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Dramatis Personae

Non-Player Characters
Name Sex Race Notes
Amazon Tribe
Evansia Female Human Queen of the tribe
Chasm of the Bridgers
Beedie Female Human Bridger from Topbridge
Bombo Male Human Harvester from Topbridge; Caelesti's suitor
Byle Bander Male Human Bridger from Topbridge; slain by Carric's summoned ape
Durgen Male Human Insane Druid living on the Bottom of the Chasm
Mercald Male Human Birder from Topbridge
Roges Male Human Maintainer from Topbridge
Rootweaver Female Human Chief Bridger from Topbridge
Slysaw Bander Male Human Bridger from Topbridge; slain by Carric's summoned ape
Bluetop Male Uldra Ranger
Coldcrystal Female Uldra Druid
Frostwillow Female Uldra Huntress and warrior
Land of the True Game
Arkhan Male Human Wizard
The real "High Wizard Chamferton".
Blourbast Male Human Ghoul
Master of Hell's Maw.
Chamferton Male Human Invigilator
The "High Wizard" of the Lake of Faces. Slain by Yoshi.
Dazzle Female Human Witch
Slain by party.
Foullitter Female Human Harpy
Pantiquod's daughter. Associate of Chamferton. Slain by Nessey.
Huld Male Human Demon
Blourbast and Pantiquod's son. Described as the "Demon ruler of Hell's Maw" in TA71.
Huldra Female Human ?
Blourbast and Pantiquod's daughter.
Jinian Female Human ?
King Kelver's intended
Joumerie Female Human Armiger
Gamesmistress and cartographer at Vorbold's House
Karl Male Human Pursuivant
Escapes from party
Kelver Male Human King
Dragon Fire Purlieu
Laggy Nap Male Human Trader
Margie Female Human Pawn
Carric's special someone in Betand.
Morril Male Human Armiger
Captured and released by party.
Pantiquod Female Human Harpy
Blourbast's sister and wife. Innkeeper at the Purple Harpy in Pfarb Durim.
Peter Male Human Shifter
Pug Male Human Bone Dancer
Slain by party.
Silkhands Female Human Healer
King Kelver's preferred
Ursula Female Human Pawn
Yoshi's special someone in Betand.
Vorbold Female Human Queen
Runs a schoolhouse for rich girls in Xammer
Blaine Male Human Proprietor of the Golden Twig inn
Corum Trimble Male Human Supposed kidnapper; slain by party
Short, ruddy, reddish mustache, blue eyes, floppy hat. (according to innkeeper and Gareth)
5'6", well-trimmed beard, brown hair, round face, floppy hat. (according to Meaghan)
Daman Male Human Rug merchant and mage
Doris Female Human Proprietor of the Three Rings inn
Ginessa Female Human Druid and follower of Belenus
Irvin Male Human Alchemist
Father Varney Male Human Priest at temple of Ogma
Carey Female Human Coven leader of Cerridwen near Oakrill
Fergus Male Human Blacksmith in Oakrill
Gil-rathan Male Elf Leader of band of elves near Oakrill
Kiaran Male Human Wererat Frequents road about a half day west of Oakrill. Captured and turned in to Temple of Núadu in Rowansmeade by party
Lindsey Female Human In cult of Cerridwen in Oakrill
Old Nell Female Human Herbalist in Oakrill
Seamus Male Human Trapper in Oakrill
Old North Road
Captain Donovan Male Human Captain of troop of Duke's guards; patrols Old North Road
Duncan Male Human Proprietor of the Wagon Wheel inn, two days north of Rowansmeade
Burly, curly black hair and full beard.
Gareth Male Human Peddler
6' tall, lean, craggy weathered face, black eyes and beard, brown clothing, green cloak, cap, soft leather boots, staff.
Mavis Female Human Gareth's traveling companion
5' tall, fox-like face, gray eyes, brown hair tied back, studded leather armor, soft leather boots, rapier.
Meredith Female Human Proprietor of the Traveler's Rest inn, three days north of Rowansmeade
S'surak Male Lizardfolk Druid
Leader of tribe in Great Marsh west of the Traveler's Rest Inn.
Terrence Male Human Son of Duncan, stableboy at the Wagon Wheel inn, two days north of Rowansmeade
Plane of Faerie
Alanis Female Aranea Ambushed party on and was slain.
As an Elf Ranger.
Bella Female Human High Priestess of Arianrhod
Tall, flowing blond hair, gems or glitter in hair.
Black Pete Male Human Owner of the Rusty Anchor, dockside tavern
Father Brendan Male Human Healer at monastery of Núadu
Carmac Male Human Healer at monastery of Núadu
Father Cathal Male Human Priest at temple of Núadu
Conner Male Human Sorcerer, seller of potions, etc..
Scratchy voice.
Fiona Female Human Owner of the Black Cauldron, tavern in Rowansmeade. Priestess of Cerridwen; slain by party
Curly black hair, hoop earrings
Futhark Male Human Sage.
Master Galen Male Human Abbot of Monastery of Núadu
Meaghan Female Human Rogue. Attempted kidnaper of Nessey. Associate of Fiona.
Short spiky hair.
Unseelie Court
Ardonoth Female Sidhe Member of House Fardiq
Brianna Female Tiefling Queen's bard
5'7", purple eyes, long wavy black hair, close-fitting lacy white blouse with noticeable cleavage, mid-length skirt, tall soft boots, fancy cloak. Silver circlet in form of leafy vines with an emblem of two ravens with small rubies for eyes. Other jewelry. Lyre. Rapier at side. Stunningly attractive with an air of immense self confidence.
Darkwing Male Sidhe Member of House Fardiq
Grimble Male Pixie Member of House Kilran
Ice Male Elf Queen's defender: leader of the Dark Hunt.
Morgana Female Sidhe The Queen of Air and Darkness
Tall, dressed in an elaborate black silky gown, very gothic-looking, with silver jewelry with black and red glittering gems.
Murdocki Male Sidhe Member of House Kilran
Western Steppes
Wulfstan Male Human Prince of the Otter Tribe. Nessey's betrothed.
Ysss Desert
Flann Male Caliento Ysss Desert
H'ss'treriss Male Yuan-ti Halfblood In Yuan-ti Ysss Desert Citadel.
Humanoid body with a snake head.
Rasarik Male Androsphinx Ysss Desert
Ss'rr'sssikiss'rris Unknown Yuan-ti Abomination Leader of Yuan-ti in Ysss Desert Citadel.
Twelve-foot-long snake with human arms.
Sss'rrak Female Yuan-ti Pureblood Guard sergeant in Yuan-ti Ysss Desert Citadel.

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