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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 31 - Attack on Kurgoth

Veracity's notes

Day 31, morning.

Igor hears that Brianna has a Ring of Sustenance too and says, "Hey Babe, you and me don't need sleep... wink-wink!"

Kress complains that Rings of Sustenance are not for having fun, but for helping on watch! How he got to be so Yol-like, we don't know.

Yol does her feast and we are immune to poison and fear; we gain 1 d8+5 hit points. I get 8. So I'm HP 87 + 8 = 95. AC 30. +1 Morale bonus, attacks against Fear, and Will saves.

It is 10AM. Veracity does her Stone Skin (200 mins; 150 HP worth). Veracity Veils us all as Fire Giants. Yol is a Fire Giant with a broken nose.

Tebryn explains that Fire Giants tend to eat Falafel. Or was "be Lawful." I have a Ring of Invisibility, but haven't cast See Invisible, so I haven't noticed it for some time, but I discover it now and wear it. I cast Invisibility on Brianna.

Tebryn takes care of Kress because Hazen spaced: "Whot? Whot? I take Flanking. I not think of plan we talk about. Whot? Whot?"

We need fly next. Hazen, Kress and Yol have no problem. I cast fly on myself. I do See Invisible, lasts 110 minutes. It takes us 5 minutes to Fly there. Yol does Death Watch on herself, or something like that.

We are just outside the coliseum and there is no show going; it is quite. We fly in through a window. Hear some loud, Berserker-like growling - coming from Kirg? Or perhaps not. Nope! We are very much mistaken, must have been someone's heart pounding...

The corridor is empty. We do not meet Tusk-the-Bed-Fellow-Elephant as yet. +1 to hit and +1 Will saves plus our current bonuses. Tebryn listens and doesn't hear anything, then does, whispers, "he's in there." Igor picks the lock - Click! Couple Ogres are standing by far door looking intently at this door as Igor opens it with Kress hot on his heels.

Veracity rolls 19 + 9 = 28 INT. Not bad. She's a quick one this time - having done so much planning. She does Sadism on herself when she hears the lock click open. Igor enters and heads toward the Ogres. He and Kress each pick one. We are all still invisible and the Ogres are confused. Igor is intend on Cleaving, since he can't Flank the big guys. These Ogres are pretty tough. "Ogre Champions." Veracity moves into the room, still Invisible, and gets into position between Hazen and Igor. The Fighter Boys take out the Ogres. Veracity doesn't get a chance to hit. We have to clear their bodies and unlock the next door. Veracity delays until this happens.

As we contemplate opening the door, Tebryn is standing there, an elephant crashes through the door behind us! And behind the Elephant.- 3 Ogre Champions and a Fire Giant. Kress opens the forward door and we see 4 Fiendish Tigers and One Fiendish Fire Giant. Finally Igor and perhaps Hazen break through the Ogres and Tigers to Kirgy-Baby and flank him. Meanwhile, the Ogres get Tusk, the Elephant, out of the doorway. Then Tebryn does Wilt. Then Veracity Suggests to all opponents in range that their buddies are betraying them and to attack them. The two Ogres in the backdoor way take the bait and fight each other.

What happens next is so confusing and Closter phobic that I just can't keep up with it all. But somehow we defeat Kirg - with special use of Veracity's whip of pain ;-) Then we all D-Door at clever intervals - so as to confound our remaining opponents.


Tebryn's notes

We wake up. Veracity and Brianna snuggle some more.

"You didn't let me get much sleep, honey" says Veracity.

"You're an elf. You don't need much," says Brianna. "And I have a ring of sustenance, so I don't need much, either." She pulls Veracity closer and kisses her.

When the two finally emerge, the others are already planning.

Yol scowls. "What took you? Time for breakfast."

Yol casts a heroes feast.

Cured of all diseases. Immune to poison and fear.

Yol: +9 temporary HP. Kress: +11 Hazen: +6 Tebryn: +6 Igor: +10 Brianna: +11 Veracity: +8

+1 morale bonus to attack rolls and will saves.

Veracity veils everybody as Fire Giants. Yol's disguise has a broken nose.

She puts up her stone skin.

"Not all of us can easily go invisible," says Tebryn. "Let's avoid the roads this time, since if we get in a fight, we can't restore our disguise."

Tebryn casts invisibility on Kress and himself (150 minutes).
Veracity casts invisibility on Brianna (110 minutes).
Yol casts invisibility on herself. (70 minutes).

Hazen, Kress, and Igor fly.
Tebryn casts fly on himself and Brianna. (150 minutes)
Veracity casts fly on herself. (110 minutes)
Yol dons her wings of flying which are silent and subtle. Or not.

Tebryn casts see invisible on himself. (150 minutes)
Veracity casts see invisible on herself. (110 minutes)

We leave. It takes 5 minutes to reach the coliseum. We fly up to the window leading to Kurgoth's quarters.

Yol casts death ward on herself. (11 minutes)

We land. The corridor is empty. Tebryn goes up to the door and listens. He listens for 2 rounds and hears a grunt. "He's in there!" he whispers.

He gestures for Igor and Kress to come over. Igor opens the lock.

Veracity 28 Hazen 27 Yol 21 Kress 20 Igor 11 Brianna 11 Tebryn 9

Veracity casts sadism on herself. Hazen and Yol delay.

Igor opens the door. There are a couple of ogres standing by the far door staring intently at this door. They are poised with longspears aimed at the door. Igor moves up between the two ogres

Hazen moves in next to the far ogre.

Yol casts prayer.

Kress steps in next to the near ogre and criticals it for 33. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 41. Kress hits it again for 16 points. Kress criticals it yet again for 33.

Brianna does nothing. Tebryn casts haste on his team.

Ogre Champion 1 drops his long spear and draws his greatclub. He rages and strikes at Igor, hitting him for 22 points.

Veracity moves in and stands between Hazen and Igor, prepared to strike Ogre Champion 1.

Ogre Champion 2 rages. He drops his longspear, draws his greatclub, and strikes Igor handily for 19 points.

Igor puts up his Expertise and attacks Ogre Champion 2. He hits for 23 points. It falls and he Cleaves through to hit Ogre Champion 1 for 17. Hazen takes the opportunity to critical it for 50 points. Igor steps 5 feet to flank it and hits for 47 points. He hits it again for 47 points. He falls.

Hazen goes invisible again. Yol moves up to Igor and does cure critical on him for 28 points. Kress moves up to the door. Brianna moves into the room and starts some preemptive singing.

"Good job, guys!" says Tebryn. He moves into the room and closes the door behind himself.

The door behind Tebryn crashes open and an elephant is standing there. Behind him are three ogre champions and a Fire Giant.

Igor activates his cloak of displacement.
Hazen moves over and tries to unlock the door into Kurgoth's room.
Yol casts mirror image and gets 6 images.
Kress opens the door. Standing right there are four fiendish tigers and a Fiendish Fire Giant in the corner.
Brianna's song kicks in. She moves into the corner and pulls out her Cli lyre while continuing to sing.

Veracity casts greater heroism on herself. Tiger 1 attacks Igor with claw, claw, bite, missing, missing, and missing. Kurgoth casts unholy blight. It affects only Hazen, Kress, and Igor. They all save and take only 6 points of damage. We hear a clamoring throng outside, calling "Tusk! move!" Tusk looks at us and says "Fooey on you!" and moves over. An Ogre pushes into the door. He hits Igor for 23 points. Tiger 2 misses Igor three times. Igor attacks Fiendish Tiger 2. He hits for 30, 29. It falls. He cleaves through to hit Tiger 3 for 33, 52. It falls. Igor steps in and strikes at Kurgoth, missing. Hazen moves through the door. He sneak attacks at Kurgoth for 39 points. Igor takes the opportunity to miss. Yol casts spectral hand Kress steps 5 feet up to the Ogre. He criticals it for 33, hits for 15, hits for 22, and 20 points. Brianna continues to sing but moves. Tebryn moves to the door and does horrid wilting for 75 points on the ogre in the dead, killing it, on the ogre in the hall, on the two fiendish tigers, killing both of them, and on Kurgoth for only 37 points. An ogre moves to the door and misses Kress. Another ogre moves up behind him.

Veracity moves to the door and mass suggests the two ogres and Kurgoth that "Attack your comrades because they are betraying you." The two ogres turn on each other and start to battle each other. Kurgoth shrugs. Kurgoth casts horrid wilting against Hazen, Igor, Tebryn, and Kress. Hazen takes 60 points. Igor takes 60 points. Tebryn takes 60 points. Kress takes 60 points. The two Ogre Champions in the hall do lots of damage to each other. Igor strikes Kurgoth for 21 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to miss. Igor misses, hits for 24, and hits for 21 points. Hazen hits Kurgoth for 10. Igor takes the opportunity to hit for 24. Hazen misses, misses, and hits for 13 points. Yol send her spectral hand to foolishly attempt to poison Kurgoth. Kress moves into the room and misses Kurgoth. Tebryn casts power word blind on Kurgoth.

Veracity moves into the room and casts Veracity's whip of pain. She smites Kurgoth for 13 points. Kurgoth fumbles at the secret door and tries to escape. Hazen takes the opportunity to sneak attack him for 32 points. He falls.

The first ogre out the door attacks the second. The second hits back and slays him. He Cleaves through to attack a Fire Giant. He continues to attack the giant and hits and misses. The Fire Giant attacks back and slays him. He then moves so that he can see into the room.

Igor moves to the door and hits the Fire Giant for 58 points. Hazen searches Kurgoth. He has a huge greatsword and full plate Yol casts bane on the Fire Giant. Kress steps out the secret door and sees Tusk, the fiendish elephant.

Brianna grabs Igor and dimension doors to the meeting place. Tebryn moves over to the secret door, grabs Kress, and dimension doors to the meeting place. Veracity grabs Hazen and dimension doors out. Fire Giant steps into the room and drops one of Yol's mirror images. Yol dimension doors out.

Brianna: +2,371 XP (9,407)
Hazen: +1,800 XP (5,279)
Igor: +514 XP (7,191)
Kress: +3,150 XP (8,400)
Tebryn: +514 XP (17,814)
Veracity: +1,800 XP (4,240)
Yol: +3,150 (6,315)

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