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Tarrastra Adventure 5

Yoshi's notes


HP: 18 -1 = 17 +1 = 18 +1 = 19

Used: 4 trail rations.

Inn stay: 5 sp.

Meals: 6 sp.



17th year of the reign of King Kevin.

Sixth day of "July". Early afternoon.

Weather is partly cloudy.


Carric Dendreu - Male Aasimar Druid 1 (with eagle Tan-kurun)

Caelesti - Female Feytouched Rogue 1

Lady Lyonessey "Nessey" Lavena Rowana - Female Aasimar Aristocrat 1

Yoshi - Male Human Monk 2


Carric says, "I'd like to look up at that hill during the daytime. I don't think it will take too long."

God says, "How will you get there?"

Nessey says, "That place is evil and dreary. I don't want to go back there; it's scary."

Carric says, "I don't think it will be scary during the daytime."

Nessey says, "Maybe your eagle can find the hill!"

Nessey inquires about Carric's eagle.

Carric leads on, rolling a survival roll of 12. We arrive at the hill. We see the standing stones. There is a stone altar; a stone slab held up by some other stones.

"Should we desecrate the altar?" Nessey asks.

"I don't think so," says Carric.

Carric looks in the cauldron on the altar and saw blood stains.

"Is there anything else we should do in Oakrille or should we head back?" Carric asks.

"Let us go," Yoshi says.

We head back to Rowansmeade.

Party order is:

Caelesti Yoshi

Carric Nessey

Single file is:





We head west out of town along the track/road. After about 3 hours, we need to make a spot check.

Carric says, "I see some dire rats up in the trees."

Yoshi says, "Let us just proceed and see what they do."

Nessey says, "I think Carric should try to talk to them. He has a way with animals."

Carric moves to within 30'. As he approaches, the rats skitter away through the trees.

Caelesti draws her short sword and dagger. Just to be safe…

Nessey draws her rapier.

After we travel 10 minutes more, Carric says to Tan-kurun, "Seek!" Tan-kurun does no react in any noticeable way.

The path ahead is curving. As we round the corner, we see a man standing there with for dire rats at his side. It's Kieran!

"Well met, again!"

"Yes!" says Carric.

"Hi," says Caelesti. "I see you have found friends."

"I have found friends. I need more friends. I was wondering if you had more clothes?"

"More fancy outfits? Sure, for 200 GP each. Well, for you, 150."

"Sounds like a good price," says Carric. "Are you sure you want to sell it so cheap? You can get 200 in town."

"I don't think you understand. I wasn't looking to buy those outfits. I think we should all stay alive, and think the best way to do this is for you to give me your clothes." Looking at Caelesti, he says, "Why do you have your weapons out?"

"You can never be too careful. Just the other night we were attacked by wolves."

"This is day. Surely you don't need your weapons."

"Look, Caelesti, he's a nice guy; all he wants is your clothes!" Nessey says.

"Well, I don't want to just give them to him!"

"Tell you what, let's bargain for them. If you give me those clothes, no rats will attack you for the next day."

"How 'bout you give me your clothes and no people will attack you for the next day!"

"Well, I don't think you can back up that promise, whereas I can back up mine! How many more outfits do you have anyway?"

"I have two more. I need to wear them when I change out of my armor."

"You can borrow my clothes, Caelesti," says Nessey.

"And one of them matches the color of my eyes. Do you know how hard it is to find one like that? Of course, the lavender one is ripped..."

"Let us move on," says Yoshi.

"I don't know," says Nessey.

"It is not a good act to bow to extortion," Yoshi says.

"I think 125GP each is as low as I can go."

"No, Caelesti; let us just move forwards."

As we walk past, Kieran glares at us and the rats bare their teeth. Caelesti blows Kieran a kiss.

After we past, they all five disappear into the woods.

We undertake a discussion about whether we should have attacked the group. Yoshi says, "We cannot attack people just because we think they are evil."

Carric says to Tan-kurun, "Seek!" Tan-kurun appears not to spot anything.

We continue, on to evening and make camp. The bane moon is still large, but not quite as vivid as last night. Its surface roils with activity, as always


Watches: Nessey; Carric; Yoshi and Caelesti.

During the second watch, when Cerridwen has a reddish tint, Carric hears nothing. Suddenly five dire rats leap from the bushes and run chittering towards us.

Round 1: Two move to engage Carric; the rest move towards the sleeping group.

Round 2: One rat misses Carric; the other bites for 3 points. Carric shouts. Caelesti awakes, draws her short sword, and crawls out of the tent, towards the attacking rats. Yoshi awakes, stands while drawing a shuriken, throws it at the nearest rat, and misses. Carric attacks with his silver dagger, for 1 point. One of the rats runs up to Yoshi, and bites, hitting for 1 point. Nessey crawls out the tent and draws her rapier. The rats on Caelesti and Nessey bite, hitting for 1 point and missing.

Round 3: The rats attacking Carric miss and miss. Caelesti stands up - the rat misses his attack of opportunity - and attacks the rat that struck Yoshi with her short sword. Yoshi attacks twice and misses, then takes a 5' step. Carric hits for 2 points, and moves back 5'. Yoshi's rat misses. Nessey - the rat misses his attack of opportunity - and attacks, missing. RUS 3 missies Caelesti. RUS 4 misses Nessey.

Round 4: RUS 1 steps forward and strikes at Carric, missing. Caelesti moves to flank Yoshi's rat, missing. Yoshi attacks his rat, hitting for 7 points; it falls. Carric swings at RUS 1, missing, then sidles left. Nessey misses terribly. RUS 3 hits Caelesti for 1 point. RUS 4 hits Nessey for 3 points.

Round 5: RUS 1 steps forwards and misses Carric. RUS 2 moves forward and misses Carric. Caelesti hits RUS 3 for 4 points; it falls. Yoshi moves to help Carric, and misses. Carric attacks RUS 1, hitting for 3 points, and moves back. Nessey strikes RUS 4 for 6 points; it falls.

Round 6: RUS 1 withdraws. RUS 2 steps forwards and misses Nessey. Caelesti moves to flank, and hits for 7 points, killing it.

Carric checks everyone for disease.

Caelesti asks, "So, can we attack him next time we see him?"

"No," says Yoshi. "We cannot know it was he, even if it is likely."

"Why? He already attacked us. Do we always have to wait until he attacks us first?"


"Alright, next time we see him, and he says we killed more of his friends, can we attack him?"

"No, we should arrest him. Which might involve force."

We decide to move camp and go back to sleep.

During the third watch, Yoshi and Caelesti chat. Caelesti flirts; Yoshi doesn't respond. Caelesti tries harder; Yoshi gives her an indulgent smile.

Dawn breaks [July 7]. We continue our journey.

"Carric, can you cure my wounds today?" Caelesti asks.

Carric says, "Not until afternoon, and then, only one person. First I will try to treat disease."

Carric and Carric take their potions and make a successful save against the filth fever from the other day.

The days passes uneventfully. In the middle of the day, Carric cures Caelesti for 5 points.

Nessey says, "You don't touch anyone else there when you heal them; why do you have to do that?"

"I have to touch someone to heal them!"

"You have to touch them in there?"

"Are you trying to tell me how to hea people??"

We make camp. Caelesti removes her armor and sleeps naked. Night passes uneventfully.

[July 8] Midmorning in our journey, we reach the main round. Carric saves again against the first filth fever.

We head south towards Rowansmeade. We meet the occasional rider heading north. As evening approaches, we near the town where we stayed the first time, and stay at the same inn.

[July 9] We continue south, approaching Rowansmeade at sundown. We arrange to meet at Nessey's for breakfast. Yoshi goes to his monastery; Carric to his grandmother's; and Caelesti and Nessey go to Nessey's house.

Yoshi asks to speak with Brother Duncan. He tells him about the trip to Oakrille.

"You should report this to the temple tomorrow to Father Cahal." Yoshi gives Brother Duncan 54 GP as a tithe.

[July 10] Next morning, we meet at Nessey's house for honeycakes and tea. Then we go to the temple, and ask to speak with Father Cahal. We tell him about our travels to Oakrille and the ritual.

"We released Fiona, since she paid her fine for harboring a fugitive. Meaghan is locked up. Had we known you had found a parchment with the name 'Old Nell', we might have asked more of them."

"We do not have evidence that Fiona has committed any crimes." Caelesti interrupts several times while Father Cahal speaks to us; Carric asks her to be patient and hear Father Cahal out.

Carric says, "Father, if I may ask, who did Meaghan say was to collect the ransom?"

"Funny you should ask. I was thinking of tasking you to investigate, but I'm not so sure, as you do not appear to be reliable! Let me ask, are you a chartered group of adventurers, or just a band of ...?"

"What is a chartered group of adventurers," Carric asks?

"Well, a chartered group has certain privileges, and is often given the benefit of the doubt."

"How does one do that?"

"Well, there is a bureaucrat you speak to; you fill out the necessary forms; pay your fee. We were considering sending you off to investigate the kidnapping. I don't know about the shooting star, but I will pass on your information."

Yoshi says, "Father Duncan, please forgive us for acting rashly in this matter, and please assist us in acting properly going forward."

"Well, I see you have interest, so I do suggest you get registered."

Carric says, "What is the fee, do you know?"

"Oh, 100 gold. It's not something a raw recruit could do, but for people with some experience, it can work well for them. Why don't you come back tomorrow morning, and I will pass your information on to others in the temple who might know what to do if anything about it."

"Thank you for your indulgence. I would like to echo Yoshi and apologize for our misbehavior."

We walk out the temple and discuss becoming chartered.

"Father Cahal said we need a leader and a name. I propose Yoshi."

"I don't know. He's pretty strict about Good," says Nessey.

"Well, we could have different officers. For example, Caelesti, you could be in charge of fun. I could be the selector of campsites."

"I could be battle strategy, or, ..., or, what could I be?"

"I think you could be Chief Advisor."

"That sounds like Greater Peon. Why can't I be Leader and Yoshi be Chief Advisor?"

"Maybe you could be leader, Carric?" Nessey continues.

We go to the town office to learn the requirements for becoming chartered.

Carric says, "Father Cahal sent us to you to become chartered as an adventuring party. We were wondering what we needed to do, and what would be the rights and responsibilities."

"You register here. You tell us who's in your group; names and local addresses. You give us a name for your group. You designate one of your members as your 'leader', so to speak; really more a contact."

"We give you a charter signed by this office, which you use as a credential. It's understood throughout this kingdom that such a group is not a random group of brigands. Of course, you are still expected to act within the laws of the kingdom."

"You will find that there are some patrons that seek adventuring parties, and will not even talk to you unless you are chartered. It gives you access to jobs that you would not otherwise have."

"It costs 100 GP per party per year."

"Thank you. We will come back."


1965 (level 2) + 250 = 2215.

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