two ladies, what are your talents.
LadyNessey: he looks at Nessey - you look like s shifter, are you a shifter?
LadyNessey: Nessey - i am really good at fighting and riding and barbarian and Amazon and noble woman, etc, etc....
LadyNessey: She says she is a very good fighter.
LadyNessey: He says she is a pawn obviously.
Yoshi rolls Sk:Sense Motive (d20 + 11 + 4 + 5): [10 + 11 + 4 + 5] = 30
LadyNessey: And you, mam - to Mavis.
LadyNessey: She says, I am a simple trader.
LadyNessey: He says, is that so?
LadyNessey: yoshi senses motive of man.
LadyNessey: He seems to be honestly trying to understand who we are.
LadyNessey: It could be his job.
LadyNessey: Yoshi does not feel he any special agenda towards us.
LadyNessey: man to mavis -how come you are not wearing the standard garb of the trader, how can I tell if you are a trader?
LadyNessey: mavis - I am a trader in other lands. maybe I don't understand the customs here. She does silent and gazes intently at him.
Mavis rolls d20: [9] = 9
LadyNessey: Yoshi wants to say something quietly through ring, what do you think, Mavis?
LadyNessey: mavis is gazing intently. Guy starts back and stares at her. He says, Demon!
LadyNessey: He looks a little white and says, "Pardon me, Mam, I am sorry if I have offended you."
LadyNessey: mavis - no problem. Where have we arrived?
LadyNessey: Man - I am a Dragon of the Dragon's Fire Purlieu, as you should have expected when you came down this way.
LadyNessey: Nessey and Yoshi are labeled pawns. Carric a shifter. Caelesti an armanger. Mavis a Demon.
LadyNessey: He says he will go and announce our arrival.
LadyNessey: We talk among ourselves.
LadyNessey: Nessey to Mavis - why did he think you were a demon when you stared at thim?
LadyNessey: Mavis - what is an armanger?
LadyNessey: When he was in human form, cold went away.
Mavis: Cold Drake
LadyNessey: He identified himself as a Cold Drake of Dragon's Fire Purlieu.
LadyNessey: yoshi - Mavis, what do you think is going on. You seem to have a rapport, after a fashion.
LadyNessey: mavis - I don't know. I don't know.
LadyNessey: Carric - it seems like people who do not have magical abilities are called pawns.
LadyNessey: mavis has no idea why she was called Demon.
LadyNessey: Carric - maybe you stared too much.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - don't think it's just that
LadyNessey: Nessey - sounds like we can all infiltrate the different groups.
LadyNessey: mavis - some of the groups. He seemed to be confused by all of us. He seemed to think he could pick out who we were by what we were wearing. LadyNessey: Crazy Druid spoke of an Armager in some house with another piece of Druid set.
LadyNessey: House could be a clan, not a building.
LadyNessey: yoshi - did you do, Mavis, a sense motive type thing, did you learn anything?
LadyNessey: mavis - I was trying to figure out what he thought.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - what did you determine?
LadyNessey: Mavis - he wonders why we are all going dressed as pawns when we are all obviously not pawns.
LadyNessey: Mavis - what did he mean my index?
LadyNessey: Nessey - titles?
LadyNessey: Yoshi - they are fixated on classification.
LadyNessey: Mavis - titles associated with talents associated with costumes.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - maybe I will get a new outfit.
LadyNessey: Maybe they will present me with a nice outfit?
LadyNessey: mavis - they will wonder why you are not dressed that way already
LadyNessey: Caelesti - a rat bandit store my armager outfit.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - a shape shifter
LadyNessey: mavis - they refered to Yoshi and Nessey as OUR pawns.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - I have a bad feeling about this and think we should hold something in reserve, not reveal too much from here on.
LadyNessey: Nessey - I can tell a lot of things without telling too much.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - I am suggesting we be more cautious than we have been.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - for instance, Carric, you could call yourself a Follower of Belanus, not a "Druid" which always confuses people.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - and you, Caelesti, showing off your flyng ability!
LadyNessey: Caelesti - I didn't think dancing would impress them
LadyNessey: Yoshi - it might be better if they don't know all you can do.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - But I just learned it and like to use it.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - you can practice by yourself.
LadyNessey: Nessey - it is possible we do not fit into their skill set.
LadyNessey: Caelesti - What do you know? You are just a pawn.
LadyNessey: She says to Nessey and Yoshi.
LadyNessey: Carric - didn't I have a dream about the realm of the gamesmen?
LadyNessey: Yes, I saw a bird flying over the sea, I was holding gamespieces. Yoshi said it meant to go to the land of the gamesmen.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - let us procede to the castle. They know we are coming.
LadyNessey: We arrive at sun set. There are lights shining within the castle. There are small squat huts around the castle. The gates are open to the castle and inviting.
LadyNessey: It is too late to stop at a small squat hut. We ride and walk up to the castle gate.
LadyNessey: A couple guardsmen step forth and hail us, who approaches.
LadyNessey: We all state our names. Carric and Caelesti use their special titles. The rest of us do not.
LadyNessey: We are invited in. They say we will be shown to quarters.
LadyNessey: One guard signals to a pawnish man - a man who more drab than the others.
LadyNessey: He is baldish with ordinary clothing. he bows and wrings his hands and offers to fullfil our needs.
LadyNessey: He leads us to our quarters.
LadyNessey: he signals and a couple people come and lead Nessey and Yoshi off to the side.
LadyNessey: Carric, Caelesti and Mavis are lead forward, including her mule.
LadyNessey: What about Nessey's war horse.
LadyNessey: they take Mavis'a mule to the stables. Mavis asks goods be put into a suitable store-room. "Of course, Madame Demon, of course."
LadyNessey: Horses, including Nessey's, are both led to the stables, same stables.
LadyNessey: Nessey and Yoshi led off separately.
LadyNessey: Nessey is quiet for the moment. Yoshi hopes for a bath so he can put his head under water.
LadyNessey: Pawns first. Nessey and Yoshi.
LadyNessey: Essential plot element = pawn.
LadyNessey: nessey has more experience in the pawn role than anyone else.
LadyNessey: We are brought into a comfortable servants quarters
LadyNessey: Filled with ordinary people doing ordinary things. Led into large kitchen with lots of people cooking. Person leads us there, smiles and nods and leaves.
Mavis: Dingle
LadyNessey: Cook comes over and says, "So another party has come to the Dragon's Fire Perlieu. And, as always, those we really do the work of the world are shuffled off to the side and ignored. We know how it is. You are among the stuck up gamesmen, but you are with us good folk and we are happy to cook for you."
LadyNessey: Yoshi - who are you?
LadyNessey: I am Dingle.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - we are new here and so new we don't understand what a gamesman is and what a pawn is?
LadyNessey: Dingle - gamesmen are those witih talent. They declar games on each other. And there is nothing but harm to us pawns.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - what is a simcgle game?
LadyNessey: single game?
LadyNessey: Dingle - like when a dragon challenges an armager and they battle and one gets hurt or killed. It makes no difference in our lives if one gamesmen kills another.
LadyNessey: Dingle - if you go around as a potent gamesmen on another - you get challenged a lot. It is often not to the death.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - a grand game?
Mavis: Demesne
LadyNessey: Dingle - a great war between domains
LadyNessey: a large congregation of gamesmen, multiple domains, all against each other, and pawns are used up like pawns.
LadyNessey: Nessey - you mean, they have you fight for them?
LadyNessey: Dingle - no we shop down forests of trees to feed the great war-ovens, for instance.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - war oven?
LadyNessey: Dingle - great ovens of wood to power games, need heat energy. When there are many gamesmen together, doing their games, they are sucking all the heat out of everything around them as they do their talents, and pawns freeze to death around them, as they fly, etc drawing the energy from the pawns and heat from the great war ovens. Pawns don't actually die, that is, but drop with exhaustion or fall from cold. We pawns are used up, used up.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - how often are these grand games declared?
LadyNessey: Dingle - only maybe once in a century. Usually there is diplomacy between districts and one-on-one games.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - those we came wtih...can we vist them?
LadyNessey: Dingle - oh, if you are their pawns, they will call you when they need you.
LadyNessey: Dingle - of course, here we are preparing fine food for above, but there is so much, they won't notice if we give you this food too.
LadyNessey: nessey - what is the life of pawn women like?
LadyNessey: Nessey - are pawn women equal to pawn men?
LadyNessey: Dingle - we are all pawns equally.
LadyNessey: Dingle - we have our small talents.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - one more question - what happens if a pawn aides a gamesmen in a challenge.
LadyNessey: Dingle - they will probably die. Therefore, we avoid the games when we can. We hide when we might be called to assit in games.
LadyNessey: Dingle - yes, pawns might die of cold when a game is going on in the vicinity.
LadyNessey: Nessey - are any of your women good fighters.
LadyNessey: Dingle - fighting against who?
LadyNessey: Nessey - assisting the gamesmen?
LadyNessey: Dingle - we don't do that. We have no talent in fighting.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - asks about each role?
LadyNessey: Armagers fly.
LadyNessey: Lader flits from place to place.
LadyNessey: Shifters and dead raisers and demons...
LadyNessey: Yoshi - what do demons do?
LadyNessey: Dingle - oh, they read your thoughts. they are particularly feared. You have no defenses against a demon. You can feel when it tickles your mind. Mavis: Elator flicks from place place
LadyNessey: Nessey - to Yoshi - I think Mavis has some talents we don't have.
Mavis: Tragamor moves things with his mind
LadyNessey: Tragamore?
Mavis: Armigers fly
Mavis: Seers, Demons, Shifters, Healers, Deadraisers
Mavis: Great Rulers - kings and queens - beguile you
LadyNessey: Yoshi - can a gameman have more than one talent?
LadyNessey: Dingle - yes, there are titles for every combination!
Mavis: For example, a Cold Drake can fly and shift and store power
LadyNessey: Dingle - for example a cold drake can fly and shift and store power.
LadyNessey: It is not as powerful as the pure kind, but can do all those things
LadyNessey: The more powers, the weaker each power.
LadyNessey: Dingle - you stick with us pawns and stay away from those gamesmen who are certainly above your league.
LadyNessey: Nessey - we certainly like you good people
LadyNessey: Nessey to Yoshi - these people seem oppressed. I sure would like to liberate them.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - We need to be careful. We have a small advantage. They do not know that you and I have talents. We can keep that to ourselves.
LadyNessey: Nessey - you are older and wiser and I will listen to you, but I tell you these people are oppressed.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - every society has a servant class.
LadyNessey: nessey - but we don't fly around freezing tghem.
LadyNessey: Nessey - the men and the women too are oppressed here.
LadyNessey: Yoshi - I agree, but let's go cautiously. There is great danger here. But I agree it is unfair. But we in a good position in that they don't know of OUR powers. Let's keep that to ourselves.
LadyNessey: Nessey, well okay.
LadyNessey: Nessey is uncharacteristically quiet and as she contemplates the oppression of the pawns and how to liberate them.
LadyNessey: Back to the others.
LadyNessey: they are led to suptuous rooms, individual rooms
LadyNessey: Carric asks about Brianna and Talon
LadyNessey: Pawn servant says yes, they looked like Rulers. They came in and impressed everyone and then went on their way. They were here a few days.
LadyNessey: Carric where did they go?
LadyNessey: Servant - it is not for me to know.
LadyNessey: Carric - who is in charge here?
LadyNessey: Servant - King Killdar, of course.
LadyNessey: Carric - did cold drake tell you we were coming?
LadyNessey: Servant - yes and here you are, Sir Shifter. You were going is disguise apparently.
LadyNessey: Carric - not really. we are not from around here. Do shifters all dress in a shifter way?
LadyNessey: Servant - yes, it is only curtious.
LadyNessey: Servant - I would expect you to have a big Pombi head over your head or pelt of some kind.
LadyNessey: Carric - what do shifter change into?
LadyNessey: Servant - Why do you ask what you already know as a shifter, sir?
LadyNessey: Carric - do you mind me asking?
LadyNessey: Servant - babbles and studders.
LadyNessey: Carric - be honest
LadyNessey: Servant - Shifter are the least trusted of all the gamesmen, cause you never know what Shifters can do. He studders and excuses himself in fear. LadyNessey: Carric knocks on door of room of Caelesti.
LadyNessey: Caelesti has asked if she would fed in her room, asked servant.
LadyNessey: he says put on standard garb.
LadyNessey: She asks if they have clothes for her?
LadyNessey: Servant says it is not for me to ask why you don't have your armagers garb. He hurries off to find some for her. Says dinner in feast room in 45 minutes.
LadyNessey: Carric wants to talk with Caelesti and Mavis.
LadyNessey: Caelesti goes on and on about her new outfit she is going to get soon.
LadyNessey: Carric said shifters are untrustworthy.
LadyNessey: Caelesti says, I always thought so.
LadyNessey: Carric knocks on Mavis's door.
LadyNessey: Mavis says her pawn servant did not want to talk to her.
LadyNessey: Carric relates his pawn said Shifters are the most untrustworthy,
LadyNessey: mavis says - rightly so.
LadyNessey: Carric blushes.
LadyNessey: Carric relates Caelesti's outfit and doesn't know if that is good or bad.
LadyNessey: Mavis - I don't know that masquerading as someone we are not is the best approach.
LadyNessey: mavis - my servant seemed a little nervous.
LadyNessey: Carric - my guy said each type of gamesmen dress differently per type. All dress in same way per type.
LadyNessey: Carric said - he said he expected me to be wearing a Pombi head.
LadyNessey: Carric - during dinner we need to find out more.
Mavis: King Kelvar
LadyNessey: Mavis - I don't know what to expect.
LadyNessey: mavis - the fellow leading me here, seemed to expect I'd know exactly what is going on.
LadyNessey: Carric - we have to let them know we are travelers from VERY far away and don
LadyNessey: and don't know the customs here.
LadyNessey: Mavis - what about your costume?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - something appropriate for me.
LadyNessey: mavis - how would he know what that is?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - I don't know.
LadyNessey: Carric - an armager outfit?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - I don't know.
LadyNessey: mavis - I should call my guy back and get a Demon outfit, whatever that is. What is that, Carric?
LadyNessey: Carric - something with horns?
LadyNessey: Caelesti - Demon and Demonstrator? A teacher?
LadyNessey: Carric - you clearly look normal, Mavis. you don't have leather wings, etc
LadyNessey: Mavis - I wouldn't mind wearing leather.
LadyNessey: Carric - there is some kind of aristocracy and servant class.
LadyNessey: Mavis - they are called pawns , like everything is in game terms.
LadyNessey: Carric - or could be a religious classification.
LadyNessey: Carric - perhaps each type is a heirarchy. This might be caste society.
LadyNessey: mavis, I will call my guy back and ask for a Demon outfit.
LadyNessey: Mavis - go back to your room, Carric, I need time to think about that.
LadyNessey: Carric - when your guy comes, send him over to our rooms.
LadyNessey: Guy comes back. Caelesti is standing there completely naked. He blanches and holds up costume. he drops it and runs out the door.
LadyNessey: Caelsti shouts after him to check on Mavis and Carric
LadyNessey: Mavis talks to him.
LadyNessey: Carric talks to hiim and says he doesn't have appropriate outfit.
LadyNessey: Man says - you want shifter outfit, is that true?
LadyNessey: Man says Carric is dressed like pawn at the moment.
LadyNessey: Man says I will do what I can, Mister Shifty Sir.
LadyNessey: Man comes back with all the costumes.
LadyNessey: mavis's is half hood and down over her eyes with eye holes and little horns.
LadyNessey: Carric has a sort of Pombi head outfit.
LadyNessey: We will pause when they are led to dinner
LadyNessey: mavis's is just a hood over her regular clothing.
LadyNessey: they are led in to the feast like that.
LadyNessey: Will have to say what Armager is like later.
LadyNessey: They are led to dinner hall.
LadyNessey: There is a blare of horns and a door is opened.
LadyNessey: Man at door announces each with name and title.

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