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Dramatis Loci

Chasm of the Bridgers Huge canyon Northern Continent
Topbridge Bridge Town  
Nextdown Bridge Town Upchasm and down from Topbridge
Midwall Bridge Town Upchasm and down from Nextdown
Potter's Bridge Bridge Town Downchasm and down from Nextdown
Miner's Bridge Bridge Town Downchasm and down from Potter's Bridge
Harvester's Bridge Bridge Town Downchasm and up from Miner's Bridge
Bottommost Bridge Town Downchasm and down from Midwall
Land of the True Game Region Northern Continent
Betand City Duke of Betand. Formerly haunted by the Unborn.
The Devil's Uncle: Inn outside south gate.
Traveler's Joy: Inn outside north gate.
Dragon Fire Purlieu Demesne King Kelver
Lake of Faces Demesne High Wizard Chamferton (deceased)
Leamer Town Nutlands. Grole sausage.
Pfarb Durim City  
Poffle or "Hell's Maw" Demesne Blourbast the Ghoul. Underground, near Pfarb Durim.
Reavesbridge Town Between Leamer and Schooltown.
School Town Town Grey Fustigar: Inn
Shadowmarches Territory Hilly region west of Pfarb Durim
Xammer Town Vorbold's House: school for high-class girls. Golden Quill: fancy inn.
Meadowbrook Town Four days north of Rowansmeade
Temple of Ogma Temple Priest: Father Varney
The Golden Twig Inn Recommended by Gareth. Innkeeper: Blaine
The Three Rings Inn Innkeeper: Doris
Mindesport Village Northern Continent
The White Pombi Inn  
Oakrill Village Two days north and two days east of Rowansmeade
Old North Road Road From Rowansmeade to Meadowbrook and beyond
The Golden Cockerel Inn One day north of Rowansmeade
The Wagon Wheel Inn Two days north of Rowansmeade. Innkeeper: Duncan
The Traveler's Rest Inn Three days north of Rowansmeade. Innkeeper: Meredith
Plane of Faerie Plane Coexistent with the Material Plane
The Unseelie Court Sidhe Mound Domain of The Queen of Air and Darkness
Rowansmeade Large city Home base of the party
The Black Cauldron Tavern Proprietor: Fiona
Monastery of Núadu Monastery Abbot: Master Galen
The Silver Harp Inn Proprietor: ???. Favorite of Bards
Temple of Núadu Temple Priest: Father Cathal
Ysss Desert Desert (Yuan-ti name)
Ysss Desert Citadel Fortress Yuan-ti stronghold

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