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Tarrastra Adventure 18

Yoshi's notes



17th year of the reign of King Kevin.

Second day of "August". Afternoon.

Weather: sunny and muggy.


Carric Dendreu - Male Aasimar Druid 3 (with eagle Tan-kurun)

Caelesti - Female Feytouched Rogue 1/Sorceress 2

Lady Lyonessey "Nessey" Lavena Rowana - Female Aasimar Aristocrat 1/Swashbuckler 1 (?)

Yoshi - Male Human Monk 4


Carric says, "That was a wight!" Yoshi, looking a bit pale, reports feeling not well, and that that started when he was touched by the wight. Carric examines him, and determines he is neither diseased nor poisoned. Talon recalls that some time ago, wights reportedly multiplied.

We gather our treasure, and go back to town. At the edge of town, we find Ginessa's cottage. Carric knocks on the door. "Hello!" she says.

Carric says, "We have returned from the site. We have slain the monster - the hydra."

Talon says, "Please introduce me!"

Carric does so. Ginessa welcomes us and invites us in.

Carric describes how we entered the mound after destroying the hydra, encountered the wights, and how Yoshi was afflicted by them. He asks if she might be able to help.

Ginessa says she knows little, but Father Varney, at the temple of Oghma in town, might be able to help us.

We chat a bit. Ginessa thanks us. Carric describes the situation we encountered at Corum's house. He tells her about the manacles, and, in particular, the single golden hair. Ginessa asks to see the hair. Carric says, "How can we determine the owner of this hair?"

"Well, I can scry the owner of the hair. My standard fee for that would be 280GP. Did you find any treasure, say?"

"Oh yes," says Carric, and describes what we found, including showing the sticks to Ginessa, which she identifies as a focus for Legend Lore, as Talon had thought. She offers to perform the scry for four of the sticks, which are what would be needed, which would be a discount, as the sticks are worth 50GP each. We must come back tomorrow after noon prayers.

We depart. Ginessa congratulates us again.

We go towards town. Talon asks more about the kidnappings; Carric obliges.

We arrive at the temple.

Carric asks to speak with Father Varney. The acolyte brings us to a reception area, while Talon and Nessey, followers of Oghma, gives offerings. Father Varney comes by and greets us.

Carric asks about Yoshi's affliction. Father Varney says, "You must have a strong spirit. Many who are struck by a wight die outright; they attack your 'life force'. Some recover, some do not. We do have a spell that can help, called 'restoration'. I cannot cast the spell today; I can help you tomorrow. It is a sort-f curse. His soul needs to battle with this for a full day before you learn whether he has shrugged it off."

Carric says, "What sort of donation is usual for this service?"

"My fee is 380GP. If you are in a hurry, I can sell you a scroll today, and read it, for 800."

Yoshi says, "Thank you father."

"You're welcome. I will pray for the spell tomorrow morning; please come back with 380GP."

"Now, let me tell you about Oghma..."

An hour later, we take our leave.

We return to our inn, the Three Rings. Talon, it turns out, is performing at the Golden Twig. Carric, Caelesti, and Nessey decide to go off with Talon. Before we go, the door opens up, and in comes a group of the Duke's guard, led by Captain Donovan. We greet him. Caelesti smiles at him.

He says, "We have a report that you attempted a highway robbery."

Yoshi says, "That is not correct."

"Well, he, Damon, identified you clearly."

"We do not deny that we had an interaction with a merchant on the road. We did not attempt to rob him. He was most suspicious, and, under the terms of our Charter, we were investigating him. In particular, we thought he had a body wrapped in a carpet."

"Did you ask to see his wares?"

"We did, but he refused," says Caelesti.

"Well, your story is in accord with his. Yoshi and Caelesti, you are under arrest for attempted robbery!"

Carric explains that Yoshi needs to have a spell cast on him in the morning. After a bit of negotiation, Captain Donovan agrees to consult with Father Varney, and if Yoshi needs to stay a bit, he will bend the rules for us.

The Guard prepares to take Yoshi and Caelesti off to cells in a barracks.

Carric goes back to the temple with Captain Donovan so that Father Varney can explain why Yoshi may not leave right at dawn. He does so, and Captain Donovan accedes. "We will bring Yoshi over, bright and early."

Talon and Nessey talk about the arrest. Nessey says that Yoshi had pulled an "Old Nell", not really explaining what that meant. "He'll tell it to the judge. But I'm sure it will all work out."

They go off to the other inn. Talon has a pretty good performance. Carric comes a bit later.

After the performance, she sits at the table with Nessey and Carric, being careful not to sit next to Carric. They chat a bit more.

Carric brings up the subject of treasure division, suggesting that Yoshi's cure and the alchemist's fire costs be subtracted out. She agrees.

[August 3rd] The next morning, Carric sells the armor, shield, sword, and sticks to pay our expenses. He receives a total of 492GP. He also later sells the remainder of our mundane items that we were planning to sell.

Yoshi and Caelesti are brought to Father Varney by the guards, and Yoshi gets his spell. Carric pays him, and explains that he must wait here until Ginessa has a chance to scry.

Yoshi and Caelesti are escorted out of town. The other women join the guards' party as well.

Carric goes to Ginessa's, who, after noon, casts the spell. "I see a woman, an Aasimar, perhaps, riding a horse, and shooting a bow. She is in a saddle with short stirrups. She is wearing rough leather clothing. I do not recognize her."

Carric sets off, using the longstrider spell to try to catch up.

At the end of the day, the prisoners with guards and women arrive at the Traveler's Rest. Yoshi and Caelesti sleep in the stables.

Talon comes to visit us. "So, Yoshi, you seem like an upstanding citizen. I'm really surprised!"

"Things are not as they appear."

"So, what's with this guy with the carpets?"

"We believed he was acting suspiciously, and was smuggling something, perhaps a body, in his carpet."

"Where was he taking it to?"

"Presumably the barbarians across the river. What we did may well have been unwise, but we certainly had no desire to rob him."

"Well, I'll think on that. You did seem pretty nice when I met you."

"Thank you."

Talon asks about the party, and people are very favorable of it as we saved Bran's children.

[August 4th] The next night, at the Wagon Wheel, they are also favorable as we saved the inn from the slithering tracker. They're not so sure about Dougal, but they were willing to give us the benefit of the doubt.

[August 5th] The next night, we arrive at the Golden Cockerel.

[August 6th] The next day, during the early afternoon, Carric catches up with us.

Nessey asks Carric about what Ginessa found, which he describes. They then chat about it further. The conversation ranges to various subjects, and touches on the barbarians. Talon thinks the woman is a barbarian woman.

Late afternoon, we arrive at the north gates of Rowansmeade. Talon wants to go stay at the Silver Harp, where the bards hang out, and where she expects to meet up with her cousin. Nessey and Carric go with the guards and Yoshi and Caelesti to the jail. The guard tells Nessey and Carric they must return tomorrow as witnesses, and to resolve the Dougal case. Carric goes off to his grandmother's house. Nessey goes off to her parents' house and collects her stipend, tells them some tales, etc.

That night, Carric goes to the Silver Harp. Talon is there talking with Siobhan! Carric's face lights up. They chat.

Talon and Siobhan perform well, especially during a duet.

[August 7th] Carric and Siobhan arrive at the court together. Talon arrives. Nessey arrives. Yoshi and Caelesti are brought in.

The judge comes in. "Ah, yes. You people. First things first. We'll do the cases in order."

"For the situation of Dougal, merchant slain, admitted. I'd like to hear from each of you, your account of what you know about Dougal and the manner of his death."

"First, do you object to a Zone of Truth spell?"

"No. What's that?"

The judge explains. Carric does not resist, and tells his story. Siobhan testifies next. Nessey testifies. Yoshi testifies. The do not call Caelesti.

The judge says, "This agrees with the inquiries we made about Dougal. He was a werebat, and was suspected of various crimes elsewhere. We think you have done fine; his goods are forfeit to your party."

Yoshi nods his head. Carric says, "I'm glad we have done well in they eyes of the law."

"Now to the next matter at hand. Please call Captain Donovan."

Captain Donovan comes up, and says, "My troop was at the Traveler's rest. The merchant, Damon, came up, and wished to report an attempted highway robbery. He said that a group of three people followed him suspiciously, and that a woman fitting the description of Caelesti asked to look at his goods. He refused. Caelesti moved towards the mule, Damon interposed. Then the man, fitting the description of Yoshi, walked forward. And Damon tried to stop him. The other woman with the golden hair was trying to stop them."

"Well, it certainly sounds suspicious. Yoshi, please come forth to testify."

Yoshi tells his tale, speaking of the kidnapping, the investigation of Corum, and the suspicious carpet-bundle. He also expresses shame for his actions, thinking it was unwise.

"Interesting. Well, you were acting in accordance with your investigation. You may step down; I may call you back."

"Caelesti, please step up. What is your story?"

"First, we were staking out Corum's place, and the guy with the mule came out. First we were supposed to follow Corum, but this guy came out and seemed suspicious, so we followed him instead. Well, we were following him for a while, and someone said, 'Hey, that carpet looks kind-of body shaped.' So, if there was really a body there, and since we suspected Corum of attempting to kidnap Nessey earlier, we were afraid there was a whole kidnapping ring! So, anyway, if there was a body rolled up in there, we wanted to make sure because the timeliness of the situation with the possibility someone might be being kidnapped. It was certainly an awkward situation, and we asked if we could see what was in the carpet, and he said no, and that made us suspicious."

"Why would that make you suspicious? If you see someone on the road and you wanted to ask them to show you their belongings and they refused, would that be suspicious? Were you armed?"

Yoshi says, "I had no weapons drawn. My hands are my weapons."

Caelesti says, "Well, we didn't ask to see all his goods."

"What other goods did he have? Anyway, what happened when he refused to show you his carpet?"

"Well, Yoshi tried to walk back and a battle broke out. It all happened so fast."

"Did you draw your weapons? And then what happened?"

"I drew my weapons, and I was hit by a spell."

"And then what happened?"

"Then I was knocked out and that was the last I remember."

"Okay. Thank you, that's enough for now, you may step down."


Nessey comes up and starts blathering.

"Be quiet! So, when did you first see Damon?"

"Well, we were watching Corum's house, just like Yoshi said, and he came out of the house with that carpet, and we thought it was suspicious. So we followed him and followed him. And he stopped us, and we asked to look at his carpet becomes we were suspicious, and Yoshi tried to walk past him, and I said, 'Isn't this like Old Nell? Yoshi, isn't that like Old Nell?' and Yoshi said, 'No, this is different.' So when Caelesti tried to walk past he brought out his quarterstaff and said, 'Don't go past.' But Yoshi started to go past, then I fell down, since I wasn't feeling well."

"Did you see a battle?"

"No, I didn't see a battle. I was unconscious."

"Very well. Step down. Bring forth Damon."

The guards go out and come back a few minutes later and say, "Well, Damon didn't show up."

The judge sits and ponders. "Well, I think you might have been aggressive. Sounds like you might have had some plausible reasons. I can see why somebody might think it looked like an attempted robbery. But without Damon, who knows what he really thought; he reported an attempted robbery, but he's not here. Very well, I find no fault in your behavior here. You are free to go; you may claim Dougal's belongings at the desk."

"Thank you, sir," says Yoshi.

Caelesti calls out and says, "May I ask a question? If we think someone is involved in a crime and we don't think there's time to get the police, should we intervene or not?"

"Well, you are chartered, and I've heard reports of good deeds you have done at various places. You may act within prudence."

"Thank you, sir."

We collect Dougal's stuff. We get five potions: two reddish (transmution), one black with red flecks (abjuration), two frothy pink (conjuration [healing - cure light wounds]). And a bag with 320GP.

Nessey tries to convince us to sell the spell book, but we're not sure if we should sell it if Corum turns out to be innocent.

We go to Conner's shop and show it to him. He casts read magic. "Hmm. The Workbook of Herminicus the Necromancer." He leafs through it. Shudders a bit. He spends a couple hours perusing it.

"Well, what you have here is an arcane workbook. It says how to create undead monsters, something with a brain. And some very unusual necromancy spells. Necroctic Cyst. He has lots of necrotic things in it. Quite rare. I can give you 5000GP for it."

Nessey says, "We'll take it! Carric, this isn't Corum's book, so we can just get it! Think of what we could do, or we could buy! That's 1250GP each! Well, except for Yoshi who does something funny with money. I could do a lot with this money!"

Carric asks Yoshi for his opinion. Yoshi says, "This book was in Corum's house. It belongs to him unless we prove he is a criminal and his possessions are forfeit to us. We can keep it in the monastery."

Carric agrees. "Conner, we cannot sell this book right now, but if we do, we will certainly sell it to you."

Nessey says, "Carric I cannot understand you!" And she nags him all the way home...


Caelesti: +300 -> 4,130 Carric: +300 -> 4,130 Nessey: +300 Talon: +300 -> 7,060 Yoshi: +300 -> 7,060

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