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Tarrastra Adventure 14

Yoshi's notes



17th year of the reign of King Kevin.

Twenty-sixth day of "July". Afternoon.

Weather is bright sunny. As hot as one might expect.


Carric Dendreu - Male Aasimar Druid 2 (with eagle Tan-kurun)

Caelesti - Female Feytouched Rogue 1/Sorceress 1

Lady Lyonessey "Nessey" Lavena Rowana - Female Aasimar Aristocrat 1/Swashbuckler 1

Yoshi - Male Human Monk 3


We discuss a strategy to recover our weapons from the Grick. In particular, Caelesti will remove her armor and try to cast sleep, and Carric will cast Magic Fang on Yoshi's fists. However, we must wait until tomorrow noon.

In the meantime, we return to the inn. The innkeeper, Meredith, comments that she has held our rooms for a couple days, feeding our mule the best feed, etc. She says that Bab and Bran had been by with their children, and told Meredith that we had rescued them. She offers us a pint and dinner on the house.

Nessey proceeds to chat about our last adventure at the Wagon Wheel Inn.

Caelesti dances a Lizard Man dance.

Later that evening... We have our dinner, some beer, Caelesti dances, we go to bed.

The bright moon tonight is waxing. The bane moon is hardly to be seen - small and dim.

[July 27] Next morning, we get up. We breakfast. We tell Meredith we'll be back later. We go off to the tower.

Caelesti is wearing her bright green outfit.

Carric prays.

Yoshi suggests we go through the cave entrance. We discuss this, and decide that it is probably easier to approach quietly.

Yoshi approaches, but does not see the monster. He returns, and suggests Caelesti go with her superior vision. Carric reminds Yoshi that it came down the wall, so he should check the ceiling. Yoshi and Caelesti return. Yoshi looks in again and looks up, but still sees nothing. He backs out, and motions to Caelesti to come look. Caelesti thinks that the creature is against the far wall.

We return. Carric casts the spell on Yoshi, whose fist starts pulsating with an unearthly light.

Caeleist and Yoshi go back.

Initiatives: Nessey 12, Caelesti 10, Carric 8, Yoshi 7.

Round 1: Caelesti stands in the doorway with a Sleep spell readied which Yoshi boldly walks in to where the weapons are.

Round 2: Caelesti continues to ready her sleep spell. Yoshi picks up two weapons. The creature slithers down. Caelesti casts her sleep spell, but the creature slithers to Yoshi.

Round 3: Nessey enters and positions herself to flank next round. Carric enters. Yoshi attacks, dealing 6 points of damage and stunning it. Caelesti casts sleep again, and the creature falls to the ground.

Round 4: Yoshi hits it again for 8 points, killing it.

Nessey asks Carric if the creature's hide is worth anything. "I don't think so."

We pick up our weapons and see if there is anything else left by hapless victims.

We note that it came from a hole in the wall.

Caelesti climbs up, and sees scattered bones, as if the creature had dragged up its victims to feed. She sees some scattered bits of cloth, some pouches, some weapons. Caelesti gathers up things that might have value.

All told, we find a set of leather armor; a small pouch that clinks when shaken; and a small sack with a lump in it; a small pouch that has no apparent contents when inspected from the outside.

Carric and Caelesti casts detect magic on these items. The pouch with no apparent contents detects magic (moderate conjuration), as does the sack with a lump in it (faint enchantment).

We open the non-magical pouch. There are 37 GP. Carric opens the small pouch; it has a small white feather in it. Nessey opens the sack; it has a mug. She takes it out. It is a fine silver mug set with jade. There is a bottle, a vial, set inside the mug. Nessey thinks the mug is worth 175 GP.

We decide what we do next. Carric suggests we go to Meadowbrook, after going back to the inn for the night.

[July 28] We head north. Along the way, we meet the occasional wagon, the occasional rider. Nothing out of the ordinary. Late in the afternoon, we see a large town in front of us. We approach, and seek The Golden Twig.

We enter the town, and off the town square there appears to be an inn with a sign of a piece of wood painted gold. We tie up the mule, and go in.

A man wearing an apron comes up. "I am Blaine. Welcome to the Golden Twig."

Carric says, "I am Carric. Your establishment was recommended to us by Gareth. We need two rooms: one for Yoshi and me, and one for the ladies, Caelesti and Nessey."

"Well, any friend of Gareth's is a friend of ours. We're happy to put you up."

"By the way, do you know a fellow named Corrum Trimble?"

"Yes, he is a merchant here. Should I direct you to the marketplace tomorrow?"

"The Corrum Trimble you know, what does he look like?"

"Well, he's well-groomed. Relatively short guy. Brown hair. Well-groomed; wears good clothes. He's a prosperous citizen here."

"Have you seen him recently? Do you think he'd be in the market tomorrow?"

"Well, he's a trader; he doesn't have a stall per se in the market."

"Does he live here? Can you direct us to his house?"

"Yes, over on East Street."

Carric continues. "Do you see Nessey here? We've heard of a person who looks just like her; have you seen a person who looks just like her?"

"Well that is a strange thing. Are you thinking she has a sister that lives in Meadowbrook? What is your last name, miss?"

"Rowena!" Nessey answers.

"Rowena. That sounds like someone who lives in Rowansmeade."

Carric says, "I understand there are some sacred stones, some standing stones, that are sort-of south or east?"

"I don't know much about that. You could talk to the local druids. There's the river to the west, and a marsh to the south. Lots of towers. Back when there were barbarians, the king had these towers to keep the peace."

We chat a little more, then go up to our rooms to discuss things.

Carric says, "Do we divide up our money?"

Yoshi says, "I was thinking we might pool our funds. I confess I would appreciate some magical protection as I cannot avail myself of leather armor. But our first order of business should be to identify the items we have."

We determine all the monies we have, which is 574 GP, plus the value of the mug. After inn expenses and replenishing our rations, 141 GP per character, plus the mug.

Tomorrow, we want to visit Corrum Trimble, go to the market, find someone who knows about the gray fey, sell the mug, find someone who might be able to help with the Redcap teeth and gray-fey armband.

Over dinner Nessey and Caelesti learn that Ginessa the druid could probably help us with our Fey questions.

Before we go to bed, Nessey checks the moon. The bright moon continues to wax. The bane moon is not visible at all.

[July 29] Our night passes uneventfully. We seek Ginessa.

At the west edge of the town, about 150' down a path that leads out of town is a small cottage. Carric knocks, and a middle-aged woman who looks like a druid comes out. Carric introduces himself and the party, and Ginessa herself. Ginessa is also a druid of Belenus.

Carric asks about the standing stones guarded by a hydra. "Oh yes, if you go west to the river then south, you will find them. We've not been able to get to it easily; I'd heard rumors of there being a monster that is there. In ancient times, this was a sort-of center of worship. Many centuries ago it fell out of active use, but the monsters moved in maybe 20 years ago, and it has not been visited since. If you wish to go after that monster, I'm all for that!"

Carric talks about how we learned about the standing stones, relating the story of the rescue of the children from the lizard men. He then goes on the explain how it is we came to Meadowbrook, and why we seek Corrum Trimble.

Carric then asks about the gray fey we encountered. Ginessa says, "It sounds like you have encountered some shadr-kai. They are fey from the plane of shadow; they are very unusual. They hate other fey. Their armbands are called gal-ralan. When they are here on our plane, their souls are being pulled back to the plane of shadow. This iron armband anchors their soul on this plane. So, when you removed it, you killed it."

"Does it have any benefits for those who wear it?"

"Yes, resistance to magic, but note how the barb digs in to your skin. You are in pain while you wear it, and it afflicts your health."

"We also met two redcaps." Carric continued to describe our victory over them.

"Yes, those are nasty creatures. Did you get their teeth?"

"Yes, they are here. What are they?"

"Well, put it on a cord, put it around your neck, and fey will be more favorable to you."

"You know, I am surprised about those shadr-kai. Very unusual. I wonder. This may be a scouting party of sorts..."

"What about the vials?"

"Yes, these are like a darkness potion."

Yoshi suggests we ask about our other items.

"The bag of tricks gets you an animal that can help you out, perhaps to scout or some such."

"This is a feather token. It can become some type of thing - a boat, a tree, a bird. I'm not that familiar with them."

Carric asks, "Is there someone here in town who might be able to help us?"

"Conner in Rowansmeade is your best bet."

"As to the potion, I have no idea. There is an alchemist in town who could probably help you."

"Well, thank you very much!"

"Would you care to contribute to the cause of Belenus in Meadowbrook?"

"Yes! Here is 20 GP."

"Ah, thank you." And we depart. We decide to go visit Corrum Trimble then we will go to the marketplace.

We go to the other side of town, to the east road, and we find, for a town of this size, mansions. We come up to Corrum's house, and there's a fairly nice looking two-story wooden house, with a fence around the yard.

We discuss how we will approach and confront Corrum. Caelesti seems the logical person, but she thinks she should enchant him. Yoshi is most uncomfortable with this, and calls it wrong, much like it was wrong with Old Nell.

As we are talking a small boy runs up to the house and knocks on the door. The door opens a crack and the boy says something. A hand reaches out and puts a coin in the boy's hand. He then runs back to town.

We approach the house, with Caelesti in front. We knock on the door and nobody answers. Yoshi replicates the knock of the boy, and nobody answers. Caelesti looks about, and sees a thin face looking out from behind a curtain on the second floor. Caelesti smiles and waves, and the curtain falls into place.

Carric tests the door. Yoshi says, "Carric!" "I was just going to open the door and say, 'Hello!' Maybe they're in the back of the house."

"We should get off the premises," Carric says.

Yoshi agrees. "I also think we should find an agent to help us make introductions."

We move a little ways out.

Carric says, "I guess we should go back to town and do our shopping."

"But if we leave," Caelesti says, "then if they know we're coming to get them, they might escape!"

Carric says, "I think Caelesti is suggesting we watch the place."

We go back a ways and watch the house until noon and beyond. We notice that the front door opens at one point and closes. We continue watching. Carric prays for his daily spells, and we decide to go back to town.

Nessey's notes

3-17-05 Game - One Bright Moon visible over Tarrastra - Four Adventurers under that Moon: Nessey, Caelesti, Carric and Yoshi

Carric suggests we return to the Inn - where our Mule and assorted packs have been stashed the past couple days - and actually check in there. We do so.

Inn Keeper, "I've had yer rooms ready for days, put yer packs in yer rooms, been feeding yer mule, wond'ring when ya'll might turn up again..."

Carric, "We were helping the farm family rescue their children..."

Inn Keeper, "Heard about it. Heard about it. That's why I kept yer rooms for ya'll. Now you don't need to worry about nothing in MY rooms. No one dying over night in MY Inn, not like others I could name..."

Nessey, "Greetings. I'm Lady Lyonessey Lavena Rowana. And I was wondering if you had many bats around here? Cause at the last Inn I stayed at, there were LOTS of bats. Little bats in a swarm and a big giant mean bat. Oh, and if I were you I'd check the basement after every time it rains. Cause there are these really nasty moldy slimey oozy things that can crawl in and-"

Carric, "A-hem! I'm sure there's nothing like that at YOUR Inn. Now allow me introduce myself, I'm Carric, and this is Yoshi and Caelesti."

Inn Keeper, "Pleased to meet you." To Nessey, by Inn Keeper, "What was that you were saying about mold, little Miss?"

Nessey is about to ramble, but catches Carric's eye and keeps it short, "Things can get moldy after it rains."

Inn Keeper, "Yes, well we keep our place clean here. Follow me, this way, and I'll show yer to yer rooms."

Nessey and Caelesti share one room. Carric and Yoshi are together in another. We unpack and get settled, then chat about how to defeat the Wormy Thing - while we wait for dinner.

Dinner turns out to be a celebratory feast in our honor for rescuing the local children. The farmer and his wife are there - and their friends. Everyone has lots to eat and drink and we all make merry. Caelesti demonstrates her new lizard dance for everyone - and no one quite knows what to make of it.

Nessey checks on Toto, our mule, and looks up the sky and sees that the Bane Moon is dull and dim tonight - barely discernable at all - whereas the Bright Moon is getting fuller and brighter each night.

Later that night, back in our rooms... Nessey expresses curiosity about Caelesti's new magical abilities.

Nessey, "You didn't used to be able to do magical things and now you can. Why is that?"

Caelestic, "I don't know. I just woke up one day and felt like I had some magic flowing in my veins and had an intuition that I could cast a spell. And I tried it and it worked!"

Nessey, "So you can put things to sleep with Magic? That must really come in handy, like if you have insomnia or something..."

Caelesti, "Yup. Except Carric thinks sometimes my armor gets in the way. I don't know why."

Caelesti tossed her armor aside and proceeds to take off all her clothes for the night.

Nessey, "You aren't encumbered now. So you could cast Sleep now, right?"

Caelesti, "Yeah, I think so."

Nessey, "What is Magical Sleep like? Do you think it is more restful than regular sleep? Do you think it would give me Magical Dreams? Could you cast Sleep on me right now?"

Caelesti, "Sure! Let's find out!"

Caelesti concentrates and gesticulates and casts Sleep successfully on Nessey. So Nessey sleeps soundly and very restfully and has no bad dreams or worries all that night.

In the morning, Caelesti chooses a nice bright green outfit to wear for the day - and leaves her armor in the room.

We gather together in the dining room and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Over breakfast, Nessey repeats her idea of frying the Wormy Thing in oil, but no one picks up on her advice, as they are each enamored of their own ideas. Yoshi is into punching things or dropping things off towers to go splat. Carric is into Magic Fang. And Caelesti is eager to try to Sleep the creature and see if not wearing armor helps.

Yoshi mentions to us that he's been hearing voices in his head lately. Nessey asks about this. Yoshi, "I hear my god speaking to me, asking me questions I don't understand."

Nessey, "You don't understand the meaning of the questions or you don't understand the language he's speaking in?"

Yoshi zips this lips at this and won't say. He goes broody on us and won't answer any more questions. This is very worrying! But we drop it for now.

On the path to the Tower, we debate whether to approach the Wormy Thing from the inside of the Tower or from the River Bank passage. We choose the River Bank side - since it's closer to the Creature and to escape, if we need to, and offers "better opportunities to approach silently and take it by surprise."

Yoshi, of course, goes in first, by himself, in the dark, and being human - doesn't see anything. So once again he suggests Caelesti look in. And once again, Yoshi follows Caelesti and stands behind her. But first Yoshi lets Carric cast Magic Fang on his fist.

Caelesti looks and around notices a suspicious "pulsating" patch on one wall - the Wormy Thing! So far, it is unaware of us. She relates this to Yoshi and he comes out to the River Bank and tells the rest of us.

Yoshi, "Okay, it's there, but it hasn't seen us. Let's go back in and collect our weapons and wait for it to move into position so Caelesti can cast Sleep without it falling on us."

Yoshi goes first and goes right in and stands in the middle of the cavern - attracting the attention of the Wormy Thing sooner, perhaps, than he suspected. He is heard to shout: "Bring the Troops!" as though in trouble.

Nessey is the first to rush in to Yoshi's aid. Caelesti's Sleep spell has apparently failed and Nessey finds the creature is upon Yoshi - preparing to give him more hickeys. As Nessey approaches to flank, Yoshi punches the creature with his fanged-fist and stuns it. Guess he didn't need our help, after all? This guy doesn't know his own strength!

Caelesti then approaches and successfully Sleeps the Stunned Wormy Thing. Then Yoshi fang-punches it again and kills it.

We pick up our weapons.

Nessey asks Carric he thinks the creatures skin/hide is valuable. He says, "Probably not. Let's leave it."

Caelesti spots a hole in one wall and climbs up to investigate. She piles of old clothes and rusted weapons and the bones of the Wormy's previous victims. She also finds: leather armor, 2 small pouches, and 1 sack with a lumpy object. She brings all this down to us and she and Carric do detect magic spells on the items.

They discover: the small pouch detects moderate Conjuration and the sack with the lump detects moderate Enchantment. The rest is non-magical. The non-magical pouch has coins worth 37 gp. The small magical pouch contains a single small white feather. The larger, lumpy sack contains a very nice silver and jade mug and a little potion bottle.

Nessey appraises the mug and thinks it is worth 175 gp.

Carric, "Nice haul! Let's head back to the Inn and then continue on our way to Meadowbrook and find Nessey's double and the five-headed creature. Do you think they might be one in the same? Do you think the creature will have five Nessey heads? Ha-hah!"

Nessey, "I think that is extremely unlikely!"

Caelesti, "I'd like to see the five heads dance!"

Yoshi, "Whatever. But we really MUST take care of that monster."

We return to the Inn and bed down for the night. Have a huge breakfast in the morning, pack, and head out on our way to Meadowbrook.

We travel without incident. We come to a large town and walk in to the town square and find an Inn with a sign made of wood, in shape of a twig, and painted gold.

We decide this must be the Golden Twig Inn that Garreth (the peddler) and Mavis (his companion) recommended to us when we met them on the road, many days ago.

Carric remarks, "Mavis was cute and quiet. I miss her."

We tie our mule outside and enter the Inn. The Keeper says, "Welcome Guests! I am Blaine. Welcome to the Golden Twig."

Carric, "Your establishment was recommended to us by Garreth and Mavis."

Blaine, "Ah, yes, fine people. Friends of theirs are welcome here."

Carric, "Good. We need two rooms. One for the ladies here - Nessey and Caelestic and one for us menfolk - I'm Carric and this is Yoshi."

Blaine, "No problem. I'll get that ready for you."

Carric, "Do you know of a Corrim Timble, by chance?"

Blaine, "Sure do. He's a merchant in this town. You friends of his? You merchants too?"

Carric, "Not exactly. What does the Corrim you know look like?"

Blaine, "Short guy. Brown hair. Well-groomed. Very prosperous man about town. Lives here in Meadowbrook in the best part of town! Nice big house. Really nice."

Carric, "Thanks. Okay. Well, you see Nessey here? You seen anyone else come through here who looks like her?"

Blaine, "Strange question. You mean like a sister or a cousin or something? What's your last name, Missy?"

Nessey, "Rowana."

Blaine, "No Rowanas in these parts. That sounds like a family name for Rowansmead."

Carric, "Any good shops around here? Sacred Stones? Local Druids...?"

Blaine, "Lots of great shops in the center of town. And I've heard of the Marsh, of course. Used to be lined with towers and guard posts to fend off the Barbarian Radiers. But the old duke made peace with them years and years and years ago, and so the old posts have fallen into ruin."

We retire to our rooms to settle in and divide up the money and loot from our previous adventures.

Yoshi, "We should pool everything, especially the money."

Carric, "I don't think that's practical."

Yoshi, "I'm looking for more protection and I can't use bucklers or leather armor."

Nessey, "What could you use then?"

Yoshi, "I've heard of bracers. Some have magical bonuses."

Carric, "Even if we pool our gp, I really don't think we can afford..."

Caelesti, "Hey, that sounds good to me too! I need a set of magical bracers!"

Carric sighs!

Nessey, "If we divide the money, we'll have 141 gp each. I think Carric's right, even if we pool our funds, it won't be enough to buy magical bracers. Perhaps we can batter and trade some of our current magic items for bracers for Yoshi and Caelesti?"

Carric "we are NOT giving up any of our magic items. This stuff is useful!"

Nessey, "How do you know? You don't even know what some of these items are..."

Carric, "Well, we should talk to a local Druid or Wizard and find that out before we just start bartering stuff away..."

Yoshi, "I agree with that."

Carric, "I need to buy a masterwork weapon."

Nessey, "I have a silver dagger, but I need something better than arrows in cold iron."

Caelesti, "Get a dagger in each metal. They are lighter and easier to carry than a lot of swords."

Yoshi (who uses no weapons), "That's right!"

We have dinner, then linger and chat up our fellow guests for information. Nessey learns that there is a Druid woman named Ginessa who knows a lot about Magic and creatures, like Fey. We agree to consult Ginessa the next day.

Nessey goes out and checks on Toto and looks up at the sky - as is becoming her habit each night. She sees that the Bright Moon is fuller and brighter and the Bane Moon is not visible at all.

An uneventful night passes, peacefully. We have a good breakfast in the morning and then head out to talk to Ginessa.

Ginessa turns out to be an experienced, older woman and Carric gets tongue tied in her presence, but manages to stammer out questions about the "Site of the Sacred Standing Stones" and the "5-Headed Monster in the Marsh."

Ginessa, "To get to the sacred site, head west to the river, then go south... There is a great mound there too.... Moe than just standing stones. We local druids used to have a temple there.... Centuries ago it had been a Druidic Center of culture and faith. But it had fallen into ruin. Still, we locals used to go there until the monster moved in - about 20 some years ago. Now we stay away. It would be a great service, if you would go and destroy that monster!"

Carric confides in Ginessa about the attempted kidnapping of Lady Nessey and the possible involvement of Corrim Timble. And about the sightings of Nessey's double.

Ginessa notes these things, but has no knowledge or opinion to offer.

Carric, "Could you take a look at some magic items for us?"

Ginessa, "The Evil-Grey-Fey you encountered sound like 'Shadar-kai' - beings from the Shadow Plane. This is very bad news... Very bad indeed.... Shadar-kai are in the habit of sending out scout parties to other planes - advance scouts - before they invade. This is very worrisome! Their armbands keep them anchored to this plane - since it is un-natural for them to be here. If you take the armbands off, then their souls leave their bodies and they die. Regular people from our plane can wear the armbands and get better saves and things, but they have to be able to sustain the physical damage from the spikes inside the bands.... Now, the Redcap are highly prized! Very good! If you put a tooth on a chord and wear it - visibly - around your neck - then any Fey you meet will have a greater respect for you - especially Redcaps. "

Nessey, "Carric, ask about the Inky Vials..."

Carric, "Oh, yes, about these Inky Vials...?"

Ginessa, "Ahhh, those are called 'Night Extract' or 'Shadow Potion' or ‘Darkness Potion.' They are thrown and break and let off a black mist that reduces vision and enable people to hide easier."

Nessey, "Carric, as about the Rat Bag."

Carric, "Oh, yes, about this Rat Bag...?"

Ginessa, "That's a great item for a Druid. You have little animals you can communicate with who will scout for you and help you."

Carric, "Maybe they will help us steal shiny objects." He winks at us.

Nessey, "Carric, ask about the White Feather."

Carric, "Oh, yes, about this White Feather...?"

Ginessa, "I have no way of knowing exactly what this one does. But it will cast a spell of some kind. It's a one-use item. It might transform into a bird or a boat for a day, for instance. You will have to ask Connor in Rowansmead about it, but he will charge you for the information."

Yoshi, "Maybe the feather will turn into a tree when we need firewood."

Ginessa raises her eyebrows at Yoshi, gathers up her robes, and takes a step away from him. "Who IS this person?" she asks Carric.

Carric, "Oh, don't mind him. It would be really great if the feather turned into a bird or a boat!"

Carric gets directions to the house of Corrim Timble and donates 20gp (of his own share of our money) to Ginessa in thanks for her help.

Caelesti, "Couldn't we go shopping first and talk to Corrim later? I could use SEVERAL new outfits. One in pink and one in turquoise and one in..."

Yoshi, "No! We are seeing Corrim now. Carric, what's our plan?"

Nessey, "Caelesti should talk to him, she has a way with men and can use magical persuasion."

Caelesti, "Yeah, I can do that!"

Carric, "Caelesti could go up to the door and knock and ask if he's interested in buying this fine silver and jade mug - as a ruse - then cast a spell on him..."

Yoshi, "That's too suspicious!"

Nessey, "What do you suggest then, breaking in at night?"

Carric, "Yeah, we need to search the house for any porcelain pigs..."

Yoshi, "That is just the thing I am NOT suggesting."

Nessey, "Well, I shouldn't tell him who I am, if we talk to him together. Introduce me as Lavena."

Yoshi, "Yes, Lady Nessey."

Caelesti, "I'm going to spell him and get the truth out of him."

Yoshi, "I don't think I can tolerate that."

Carric, "Yoshi will stand watch at the fence and wait for us and --"

Yoshi, "I don't think you understand me. It's not a matter of whether I am present or not. I am NOT going to look the other way on this. I want us to take a more honest approach."

Carric, "How about if we all go together and ask him about the mug and just watch for his reaction when he sees Nessey. Could you agree with that?"

Yoshi, "That? Yes."

Nessy, "You could all pretend I'm your captive and see if he'll bargain over me with kidnappers..."

Yoshi, "No! No. No."

We get within sight of the house. It is very fine, indeed, for this size town. Not a palace nor a manor by any means, but really quite nice and respectable and prosperous-looking. Set away from the other house and with a big lawn and a fence all around.

As we linger near the front gates, we see a small boy approach, go the front door and knock and give someone inside a message. The person puts something - perhaps another note or a coin - in the boy's hand and he runs away.

We go to the door and knock and no one answers. Caelesti sees someone peering through the curtains from upstairs. Caelesti waves and acts friendly.

Caelesti, "Hi!!! Hello!!! Come on down, we're friends." However, no one opens the door to us. Finally we give up and retreat some distance away from the house, but keeping it in view.

Eventually the front door opens - wide enough for someone to enter or exit - and closes again. But we don't see anyone. Carric thinks perhaps someone invisible left the house.

The sun is high in the sky by now, so Carric takes time out to pray. We agree to head to the market as soon as Carric is done.


XP: 225 each. Total 5,199 XP.
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